Uncle-Daddy gives an interview.


Some people might think that Uncle-Daddy has no place in the world today but millions of people who have never heard of Uncle-Daddy would beg to differ……. if only they knew!

weather and uncle daddy and geoff 028


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 029


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 031


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 032

Uncle-Daddy is your typical rich, elitist, member of the ruling class. But you got to admire a certain something in his cavalier attitude toward life and the asleeple. He knows he can snatch it all away at his whim from the lower economic classes who have been made dependent on government support and expectation of a decent income no matter what their personal circumstances are.

They have been fed the dream and want their houses, their cars, their holidays, their kids, their kids private education, their retirement super. They want it all and what they can’t afford they want the government to provide through taxing everybody including those who are working poor, don’t have kids, or take any government assistance.

Uncle-Daddy doesn’t mind so much because he will always have the advantage of privileged information that is only available to the elite. Up or down, in or out. Uncle-Daddy will always make money for himself and his mates because they network their wealth and power so effectively.

Meanwhile the people with a poor quality of economic development and education will filter themselves out through misadventure of one kind or another based on faulty assumptions and bad information.

Oh well, the game is rigged. The cards are marked. There’s nothing you can do about it. So you may as well get used to being played because nothing is going to change for the better for a goood while yet.

However, the struggle for the recognition of a persons right to not be expected to leave the toilet seat down at every visitation continues………..

Horserotovator signing off from Sub-station four.

The Brotherhood of Death just sold me a dodgy set of coupon books. How dare they!


According to what I have been reading, and in response to what has been reported specifically on the various flash points around the ME and Ukraine, I will venture my opinion as to what is going on in a more abstract fashion;

.brotherhood 2 003


The odds (and sods) are stacked against the truth.

brotherhood 2 007

The depopulation/domination of the world kicks up a pace


I left out Palestine and Crimea but I think the picture pretty well sums it up for that part of the world specifically and the rest of us more generally. You know, if they can’t nuke you with their bombs, they’ll nuke you with their power industry. There is now definitely a major PR offensive underway in West Australia for the expansion of our Uranium mining sector. To top it all off the industry lobby is sending out its shills to advocate nuke electricity generation for this state.

With the type of leaders we have here I wont be surprised if they do it. One of the government minister was on the government radio advocating for just that the other day. They don’t seem to care that the evidence is incontrovertible and totally discredits the ‘nuke is safe’ brigade. They’re more interested in denial other river systems;

gaza and roys brain 016

Look, I don’t get paid for this gig, so don’t start complaining if you think it’s crap! Writing about how twisted the world has become unsatisfying but drawing about it hasn’t, yet. So I will keep publishing my work as I make it and the fact that these characters drawn here are totally fictitious and bear no resemblance to anyone/thing living and/or dead makes me very happy to state that I have copyright control so any reproducing elsewhere needs to attribute to this blog. Thanks.

Horserotovator is checking out for a while……other things to do.

No one protests about the real, killer, issues…..


because we all know there’s a high probability they would get their heads bashed in, get charged, get jailed, get fined, get black-listed, get bankrupted, get homeless, get despised, get depressed, get lonely, get to kill themselves!

Yeah! I think we all know what protest against corporate interests does for the individuals engaged in it. Protest at the street level is only counter-productive now.

Everything to do with public discourse is tightly controlled and manipulated by TPTB.

Except for the Net. Yet.

I have no direct physical relationship to the ME but after casting my minds eye over there I have drawn this picture;

gaza roy's brain 2 002

As with many other people, I am appalled at how the slaughter is allowed to continue and escalate in Gaza and more generally throughout the ME. I’m not surprised, though.

Copyright control. Can be reproduced elsewhere as long as attribution to this blog is given.

Horserotovator is taking the rest of the night off to work on Uncle-Daddy’s next adventure.

Abbott, Abe, and Uncle-Daddy get along like a nuclear reactor fire!


I don’t want to HAARP on about it but this problem with Nuclear is that it boils water by destroying the capacity of the planet to sustain itself. Why go to all that tax-payer, subsidized, trouble to boil water when there are much more efficient ways to do it. I mean efficient as defined by the entire cost of mining through milling process to final use and non-disposal (storage) of generated wastes. Add to that the extra layer of cost through reprocessing to re-manufacture some of the spent fuel rods for reuse in these reactors and you get the most expensive, ecologically destructive, technology we have ever known.

I can see from Abe’s sojourn out to Western Australia that Japan is in need of some energy supplies to hopefully replace their clapped-out and life destroying Nukes.

You know, to me, the Nuke industry is indicative of all that’s wrong with our thinking in this modern era. We compartmentalize (specialize) ourselves with the excuse (philosophical underpinning) that the concept of division of labor means we don’t have to consider how what we do impacts the world and it’s people (willful ignorance of the influence our activities have on the ‘other’).

To do my bit, to counter what I think is a corrosive attitude, I offer my latest composition.

Please consider:

abe western australia frack 015

As you can see there is no obvious vulgarity in this cartoon. I guess I haven’t given it a chance to develop yet. A type of humor that seems to have been strangled at birth, maybe…. Fear not, those who fear, I’m sure I will return with weirder stuff!

Horserotovator out for now.

Uncle-Daddy’s Journalism


should be considered high caliber. But it’s not. The sophisticated truths that would dazzle when compared to any competitors work are just missed when the public are wearing ‘standard issue’ welding goggles.  That’s when they aren’t wearing their beer goggles. When they have neither of those on, they will have their Google goggles on. Trying to Google for a set of goggles with the latest, killer, app.


Ah, Ha! Badly executed metaphor! Just what we need on this piss-ant shoe-string publication.

Little wonder, I suppose, that I’m routinely ignored and/or ridiculed by TPTB in a conspiracy that stretches back to before the dawn of time or the drawing of space. Two oxymoron’s that will live forever, together, in infamy.





As everyone should know these cartoons do not depict anyone in real-life (living or dead) and any inference made thereof is purely a coincidence and not intended by the author/artist. Copyright control and all that stuff I claim for this as well. Sounds greedy, I know. But greed is now the worlds number one MOTIVATOR.  All adherents to the MOTIVATOR hear the call to follow its greedy God who want to take the whole world for themselves.


I have to assume my mind has these sort of images running around in there just waiting to be expressed to the wider world. They are rude and crude but I feel that they give a robust version of a reality that must be acknowledged in the metaphorical if not the literal. In fact it is fundamental to the whole cartooning project that this is the correct way to read these things.

Don’t assume that these are conscious actions, though. They appear in my mind only as I draw them out. Literally.

I have realized that because of my lack of stable, consistent schooling, and being a member of a dysfunctional family, I ended up with an education, of sorts, but not the underlying ‘training’ to obey authority without question. Now for most, this rebellion from the school’s ‘training’ regimen will be present in some form at some level of intent and/or action at some stage in their lives as the ‘training’ is never perfectly administered. That is just a function of the constant failing of the education system due to lack of funds and the low moral that it engenders in the faculty and disinterest or worse from a large proportion of the students

Always to the silent rhythm of the Money-Man’s gravy train running its tracks over your life.

It’s like they give us a sort of perverted chance at surviving this system of indoctrination but at the price of a properly funded and resourced education system. Which, when I think about it, seems to work to TPTB’s advantage anyway. The rebels without a cause (like me) get into trouble and burn-up so that they become examples of what happens to those who dare to snub the power of authority. I have seen so many people become statistics that way. I was pretty close to burning-up myself until I realized that I was being naive and immature. I stopped trying to make friends with strangers I met and they stopped playing me for the fool that I was. Can’t deny it now that I’ve relinquished the booze.

I was a likable person until I hit the bottle and then became a monster as my inner conflicts were blasted into innocent peoples faces. I was a binge-drinker and I felt despicable after every bad night (and there were lots of them). I have to say it now to shatter any illusions that any may have formulated about me.  I can see now how I was tolerated by the elite for a brief while until I provided them with a kind of grotesque and unique entertainment of self destruction as my swan song.

My life experiences have taught me we are all products of circumstances that we don’t have control over. That truth is denied by TPTB and they try their hardest to brainwash us to believing our lives should be dedicated to proving that we have that control, not circumstance. Which proves the original premise as far as I’m concerned. It’s alright for those who have the means or money to ejaculate such nonsense but for the vast majority the course was set some generations back. In my case, I had no choice but to let the bad programming run its course while trying to see and understand what had been coded into me. Luckily I have managed to isolate the bad programming and programmers. I am now in the arduous and ongoing process of uninstalling those programs. Using my higher self which is not posited in these course material dimensions of Cartesian space and lineal time.

I asked Rolf to dig up Jimmy Savile to see what the inside of his head was thinking and this is what I uncovered:


I’m sure Jimmy enjoys his sweet potato!

Now that he’s dead some dark energy has probably been released and is roaming the astral plains looking for some other host to infect. Some poor, stupid, soul without any thought to protect themselves against such a threat will stand out to a force like this as a lighted beacon. The souls take-down is as hard and brutal as you can get. All done in a silence that wraps you like a cloak to muffle the souls last gasps as you allow it to be taken from you and consumed by malevolent forces that then work through you and out into the temporal world.

Getting Biblical at the moment and that’s not because I have become a religious zealot, but rather I have no other way of giving the readers effective description to what I feel is the level and intensity of the EVIL being perpetrated world-wide.

Disappearing boat loads of asylum seekers at sea is just another indicator of how hardened our attitudes to the ‘other’ have become. Is it an act of evil? IMO it is if those people are consequently exposed to abuse and/or worse from our governments actions. I also understand that Australia is going to become even more attractive to people in the Northern Hemisphere and we are in danger of being overwhelmed if we don’t protect our boarders.

Very troubling times. It seems that all the choices available have very negative consequences.

I’ve always been amazed at how some people who are willing predators seem utterly impervious to the logic of compassion. I only see degrees of separation but not that much difference between the Culture of Celebrity and a sick pervert like Savile. How anyone could even work with him makes me realize how perversely powerful fame can be. I’m glad I rejected it all those years ago. Fame, as well, rejected me. It was a sort of mutual thing. There is a ‘vibe’ in the entertainment scene and it could be interpreted exactly as the Illuminati conspiracy theorists write about. If you’re not in the club, the system they control wont help you and will turn on you and destroy you if it can. It doesn’t take prisoners. There is no room in the system for dissenters who actually want to fundamentally change the system. There never was.

Our genius as individuals has been exploited by TPTB in a unique way since the Industrial Revolution. Before the IR the masses were required to provide the labor to build their palaces and wage their wars. Now, with so many labor saving devices in use or being developed, many of us are now superfluous to their society’s requirements. Idle hands make for awkward questions so we are being systematically removed through wars, destruction of fresh water supplies, wrecking our food bowls with Fracking and like technologies,  oil spills, Corexit, and man-made disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima. Nuclear power plants releasing their unimaginably long-lived gene destroying radioactive isotopes into our biosphere to kill or weaken those who cannot avoid it’s deadly reach. It’s hard to be optimistic in such an environment. FB news feed or not.

There is unpredictability in the storm that is gathering;

warrengarra bloggo 009