Who’s Your Uncle-Daddy, Now?


I’ve got a lot on tomorrow and for the rest of the week so this will be the end of my flurry of activity on this site for a while. However, I will be back with more when time permits me. 

So for now I have to find something which I want to write about to go with my latest offering to you, my valued readers, as I’m not a great fan of the visuals alone. I mean, art can stand alone and be marveled at. But with my work it’s probably a stretch to even call it art. Would stand alone, in the dark, without any help, though!  

Now, everyone wants an Uncle Daddy. They just don’t know it yet!



At this juncture it must be pointed out that all resemblance to people living or dead has been done to incriminate the innocent, acquit the jury, and jail the judge. The accused? He gets given a full ‘Brazilian’ by the defense lawyers mother-in-law. She’s been waiting for a while….

Things are still tough out there but if you can have an occasional laugh through it all then I think you may just have a better chance at success rather than failure. Well,…probably not. In fact, let’s not be overly diplomatic, and just say that the Ukrainians are staging a coup in your back-yard and you’re the Russian Separatists who just shot down one of Kiev’s military planes, killing all on board. As you can see that in this dysfunctional alternate reality, you have no chance. No chance at all.

You can try and stay defensive;


But, as you can see, that gets pretty expensive. Mind you, can you see any Ukrainians? No. Good. Must be on the other side. Looking for the non-existent door-way I mentioned to them as I directed their gaze to some Ukrainian pond weed that I had gathered on my last expedition to the upper reaches of the Ukrainian Septic Slump Lands. (That was a trip that will always remain a twisted memory of missed flights, lost baggage, drunken fights with baggage staff, jail, far too many drugs, and a frontal lobotomy that was done by way of a local with a bottle of Gin and a big stick!)

Anyway, the pond weed drew them away long enough for me to get the wall up and then pretend someone else had done it while I wasn’t looking. A perfect plan as it has turned out as no one from this side can see any Ukrainians at all. Doesn’t mean they’re not there. Just means we can’t see them…..Hope they don’t decide to drive round the front. Because if they do I’ll have no choice but to release my hairy weapon;


“Watch out, you Ukrainians! Or I’ll have at ya!

As is usual everything on here is copyrighted to myself but you can use if you attribute back to this blog. Have a coup -free day!

Horserotovator signing off.



There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of political cartooning in WA. It shows what a bunch of sour-faced assholes most of us wake-up like. I mean, how bad does it have to get before we actually get Troy back into the Hot Seat of the Treasury Chair……probably not the best phraseology…..never mind. It wont be long before he’s Snapped Back and Strapped in with the Bra Boys round the Cabernet Table!

I get the impression that since the Queen has been here the elite have become even more smug, arrogant, deceitful, violent, and sexually permissive. Let’s not squirm around on this last one, Sex is BIG! In point of fact, it is HUGE inside the boudoirs of the wealthy! I have heard of some having extra veins surgically implanted to improve aesthetic appeal, throb intensity, and blood flow. While others have been nipped, tucked, zipped and truncated in such a way as to defy the laws of decency. Possibly some criminal ones, as well. Transgressions to send a thrill down the jelly-backs as they slip-up against each other and ooze their political goo.

The elite get easily bored by the poor behaving badly. But when it comes to their own, a different, weirder set of rules apply:


Now, I can’t tell if this counts for political satire or it’s just rubbish. Probably both in equal measure. However, it feels strangely empowering to be able to publish my work on a platform that can be accessed on-line from just about anywhere the internet is available. How long for? Who knows. So I’m taking advantage of the situation while I can. It also enables me to make a bit of fun as the subject matter I like to write about is pretty dire when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the majority are conditioned to feel uneasy when trying to speak ‘truth to power’. I feel it too, but my conditioning was erratic and interrupted due to my 14 schools scattered across 6 countries. Because of these lapses in social programming and my continuing fight to survive this life because of the problems that it has caused me, I am forced to produce material such as what you see above. Probably not ‘truth to power’, though. Or indeed even, ‘I’ll give you a piece of my mind!’ No. The translation that sociopaths all agree on is, ‘Just step into my mind, there’s plenty of room!’

Not a very good translation, as it turns out, as to a sociopath the thought of someone being able to step into their mind is terrifying to even think about. Thus, it will follow that sociopaths spend most of their time trying to block out those thoughts of their minds being an ‘open source’ to others. They start waking up in the dead of night sure that someone is watching them. Bathed in sweat and barely able to hold down a mad panic while fumbling for a light switch. Often they can feel someone is tampering with their sub-routine code. Rewriting it to make them function in a totally alien way. ‘Are we all just sophisticated machines?’ Is usually where they end up, emotionally dead or deranged, which is when they do most of their damage to themselves and/or others. Explaining to themselves, after the fact, that it was just bad input from bad sources that made them act the way they did.

Now this may all be true. But it’s not the all of it otherwise social determinism would be able to explain all human behavior. It certainly is what certain sections of the elite would like us to believe about ourselves. That we are nothing more than a nexus of nerves, muscle fiber, and bone. Born out of accident in a meaningless, materialistic Universe. A place where spirit dose not exist. No soul to guide you. Just the instructions from the higher parts of the machine. Of which you are but a tiny, replaceable cog. Any intuition against the system of control will be diagnosed as a form of mental illness or drug induced psychosis. Nothing more or less.

We, some of us, fight in our own way to avoid being co-opted into a system that sucks you dry by turning your sovereign self into a commodity to be bought and sold without your consent. A process begun when your parents are issued a certificate at your birth that effectively signs away your rights to the State.

If you think this is a fantasy, then think about what happens to people who are conscientious objectors in times of war and conscription. Jailed or shot. No free choice there!



Horserotovator logging out for today.

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Lord Shiva was here. He left his bucket and spade behind.


At first glance it would appear bewildering, the amount of contradictory signals coming out of a country like China. On the one hand they are authoritarian to their people and ruthlessly disrupt and destroy any perceived threat to the Party. Which is also a mirror to the social order of China. Meaning any action they deem disruptive to the social order is also considered a threat to the Party. So the same ruthless penalties are likely to be imposed on those people as well.

It’s an Orwellian concept brought to reality by our Communist trading partners.
On the other hand they protect their military personnel by banning the use of GMO’s in their food supply with the promise that this ban will be extended to the rest of the population……well, soon…..ish.


Now, I have to say, that it has occurred to me that the Chinese govt might just be keeping the oppressive organs of the State apparatus fit and healthy so that they can carry out their duties unimpeded by physical disease. They attempt to legitimize this separate standard for the army with the promise of extending this ban to all of China’s population. But I say there is an even chance that promise will never be implemented because the real owners of China (not the Chinese govt) don’t care enough for their citizens. The same owners, I may add, who own all the countries that allow post-national corporations onto their shores. I think the elites would rather us dependent on the drugs and treatments from Big Pharma to treat the diseases contracted and ailments developed by the people who are exposed to this food and all the other toxins dumped, pumped, and thrown into the environment in the first place. TPTB say it is the price of progress but I say you bunch of fucking lairs! It is to exploit the masses so you can run off with all our hard earned money. Loot, to those bastards!
Anyhow, back to that promise from the Chinese govt to its long suffering people. Essentially it is to give the people the illusion that they are being cared for by their government but is really designed to keep them quiet and compliant. Meanwhile making sure that the troops needed to oppress the majority are fit, healthy, strong, feel superior to the general population, and are trained to use lethal force against their own citizens when ordered to do so. By people who you will never, ever know the names of. Or even clap eyes on in your entire lives.

Probably. Or maybe you will. How would I know? I’m just having an opinion because of what I read and either chose to believe or not. Whether you, the reader, chooses to believe what I’m writing is up to you. I don’t care. I’ve never been to China and have zero desire to do so. They would probably detain me at the airport and deport me back to Australia. Or they might treat me like a visiting dignitary from Vietnam demanding to be given a bunch of Islands in the South China sea. Or they might treat me like Justin Beiber and give me a wedgie while escorting me to a holding area.
Look to any nation state and you’ll see the same assault taking place on the safety of the food supply-chains and it’s farmers. As they are first being forced into unsustainable debt, and then being forced to use genetically modified crops that contaminate everything around it with their wind-blown seeds to try to increase yields to make more money to pay the fucking great debts they’ve incurred trying to keep up with the economics of scale. Scale that gives unfair advantage to those post-national companies (the ones that change a countries laws to suit their own business interests) that can dump produce into international markets at prices that the local, smaller producers can’t compete with.

I liken the wind-blown seed contamination of neighboring farms from GMO seeds to the aerosolized DU weapons that scatter 60 or more km’s from their initial impact site.

uncle-daddy take 2 017

I have come to some certainty that as John Lennon said “the maniacs are in charge and they are propelling us toward their maniacal ends”, (or something similar), and now the nations leaders are flowering into fully-blown psychosis and have done a pretty good job of turning a large chunk of the population into what are termed ‘secondary psychopaths’. These ‘primary psychopaths’ who run this world, (the ones who hold the control of our collective destinies in their aged, bony, arthritic grasp), do this by buying our critical functions, ethical orientation, silence, and loyalties with this thing called money.
Money, to me, is the culmination of what the Alchemists of all time strove for but could never attain until recently. That was to take a base material of insignificant value and turn it into gold. It took about about 4 centuries for the Illuminati banksters to refine the modern version of the idea but now the sleight of hand that accomplished this has people walking around with paper/plastic in their pockets, wallets, or purses and think that it has intrinsic value, like gold, when  it doesn’t.
Paper into gold. Sheer genius or just our stupidity to be fooled in this way?
What most don’t realize is that unlike gold, fiat currencies in use today can be crashed to near zero value like in post WW1 Germany in a very short time scale so that most don’t have the time to convert out of that currency to stem their loses. Even if you could find a dealer who would be willing to take such a volatile currency as exchange for, say, a bar of solid gold. Chances are you couldn’t keep up with the price inflation in the time it takes you to make the walk from your car to the dealers office.
That’s what these financial assassins have managed to do. Perform their alchemy in our minds rather than in their vials, tubes, and black mirrors. They have gained control of our reality and entrained it with the messages and camouflaged commands to obey from the all pervasive built environment and its sophisticated devices of control for which it supplies the infrastructure.
Algorithms woven into software programs to control the masses of tranquilized sheeple. Broadcast across an ever increasing bandwidth of frequencies that can be a carrier for even more esoteric instructions from satellites that circle the earth beaming into our brains both directly and indirectly through the cell towers that can harmonize together and play itunes by the Piped Piper of Hamlet.
I don’t trust the words or the motives of the Chinese government anymore than I trust any government. I will never throw my lot in with any organization ever again in my life. But I will co-operate with individuals who are well intentioned. Or maybe I wont.
That’s my level of resistance. Or maybe I’m just conforming to a force I can’t recognize.
Maybe it’s not resistance but a severe misunderstanding between aliens and cowboys that has strained relationships beyond a point that someone made quite some time ago and which I seem to have forgotten at the moment…….
It is, in point of fact, confusing to be this smart.


There are just too many holes in the nuclear industry dyke now for the likes of the NRC to keep stuffing fingers into. I believe we have meted out the final, fatal blow to the planet’s Eco-system. A complex and self-regulating system that has taken millions of years to establish and develop equilibrium with it’s host. (Third rock from the sun) This bio-sphere has been able to withstand climate fluctuations in the past but is now busted because we have intervened and loaded it up with exotic, man-made chemicals, compounds, and unknown levels and types of serial-killer-made radiation.
We have allowed a perfect storm to develop out of colliding megalomaniacs with disease inducing technology without adequate oversight.

I believe at this juncture these poisoned visionaries will be looking to take the rest of the world down with them because their dream has become a nightmare. Who knows how many of them developed cancer and became bitter and dangerous. Plotting revenge against the world that exposed them to such lethal substances. Remember, I think you are dealing with sociopaths and/or psychopaths, and they will always blame someone or something else for their problems or difficulties in controlling everything around them. If they can’t do that then they will not be able to control themselves. That’s when they become their most destructive. The pursuit, by the Elite, of a Demonic power system to hold the rest of humanity in its thrall has lead to them becoming corrupted both in the flesh and the mind.

All unresolved psychopaths pave their own road to destruction by building a mental and physical pathway around or over the obstacles that get in their way. They’re smart that way. Which is also being very evil. Satanists would say that genius is born of evil. There is some truth to that of course, but like everything these sort of people say, they twist meanings and assume things you can’t in proper dialogue with such philosophical debates. Nuclear weapons are an evil invention. But TPTB laud their inventors and researchers as demigods and parade them before the general public for our general education about what’s important. We in return are conditioned to heap them with unquestioning adoration as we absorb the wisdom they may wish to impart. Or they may not. But we will still be required to adore their fine intellects, pot bellies, and stooped postures.


The Earth, in conjunction with the Biosphere it supports, has always provided the abundance necessary for life to flourish. Until now it would offer up its elements through slow processes provided by the Eco-systems that have developed over the ages, with only a disruption here and there as the host plays up with earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters.
If Japan had been nuclear-free at the time of the earthquake and tsunami it would be exploding with optimism and energy now as they rebuilt it. The earthquake and tsunami, though a tragedy in itself, would now be a  fading memory. Not be constantly reminded that it is the cause of a ongoing source of horrifying headlines. That, I may add, the MSM ignores with alarming consistency.


That’s it from me today. Hope you like the pics.

Horserotovator signing off. P.S. All content is copyrighted to me. If you want to re-use any of it you can. But I will require attribution to this blog. Ta!