Abbott, Abe, and Uncle-Daddy get along like a nuclear reactor fire!

I don’t want to HAARP on about it but this problem with Nuclear is that it boils water by destroying the capacity of the planet to sustain itself. Why go to all that tax-payer, subsidized, trouble to boil water when there are much more efficient ways to do it. I mean efficient as defined by the entire cost of mining through milling process to final use and non-disposal (storage) of generated wastes. Add to that the extra layer of cost through reprocessing to re-manufacture some of the spent fuel rods for reuse in these reactors and you get the most expensive, ecologically destructive, technology we have ever known.

I can see from Abe’s sojourn out to Western Australia that Japan is in need of some energy supplies to hopefully replace their clapped-out and life destroying Nukes.

You know, to me, the Nuke industry is indicative of all that’s wrong with our thinking in this modern era. We compartmentalize (specialize) ourselves with the excuse (philosophical underpinning) that the concept of division of labor means we don’t have to consider how what we do impacts the world and it’s people (willful ignorance of the influence our activities have on the ‘other’).

To do my bit, to counter what I think is a corrosive attitude, I offer my latest composition.

Please consider:

abe western australia frack 015

As you can see there is no obvious vulgarity in this cartoon. I guess I haven’t given it a chance to develop yet. A type of humor that seems to have been strangled at birth, maybe…. Fear not, those who fear, I’m sure I will return with weirder stuff!

Horserotovator out for now.

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