Report from the under.

Not to be thwarted by the lack of gainful employment on offer in the paper, Sunday I did a letterbox drop of fliers around the area I live. There’s quite a mix of old and new housing in the slab of suburbs that surround the city. The old houses have a lot of asbestos in them and are worthy of demolition rather than renovation. I ponder the lives of the people who live in them and realise that a lot of 1st world poverty is hidden away behind the overgrown gardens and ramshackle exteriors of these houses that sit between the redevelopments wedged between them. A lot of them are older people who have emptied out their banks and sold their assets, if they had any, to help set their children a head-start. The unemployed and welfare families, barely able to provide for their children, on the limited government support occupy many more of these older houses. I wonder how many of those children will be over-exposed to the asbestos fibres fraying away due to age and weathering in all their walls and ceilings of those old homes. Even the self-funded in retirement are finding it hard in these times of reduced yields on their investments and all the recent cost of living increases. It all adds up to a moribund economy and social order that is notable for the hard core of people here insulated from the travails that afflict the rest of us.

I say all this to try to give some depth to what it means to be in a place that has been the so-called recipient of 21 years of uninterrupted growth and how it translates into a patchwork of economic realities all contained within the matrix of lies and deceit put about by our government and MSM. Deceit that the investment from mining would be any more beneficial than investment in the R&D of renewable or self sustaining energy generation. Lies that the uninterrupted economic sunshine shinning down on that hard-core of financially independent within the state has and always will spill over and bathe the rest of us not so fortunate mugs.

21 years of so-called uninterrupted growth has been negated by 21 years of price inflation. For all that growth we are still saddled with massive and growing public/private debt. I have debt and plenty of it and not enough in assets to cover those debts. Not my idea of how things should be for all those so-called years of growth.

All of this settles into my mind as I reconcile myself to the low yield of enquires I can expect from these flyers. My mind moves on to considering how is it that we find ourselves so unable to provide comfortable, and sustainable lifestyles beyond the obvious, and not so, imperfections of ourselves that limit our potential as individuals. I mean, we can all point out the mistakes that others have made that have impacted on their lives but that doesn’t cover the vast majority who would rather try to co-operate rather than compete. These people all too often are left the losers in a world of manufactured scarcity brought about by the structure of our financial system that institutionalises the practice of usury.

I tend to agree with Anthony Migchels from his Real Currencies blog that the imposition of interest repayments on our debt based money supply is the most effective instrument used by the rich to thieve from the poor. The figures he uses seem to back up this assertion and my own experience does tend to confirm this hypothesis that compounding interest repayments on debt are a draconian imposition on those least able to pay. A wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich that is a self sustaining engine of misery for those caught in it’s web of contractual obligations.

I live on the edge of insolvency for most of the time but the up-side is that it can and does all change with just a phone call or two. For reasons that are deeply encoded into my psyche I prefer to put up with this uncertainty in life than submit to working for someone who I will always consider as an unnecessary cut from the money I could potentially earn from my skill set. Most managers I’ve had dealings with have disappointed me as they tend to intimidate and exploit the people that work for them. The bad managers I have known tend to get their positions because they’re networking time servers primarily driven by naked ambition rather than a commitment to achieving the goals of the company and the welfare of it’s staff under their control and supervision.

Speaking more broadly, bad and counter-productive managers and their practices are just a symptom of the larger malaise that afflicts our contemporary world as the unproductive but predatory by nature try to find positions of power over others to relieve their lives of drudgery. That the system we now suffer under is conducive to the power plays of these individuals makes our plight all the more precipitous.

You know, I was a great believer in a deregulated market-place until I moved from being an employee to self employed. The dog eat dog attitude that exists as a fundamental aspect of small/micro business in the present economic system gives a pretty frightening prospect for survival for those not connected to established power and wealth. The boom/bust cycles of our present economic system, (that are made possible by the globalised fragmentation of production that is manipulated by the financial oligarchs that suggested this system of global interdependence in the first place) make it impossible to give our societies a steady state to grow and thrive in. It is always a rush to the top before the music stops where position is more important than purpose.

However, it has become apparent to me, that we, as a civilised society, could actually make even this half baked monetary system effective for the purposes of the exchange of goods and services if it weren’t for the fact that any system of exchange, because of it size and complexity, is always being manipulated by the unscrupulous. This, I believe, never changes no matter what system of exchange we use. The moment we need abstraction because of it’s complexity it becomes open to interpretation/prediction and therefore manipulation. Abstraction be-gets a state of uncertainty which enables others to project their own agenda into the exchange of information. I think it fair to say information is always the fundamental component of every transaction no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant. Information, because of it’s logical structure, can be corrupted through any kind of mediated (more than two parties involved) transfer of that information when that 3rd party can filter/alter the data undetected.

This doesn’t mean that I’m now for onerous regulation by government or anyone else as I have seen how flawed that approach is as well. We need to go somewhere else.

On the micro level our monetary transactions look fairly simple and transparent but when we realise that we are only processing part of the information contained within that seemingly transparent exchange, (ie. that our money is debt based and is owed to it’s issuing bank. So is not in actuality ours to keep given the sweep of overall money supply creation and destruction controlled by the banks through the setting of interest rates and other charges) what once seemed straight forward now reveals a depth and complexity that affects the value of the money in your possession without your having to do anything except hold it.

A major problem, I see, is we need change alright and it must concern the way the private banking system create money/credit as compound interest bearing loans to us, governments and all. But we need to have consensus on that change so that everyone can live with it. I can’t see that happening from a solution imposed from the top down. Too many opportunities for the criminally minded. Because of this I’m warming to the idea that regional currencies based on mutual credit may be the way out of the stagflation that I fear will be gripping the entire planet soon.

horserotovator. 19th September 2012.

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