Uncle-Daddy gives an interview.

Some people might think that Uncle-Daddy has no place in the world today but millions of people who have never heard of Uncle-Daddy would beg to differ……. if only they knew!

weather and uncle daddy and geoff 028


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 029


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 031


weather and uncle daddy and geoff 032

Uncle-Daddy is your typical rich, elitist, member of the ruling class. But you got to admire a certain something in his cavalier attitude toward life and the asleeple. He knows he can snatch it all away at his whim from the lower economic classes who have been made dependent on government support and expectation of a decent income no matter what their personal circumstances are.

They have been fed the dream and want their houses, their cars, their holidays, their kids, their kids private education, their retirement super. They want it all and what they can’t afford they want the government to provide through taxing everybody including those who are working poor, don’t have kids, or take any government assistance.

Uncle-Daddy doesn’t mind so much because he will always have the advantage of privileged information that is only available to the elite. Up or down, in or out. Uncle-Daddy will always make money for himself and his mates because they network their wealth and power so effectively.

Meanwhile the people with a poor quality of economic development and education will filter themselves out through misadventure of one kind or another based on faulty assumptions and bad information.

Oh well, the game is rigged. The cards are marked. There’s nothing you can do about it. So you may as well get used to being played because nothing is going to change for the better for a goood while yet.

However, the struggle for the recognition of a persons right to not be expected to leave the toilet seat down at every visitation continues………..

Horserotovator signing off from Sub-station four.

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