Is the West Australian government ILLUMINATI controlled and Insider Trading on speculative shares on the Stock Market?


In an earlier post I stated that I consider myself a citizen of the world but hold no allegiance to any type of government that presently exists. I need to go a little further and state categorically that I do not support the idea or practice of any sort of overarching government or control mechanism that is not purely organic in the way that it develops into a functioning society.

Communities that spring up from groups of co-operating individuals are the only sort of societal organisation I am prepared to condone. This form of community is defined and delineated by the notion that everybody in that group can have access to any and/or all the other individuals if they so wish.

Monty Python nailed it quite well when they were questing for the Holy Grail and came across a group of peasants that described themselves as a syndicated autonomous collective. Here is the sketch for those who could use a laugh

On a serious level, when we have to engage in strategies for growth, I believe the charters that limited the early corporations of the USA are the only way we can achieve a higher level of organisation when needed to accomplish more complex or international economic tasks. Just like in the days of yore, if a corporation cannot justify its continued existence through a provable and continued benefit to the communities that it operates across then it gets SHUT DOWN and the asset base is then re-distributed throughout those same communities for the benefit of all. Which could all be done through blind trusts, etc.

Which brings me back to opposing the tenure of Colin Barnett and his snivelling Liberal/National government. This horrid man has showed himself to be a habitual and dangerous central planner who has a penchant for trying to centralise power around himself. He has indicated to any and all who bother to look how closely he is aligned with his Chinese Communist counterparts in Beijing. He has stated that he wants to re-amalgamate our energy generators, retailers, and line maintenance businesses back into one behemoth. He has travelled to the Chinese Communist State and encouraged its leaders to buy as much of the West Australian economy as they want. Now he wants to reduce our local councils from 30 to 12. Here is the report according to the ABC.

I am gob smacked by the shear arrogance of this unhealthy looking man who has used the machinery of government to cripple the economic well being of the people of this state to advantage just a small band of his cronies in the mining/oil/gas sector. In fact, I am gob smacked by all the governments of this country who seem blind to the fact that they have utterly destroyed all the local economies in the various jurisdictions that they operate. Look at the horrifying mess the Federal Labor government has produced for our fiscal bottom line with the MRRT that has produced NOT A CENT in revenue for the government. Even when just two days ago it was claiming it would provide at least $2 BILLION to fund government services this year.

Useless lying bastards!

People have been utterly duped by all the talk of efficiencies in the workplace in the name of competition. Can’t people see that in the harsh uncompromising world of commercial success that NO ONE is worth what they are being paid or that they even are needed to provide a service if it is decided that the cost/benefit curve doesn’t fit the figures that are pumped into the equations?

People just don’t seem to understand that all these cost/benefit analysis equations are MADE UP in the twisted imaginations of maniacs (academics) who have never held down a real job in their LIVES!!! They are just perverted products of the ivory towers at the worthless Australian Universities that have been draining the economy of its tax dollars for decades…..and for what, I ask? Are we world class innovators in any area of human endeavour? Oh, yes! some people cry out. We are fantastic SPORTS-PEOPLE who have benefited so much from University courses that are centred around analysing body movement and performance except that once their sporting careers have ended due to age, injury, or drug abuse suddenly have all sorts of chronic health problems to deal with.

No matter, because its always about winning at any and all costs. The trophy is so much more important than the person, eh! You disgusting, perverted, and soulless politicians/oligarchs/plutocrats/commentators/trolls.

The end of career sports people can be so easily discarded into the dustbin of history. Just like Lance Armstrong who has been made the convenient scapegoat to cover for ALL the other drug cheats that professional sport has produced and are now being protected by the self-obsessed same organisations.

Six months ban, smack on the hand, and then “Welcome back, SNITCH!”

We have been mind-fucked into thinking only about the young and beautiful while they’re being worshipped on the transient alter of physical ability. It runs like the sacrifice scene in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and indicates to me that Australia is in the Illuminati’s thrall and has become a blueprint for the rest of Western world. A hybrid of all the worst aspects of the worlds economic systems. Capitalist Communism.

They really do worship the BLACK SUN.

How do you get $100 million of Fderal/State tax money for free?


If I have this straight, and I think I do. Then all you had to do was register as a builder of some kind or another, get onto the preferred contractors list with the Governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’. Get a nice, fat, juicy contract awarded to your building company. Then falsify a statutory declaration, or two, saying that you, the builder, have paid out monies to sub-contractors that never were paid, then use the money paid out by the state governments Building Management Authority to feather some other nest, then go into bankruptcy. Thus liquidating all responsibility to those sub-contractors to be paid what they are owed. Then you get the bonus of the Premier, Colin Barnett, to run interference for you by stating under Parliamentary privilege that it is purely a commercial matter with no responsibility sheeting back to the Governments BMA who literally gave the money away in the first place without any proper due diligence.

Now, when I drill down into these statements I find I have a few questions myself that I would like answered. Such as how did these these characters of dubious pedigree get to be on this list of builders to be awarded these contracts in the first place? Were there any public notices placed on line or in the local and national papers stating that these contracts were being let? I certainly never, ever heard a thing. All I saw were the buildings being constructed.

At the time I thought that it was the usual cartel behaviour at work with only the selected few being allowed into the inner sanctum of government largess. It would seem that I was right except that some of the people/companies that actually did the work were placed there as window dressing to make the process look fair……until the wholesale rip-off of those people/companies gave the lie to the fact that it was another cartel taking out some of the opposition by using the cover of legitimate government work to lure the naive into the scam… Hmmmmmm……

Watching Barnett making the case that tradespeople aren’t worth paying for the work they do makes me think that the government itself is the biggest cartel of all. Certainly I have been told that tradespeople are ‘ten a penny’ by a client or two in the seven years I have been an independent contractor in this state. With people with the apparent authority of Barnett making the meaning of worthlessness applicable to the trades, I guess we can all expect to be devalued to the point where it will become pointless to have any trade qualifications in this state/country. You’ll get a better wage collecting trolleys at a shopping centre. Probably more respect as well.

The second point I would like to drill down to, is what was the criteria for considering these recipients of government tax dollars as builders? Did they in actuality have to have a builders licence? Or was it just that they could make a statutory declaration (another one) claiming that they were. I know that it took a fair bit of money, time and training for me to become an electrical contractor and it is a licence that I have pride in possessing and am mindful of the responsibilities that come with that licence. To have it tarnished in such circumstances as bankruptcy would seem to me to be the end of my business! People/companies who would look to using my services would be repelled by having that knowledge as there could be no trust that I would complete any job awarded to me.

I was always under the impression that trust is of paramount importance to being able to carry out business in a fair and equitable fashion.

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I go bankrupt. It certainly didn’t seem to matter to the likes of Colin Barnett, the Premier of WA and now ‘Minister for Getting Away with It’. He seemed quite comfortable with the way things have turned out for the state now that he has effectively declared open season on WA’s tradespeople.

Live sheep, cattle, politicians and their cruelty.


Good for those animal rights activists who harnessed themselves, by thumb locking, onto the trucks bringing the live animals into Fremantle Port.

Good on them for getting onto one of the ships of death and being solid with animals that will be disgorged into a terrifying future of torture and death somewhere in the Middle East.

I applaud their actions under the trucks as they were entering the Port. It takes guts,  principle, and commitment to do that when they are regularly assaulted and threatened with death by the authorities that protect this vile and evil trade. What sort of principle drives the cocky or trucker that raise and then transport these animals in the first place? It would seem that to cause the sickening and disgusting problem of the live animal trade is easy when you are developed from birth with a moral/ethical compass that only has money as its lode stone.

Suffering and death is met with callous disregard by these people. Just listen to the spokespeople employed to spin for the companies and people involved. Compassion seems to be a meaningless concept when considering the animals welfare when set against the notion of easy money. They can pretend to exclude themselves from the barbarous end that these animals have to endure.

I have seen the reports that the culling has restarted in Pakistan for the thousands of sheep that have become unacceptable for reasons of political and personal hatred of this country.

Australia’s politicians lie to us that their are other reasons for this travesty of an inspection and rejection regime but their words are empty of meaning or integrity as they try to justify acts of wanton cruelty. Why don’t they just admit that they are cruel, nasty perverted people who get off on watching other creatures suffer while they die.

You may think that I am going too far in my condemnation of the people responsible for this trade. Indeed, I find that these words are shocking to me as well. But it is the logical outcome that as the viciousness of this crime against the animal kingdom becomes abundantly clear then the language used to describe it will reflect that viciousness.

How many people out there can listen to the sounds of lowering animals as they are transported to the abattoir, do nothing, and not be affected to the point of suffering the loss of their connection to humanity?

I can’t. I have been around when the truck that takes unwanted horses off to become pet food, and whatever else can be rendered from their bones, and I sent them away without the horses. That night I sent them away but they came back on another night I wasn’t there. I knew they were coming again and I knew that they would eventually get what they wanted, even from me. So I packed what little I had and left the countryside realising we are a doomed race. Doomed because we are killers born with the power of intellect to merchandise slaughter. We have made it another wholesale product with a meaning and consequence that is couched in language that sanitises killing by referring to it as a mechanical process.

I feel the pain of our dilemmas and I absorb the guilt for feeding my own pets on the meat drawn from these animal husbandry practices. I realise that we cannot escape the harsh realities that surround our food production chains but I will never condone the live animal trade to overseas. If we cannot kill them here (where the people I have described above can attach themselves to those cattle trucks and speak up for these creatures with such ferocity that we feel the power of their resistance to the cruelty) then we cannot be allowed to outsource the killing elsewhere where that resistance cannot be felt.

For that I humbly tip my hat to those activists who risk their lives to draw attention to the disgusting practices that rich Australians carry out in order to remain rolling in the filthy lucre that stains their souls and twists their minds into believing that what they do carries no consequence beyond there bankster account.

Horserotovator, Saturday, October 20th 2012

How on earth do you drive this blog?!?


Thank you Berneice and Shu for your comments. I am not able to navigate them out from my spam cue at the moment as I am a novice running this type of forum, so please bare with me for a while until I learn more about how to operate my blog effectively. Always has been a fault of mine, trying to do more than I’m trained up for. Makes for interesting times, though…..

In this new electronically enabled territory I have no hesitation in stating that while I am a naturalised Australian citizen who was born in the UK, I consider myself a Citizen of Earth who holds his allegiance only to the people of the world, not to a particular country, government institution, corporate entity, or what have you. The reason for this is fairly straight forward in that I was the second born son of a selfish asshole of a man who decided at 44 years of age that he wanted to see the world and discard his family at the end of it. He convinced my mother, through threats of abandonment, that she had no alternative than to accompany him through 5 countries on 3 continents in a convoluted journey from the UK through Africa and Australia to New Zealand and then finally back to the most isolated city in the western world, Perth.

He was able to achieve this by working for the international resource companies who rape the world of it’s mineral wealth while impoverishing the indigenous people of the countries who’s minerals they nominally own but have no control over. I learned young that money talks and bullshit walks in the shape of the elites who control the corporations that shape the international capital ebbs and flows between countries and the resources that they ruthlessly exploit. They set up a country for ruin and control by plunging it into debt to build the infrastructure to service these bastard industries. They tell the hapless (and made stupid) citizens of any country that they will be able to service the debt because of the rosy economic picture they paint underpinned by bullish commodity prices that NEVER stay high long enough to complete the positive outcome promised. This way the debt is never extinguished and becomes a crippling millstone around the public purse compounding interest and driving all who are not of the elite controller genealogy into abject poverty.

This programme of enslavement I witnessed first hand as I was dragged around the world. Nothing will change this course of events unless and until people learn how to resist and eventually reject, out of hand, the power of these people as manifested through the corporations that they have conceived of and implanted throughout the world.

All coordinated by the international private banking cartel (Illuminati) who have intricate game plans set out across vast distances and generational time-lines that obscure there true intent to return us a dark age of bondage and self destruction. Meanwhile they attain wealth and immortality by using the shell game of fiat money that has the ability to drive human industry second to none because of it’s (empty) promise of wealth attainable for all. Just run to get that job over there and keep working that little bit harder, that little bit longer, and in the end it will all work out……..Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Har!…….

And now Australia is admitting to having over 2 million of us living below the poverty line…..Richest country in the world?…so we were being told for so many years. The joke is truly on us except it is cruel and unforgiving. I suffered through 14 schools that arrested my development to the point that I couldn’t make relationships last or career moves sensible and a brother lost through the worst kind of self destructive behaviour. All for the dream of a wealthy life-style for my hypocrite father who sacrificed his family on the altar of selfish whim without a second thought. A truly Resourceful Industry Man.

And now I see they have pioneered a new form of familial destruction for the resource man/woman; Distance, Drink, Drugs, and Dislocating Divorce.

Welcome to the West Australian Resource Industry. A Template for a World of Temptation/Damn-Nation.



The live Sheep and Cattle trade must be stopped NOW!!!


It is a disgusting and sickening trade in the prolonged suffering and death of animals that perverts the minds of the people involved to the point that I cannot recognise them as human beings. You see, for me, compassion for the other inhabitants of this Earth is fundamental to our civilisation. Without it we are just robots who cannot love life and are therefore destined to destroy ourselves in a frenzy of orgiastic self interest. I get utterly contemptuous of the spokespeople who come out and defend this immoral, unethical, and downright evil activity on the grounds that it makes some people rich, keeps others employed, and provides taxes to the government.

They talk and walk in a fashion that makes me want to make them as the animals that they pay such scant regard for. I want them to feel the terror as the club, knife, or blade of a front end loader comes to slaughter them. Then I want them back to where they were before so they can explain to ME how they justify putting any creature to death that way.

There is no excuse for this type of treatment of livestock and even the designation ‘live-stock’ devalues the fact that these animals can feel pain and experience fear. To deny that there is a reality of pain and suffering for these animals is the same as me declaring that the human race has run its course and is now ready for destruction. Maybe it is but I’m not going to declare it. I’ll leave those sorts of dire predictions for your entrails to discern.

We do not need to eat much meat to live. I am what is called a demi-vegetarian in that I don’t eat red meat and haven’t since I was 17yrs old. I’m 50 now and in pretty good shape. Running my business involves a lot of physical labour. I probably do more physical labour in a week that most of the keyboard jockeys on the net would get in a year so the notion that we need meat to function properly is just a LOAD OF FUCKING GREAT LIES put about by the SCUM-SUCKING ELITE who want to see us all destroyed by our rabid meat-aholic attitudes that have been instilled in us to continue the perverted tradition of convincing us that we are nothing more than brutes who can only function by taking LIFE AWAY in increasingly barbaric ways.

FUCK YOU ASSHOLES in the cattle industry for being such vile hypocrites, pretending that you give a rats ass about the welfare of the animals you crush onto live animal carriers and send to be tortured and die by mutilation, suffocation, frenzied stabbing attacks, and dismemberment while still alive.

The cattle ranchers know full well that the people taking these animals consider them an avatar of the Australians that they HATE so much because of what and who we are. And who can deny their logic after all the death and destruction that we have inflicted on them and their lands all in the name of liberty. These are not sophisticated people, they are too poor. All they know is that they live in poverty while we look like we live in paradise. Of course this is not the reality of our existence but the conniving governments of the world love to promote this us and them approach to international relations so that they will always be allowed to negotiate on our behalf but only for their benefit.

Can’t stand to hear the truth of our existence? Too fucking bad, dudes!

Horserotovator has had a gut-full of the elite and has sent out the word to his brother and sisters on the range. Let’s see how smug you all are in the certainty of your own ascendency to GODHEAD when the horses start to bolt.

7th October, 2012.

Career Death.


A majority of people in WA have a tendency to believe the old adage that the simplest explanation is usually the closest to the truth. These people are happier if they think they can easily distinguish between what they think is the right side and the wrong side and take the appropriate politically correct stance. The Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis, and finally synthesis is advanced at every frontier of interface between the MSM, government, industry, defence and the general public. In this way we are led into the psychological corral of politically correct thinking that severely limits our ability to collectively and/or individually appreciate the complexities of the conflicts that surround us.

This only benefits those who have the power to foster change. They dress that change up as a panacea for the various ills that they have helpfully identified and defined for us to worry about. When that change doesn’t have the effects it’s supposed to have we are just presented with a new dialectic, and so the long worthless (to us) charade continues ad-infinitum keeping the general population confused and feeling helpless in the face of these continuing threats.

Yes, society is in danger of collapsing into a warfare/welfare state.


Passing a load of anti-terror legislation has/will not change this.

Fail for the Hegelian Dialectic. That’s just one obvious example of the real time manipulation of our minds to evoke contradiction with authorities imprimatur.

We have this Terrorist threat that was always a manipulation from the start (There is ample evidence that false flag terror is a hallmark of the world of the spook or government intelligence agent)  being used to bring in all sorts of draconian laws of control and surveillance that have effected a shift in the way we think about ourselves and others. We are a lot more suspicious of people of a certain appearance, and increasingly, of certain attitudes and/or opinions. Has the world become a safer place because of it? Because the answer is heavily debatable means to me that these laws haven’t been effective for their advertised purpose. But I don’t think they were ever brought in for their advertised purpose. It is not sufficient that the legislators who penned these laws will always use the excuse of unintended consequences to explain the various inequities caused by their law making. Not sufficient because it is just more excuses to write laws that are as much unhelpful as they are effective in combating any real or perceived threat conjured by these legislators. Not sufficient because these people are given the job with the implicit understanding that they can mitigate such unintended consequences.

Not sufficient because these actions by our legislators are destroying the economy in the process.

Anthropogenic climate change is another example of a failing Hegelian dialectic. People are looking to the geological record and recognising that climate change is upon us with or without man made CO2 emissions so the governments argument for radical economic change is blunted. For me the correct path is to recognise that a lot of the industrial processes that we use to create our built environment are intrinsically toxic to us. These must be phased out if we are going to survive as a species not severely compromised by the proliferation of the myriad of cancer producing substances released by these industries.

Orica chemical company is one such organisation producing substances they cannot contain but are still operating with only a temporary shut-down and meagre fines to annoy them when they accidentally spray carcinogenic materials from their Port Kembla plant in NSW. or:

I think we need much more affirmative action toward recognising and then mitigating these polluting industrial processes. Our governments focus on using the big economic levers to affect change look ever so good on paper but it has been shown that the reductions in CO2 levels will be negligible and can be circumvented because of the impossibility to regulate such a scheme effectively. It is really just a tax designed to prop-up the governments bottom line.

This is something that some will welcome and others not but I suspect for all the wrong reasons. I have no idea if we could survive without big government because of the enormous numbers of people already relying on a government cheque for their existence. Economies, being what they are now, a hybrid of globalisation and rank self interest, cannot be remade to fit a new untested paradigm. Individually we can only hope to resist the system that is causing so much pain.

Attack is futile and makes you appear the only aggressor when your opponent has overwhelming power and influence in a community.