Murder Inc. West Australian style.

There is no way to describe this with words alone.

You can only take so much abuse from government before it becomes intolerable. Then you either commit suicide or end up in jail. The government doesn’t care if it means having to admit that it covers-up criminal activity all the time when it’s done by government employees. They also don’t care who they have to destroy to save their precious Health department from being investigated by the International Criminal Court of Terrorist tactics to stay in power.

Government likes to take someone (such as myself) and expose them to premeditated murder and then make me suck it all up with the resultant cover-up. The WA government then just leaves me to struggle and finally fall under the weight of being made an accessory to the murder of a quadriplegic patient in a public hospital.

And what sort of response do I get when I approach the WA Justice department over this horrendous case? … NOTHING!!!

I will not stop reminding the WA public of how vulnerable they are in State care because these people conspired together to ruin my life. They did a bang-up job too. The only problem for them is I’ve managed to stay alive long enough to work out how I was set up and earmarked for destruction.


I had to take it off-line for a while as I was getting too angry and needed to put some space between all this shit and myself for a while. Anger only leads to hatred which is one of the most corrosive emotions I can think of and ends up in wanting someone dead. Contrary to some peoples idea of me I can’t abide the idea of conspiring to kill another being. Human or not. So I have to find cover when I’m feeling this way. People think they’re intrinsically good but we’re all capable of wanting bad things to happen to others if the mood doth take them.

The simple truth is that I have to conclude that the only people I can hold responsible for my fucked up adulthood are my parents. If they had done the right thing by us two kids we would have had very different lives. I can see that now at the tender age of 56. Doesn’t stop the world from being a messed-up shit hole run by psychopaths but enables me to avoid being put in the spotlight ever again. That’s one of the big life lessons that my parents failed to provide me or my dead brother.

I registered with the RC into nursing homes but am still waiting to be ‘invited’ to make a submission. I will do what I have to do and tell them what I experienced but I expect nothing at best and a whole pile of trouble as the cover-up is continued at worst. I have no illusions that my story can be so easily denied and there could be criminal implications if ever it was proved to be true. It all relies on the honesty of the other nurses that night. That’s why I’ve never tried to do what I’m doing now. I’m only doing it because I realize it’s something that’s weighed heavily on my life. Even that wouldn’t be enough except for what happened to me as I walked that corridor when Mr Scriven finally died. I find it hard to believe in anything but that experience even if only accepted as a reaction to what I witnessed that night should, at least, give the authorities some pause when thinking about how staff are forced to deal with a situation like that.

I know the truth, however, that I experienced something of the supernatural that night and that sure knowledge has always set me apart from the rest of my contemporaries. The ironies are rich with all this as I have to look after my 86yr old mother who has severe dementia now and can’t communicate. I can’t place her in a aged care facility as she would be a sitting duck for nurses such as the two who were looking after Mr Scriven. Most people would trust the system but how can I? I saw first hand how the system covers for murderers. There’s no easy way through all this for me. What could I expect, though, I’m the last of the family standing so I suppose all the bad karma has to flow like mud to me. Part of my family curse.

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Sometimes decades. Actions are being taken and have been taken that take a long time to develop their consequences. You must know yourself before you can apprehend correctly the games being played around you lest you become a pawn in one of them.

Can Uncle-Daddy take back control of his chopper or will Minister Q take up Frydenberg’s offer to transition his ears? There’s only one way to find out! That’s to keep this blog on your brouser while sending me large amounts of political capital in brown paper bags that I can squander at will. I’ll accept Pork-barrells as a down payment on a string attached but only in perpetuity.


Did you ….? Repeat it quickly over and over and you have the beginnings of a musical introduction for Uncle-Daddy.


Hi, Internet Web Victims.

You have to resort to these sort of practices when you run a cheap-ass blog that doesn’t support any kind of audio or video. This production house is so low-rent that I haven’t even decided on a name yet. Probably because what I produce is under dispute as to whether it is actually a product, service, asset, or liability.

While TPTB debate among themselves as to whether I should be allowed to own anything at all I’m trying to bring about a new category of licensing that has a bitcoin embedded to give the blasted currency some tangible value.  But the High priests at Bitcoin Ponzi think that the cost of the electricity is enough when it’s only a mining cost. You can spend lots of money mining air if you want to but it wont give it an intrinsic value. But there’s only 21 million bitcoins. But there’s only one atmosphere. Both need to be structured through multiple financial instruments to give them value.

But enough of this dry economic gobbledygook that I make up as I try to decant what I read and listen to. Can it stand up to the scrutiny of Parliamentary privilege as sound government policy? Of course not. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Governments aren’t here to work properly. There here to keep us confused as to why we sell all our mineral wealth to private companies but are living in a local economy that, ….well, quite frankly, sucks.

Can Uncle-Daddy and Cunt-of-a-chip change the equations of a few fundamental laws of physics to achieve peace and prosperity in our time? I wanted to ask Chamberlain but he’s dead so instead we will just have to see for ourselves.

IMG_1827 (3)

Now we can know our future by remembering the past as something only the MSM know how to.

More to be birthed into a fractured and fractal reality. Soon.

Soon is here.

IMG_1833 (2)

Plot suggestions considered and then discarded. No refunds and no discretion given as to the order in which they will be rejected. All criticism will be met with petulant stares and a total unwillingness to engage in any sort of dialogue. Only total ass-kissing questions will be answered. All others will be ridiculed or ignored. I reserve the right to carry on like a hysterical child if I can’t get my way.

Back when the coast is clear.



Hi! I’m back. Should I spend more time building a related narrative alongside my cartoons?


IMG_1839 (2)

There’s no point in trying to build a narrative around politics because it’s all going to be a load of bollocks. Government becomes a self serving system pretty quickly as the elected find out that its function is to enable the Elite to make money. Lot’s of it and without possible criminal sanction for fraud, etc. (The new children’s Hospital comes to mind)

After watching it from a distance it is obvious that in the ‘growth’ paradigm it is the act of exploiting the moment that wins the day. All other considerations become secondary to that goal when you have a predatory capitalist society. The networks that people form or become part of give the false impression of security and hides the true nature of our economic system.

The McGowan Govt. took a smashing on the weekend because people are asking, “What happened to all the money from the mining boom? The answer is never easy to give. But I will anyway. All that money was created out of debt mostly to the private sector banks and financial institutions. The mining companies spent that money on themselves and each other and then left us to pay the debt back. Not all of it but a sizable chunk that has crippled the State financially. What we could have done instead was not only sell them the rights to mine but bring in their own workers while the government took all the money that we may have earned working on the mines and use it to curry favor and make new international friends,……. No!… no… That little thought experiment has turned rather ugly, hasn’t it? And the government had only just got their hands on the cash.

Maybe we could just leave the minerals in the ground and concentrate on dry land farming with Artificial Intelligence managing the crop rotation in a virtual environment that has extrapolated the yield curve out to infinity in search of a yield,…..Hmmmm… Thought experiments need a framework of sanity to work. That means I have no way of developing the correct etymology to describe my perceptions to oncoming traffic.

Alternately I could;

Get on with the story:






The level of Uncle-Daddy’s counter-intuitive, counter-intelligence, is so sophisticated that even the Pentagon can’t figure out how he keeps on getting into the staff canteen without proper clearance.

We don’t know what’s really going on. I met the bloke who did but he didn’t like me so I spent the rest of my time near him being snide and difficult. I learned nothing.

Horserotovator has high hopes happy half-hosed house hunter hustlers hurtle home hugely.

What is it trying to say?


You used to be able to use different colors to write with on WordPress. That facility disappeared some time ago from this free hosting site. It’s such a cheap-ass platform in that way but I’m a cheap-ass producer so I guess it fits.

I carved these up with a hand-held routing tool. Pretty cool little device, actually.

I don’t know whether I consider myself an artist any more than most people have some kind of desire to express themselves outside of the workplace environment. It’s a matter of making the time if you feel the inspiration or need to express something in a hard, tangible, way that doesn’t involve high temperature furnaces and a degree in metallurgy. Not that wood is hard like metal but it still wont yield like a carved banana would. Which brings me to the part I can’t be having and that’s fruit carving. No! Fruit is a food and should be at most cut up (but not carved into intricate designs that will only remain a memory. Or a magnetic imprint in an image storage device that gets lost or ends up in the trash.) then eaten. But, if by chance, it happens to have a thick coating of weapons grade Listeria bacteria on it then eating it would be dangerous. All the more dangerous if wrongly handled in the first place, I say! I don’t think people understand the risk they place themselves in when they tuck into a carved piece of fruit. No matter how up-market the venue may be. Have you seen the state of the cutlery used to make those cuts that could end in convulsions and soiled undergarments?!?

Rust is real people! You can’t just look in the other direction and pretend there’s a choir singing hallelujah. You just can’t. Name me one person in the last 100 years who have noticed pretending choirs?……… See!

We have been conditioned by TPTB that carved fruit is a sign that you’re moving up in the world when it could just so easily be the author of your unwitting doom. That’s if you don’t have the requisite bio-chemical skills and the necessary testing equipment to assay that fruit before you take that first fateful bite. Carrying that sort of equipment around can be difficult so if you’d like to go to my product page you can purchase a nice little kit that you can wheel about with ease. I’ll be adding more products as they present themselves to my industrious mind. Situational awareness comes at a price in this heavily undersold market. Don’t be caught with the wrong fruit in your mouth. Don’t delay. Only 478 easy payments. Kit contains: 50xFruit bags. 2xPad of lab request forms. Value!

No. Only a surgeon with years of experience cutting up fruit on their patients will do if I’m going to have someone carve my fruit! I’ll want that surgeon right there in the room, somewhere, at least.

See how bad carved fruit is? It’s bad. That I can tell you.

So, what point was I going to make this time? What earth shattering declaration am I going to make that will shake your very core beliefs? So much so that you have to sit back and go, “Wow, that was earth shattering and I’ll have to fuck off to a Monastery for a month or so and get some monks to whip me.” Ok! Give me some time to lead up to it. If I blab it out straight away without contextualizing around my reveal it might lose some of it’s ecclesiastical power. Mind altering statements have to be draped in the vestments of intellectual power that I just can’t seem to find at the moment. Royal vestments seem to fool most of the people most of the time but religious relics posing in Facebook as investment gurus is one I’m working on for my product store. It’s called “ap my ‘vestment” It’s for the more down-market investor who finds his best chance at making enough money to play the markets in the first place is to dress up in some vestments and hang out in wine bars trawling for a confession or two.

Some interesting conversations can be had. But not there. Interesting conversations have to be viewed or listened to at least 100 000 times before they can be considered interesting and that just isn’t gonna happen with these conversations. Can you imagine the uproar from the deaf when they get no word of this at all?

I’ll leave you with the thought that as this blog doesn’t have the ability to fly unaided it will take the underground instead.


Take away our electronics and what do we have?


What would our minds do if there was an EMP attack which knocked out our power grid and fried most of our electronics? Our minds would go into melt-down as we realized that our world has been turned into a virtual prison where to be without its connectivity would mean to be isolated in the real world where nothing much happens except life gets harder to carry on. I mean to ask, what have we gained over the years that we’ve had all this connectivity? Are houses easier to buy? Is our health system getting better? Is employment easier to come by? Have real wages increased? As the nations teeth rot out of the peoples heads are dentists becoming cheaper and easier to come by?

I could go on… and on ….and on about how government services are being withdrawn and at the same time pay-as-you-go is being introduced into almost every facet of service provision. This is all going on while we are locked into the 24hr loop of fake news and disinformation. Have people bothered to notice how we are all either completely oblivious to the larger world around us or are caught trying to decipher what’s real and what’s not. There is a huge gap between these people but they’re both open to manipulation by TPTB. The large majority of people live in a state of total oblivion and never question the government except when its policies cause the person actual personal financial harm. If it doesn’t then they don’t bother formulating an opinion except whatever the government line is. If they bother to have an opinion at all.

For those of us who do take an interest in the larger world then the danger of being fed false and misleading information is apparent. This is by design as it keeps us locked into the news-loop that takes us nowhere except back to the start.


The story outlines our condition. Leader comes to sabotage the day on their power base. The public give themselves over only to be fed to the machine which is the power base of the leader.

I have other things to do so I’ll leave it here for the day.

How does all this censorship impact on me?


The MSM owned and controlled platforms of YouTube (and Google more generally) wont make any difference to me as I have very few readers and will never nudge their “it went viral-meter” in any way that I can see. That’s not to say that I might have my blog obliterated at some time in the future. That’s one of the reasons I did my art work and not a load of multi-media that others have been much more successful at. I can keep that as a souvenir of my moment in the dim sun of ghetto publishing.

What I’ve had to say over time hasn’t changed much in that I see that the economic fundamentals of our system of civil governance are born of an inversion of belief in the human race. My experience of this has been in my younger years when I got a glimpse into the inner workings of some of our Institutions and some of the people associated with it. To ride the system and win you have to be in a position to siphon off other peoples wealth through a third party system such as a business, charity, or Government. That way their can be no come back onto you personally if you have covered all your tracks.

Let’s consider West Australia’s $40 Billion State government debt that was mostly accumulated in the relatively short period of time while Colin Barnett and the Liberal/National Party were in power. We will never be able to pay down that debt. Not in any real way. In the past inflation would tend to make the servicing of that debt less of a proportion of the states expenditure as long as our income increased accordingly. Meaning that the interest bill will be a smaller proportion of the States income over time. At the writing of this our annual deficit is $700 million. Down from an estimated $1.4 Billion. Rubbery figures that pretend to show an improvement in our balance of payments. Estimates will always be angled by a new government to put them in a good light. Who knows out here, where the great unwashed exist, whether that estimate was put out as a overestimate so as to make the new government look like it is doing a better job than reality would reveal. Who knows? I certainly know that our public services are dreadfully underfunded considering things like public hospital waiting lists, public housing for the poor, mental health outcomes for those who have fallen between the gaps of public concern, and the busted economy that follows the boom cycle of a bubble economy run by the miners who have made this State of West Australia a quarry for exploitation by rich and greedy people. In my experience of this state the state debt has only increased in my life time while the standard of living has dropped through the floor for the bottom 50% of the population. But they/we don’t have a voice in the MSM. The internet has become an outlet for the truth of the non-elite and that means TPTB want it stopped.

I’m sick of the hypocrisy and the outright lies we are fed day to day from the MSM outlets and the governments they sponsor. All these boosters are as pampered pets. Never knowing, or wanting to know, the reality beyond their exclusive world of the elite to which they have been given an introduction. From there they have to prove themselves up to the task of being part of the cheer squad for the status-quo. This turns them from nobodies into ego driven celebrities who will distort the facts to fit the world view of the elites.

So what will happen if censors take down all the dissenting view-points? It just shows that the ruling elite cannot handle criticism because they know they’re doing the wrong thing. The MSM is purely there to con…vince us that TPTB’s way is the only way to run this planet.They can’t allow people like us to communicate to each other for too long or we might figure out between us how to do a much better job.

They can’t be having that.


Was a great viewing for the lunar eclipse here in Perth. Cloudless sky. Little wind. Does it help prove the globe earth or could it be explained in terms of a flat earth?

I’ll leave that to those who have more skin in the game than I do. I just keep an open mind and look at the facts as I see them. Try to concentrate on the events close to home that I have a chance at verifying rather than making too much comment on places and goings on that are far away from me and thus are unverifiable in any comprehensive way. I’ll leave that to the people who live it.

Have a happy day.

I grew up an angry fool. The elite had fun with me for a while. At my expense. Don’t let your past interfere with your future. Own it. Don’t let it own you. – Memo to self.


Happy new year to all my many readers (Lol!). I have taken some time for reflection on myself and the world. I’m happy to report that I’ve found out that I was psychically damaged from conception by my parents who hated each other. I know this for the truth now as my elderly mother is a bit senile and cannot conceal the truth of my parents relationship. It should never have happened. My father was on the rebound from a rejection and my mother played the “I’m pregnant” scenario and only revealed she wasn’t after they were hastily married in a registry office.

Why didn’t they split? I’m not entirely sure as I’ve been estranged from my father for decades and I’m not even aware if he’s alive any more to even ask. I do know that divorce in those days in England required that fault of some kind be shown and my mother did say that she had kept some pornographic magazines he had in his briefcase and would use them against him in any divorce proceeding. (This was told me by my Mother while I was still a young boy so you can see that the brainwashing was coming from her right from the start.) Pretty full-on mind bending stuff for the participants in this charade of a marriage that produced two sons who were left to be reared by mad, ignorant (mother with no proper schooling due to the blitz during WW2), manipulative, anti-social (possibly sociopath Father as he wouldn’t drink after he nearly bashed some work colleague to death at a works function.) parents being moved at an academic, emotional, and interpersonal relationship ruining pace.

My father (unlike my mother) had been given a good and comprehensive education and his parents made sure he stayed out of the war when he became of conscription age by getting him an apprenticeship in a protected industry (De Haviland aircraft manufacturers). I can only speculate on how he would have felt at being trapped into a loveless marriage when only 26 years old but I do know that he used to tell us kids at many an opportunity that he had never wanted us and it turns out that he only gave her us in return for never asking him for sex again.

We became pawns in their arguments and because we were raised in relative isolation we never had any older role-models to compare and contrast our parents behavior with. I realize now that Derek would still be alive today and I would never have been the distorted personality that I am if my parents not been able to program our behavior to be narcissistic and self-destructive.

Why write this? I’m writing it not so much to embarrass my parents (or myself) but to be honest with people and show why people like me exist and how and why they are distrustful of people and institutions that others will never question in a million years. For me I have to question these things or I would have to write myself off as so many have. I was brought up with no self-esteem, self-respect, or respect for others, but I worked-out (on my own. others were just happy to watch me crash and burn.) that I was deformed in my attitudes and morals but couldn’t work out whether they were me or imposed on me. Now I know they were a consequence of my up-bringing and have found my senile mother’s information necessary to either de-program myself or at least develop work-rounds.

It’s funny how life works out. If i had just run like my parents I may have been successful in life in some ways but I would have been hiding from the truth about myself and caused damage like my parents. To those who I have wronged and/or damaged in my formative years I apologize. Not for forgiveness and not to try and reconnect. Just to say I’m sorry that I could be so wretched.

I can’t speak for others outside my immediate family but the psychological abuse that I suffered traumatized both my brother and I but this trauma was submerged only to resurface in the most upsetting, and embarrassing ways. All triggered by stress and alcohol in later years as adults.

I grew up an angry fool. There is no other way of putting it. If I had had a better perspective then none of this would have happened to me but hind sight is a wonderful thing, they say. It was with this twisted up bringing that I entered adulthood without any proper social training but a stupid desire to be more than I was in the world. Hence I was a fool with alcohol, drugs, sex, and interpersonal relationships. Yep. Just about all there and I can’t help but have a little laugh as I’m reading and writing this and just wondering at my own monumental stupidity.

There were those who saw a fool in the open and made much of setting me up so I would inevitably tear myself down (which I did in a number of ways, all of them humiliating for me and anyone who would try to defend me. You can’t defend a fool who doesn’t know it.)

So now I’m older, wiser, and still poor. But I’m not a fool of my own making anymore. I’m aware of the hierarchy now and where the Elite think I sit in it. Total situational awareness. Here’s an expert.


Will I continue publishing cartoons now that my therapy has moved me to this point?

Tune-in as you never know what you’ll get from me. Just don’t hold your breath as I’m playing with my own type of multi-media and it’s providing it’s own set of problems.

I’ll leave you with some light reading if you are so inclined.

I now realize this is what you are dealing with if you try to change the system for the better. They are highly organized and loyalty is through the blood, and the money, of course. Only a fool would meet them head-on. They like fools. They need them to use as examples of what fools their opponents are, don’t they? I was a fool. Don’t try and represent when you’re a fool. Fool. Get right with yourself first. – Memo to self.

Uncle-Daddy Hacks Back.


Uncle-Daddy slammed his helicopter with it’s stolen Awake Extra-Dimensional Spin-Drive into the belly of the beast. He had to. Cunt-of-a-chip had mucked around with it’s settings which had resulted in some translocation errors.

Traveling companions can be such a pain in the ass.







IMG_1395 (2)






IMG_1429 (2)



WTF will happen now?

No one knows.

Except 5G……

…. Well, that was then and this is now we know a bit… That there will be those who will be lining up to merge with the smart machine in the hope of becoming somebody special. Careful, though, not to move to far from the herd. Just be at the head of it.

Uncle-Daddy must master the new human/cyborg domain with the help of artificially intelligent Cunt-of-a-chip.

Can they be relied on to work as a seamless team, coordinating their every move like accomplished boot-scooters from the local CWA? Or will the 5G military grade microwave, active denial system be able to subvert their minds and circuits and turn them into media sock puppets?


Find out next time when;


Or not. I haven’t decided yet.

But now I have found the decision had been made for me. Times-lines can cross when you have the wrong tech.


If this is what Cunt-of-a-chip does with a portable linear accelerator wedged into someones butt what will it do when it gets to build it’s own?

Linear accelerator, that is. Although I wouldn’t put it past Cunt-of-a-chip to build a butt.

But wait. There’s more.


It’s a bit easy to paint a dystopian future with 5G as it fits all the KPI’s for lethal control of the civilian population. However, the authorities will play dumb, or down, or sarcastic, to humiliate us into silence among those groups. Or at least to silence any critics within those groups. I have realized how powerful group think is within the herd. I thought people could resist it but I failed to realize how indoctrinated most are by all the programming we get from childhood.

Deconstructing civilization is an endless endeavor. So many points-of-view to cover and advance that it all becomes a mish-mash of competing narratives. All seeking to justify causes unique to that, or another, person’s perspective. Who do you believe at the end of a day if you can’t know everything?




You like?

Not by the number of ‘likes’ I haven’t accumulated, it would seem.

It could be no one visits me. Typical.

I’m being stalked by obscurity. Or is that obscenity? Probably both.

At least I avoided criticism with my crappy early cartoons. I’m more comfortable with what I’m producing now. Those people who looked and wrote me off in my early days now have no traction as I have improved through publishing no matter whether the product was crap or not. Some would maintain my cartoons are still crap but I no longer feel the same way and that’s what counts for my motivation.

My product is innovative and unique. Who else, these days, can say that?