Who’s Your Uncle-Daddy, Now?

I’ve got a lot on tomorrow and for the rest of the week so this will be the end of my flurry of activity on this site for a while. However, I will be back with more when time permits me. 

So for now I have to find something which I want to write about to go with my latest offering to you, my valued readers, as I’m not a great fan of the visuals alone. I mean, art can stand alone and be marveled at. But with my work it’s probably a stretch to even call it art. Would stand alone, in the dark, without any help, though!  

Now, everyone wants an Uncle Daddy. They just don’t know it yet!



At this juncture it must be pointed out that all resemblance to people living or dead has been done to incriminate the innocent, acquit the jury, and jail the judge. The accused? He gets given a full ‘Brazilian’ by the defense lawyers mother-in-law. She’s been waiting for a while….

Things are still tough out there but if you can have an occasional laugh through it all then I think you may just have a better chance at success rather than failure. Well,…probably not. In fact, let’s not be overly diplomatic, and just say that the Ukrainians are staging a coup in your back-yard and you’re the Russian Separatists who just shot down one of Kiev’s military planes, killing all on board. As you can see that in this dysfunctional alternate reality, you have no chance. No chance at all.

You can try and stay defensive;


But, as you can see, that gets pretty expensive. Mind you, can you see any Ukrainians? No. Good. Must be on the other side. Looking for the non-existent door-way I mentioned to them as I directed their gaze to some Ukrainian pond weed that I had gathered on my last expedition to the upper reaches of the Ukrainian Septic Slump Lands. (That was a trip that will always remain a twisted memory of missed flights, lost baggage, drunken fights with baggage staff, jail, far too many drugs, and a frontal lobotomy that was done by way of a local with a bottle of Gin and a big stick!)

Anyway, the pond weed drew them away long enough for me to get the wall up and then pretend someone else had done it while I wasn’t looking. A perfect plan as it has turned out as no one from this side can see any Ukrainians at all. Doesn’t mean they’re not there. Just means we can’t see them…..Hope they don’t decide to drive round the front. Because if they do I’ll have no choice but to release my hairy weapon;


“Watch out, you Ukrainians! Or I’ll have at ya!

As is usual everything on here is copyrighted to myself but you can use if you attribute back to this blog. Have a coup -free day!

Horserotovator signing off.

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