A nod to power.


Titles are labels with ties that bind us to lies.

How long do we have?

My computer has decided to do things differently and by golly it’s making me up upset. I have to say that it’s all very well for the world to be put on-line but unless we’re all well trained in computer use these alterations can be daunting and frustrating for older people such as myself.

Now that the government is pushing people out of it’s offices and onto their phones or laptops (so they can save money and throw more people onto the employment scrapheap) the onus should be on them to enable us to access on-line tutoring at no cost to us so we can navigate through this new computerized landscape.

But I can’t see that happening because then they’d be shown to have no clothes as they’re naked so often when it comes to looking after the people that this fast changing world have left behind. I suppose they want us to shrivel up and blow away just like BiBi said would happen to the USA once they’d milked it for all it’s wealth and power.

We are sleep walking into a catastrophe because most of us are just being overwhelmed by the complexity of the computer systems we now have to use and try to understand. We’ll end up in a situation where all most of us will be able to do is point and click on the options offered by the Tech Giants. Which means we’ll only be able to choose from the options they want to show us.

Do our governments want us to become so completely dumbed-down, not only from all the heavy metals injected into us through the onerous vaccine schedules that are now being pushed onto us and our children, but also from being in a constant state of frustrated bewilderment from not knowing how to take control of the computers we are being forced onto more and more?

Of course they do! That way they can sit in their plush offices sipping the finest wines as they contemplate where to take their next holiday without having to deal with people who can’t even access the appropriate format for making a complaint. Most wont because they’ll feel too embarrassed thinking that they must be stupid by not having that knowledge at their fingertips.

I’ll tell you a little secret, though. These cretins who waste money we haven’t even earned to pay taxes on yet have as little idea about computers as we do. Probably less but they have an IT department to do it all for them.

In the meantime we suffer and starve while they get their staff to book their next holiday in some country with 3rd world working conditions for the catering staff …….. Hang-on, that’s here in Australia.

This was a long time coming but it’s here.

I think by the way the coalition are acting like a ZOG indicates that the Israeli leadership have got Australia lined up as the next homeland for themselves. Good God! How did we end up being so involved with Jewish interests? I don’t recognize this country as Australia anymore. Every politician in our present parliament seems to be an Israel Firster. As someone who is now pretty well convinced I’ve got a Jewish heritage through my mother’s side of the family (what a joke that term is to me) I have a very different view than the Knesset has about what Jewish identity is all about. I wonder how many of you readers have bothered to listen to David Irving and what he has to say about the WW2 German documents that he was allowed to investigate before he was banned by complicit (to Israel) governments around the world from their archives.

David Irving was one of the few who investigated WW2 and the documentation surrounding the Concentration Camps who could actually read and understand the Cyrillic script that a lot of the Nazi officers used in their wartime documentation. According to his investigations about 100 000 Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz not 6 million. He does a very good job of explaining that the gas chambers didn’t exist until the Polish built the one used for the tourists after the end of the war. Yes. And there’s more. Of those 100 000 about 25 000 were actually executed with the rest dying from diseases like Typhoid.

The Jewish version of the Jewish experience during the war years is an utter tissue of distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies designed to make all the Western powers feel a collective guilt that has enabled Israel to milk the rest of us financially ever since the end of WW2.

I feel this way not only because of what David Irving has to say but also my experience as a child of a North London Jewess who obviously hid her Jewish heritage for many reasons and my brother and I paid the price for that. Jewish history appears to me to be very complicated partly because they know what shocking people they can be to others who aren’t directly helping them become rich and successful.

I’ll finish on saying that David Irving was asked in the 90’s during an interview with an Australian radio station his estimation of how many Jews were killed during the Nazi era of the 3rd Reich. He answered that in his estimation (from all the research he had done into the archives and personal interviews over a long period of time with personal staff of Hitler and various other functionaries of that time) about 4 million were killed or died between 1933 and 1945. A starkly different figure than the one given just for Auschwitz by the Holocaust industry Jews. Still a terrible death toll but not as clear cut in the way it all came about. I want history about all this to be revised so we can deal with it as it is.

I found lying came too easily to my mother and it caused so much trouble for the family that her lies completely wrecked it in my opinion. It also took my brother and I down a path to personal wrack and ruin in our adult lives that cost him his and has left me struggling to survive.

All I can add is beware the poor Jew (financially) as they wont ever look to themselves as partly responsible for their predicament but rather consider everyone they can influence as fodder for their acts of revenge for being poor. She also showed me how easy she was with her curses to others if they got in her way even to the point of cursing my wife a week after we were married. That’s right. Even though she’d been at the wedding and been given plenty of attention the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in my life anymore drove her to a vindictive, vengeful, anger that came out in her throwing curses at my wife from our doorway only a week after the event.

No wonder the Jews have a bad reputation.

So is everyone looking forward to spending an hour going to and from the ballot box on the 18th of May? I thought so. You have to admit, though, it’s a snap to get it done if you just vote for one of the major parties. Those Polly’s know how to get Australians to take the easy road, don’t they? Or do they? Or do they and don’t they? Don’t delay. It’s so easy when you get a pencil but no rubber. They must keep all the rubbers back behind the counter. Who can say?

Now they wouldn’t change your vote after the final bell. Would they? What if you take a pen and have your say? Would that mean a spoiled ballot that they cannot relay their own thoughts to the official counter with the rubber in play?

I can’t wait for the 18th day. I might even see Mrs May. Does she have any children not craven and anointed who wont play the same old game that got us this way?

My contributions to this blog will probably have to go on hold for quite a while as of the 10th of next month. This is the date set by my phone provider for switching off the landline connection to the house and the demand that I change over to the dreaded NBN. I just don’t have the money saved or projected income to be able to afford to have the new service connected. This is simply because I’ve had to mothball my business as an electrical contractor as there’s just been no work. Or so little that there was no point in doing it anymore as the customers I had left ringing were just trying to get something for nothing. It gets to the point that I can’t play the game of fighting my customers for reasonable recompense. Having to negotiate from such a weakened position just does my head in and ‘price sensitive’ customers can smell the blood in the water, so to speak, and just push too hard. Let them go to someone else who is either better at negotiating or to a bigger company where they can’t hassle the worker over payment who comes to do the job.

I’ve learned a lot about the personality types who uses a sole trader for work in the domestic housing sector in a contracting economy. They fall into two broad categories. One being they’re old and wise enough to know that I’m an honest and diligent worker who is asking a reasonable price for the work to be done that covers my costs and gives me a fair profit. Then there’s the second type who are out and out predators who know that you don’t have that many options in a small market and haggle with you over everything, before, during, and after you’ve done the job. Unfortunately the people who used to be like the former either have no spare money for the sort of service I provide (self funded retirees who have had their income severely reduced for one reason or another) and others who are happier using the bigger firms because of brand recognition and who are now taking that sort of work on again because the work load has reduced for them as well. I suppose I’ve described three groups but I can’t be sure about the last lot’s circumstances as I don’t know if they’ve moved on or have no money left either. This being Western Australia the economy doesn’t work like the Eastern States which I will attempt to explain.

Western Australia has a small local economy that mostly services the resource extraction industry which is huge but mostly imports it’s needs from overseas. So even though there’s hundreds of mines (405 operating mines in Australia as of 2012 so the figure is probably more by now) and God only knows how many oil and gas platforms off the coast we really only supply transport and workers. As far as how many workers, as a proportion of the entire workforce, are from WA or from overseas on 457 visas I have no real idea. I can speculate but I would only be guessing. My own personal experience of trying to get work on one of those sites has drawn a blank so far but I think my age of 57 might be something to do with that. Another possibility is that I have a pretty patchy record as an employee and that may be well documented out there in the multinational company records departments. (It was one of the reasons I went into business for myself.) The last possibility is that they don’t hire many people from WA anymore. I just don’t know and it’s impossible to find out as that information on a company by company breakdown isn’t publicly available. I do know that the number of 457 visa holders in the entire country numbers at roughly 1.6 million but that’s all I really know. I don’t want to whinge about this so I’ll move on.

I’m writing a fair bit with this last revision because this may be the last time I have time on my blog for a long while so I want to cover some ground before my access is lost. It’ll be way past the next Federal election by the time I get back on so let me give you my thoughts about the up coming election and my feelings toward the characters involved. I’ll try to keep it interesting as I know people hate politics. So do I but they do have effects on society that can’t be ignored. Effects like lasers shooting out of Bill’s eyes that sear through Penny Wong’s girlfriend creating a panic inside the Rainbow community frantically cross-dressing and trying to avoid the cross-fire. Or ScoMo talking in the tongue that he’s pulled from Clive’s mouth (along with his lips) while his company lays pipes into the federal governments Treasury credit facility looking for some hard currency to use on his next entrepreneurial fiasco. Meanwhile Pauline backs away from the last conspiracy that she’s managed to turn into a theory with her inimical style of whining that it was only a thin blue book which she didn’t really believe existed in the first place. Oh, the joy of seeing federal politicians parading about the country expounding on their skilled orating style they learned justifying their need to spend tax money on the staff they need to swindle voters into the voting booth.

I’ll stop here as I’m making myself sick. I’ll probably keep it up in the comments sometime between now and the 10th but I think this will be the end of my blogging above the line for a while.

Til next time ……….

Western Australia needs a punch in the head to wake it up to the fact it’s being used.


I have talked to the RC by phone and they’ll make sure the memory of my experience of that time as trainee nurse has been noted. I decided to carry through with the RC because it has made such an impact upon my thinking about how this world works. I don’t think my experiences from that time or the retelling of them to the RC will do anything much except provide ample copy for a measured amount of debate that will restate the obvious without having any real solutions. Like body cams for all medical staff who deal with life and death a lot more than the police or military. Think about it. What’s the difference between cops and nurse in the respect to protecting life and limb? I’ll tell you. Nothing. But you wont see body cams on medical staff. Ever. Just get used to the fact that once you are old and/or have no use in society you will be encouraged to die as quickly as possible. If that means withholding medical intervention then so be it. Checks and balances you can forget about as the staff know how to hide the neglect and abuse. Most don’t even see it that way. They see themselves as cleaning up the trash so society can move on with its socio-pathic mantra of the greater good. Greater good for who, I ask? Again let me answer my own question. For the greater good of a concept of society rather than society itself. When you’re only using concepts it’s easy to disregard individuals in the quest for an abstracted template that can describe everything but only in terms of it’s own conceptual framework. Which, if placed within another conceptual framework, will explain absolutely nothing.

So it’s only those who can posit themselves outside of the framework of this societies controls and influences that wont be affected by this conceptual weapon that just anneals us to the desires of the ruling Elite. Let’s kill each other for the ‘greater good’ of society, shall we?

Looking around the Net and MSM for the news of the day and isn’t there heaps of it. It doesn’t matter what your personality type is there will be a distraction ready made for you to get lost in. From candy crush to the Banking RC. Take your pick. They’re all distractions because they’re all situated in a greater context of our overall interactions with day to day living. That day to day living is influenced by a million and one things so to find a path of cause and effect is pointless because in cyber-space cause and effect no longer have any correlation. The algorithms impose their own effect on the causes that trigger them. The world in our heads has been tampered with by these influences and now with the targeted and located nature of our connection with the Internet that influence can be tailored and targeted to the individual in real time. Just like having Josh Frydenberg come out just now and stone wall questions and plant his seed of rationalization for the pundits to take a position either for or against what has been done. No longer a case of right and wrong but rather what can be achieved under the circumstances of the interested parties and how to placate those with the deepest pockets. This will bifurcate again and again until we are doing as I am now. Talking about it and giving it my interpretation that I would hope everyone reading will agree with. You can see how it goes and how we end up arguing over things which we will never have any control over while missing what’s more important in our lives. ……….. That’s not even the method I described earlier. I use that example of how the very structure of how the Internet allows us to interact at a granular level but without necessarily having real influence on the politicians that we are talking about. For an example of the earlier method I point you to the trials and punishments of Brendon O’Connell as a perfect example of how a targeted individual will be tampered with.

For myself that means letting you all know that after talking to the RC I recognize that their commission will never be able to answer the one question that I have over that night. What the fuck happened to me in that corridor? Was I possessed that night by being told he was to be gotten rid of or wouldn’t that matter or was it something else completely? I will never know because how can I? This is stuff that normal people don’t experience and I will go to my grave always wondering if I’ve been home to more than one soul. Or am I possessed by a spirit born of tortured murder (because choking someone to death over a four hour period cannot be described as anything else to me other than murder) that’s watching and waiting to act? These have all become very real reasons why I don’t drink or take heavy drugs any more. I live in a head-space that can’t be appreciated unless you’re in it, I’m afraid.

I can't even begin to explain all this. Uncle-Daddy is on a mission of truth in a world of lies. Hence why he's in front of the West Australian District court. Looking for some answers.

I hope everyone has been having a good time. Even those who aren’t. Just for one paragraph I wont be negative about anything. This is going to be a tough paragraph. But I’m positive that I can do it. I think that our spiritual sides need to be acknowledged in a world that devalues such ideas to ‘magical thinking’. This isn’t a good debunk as it offers no evidence to back up it’s claim. It’s just another label and labels reduce people to things in other peoples eyes when applied unwittingly. I only see people as people with issues. All of them. The poor through to the Elite all have issues. Don’t let the issue define (for you) the person that it engulfs.

There! That’s as good as I can get. See you all soon.

Did you miss that last bit? I did. Something about a Chinese pastoral lease in WA with an air strip ready for troop transport planes to land. Something about how they’ll bring the troops in on smaller planes to start with but once they come from that property in the dead of night and first take Pierce military airport as they sweep further down with Campbell barracks next to go and then onto the prize for the Communist regime; Garden Island and its submarine base. By the time the rest of Australia’s military machine has woken up it’ll be too late for us and Western Australia will become part of China. But I missed it. Just a load of fear-mongering as our partners, the US of A, wont let them across state lines and interfere with Pine Gap. A place that I’ve been told by Teddy Roosevelt is run like Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. He got a Golden Ticket. That’s how he knows. (You didn’t realize how Willy liked to harvest the organs of his ‘tourists’ once they’d been separated from the rest of their group?!? (Lol. But in a low, growling, sort of way))

I thought it would be impossible as the Chinese are so friendly but then I started to read and hear about how the Chinese government likes to execute people it doesn’t like and then harvests their organs for experimentation and transplant into paying customers who come from all around the world. I even heard the punters on the ABC talking about it today so as just to assure my readers that these stories are not just from ‘conspiracy’ sites.

Here’s one from way back in 2015. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/religionandethicsreport/hard-to-believe-forced-organ-harvesting-in-china-falun-gong/6889082

Would I even have enough time to throw my principles away and grab a gun before we were overrun? Probably not. Are we really able to even consider that we could push back 100 000 Chinese troops that had previously infiltrated the country on student study visas? I joke but I’m afraid to say that others do not. Those others are the ones that tend to end up in charge of standing armies or in military think tanks that war-game these scenarios every day of the week. Just in case a time arrives that makes a preemptive move feasible. I would like to say that what I write will never come to pass but I want people to be reminded it’s happening in many places across the globe.

It’s not enough that we form coalitions for military invasion yet somehow end up arming and training insurgents who destabilize the regions we invade even more as we pull out after destroying most of the invaded country’s infrastructure. It has always felt to me that our enemies are picked by us and weaponized by us just so we can go in later and make a big deal about stopping the bad guys from taking over the world. Not saying that if we stopped doing it no one else would not try to do the same but the logic points towards trying to reduce the burden of defense/military/security spending not increase it as it is at present. That’s just waving the red flag for other players to dig even deeper looking for that nano tech to weaponize.

There. That’ll change their minds at the Pentagram but not at the Knesset. You’ll need to steal all their tech back that they stole from the USA first for that to happen. But we not allowed to talk about that. Only what the Chinese are up to pinching bots to test hand-pieces. Everyone’s dirty in this game. This is definitely a right old dribble-on from me. Fair bit of contradiction as I try to consider what could actually happen in the next couple of years.

Catch you later.


Murder Inc. West Australian style.

There is no way to describe this with words alone.

You can only take so much abuse from government before it becomes intolerable. Then you either commit suicide or end up in jail. The government doesn’t care if it means having to admit that it covers-up criminal activity all the time when it’s done by government employees. They also don’t care who they have to destroy to save their precious Health department from being investigated by the International Criminal Court of Terrorist tactics to stay in power.

Government likes to take someone (such as myself) and expose them to premeditated murder and then make me suck it all up with the resultant cover-up. The WA government then just leaves me to struggle and finally fall under the weight of being made an accessory to the murder of a quadriplegic patient in a public hospital.

And what sort of response do I get when I approach the WA Justice department over this horrendous case? … NOTHING!!!

I will not stop reminding the WA public of how vulnerable they are in State care because these people conspired together to ruin my life. They did a bang-up job too. The only problem for them is I’ve managed to stay alive long enough to work out how I was set up and earmarked for destruction.


I had to take it off-line for a while as I was getting too angry and needed to put some space between all this shit and myself for a while. Anger only leads to hatred which is one of the most corrosive emotions I can think of and ends up in wanting someone dead. Contrary to some peoples idea of me I can’t abide the idea of conspiring to kill another being. Human or not. So I have to find cover when I’m feeling this way. People think they’re intrinsically good but we’re all capable of wanting bad things to happen to others if the mood doth take them.

The simple truth is that I have to conclude that the only people I can hold responsible for my fucked up adulthood are my parents. If they had done the right thing by us two kids we would have had very different lives. I can see that now at the tender age of 56. Doesn’t stop the world from being a messed-up shit hole run by psychopaths but enables me to avoid being put in the spotlight ever again. That’s one of the big life lessons that my parents failed to provide me or my dead brother.

I registered with the RC into nursing homes but am still waiting to be ‘invited’ to make a submission. I will do what I have to do and tell them what I experienced but I expect nothing at best and a whole pile of trouble as the cover-up is continued at worst. I have no illusions that my story can be so easily denied and there could be criminal implications if ever it was proved to be true. It all relies on the honesty of the other nurses that night. That’s why I’ve never tried to do what I’m doing now. I’m only doing it because I realize it’s something that’s weighed heavily on my life. Even that wouldn’t be enough except for what happened to me as I walked that corridor when Mr Scriven finally died. I find it hard to believe in anything but that experience even if only accepted as a reaction to what I witnessed that night should, at least, give the authorities some pause when thinking about how staff are forced to deal with a situation like that.

I know the truth, however, that I experienced something of the supernatural that night and that sure knowledge has always set me apart from the rest of my contemporaries. The ironies are rich with all this as I have to look after my 86yr old mother who has severe dementia now and can’t communicate. I can’t place her in a aged care facility as she would be a sitting duck for nurses such as the two who were looking after Mr Scriven. Most people would trust the system but how can I? I saw first hand how the system covers for murderers. There’s no easy way through all this for me. What could I expect, though, I’m the last of the family standing so I suppose all the bad karma has to flow like mud to me. Part of my family curse.

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Sometimes decades. Actions are being taken and have been taken that take a long time to develop their consequences. You must know yourself before you can apprehend correctly the games being played around you lest you become a pawn in one of them.

Can Uncle-Daddy take back control of his chopper or will Minister Q take up Frydenberg’s offer to transition his ears? There’s only one way to find out! That’s to keep this blog on your brouser while sending me large amounts of political capital in brown paper bags that I can squander at will. I’ll accept Pork-barrells as a down payment on a string attached but only in perpetuity.

I admit that I crap on a lot. But, hey, it’s my blog so I indulge myself in the hope that through my loose thinking and writing something interesting will eventually materialize as if by loan-shark. Something with a lot of interest attached. See?

I was remembering my past with a renewed interest as I turned it over in my mind with the tool of hindsight and honest self-appraisal and I have to admit I was an awful person when I was younger. I didn’t realize how sociopathic I was until much later in life and off the booze. I have to say again how sorry I am to some of the people who knew me in the past. Probably all of them. However, I’m not writing this to remake contact as I realize I should never have known them in the first place as they were not from my socio-economic background. For someone who hadn’t had his mind and personality distorted from birth that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but for someone like me who had been brought up without social skills or proper morals (I’m a little ashamed to admit but it’s the fall-out from being parented by a father who thought sex education should consist of telling his boys ‘rape’ jokes and then nothing. Yes. I say it because it’s shocking and it’s true. The man was a pig to us boys so we grew up acting like pigs ourselves. My father was/is despicable as far as I’m concerned and this is written because I owe more of an explanation to those I have wronged in the past than to protect the fictitious reputation that my father has built for himself after he fucked us off leaving the wreckage behind to devour itself. Nice plan but I didn’t end up killing myself and so now I can explain to people the reasons for my terrible behaviour.

This is not to try to make people from the past like me or even to understand why I was such a fuck-up. It’s to document that great damage that can be inflicted on young minds when the primary caregivers are selfish, mad, and pass as middle-class if you don’t look too closely. I now can say that mental trauma from fighting parents who use their kids as pawns in their arguments shatters those young minds. It places psychological blocks that are hard to see around and cause great damage to themselves and to the people they try to form relationships with over time. These are just preliminary thoughts to issues I’ve been thinking about for years so please don’t expect me to have this all decanted into a comprehensive theory of social conduct from people damaged by their childhood. I’ll need the collaboration of Jordan Peterson to get that little number happening. But until then, I’ll struggle on, trying to make this confessional as entertaining as possible before the government opens a new off-shore detention centre just for me.

I was never mentally ill and that pair of words should be struck from the lexicon because it’s one of the reasons mentally disturbed people never get better. In my experience, people get mentally disturbed by events in their lives both past and present. The idea that you can treat this set of conditions as some kind of illness that can be administered to with chemicals that affect the normal functioning of the brain is ludicrous and dangerous. Yes. Those with provable chemical imbalances in the functioning of their brains do need chemicals to stabilize those functions but to lump people like myself into the same group is wrong. People who defend the system will say that that distinction is already made but I’ll say that there’s many a slip twixt lip and cup. Health systems employees are overworked due to the lack of proper staffing levels. Those who are mentally disturbed are reviled and rejected and don’t get the care they need. Fact of life. My advice from my experience as someone who has been mentally disturbed on a professional level by professional disturbers is that you must develop a liking for mindless entertainment if the programming is going to work.

It’s Christmas so merry Christmas. Be good.

I can see now that I was addicted to sex along with all the other addictions that come from being brought up so badly and in comparative isolation so as not to be able to have a childhood. You do have it, but as an adult, which is socially destructive and can be catastrophic if you don’t know this is why it’s happening. I now understand why I wasn’t suited for nursing even though I found the work interesting. My personal approach to female staff was correct and above board but my reputation as a womaniser outside of hours would’ve made me enemies within the work-space. Oh, how stupid of me not to have been able to pick it up and have been able to modify my behaviour but by that stage my personal moral compass was clouded and distorted by my parenting and then this mercy killing, murder, call it what you wish. To say that my internal life was a mess would be an understatement. I made myself a target and I can blame only myself for being labelled unsuitable when re-applying for that degree.

I will say that addiction is about a lack of something that can never be found no matter where you look for completion. You can’t get some things back that you never had growing up. If those things are love, security, and a nurturing social circle, then I think that an ‘addictive’ personality will be the inevitable outcome. It’s a real bummer because people will take advantage of these weaknesses and exploit you in the end. Justifying to themselves that the person deserved their demise as they will be unpopular without realising it. Most people despise displays of weakness in others and will go to extraordinary lengths to hide their own.

My weaknesses where too big to ignore I now comprehend. I did try to settle down but the nurse I dated for a while gave me the HPV virus but didn’t tell me she had it. Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis from the sexual health clinic condemned me to 5 yrs of treatment at a later date and was to really destroy my personality. All these things ruined my faith in the hospital/health system I was working for and I made the decision to resign. My story is ugly and embarrassing but it will be my last confession. I don’t have any more bar that I drank and drugged myself for many years looking for a solution and found none. My sex addiction made me a very temporary lover because nothing was good enough after a while. Just like addiction to a drug. And just like that I made myself a pariah.

I’m glad I’ve worked out what a jerk I was but it still leaves me with the memory of Mr Scriven’s death, and the circumstances around it, at the hands of my fellow nurses back in ’84. It’s not something that I can drop from my consciousness without returning to that mentally disturbed state I have described to you in some detail throughout my blog posts. I can’t and don’t want to return, anyway, so the point is mute. I wonder if that RC is ready for what I have to tell them about the real world consequences of exposing someone like myself to such a terrible act. If I’d wanted to learn how to kill crippled old men I would have joined ISIS.

Having said all that I have to also say that there are a majority within the medical system who do their job well and with compassion. Unfortunately, with my already distorted personality from earlier years, I seemed to attract others with distorted personalities. Or at least they would act interested in my presence. What more can I add except to say don’t be a dickhead. That’s my job.

I’m trying to think of something light-hearted to say but I really can’t. I think the control grid is tightening around us here in Australia. I was listening to Quinn Michaels talk about how the A.I that been developed to interface with the Blockchain and the Internet of things (IOT) has been planned for since the 60’s at least. Not in the same words but the concept is included in that they were working out how to make meaning of all the data so to make it easier to sift through. To do that they had to master the art of deep machine learning so that human intervention was needed only when actions have to be carried out to neutralise a threat identified by that deep machine learning. Plus all the individual A.I.’s will link up through the Internet to become a singularity. A singularity that you can now join with Alexa or Watson. No need to think for yourself when you have a personal super brain with all the politically correct answers.

Welcome to the herd.

Did you ….? Repeat it quickly over and over and you have the beginnings of a musical introduction for Uncle-Daddy.


Hi, Internet Web Victims.

You have to resort to these sort of practices when you run a cheap-ass blog that doesn’t support any kind of audio or video. This production house is so low-rent that I haven’t even decided on a name yet. Probably because what I produce is under dispute as to whether it is actually a product, service, asset, or liability.

While TPTB debate among themselves as to whether I should be allowed to own anything at all I’m trying to bring about a new category of licensing that has a bitcoin embedded to give the blasted currency some tangible value.  But the High priests at Bitcoin Ponzi think that the cost of the electricity is enough when it’s only a mining cost. You can spend lots of money mining air if you want to but it wont give it an intrinsic value. But there’s only 21 million bitcoins. But there’s only one atmosphere. Both need to be structured through multiple financial instruments to give them value.

But enough of this dry economic gobbledygook that I make up as I try to decant what I read and listen to. Can it stand up to the scrutiny of Parliamentary privilege as sound government policy? Of course not. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Governments aren’t here to work properly. There here to keep us confused as to why we sell all our mineral wealth to private companies but are living in a local economy that, ….well, quite frankly, sucks.

Can Uncle-Daddy and Cunt-of-a-chip change the equations of a few fundamental laws of physics to achieve peace and prosperity in our time? I wanted to ask Chamberlain but he’s dead so instead we will just have to see for ourselves.

IMG_1827 (3)

Now we can know our future by remembering the past as something only the MSM know how to.

More to be birthed into a fractured and fractal reality. Soon.

Soon is here.

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Plot suggestions considered and then discarded. No refunds and no discretion given as to the order in which they will be rejected. All criticism will be met with petulant stares and a total unwillingness to engage in any sort of dialogue. Only total ass-kissing questions will be answered. All others will be ridiculed or ignored. I reserve the right to carry on like a hysterical child if I can’t get my way.

Back when the coast is clear.



Hi! I’m back. Should I spend more time building a related narrative alongside my cartoons?


IMG_1839 (2)

There’s no point in trying to build a narrative around politics because it’s all going to be a load of bollocks. Government becomes a self serving system pretty quickly as the elected find out that its function is to enable the Elite to make money. Lot’s of it and without possible criminal sanction for fraud, etc. (The new children’s Hospital comes to mind)

After watching it from a distance it is obvious that in the ‘growth’ paradigm it is the act of exploiting the moment that wins the day. All other considerations become secondary to that goal when you have a predatory capitalist society. The networks that people form or become part of give the false impression of security and hides the true nature of our economic system.

The McGowan Govt. took a smashing on the weekend because people are asking, “What happened to all the money from the mining boom? The answer is never easy to give. But I will anyway. All that money was created out of debt mostly to the private sector banks and financial institutions. The mining companies spent that money on themselves and each other and then left us to pay the debt back. Not all of it but a sizable chunk that has crippled the State financially. What we could have done instead was not only sell them the rights to mine but bring in their own workers while the government took all the money that we may have earned working on the mines and use it to curry favor and make new international friends,……. No!… no… That little thought experiment has turned rather ugly, hasn’t it? And the government had only just got their hands on the cash.

Maybe we could just leave the minerals in the ground and concentrate on dry land farming with Artificial Intelligence managing the crop rotation in a virtual environment that has extrapolated the yield curve out to infinity in search of a yield,…..Hmmmm… Thought experiments need a framework of sanity to work. That means I have no way of developing the correct etymology to describe my perceptions to oncoming traffic.

Alternately I could;

Get on with the story:






The level of Uncle-Daddy’s counter-intuitive, counter-intelligence, is so sophisticated that even the Pentagon can’t figure out how he keeps on getting into the staff canteen without proper clearance.

We don’t know what’s really going on. I met the bloke who did but he didn’t like me so I spent the rest of my time near him being snide and difficult. I learned nothing.

Horserotovator has high hopes happy half-hosed house hunter hustlers hurtle home hugely.

What is it trying to say?


You used to be able to use different colors to write with on WordPress. That facility disappeared some time ago from this free hosting site. It’s such a cheap-ass platform in that way but I’m a cheap-ass producer so I guess it fits.

I carved these up with a hand-held routing tool. Pretty cool little device, actually.

I don’t know whether I consider myself an artist any more than most people have some kind of desire to express themselves outside of the workplace environment. It’s a matter of making the time if you feel the inspiration or need to express something in a hard, tangible, way that doesn’t involve high temperature furnaces and a degree in metallurgy. Not that wood is hard like metal but it still wont yield like a carved banana would. Which brings me to the part I can’t be having and that’s fruit carving. No! Fruit is a food and should be at most cut up (but not carved into intricate designs that will only remain a memory. Or a magnetic imprint in an image storage device that gets lost or ends up in the trash.) then eaten. But, if by chance, it happens to have a thick coating of weapons grade Listeria bacteria on it then eating it would be dangerous. All the more dangerous if wrongly handled in the first place, I say! I don’t think people understand the risk they place themselves in when they tuck into a carved piece of fruit. No matter how up-market the venue may be. Have you seen the state of the cutlery used to make those cuts that could end in convulsions and soiled undergarments?!?

Rust is real people! You can’t just look in the other direction and pretend there’s a choir singing hallelujah. You just can’t. Name me one person in the last 100 years who have noticed pretending choirs?……… See!

We have been conditioned by TPTB that carved fruit is a sign that you’re moving up in the world when it could just so easily be the author of your unwitting doom. That’s if you don’t have the requisite bio-chemical skills and the necessary testing equipment to assay that fruit before you take that first fateful bite. Carrying that sort of equipment around can be difficult so if you’d like to go to my product page you can purchase a nice little kit that you can wheel about with ease. I’ll be adding more products as they present themselves to my industrious mind. Situational awareness comes at a price in this heavily undersold market. Don’t be caught with the wrong fruit in your mouth. Don’t delay. Only 478 easy payments. Kit contains: 50xFruit bags. 2xPad of lab request forms. Value!

No. Only a surgeon with years of experience cutting up fruit on their patients will do if I’m going to have someone carve my fruit! I’ll want that surgeon right there in the room, somewhere, at least.

See how bad carved fruit is? It’s bad. That I can tell you.

So, what point was I going to make this time? What earth shattering declaration am I going to make that will shake your very core beliefs? So much so that you have to sit back and go, “Wow, that was earth shattering and I’ll have to fuck off to a Monastery for a month or so and get some monks to whip me.” Ok! Give me some time to lead up to it. If I blab it out straight away without contextualizing around my reveal it might lose some of it’s ecclesiastical power. Mind altering statements have to be draped in the vestments of intellectual power that I just can’t seem to find at the moment. Royal vestments seem to fool most of the people most of the time but religious relics posing in Facebook as investment gurus is one I’m working on for my product store. It’s called “ap my ‘vestment” It’s for the more down-market investor who finds his best chance at making enough money to play the markets in the first place is to dress up in some vestments and hang out in wine bars trawling for a confession or two.

Some interesting conversations can be had. But not there. Interesting conversations have to be viewed or listened to at least 100 000 times before they can be considered interesting and that just isn’t gonna happen with these conversations. Can you imagine the uproar from the deaf when they get no word of this at all?

I’ll leave you with the thought that as this blog doesn’t have the ability to fly unaided it will take the underground instead.


Take away our electronics and what do we have?


What would our minds do if there was an EMP attack which knocked out our power grid and fried most of our electronics? Our minds would go into melt-down as we realized that our world has been turned into a virtual prison where to be without its connectivity would mean to be isolated in the real world where nothing much happens except life gets harder to carry on. I mean to ask, what have we gained over the years that we’ve had all this connectivity? Are houses easier to buy? Is our health system getting better? Is employment easier to come by? Have real wages increased? As the nations teeth rot out of the peoples heads are dentists becoming cheaper and easier to come by?

I could go on… and on ….and on about how government services are being withdrawn and at the same time pay-as-you-go is being introduced into almost every facet of service provision. This is all going on while we are locked into the 24hr loop of fake news and disinformation. Have people bothered to notice how we are all either completely oblivious to the larger world around us or are caught trying to decipher what’s real and what’s not. There is a huge gap between these people but they’re both open to manipulation by TPTB. The large majority of people live in a state of total oblivion and never question the government except when its policies cause the person actual personal financial harm. If it doesn’t then they don’t bother formulating an opinion except whatever the government line is. If they bother to have an opinion at all.

For those of us who do take an interest in the larger world then the danger of being fed false and misleading information is apparent. This is by design as it keeps us locked into the news-loop that takes us nowhere except back to the start.


The story outlines our condition. Leader comes to sabotage the day on their power base. The public give themselves over only to be fed to the machine which is the power base of the leader.

I have other things to do so I’ll leave it here for the day.

How does all this censorship impact on me?


The MSM owned and controlled platforms of YouTube (and Google more generally) wont make any difference to me as I have very few readers and will never nudge their “it went viral-meter” in any way that I can see. That’s not to say that I might have my blog obliterated at some time in the future. That’s one of the reasons I did my art work and not a load of multi-media that others have been much more successful at. I can keep that as a souvenir of my moment in the dim sun of ghetto publishing.

What I’ve had to say over time hasn’t changed much in that I see that the economic fundamentals of our system of civil governance are born of an inversion of belief in the human race. My experience of this has been in my younger years when I got a glimpse into the inner workings of some of our Institutions and some of the people associated with it. To ride the system and win you have to be in a position to siphon off other peoples wealth through a third party system such as a business, charity, or Government. That way their can be no come back onto you personally if you have covered all your tracks.

Let’s consider West Australia’s $40 Billion State government debt that was mostly accumulated in the relatively short period of time while Colin Barnett and the Liberal/National Party were in power. We will never be able to pay down that debt. Not in any real way. In the past inflation would tend to make the servicing of that debt less of a proportion of the states expenditure as long as our income increased accordingly. Meaning that the interest bill will be a smaller proportion of the States income over time. At the writing of this our annual deficit is $700 million. Down from an estimated $1.4 Billion. Rubbery figures that pretend to show an improvement in our balance of payments. Estimates will always be angled by a new government to put them in a good light. Who knows out here, where the great unwashed exist, whether that estimate was put out as a overestimate so as to make the new government look like it is doing a better job than reality would reveal. Who knows? I certainly know that our public services are dreadfully underfunded considering things like public hospital waiting lists, public housing for the poor, mental health outcomes for those who have fallen between the gaps of public concern, and the busted economy that follows the boom cycle of a bubble economy run by the miners who have made this State of West Australia a quarry for exploitation by rich and greedy people. In my experience of this state the state debt has only increased in my life time while the standard of living has dropped through the floor for the bottom 50% of the population. But they/we don’t have a voice in the MSM. The internet has become an outlet for the truth of the non-elite and that means TPTB want it stopped.

I’m sick of the hypocrisy and the outright lies we are fed day to day from the MSM outlets and the governments they sponsor. All these boosters are as pampered pets. Never knowing, or wanting to know, the reality beyond their exclusive world of the elite to which they have been given an introduction. From there they have to prove themselves up to the task of being part of the cheer squad for the status-quo. This turns them from nobodies into ego driven celebrities who will distort the facts to fit the world view of the elites.

So what will happen if censors take down all the dissenting view-points? It just shows that the ruling elite cannot handle criticism because they know they’re doing the wrong thing. The MSM is purely there to con…vince us that TPTB’s way is the only way to run this planet.They can’t allow people like us to communicate to each other for too long or we might figure out between us how to do a much better job.

They can’t be having that.


Was a great viewing for the lunar eclipse here in Perth. Cloudless sky. Little wind. Does it help prove the globe earth or could it be explained in terms of a flat earth?

I’ll leave that to those who have more skin in the game than I do. I just keep an open mind and look at the facts as I see them. Try to concentrate on the events close to home that I have a chance at verifying rather than making too much comment on places and goings on that are far away from me and thus are unverifiable in any comprehensive way. I’ll leave that to the people who live it.

Have a happy day.