Rattus Norvegicus !

The ‘r’ may be gone but the message remains the same…..

sfp 290914 007

Thanks to bo for the idea for some SFP Frolics!

Horserotovator aka west aussie to Enenewsers will publish now, talk later @ http://enenews.com/lettuce-west-coast-900-pcikg-fukushima-radioactive-materials-after-311-expert-fukushima-poses-significant-health-risks-thousands-kilometers-radionuclides-released-across-pacific-ocean-japan-agricul

3 thoughts on “Rattus Norvegicus !

    • Let her be the ‘flying fuel rod of fate’ of the inter-generational elite as they insist we have a culling of the masses!
      They lie while people die but it’s all OK for them as they are not counted amongst the potential victims of the cold, hard, imperatives of the ‘common good’. Which really means the elite will waste as many ‘common people’s’ lives as they deem necessary to maintain the present social/economic order with them at the top, of course. They think to have it any other way would be to go against the ‘natural order’ of society which would mean chaos and riots, etc. As we ‘lower born’ cannot be trusted to make our own decisions regarding the way in which we carry out our day to day existence. (In truth it’s all about protecting the criminals with all the loot!)
      To my mind the way in which the Japanese govt has ignored the wishes of the local communities as regards to their opposition to the restarting of their nuclear PP’s is an example of the way this doctrine imposes it’s will without quarter.
      How can you partake in meaningful dialogue with these people when they posses a mind-set that appears to be criminally insane? I don’t think you can. I think to try only brings frustration and anger to the fore.

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