Solid with the brothers and sisters down the Pit with Spade in hand.


Perth is wet and overcast today which makes me feel depressed. So let me tell you about how depressing it is to live in this city if you are not rich.

The mining investment boom is having no real positive effects on the local economy. Sure, the states balance sheet looks nice and healthy from all the royalty payments from the mining companies but the money is not ‘trickling down’ to the local economy. Businesses are closing or down-sizing. People are saving and paying down debt. Not spending into the economy. Electricity has almost doubled in cost over the past 18 months, followed not so far behind by a host of other government taxes and charges. But government services are, for all this, still hopelessly under-funded and understaffed while millions are spent coddling the mining sector with government infrastructure and various subsidies. All building a wall of obfuscation hiding the fact that the mining industry is marginal in this country and only serves the few.

Makes you feel kind of sick to see the disparity between the rich and the poor exacerbated as government capital expenditure (that we pay for in taxes) flies to unpopulated areas as dictated by the private mining companies. Leaves a lot of people seething here but opposition to the goon squad mining and gas lobby is a contest between unlimited wealth and power and people with little or no power trying to assert their independence from them. It is not helped when the government in Western Australia is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the policies and practices of the mining and gas companies that exploit our countryside with destructive and polluting forms of mineral extraction and waste disposal.

The environmental laws are a joke here and not enforced with any effect because that would interfere with the smooth running of the dirty miners and (to a large and odoriferous degree) the Liberal/National Party when it’s in power. Not that the Labor Party has been all that much better. It comes down to the corrupting system of Party donations. To assert that such payments do not exert control over the leadership of the government by the people and/or organisations who make those extraordinary payments is ridiculous. These are payments that have no other purpose than to buy the mind and conscience of the politicians that ply their trade in Western Australia. The accident at Veranus Island was covered-up and whitewashed by our government because there was a failure of the regulator to do their job way before the explosion that knocked out a third of the states gas supply for three months at least. See how handily the mining/gas corporations work together with conniving WA governments (past and present) to keep us uninformed and thus oblivious to the damage that is being wreaked upon this state?

Probably most don’t really care. As long as most peoples pay-cheque’s keeps appearing in their bank they will find every reason under the sun not to voice a contrary opinion. Smarter not be ethical in this modern Malthusian world ruled by the need for expediency in the face of such massive and powerful corporations. That’s if you want to be rich and successful….And who doesn’t? I would aspire to such if I were not wise to the fact that for most the chance of success is a numbers game that is heavily weighted against the average punter. But no one thinks of themselves as average. No, we are all taught that we can be anything we want to be but wishing for anything other than a highly paid career/scam in this state is tantamount to suicide. Hence, everyone is crawling all over each other trying to claw their way to the top of the money tree.

There are two money trees in Western Australia. One is hidden in the upper echelons of the government and the other one is hidden in the board rooms of the banks that create the funny money to fund these massively capital intensive projects.

At the moment they are both working for the consolidation of power over our economy by stripping it of it’s minerals and then exporting the profits to destinations outside the state as indeed the country. They are consolidating their power in the cities by depressing the local economy so that small businesses are becoming desperately short of the cash-flow necessary to survive, let alone prosper.

I’m not going to change this. I’m just one person who has no delusions about change. We get plenty of change but it’s not the kind of change that makes life for the majority in this state any easier. Mr Buswell, the state governments disinformation spokesman has been in the paper today suggesting that despite the fall in iron prices (and the lay-off of over a thousand workers in one week) we should be talking up the strength of the WA economy.

I don’t see any strength in the economy, Mr Buswell. I see a state economy built by a fraud against the citizens and then manipulated by the likes of you and the vested interests that own you. I don’t see anything at all except a bunch of over-weight, over-indulged politicians lying their way through every day knowing they will never be held accountable for the deeds that they commit while in office. When the true nature of the deception by various governments of the past have finally come to light the culprits are long gone from power, with their loot and superannuation. Just as I’m sure Buswell will do after bullying and blustering through his golden reign with his buddy, Barnett.

“Breakfasts’ just the beginning!”, chortle the boys to the boys after a long night on the turps and leather dealing away the states future.

Did I mention that I expect nothing to get better? Economies speed up and slow down all the time but most is a shallow cyclic process and opportunities once given are now taken before they can be transformed into a tangible permanent asset. Don’t make a fuss, though. Lest some will loose the ear of rich friends that politicians and their clones like to kiss-up to for comfort and opportunity. Aspiration is an indulgence only granted to the people that please their masters. 

Did I bleat that we are all debt slaves who will eventually be forced by the government and corporations to give up our identities to prioritise the collective needs of said same? To be like some kind of mindless product harvested from the environment. A human resource. People should be concerned that we are thought as dirt, like the ore they dig up from the ground. Humanity to these people is just another vein to be tapped for it’s uses then dumped with all the toxins they’ve ingested on the way!

Digressing, because it’s my blog! Did I mention that one of the advantages of the National Broadband Fibre Network is to increase the capacity for us to submit to on and off-site monitoring of our physiological condition? That it could include anything from what drugs (legal or not) are in your body as to whether you are having sex or engaging in a sporting activity. Not much privacy for those who break the many laws of our country and find themselves on home detention or a mandated curfew of some kind (and the drones will be hovering over your back-garden). We already have to submit to health surveillance if you want to work in many industries and companies. This is simply a sinister and cynical move as people are, for instance, prohibited from smoking a little cannabis during their time off due to the type of deeply intrusive and offensive drug testing, (to many, perverted in nature because you have to hold your genitals out in front of a same sex person you’ve probably never seen before (in a toilet) who keeps a keen eye on them while you eject some fluid out.)  while being forced to work while infected with a virulent and contagious flu due to the use of company supplied doctors that employees have to see instead of their own G.P.’s. Yes, This is the real Western Australia. As real as all the mining entrepreneurs/magnates with their mansions and privilege.
A great state to work and die in for the glory of the rich and affluent.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!, for the rich! Blog on!

“Troy!! Leave Gina’s chair alone! And no sniffing the wind, either!”

horserotovator from Perth slum.

Report from the under.


Not to be thwarted by the lack of gainful employment on offer in the paper, Sunday I did a letterbox drop of fliers around the area I live. There’s quite a mix of old and new housing in the slab of suburbs that surround the city. The old houses have a lot of asbestos in them and are worthy of demolition rather than renovation. I ponder the lives of the people who live in them and realise that a lot of 1st world poverty is hidden away behind the overgrown gardens and ramshackle exteriors of these houses that sit between the redevelopments wedged between them. A lot of them are older people who have emptied out their banks and sold their assets, if they had any, to help set their children a head-start. The unemployed and welfare families, barely able to provide for their children, on the limited government support occupy many more of these older houses. I wonder how many of those children will be over-exposed to the asbestos fibres fraying away due to age and weathering in all their walls and ceilings of those old homes. Even the self-funded in retirement are finding it hard in these times of reduced yields on their investments and all the recent cost of living increases. It all adds up to a moribund economy and social order that is notable for the hard core of people here insulated from the travails that afflict the rest of us.

I say all this to try to give some depth to what it means to be in a place that has been the so-called recipient of 21 years of uninterrupted growth and how it translates into a patchwork of economic realities all contained within the matrix of lies and deceit put about by our government and MSM. Deceit that the investment from mining would be any more beneficial than investment in the R&D of renewable or self sustaining energy generation. Lies that the uninterrupted economic sunshine shinning down on that hard-core of financially independent within the state has and always will spill over and bathe the rest of us not so fortunate mugs.

21 years of so-called uninterrupted growth has been negated by 21 years of price inflation. For all that growth we are still saddled with massive and growing public/private debt. I have debt and plenty of it and not enough in assets to cover those debts. Not my idea of how things should be for all those so-called years of growth.

All of this settles into my mind as I reconcile myself to the low yield of enquires I can expect from these flyers. My mind moves on to considering how is it that we find ourselves so unable to provide comfortable, and sustainable lifestyles beyond the obvious, and not so, imperfections of ourselves that limit our potential as individuals. I mean, we can all point out the mistakes that others have made that have impacted on their lives but that doesn’t cover the vast majority who would rather try to co-operate rather than compete. These people all too often are left the losers in a world of manufactured scarcity brought about by the structure of our financial system that institutionalises the practice of usury.

I tend to agree with Anthony Migchels from his Real Currencies blog that the imposition of interest repayments on our debt based money supply is the most effective instrument used by the rich to thieve from the poor. The figures he uses seem to back up this assertion and my own experience does tend to confirm this hypothesis that compounding interest repayments on debt are a draconian imposition on those least able to pay. A wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich that is a self sustaining engine of misery for those caught in it’s web of contractual obligations.

I live on the edge of insolvency for most of the time but the up-side is that it can and does all change with just a phone call or two. For reasons that are deeply encoded into my psyche I prefer to put up with this uncertainty in life than submit to working for someone who I will always consider as an unnecessary cut from the money I could potentially earn from my skill set. Most managers I’ve had dealings with have disappointed me as they tend to intimidate and exploit the people that work for them. The bad managers I have known tend to get their positions because they’re networking time servers primarily driven by naked ambition rather than a commitment to achieving the goals of the company and the welfare of it’s staff under their control and supervision.

Speaking more broadly, bad and counter-productive managers and their practices are just a symptom of the larger malaise that afflicts our contemporary world as the unproductive but predatory by nature try to find positions of power over others to relieve their lives of drudgery. That the system we now suffer under is conducive to the power plays of these individuals makes our plight all the more precipitous.

You know, I was a great believer in a deregulated market-place until I moved from being an employee to self employed. The dog eat dog attitude that exists as a fundamental aspect of small/micro business in the present economic system gives a pretty frightening prospect for survival for those not connected to established power and wealth. The boom/bust cycles of our present economic system, (that are made possible by the globalised fragmentation of production that is manipulated by the financial oligarchs that suggested this system of global interdependence in the first place) make it impossible to give our societies a steady state to grow and thrive in. It is always a rush to the top before the music stops where position is more important than purpose.

However, it has become apparent to me, that we, as a civilised society, could actually make even this half baked monetary system effective for the purposes of the exchange of goods and services if it weren’t for the fact that any system of exchange, because of it size and complexity, is always being manipulated by the unscrupulous. This, I believe, never changes no matter what system of exchange we use. The moment we need abstraction because of it’s complexity it becomes open to interpretation/prediction and therefore manipulation. Abstraction be-gets a state of uncertainty which enables others to project their own agenda into the exchange of information. I think it fair to say information is always the fundamental component of every transaction no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant. Information, because of it’s logical structure, can be corrupted through any kind of mediated (more than two parties involved) transfer of that information when that 3rd party can filter/alter the data undetected.

This doesn’t mean that I’m now for onerous regulation by government or anyone else as I have seen how flawed that approach is as well. We need to go somewhere else.

On the micro level our monetary transactions look fairly simple and transparent but when we realise that we are only processing part of the information contained within that seemingly transparent exchange, (ie. that our money is debt based and is owed to it’s issuing bank. So is not in actuality ours to keep given the sweep of overall money supply creation and destruction controlled by the banks through the setting of interest rates and other charges) what once seemed straight forward now reveals a depth and complexity that affects the value of the money in your possession without your having to do anything except hold it.

A major problem, I see, is we need change alright and it must concern the way the private banking system create money/credit as compound interest bearing loans to us, governments and all. But we need to have consensus on that change so that everyone can live with it. I can’t see that happening from a solution imposed from the top down. Too many opportunities for the criminally minded. Because of this I’m warming to the idea that regional currencies based on mutual credit may be the way out of the stagflation that I fear will be gripping the entire planet soon.

horserotovator. 19th September 2012.

Are West Australian politicians the ultimate form of rent seeking (low)-life? (Up-dated August 2014)


I bought the Saturday edition of the West Australian today and looked at the number of positions vacant for people with my kind of skills and qualifications (7 when there used to be over 40. Boom state?!? Always was a lie). I have a technical trade background and run and operate a micro-business in the housing sector. I have not had to read the sits. vacant for a number of years since I started my own business (and have managed to keep running) even though work has at least halved since the GFC hit in 2008/9. Unfortunately, the local economy is fading to almost nothing and I do NOT work in or for the resources sector in Western Australia, nor do I wish to after having worked on and off in that sector in the years before I started my own business. Hence my reckoning with the downside of the global financial crisis at about the same time as most other people in the West.


People such as small business owners, like myself, know the reality behind the head-lies that come out of this state. We have just seen over 1000 workers sacked without notice from one of the states biggest resources employers (Fortesque Metals Group) which has now gone into a trading halt till next Tuesday because it lost 14% of it’s stock-market capitalization in one day. Due in no small part to the fact that they ONLY mine iron ore (with a slightly lower grade than their competitors, Rio, and BHP, rip out of the ground further north in the state), and that the price for that ore has dropped well below the $120 per tonne floor price that had been predicted not two months earlier. Coupled with the $10 Billion debt the company has to service means that unless the price of iron ore suddenly gets up near that $120 floor price again then we will be in even greater economic contraction than we already are as more and more projects are shelved with the money either going elsewhere or staying in the banksters mind, as yet, uncreated credit (debt to us).

Then we’ve got the Gina Rhineheart (of stone) Roy Hill Iron Ore mine that will be created, they say, with a workforce that will number up to 8000 at the height of the construction phase, of which, around 2000 will be imported from overseas in a special deal ratified by the state and federal governments (of which there are said to be up to a dozen similar agreements with other International Corporations in the country ready for activation). Rhineheart’s company has sold this agreement to the public in a fashion that obscures the fact that the max employment of the construction phase of 8000 may only be a short period with the crew dropping back to the near 2000 range for most of the construction. Meaning, of course, that most of the construction work could be done by overseas labor. There are many way to rort agreements in the IR sector here as it is a classic case of capture of the (weakened) government regulators by the so-called regulated (cashed-up corporations, hedge funds, etc.)

The government lies here that we have around 4% unemployed but this figure is hogwash when you consider that the government defines being employed, and thus do not turn up on the statistics, as engaging in 1 hour (or more) of paid work per fortnight! If the gutless cowards in this government had the strength of character to face this stark reality of massive underemployment then maybe we could start working towards a solution. But when the PTB wont even allow the situation to be acknowledged then we are forced to blunder on as blind fools at the mercy of these people and their agenda.

What’s that agenda, I hear you ask?

Having lived in WA for most of my adult life I have experienced all sorts of discriminating behaviors and to say the elite here are a callous bunch, typical of the conscienceless, would about as accurate as saying that the average Joe here is encouraged to be enraged over things that don’t really impact on them that much. Asylum seekers being one such issue. By that I mean that most people, even the rich and powerful, aren’t taught to be aware of the negative consequences of officially sanctioned activities in the economy and environment that they may be engaged in either financially, morally, or socially. In fact we are encouraged to be ‘exceptional’ with our own conduct in the market-place, yet to demand conformity from our competitors.

Of course, these cause and effect factors are telescoped away from each other in this sophisticated market economy so that the effect is that the miners of Uranium don’t have to be responsible for the disposal of the transuranic waste that it is turned into, is a perfect example.

Meanwhile, the real nasty economic levers are being pulled by these rent seeker political elite, and the fact we’re being crunched in the gears seems to go unnoticed. It’s certainly never portrayed as such in our media. In fact I find that any blog-sites that deal with West Australian politics are run by people with whom I find little or no common ground. In frustration I have started this blog to try and give a voice to how I see the economic/political/social situation unfolding in Western Australia.

I see Western Australia as being a case study in the application of the control methods of the Internationalists when given a free reign in a society that has been made placid and submissive to authority and indifferent to the suffering of others by being set up as a penal colony and decimating any native resistance over 200 years ago.

This has translated into a permanent underclass of mainly Aboriginal people and those others who live at the margins of the main economy. A main economy that is utterly dependent on the vagaries of the boom/bust cycles of the mining, oil, and gas super giant international corporations who care not a jot for the individual concerns of the communities they operate in. Sure, they make a big deal about all the money they throw at the locals while they’re there but once the resource has been depleted, and all that’s left are holes and badly rehabilitated tailing dumps and damns, the money that may still be accruing (if it hasn’t been embezzled or stolen because the oversight to these agreements was always to foment division and personal greed at the expense of traditional values and customs) to the local Aboriginals is not enough to rehabilitate their communities and mined land with any great success.

This is sadly reflected in the size of the Aboriginal prison population in comparison to the general prison population in that whereas they comprise about 4% of the overall population of the state, they represent about 20% of the total WA prison population. However, I hasten to add that with the West Australian economy tanking so alarmingly it shouldn’t be too long before a lot more of us are in prison on conviction for stealing to eat, or some similarly poverty induced crime. Unemployment benefit is so inadequate in this country it’s a cruel fucking joke. So for anyone to think that our ‘safety net’ is something to depend on for economic survival is either living on anothers largesse or they are one of the statistically small but significant portion of the population that are wired into the resources sector (about 5% of the states workforce are employed directly or indirectly by this sector). The rest of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have to fight for the crumbs that fall from the butchers table in the Premier’s office where the state is being carved up and exported to other countries. Where, of course, most of the value adding into the final salable/consumable product to be sold back to us is performed. Even the modules used in the states resource sector are made overseas and only given to us for final assembly. Often the workmanship has been found to be inadequate and/or unsafe and has had to be rebuilt at extra expense once delivered here for assembly. But that doesn’t seem to factor into the equations that these great International agreements are based upon.

These forces are draining the Western Australian state of it’s ability to grow and develop independently of the Internationalist corporations who are both figuratively and in actuality hollowing out this state for the disproportionate advantage of only a few. These are people who do not deserve what they have while the society they operate in is allowed to suffer due to inadequate funding of the essential services they need to have for a dignified and successful life.

So in concluding this, I will say that I have started the case for the affirmative that the politicians of this state are just rent seeking off of our hard earned and highly taxed incomes without improving our social and economic mobility one bit. In fact the reverse seems to be happening. This all occurring while the politicians suck off the tax-payer funded government teat and sell us down the river to International conglomerates (who usually pay very little or no tax on their profits because of ‘free trade’ deals made by these traitorous rent seekers). All the while bribing the government workers with job security when times are good (for them) and frightening them with forced redundancy when times are not. Compliance is expected and failure to submit is career death. Forever.

These are my personal impressions from Perth, Western Australia on this Saturday the 15th of September 2012.



It’s  August 2014 and I’ve just reread what I wrote then and can say that I still stand by all that I said and the sentiments expressed in it (although I did rewrite a little bit because it was confusingly written. Proof readings a bitch, eh!). Unemployment is now over 5% in the State and Barnett is doing things like allowing Chevron to house their workers on site rather than in Onslow where they would have contributed to the local economy much, much, more than will be the case now. The other side of this equation is that Chevron gets to control and monitor its employees 24/7. This sort of deprivation of personal freedom outside of working hours is too much for people like me to bare so I will never willingly take a job in this sector any more. Because these companies have effectively locked people like me out of their workplaces I have absolutely no qualms in saying they should pay a lot more for what they take out of our land and economy. I don’t see these multinationals as great innovators and growth generators. I see them as crushing the life out of the planet and turning it into paper money for themselves and waste, dislocation, and death for the rest of us.

You think that’s hard? I have clients that work in the mining industry and they are now working 14-16 hr shifts with terrible rosters so that the companies can get their product out at reduced cost. Being on a salaried contract their wage remains the same. Plus the plethora of overseas worker on 457 visas do even more for less and don’t complain. (no wonder that these companies want to hide their workforce from unwelcome, prying eyes and ears)

The cost to us so far this last twelve months; 9 deaths by suicide (official so the real number is probably much higher). That’s at least 9 extended families that will have been shattered by these deaths but we are taught to just treat them as another statistic that can be safely ignored because an ‘official’ has measured it. We can all rest easy now that we have a parliamentary committee looking into it. Good luck to them. I’m sure they’re really going to get to the nub of the problem with trying to turn your entire working population into compliant, unquestioning ROBOTS so the multinationals can extract their price from us all without even a whimper of protest!

I notice that we have the ex PM of Japan here in Australia giving talks decrying the use of nuclear reactors and uranium mining because of his experience of being in charge of the country on that fateful day , March the 11th 1011, when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Daiichi nuclear power plant causing three total melt-downs and melt-throughs which are still actively contaminating the whole of our planet.

However, the article goes into NO detail of the present condition of the plants.

It also doesn’t detail AT ALL how these substances don’t dilute and become harmless. They SPREAD and remain LETHAL if exposed to them by ingestion through the food supply or environment for up to millions of years! Plus the fact that radiation of this type bio-accumulates as it is concentrated up the food-chain. Think about the implications for future life on this planet. I do and I am damned if I’m going to throw all my knowledge down the drain for a few fucking dollars and accept that cancer is a inevitable outcome of living in the modern world.

So that’s why I put this link below so you can get some up to date information on the crisis at Fukushima.

Of course, to these pimps for nuclear power it’s a hell of a lot more than a few measly dollars! And I do mean ‘hell’! It’s what I believe should happen even if I have no way of verifying my theory!

We must shut down all Uranium Mining.

We must close all nuclear reactors and decommission them before they all end up melting-down because of poor maintenance, natural disasters, sabotage, or war. Fukushima is not contained and poses a present threat and ongoing danger to civilization.

Horserotovator doesn’t want the transuranic waste back from these mines so he doesn’t want the mines.