No one protests about the real, killer, issues…..

because we all know there’s a high probability they would get their heads bashed in, get charged, get jailed, get fined, get black-listed, get bankrupted, get homeless, get despised, get depressed, get lonely, get to kill themselves!

Yeah! I think we all know what protest against corporate interests does for the individuals engaged in it. Protest at the street level is only counter-productive now.

Everything to do with public discourse is tightly controlled and manipulated by TPTB.

Except for the Net. Yet.

I have no direct physical relationship to the ME but after casting my minds eye over there I have drawn this picture;

gaza roy's brain 2 002

As with many other people, I am appalled at how the slaughter is allowed to continue and escalate in Gaza and more generally throughout the ME. I’m not surprised, though.

Copyright control. Can be reproduced elsewhere as long as attribution to this blog is given.

Horserotovator is taking the rest of the night off to work on Uncle-Daddy’s next adventure.


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