The Man From U.N.C.L.E.-Daddy.

As crazy people conspire to rule the world, Uncle-Daddy has his own battles to wage.

fish and chips nsa satellite 017

Pt 2 tomorrow. (Got to color them in)

I’ll be back.

Pt 2. The set-up.

the man from uncle-daddy 014

Pt 3 tomorrow (same reason).

Pt 3 ; The take down.










Can Uncle-Daddy do the impossible and end this without being totally lame?

Find out, when Pt 4 arrives on your screen! (same reason)

7 thoughts on “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.-Daddy.

      • I post the mark beyer because I think I see a similar style and direction! The pop colors are there..
        I recall the confetti plume you drew, and technicolor vomit on USS RONALD Reagan, keep pushing that graphic originality

        Silver / gold pens take away vibrancy from image, doesn’t translate well in scans or photo.. !

      • Ah, bo. Well that would be your opinion but I wont be using it to try and direct my art, though. I don’t want to be ‘like’ anyone, thanks all the same. And I don’t want to necessarily ‘please’ any/everyone either. My art is an expression of my interpretation of the twisted world I see around me. For it to adhere to external influences of balance or harmony without me trying to circumvent them on some conscious or subconscious level would require me to rely on others for acceptance. Maybe a long time ago but I’m too old to worry about that now.
        Criticism is fine as long as you don’t mind it being rejected as I just have, bo. BTW, have you any artwork of your own that I could see, please?

  1. Sorry, bo, but I’m going to correct your assumption this time and inform you that my ‘roots’ are actually English. The Aboriginal painters have so many imitators already that I have no reason to become another one. I don’t mean to be such a prick about this but I really need people to understand that you’re going to get what you get from me and you’d better bloody well enjoy it because that’s all I’m prepared to do for NOTHING!

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