C.O.A.G.-Chronic Obstructive Australian Government.

u-d what a joke! 018


Barnett and his LNP criminal mates in Western Australia have given all our money away building roads and infrastructure to mines that will probably not return cents on the dollar invested by the State over time. This is because of the precipitous drop in commodity prices across the board, (not just iron-ore), that people in power knew was coming but hid from the unwitting public. They did this so their rich mates could get even richer by milking the State for projects they could skim profits from or divert income into streams of slush that could all be hidden in the economic collapse (that we can all feel but are told to deny and live a fantasy instead!) that is being managed carefully from behind the scenes but before our very eyes.

What’s new?, I hear people asking. Yes, it has ever been thus.

4th attempt at barnett 005


Let me preface this next part of my rantings by stating the blindingly obvious that cynical, rich, and powerful people decide our fate and yet they are completely bereft of the skill-set necessary to undertake such a task with anything approaching an empathetic, all encompassing, vision. Easier said than done, old cheese! So they just enrich themselves at our expense and to hell with the consequences to everyone who can’t buy their way-out. We, who are now so dependent on the elite system of welfare/warfare are left with no choice but to fight over the crumbs that they toss-off down to us. They call it the ‘trickle-down’ effect and it has been raining down ever since they thought that one up. I feel that they want us all to be carrying round multiple packets of jiz-wipes just so we don’t have to wipe it off with our bare hands.

Then again, it’s so hard, trying to second guess the conspiracies of the elite against everybody who isn’t protected by an even greater bunch of elite conspirators. With myself being a conspiracy of one, I have found it difficult to enunciate my rather simple plan for the future of the human race. The moment I get asked a question on that subject of interest by someone I’m unfamiliar with I immediately have them eliminated in case they are just trying to get close to me through my genius. I have to be careful not to let the ‘brain-suckers’ from the Bank of International Setttlements get to close otherwise they will suck all my vast intellectual resources out my backside and redeem a set of party animals with it.

third attempt at colin and coag 005

I figure that because I’ve only got one picture this week I’d better use it three different ways to vent my spleen, so to speak. I’m using the technique of subtle difference and understated revenue base to articulate the inherent contradictions that are ever present in the great mind of Colin Barnett and his (ad)Ministers (opiates to the masses) concerning the needs of the few and the needs of the even fewer, needy, rich, parasites who gravitate toward politics like it was their mothers tit.

get it right fool 003

Well, there you have it, three uses of the same piece of art-work so that I can justify to myself waffling on and on about subjects I have mostly only second, or third, hand experience of. I should make a huge song and dance about the fact that I’m educated enough to realize that I was well and truly set-up to be the fool. Not only in my young life, but in adult-hood as well. The apparent winging is because I want the world to know that it is ‘coincidentally’ fantastic that we should have a ‘security’ scare just before ANZAC day as Tony Abbott was worried not enough people (families) would be coming out to celebrate the fact that we’re better at killing people than most others on the planet. He even came on the telly to congratulate all the participants in the latest ‘false flag’ and not to blame Muslims for being mad terrorists who could explode at inappropriate times and in places frequented by those not hooked-up to their own form of suicide vest. I’m gonna say that the whole MIC looks like a suicide vest to me. It just proliferates Helter-skeltor without the harsh restraint of a strong civilian polity. I can’t be positive about such subjects when people, in general, just have no appreciation of the corrupting ability the MIC has. Most people think that it’s right and proper to be gung-ho for war when it isn’t on you. Australians, apart from a few bombs dropped on Darwin during the second world war, have no experience of war being waged around and through them. Like in the Ukraine.

Seeing as it’s ANZAC day soon, I will tell you my experience of being a child of parents who were made civilian casualties of war. Not in the sense that they were literally bombed out or forced at gun-point from their homes but they did have bombs dropping around them as they were in north London and endured the Blitz. My mothers recollection is of becoming so fatalistic that they wouldn’t even go to the bomb shelters as they were often no better than death traps in themselves. Her father was on ‘fire watch’ and one time had to attend a building where the shelter was above ground and when he walked into the shelter found all the people there, still sitting, dead from the shock/blast wave of a bomb that had gone off some streets away.

These things would tend to leave disturbing memories for those who witness them.

My mother was strafed with machine gun fire one time while playing in the street with her friends from a German fighter plane of some kind. Probably one of the escorts for the bombers who regularly flew their bombs from European soil to England. They weren’t as regular as the ‘Doodle-bugs’ toward the latter part of the war. V-1’s and V-2’s that would emit their unique low hum that would shake the buildings as they came overhead whereupon their motor would cut out and then the agonizing wait in chilling silence until the whistling just before it hit it’s (un)intended target as it came almost straight down.

Then there was those incendiary-bombs that could kill with their shock-wave alone. Probably the cause of the deaths I mentioned earlier. Plus add the specter of unexploded bombs going off without warning and you get some very distorted individuals moving forward into adult-hood.

It has become a certainty of mine that both my parents got PTSD and were never diagnosed or treated for it.

From my own internal studies of my family and all the external examples of war-torn families I’m sure that my life would have been different in a more positive way if I had not been born to people who have been victims of war.

They messed-up my brother and myself pretty thoroughly whilst they were exploding at each other, unable to break free of the PTSD programed into them during those formative years. They reproduced the battle at home and the arbitrary and seemingly random carnage with it. But hey, nobody actually got killed or seriously injured so as long as my father could hide the war from the public by moving us all around the world so we could never make contacts with people who would see the destruction, everything would appear as normal.

We hide our wars from the public who pays for them.

Same shit, different bucket.

So when Tony Abbott sculls a bucket of shit and grins from ear to ear we’ll know, … Yes, we’ll know…. that war is great as long as it’s somewhere else. Killing and terrifying the young and old alike because they don’t count and we don’t really care because we’ve never directly encountered war. At least not around our own homes as it was for my parents.

My parents eventually separated and divorced when I was 16 having completely disrupted my childhood and schooling by running around the world and being at war simultaneously. Creating kids who couldn’t socialize when it really counted and instilling a lack of emotional stability. The cost to my life has been devastating and long lasting.

THAT is a cost of war that you wont find in the collective sub-conscious of an increasingly unconscious nation as it sleep-walks toward another series of conflicts that keep us tribal and stupid.

You wont find me at any ANZAC day ceremony commemorating the death of countless millions just so the elite can justify their swinging cuts to social services and welfare, here, in Australia, or anywhere else in the world that they aren’t actually bombing at the moment.

Maybe that’s it. Either you’re on board with the bankster led credit freeze and impoverishment of the working classes or we’ll turn your country into a cesspool of extremists and then use them as an excuse to bomb the ABSOLUTE FUCK OUT OF YOU!

Now in my fifties, I can reflect on my own mis-spent life and wonder where it all went wrong.

Deterrence would have made a decent first name if it weren’t for all the negative connotations associated with it’s parent and legal guardian, Deterrorist.

I’ve had enough of all this for one day/night/day, so I’m taking my cross-eyed rattle-snake to the hypnotist to be stuffed.

Horserotovator is overtired so he is going to operate some heavy machinery while arguing over the phone about unpaid drug-debts to some Bikers who just happen to know who his favorite politicians are. Let me put that another way, with the price of smack dropping through the floor and crystal-meth being the drug of choice self-destruction, politicians will try and get their name as closely associated with the drug as possible without actually producing a pipe for the cameras and whacking down a few lung-fools of polly kool-aid.

“Listen to me, kiddies, I’m your prime minister and I love war because I see no problem with killing to get my way when it comes to those evil other people who I can’t know because if I did I’d be a traitor who was conspiring to overthrow me! You understand, I’m sure!”

Oh, God! Let me operate this heavy machinery in a manner that will render even the most reckless amongst us speechless!! Fuck-off biker-scum, I don’t owe you nuthin’ for that crap gear……Don’t shout, faggot, your boyfriends might hear you and come running in with your favorite douche-bag, douche-bag!……..


See y’all!

8 thoughts on “C.O.A.G.-Chronic Obstructive Australian Government.

  1. It has not been lost on me that this section receives very little correspondence so I shall just ask some questions of myself.
    Q/ Do you suffer from a form undiagnosed PTSD?
    A/ Don’t know for sure because I’ve never tried to get a diagnosis, however, a positive diagnosis would explain a lot. Can I just add that from my personal standpoint that I believe it is generally accepted by society that soldiers can get PTSD but for someone such as myself no such acceptance exists. If there is then it would only be in isolated pockets. Hence, I don’t bother with the Health system for such things as they are just not equipped with the mental skills to really deal effectively with most patients. That’s why most end up on drug regimes that have to be cycled through with other less effective drugs (that inevitably result in a bad reaction from the patient) because the ones that work are pretty toxic to the liver, kidney’s, etc. I worked in the Health system long enough to find out first-hand that the horror stories about patient outcomes are only the tip of the dysfunctional ice-burg. This is where the rubber hits the road and ‘the greater good’ (in the form of reduced funding to hospitals to balance the budget) translates into added injury or death to patients.
    I can’t stand the concept of the ‘greater good’. To me it’s an excuse to murder.

  2. Q/ Why do you write this blog as it’s pretty unprofessional in it’s appearance and content?

    A/ Therapy for my fractured self and in the hope that my story will let some other poor sods in the same sort of predicament understand that it is not your choices that got you so disadvantaged but rather the choices made by others many, many, decades before you were even born. People who couldn’t care less that their relentless manipulation of the worlds money-supply would/is causing so much abject misery born out of the poverty and wars perpetrated by a banking/royal/elite.
    I write this blog to make that essential point and do what I can to give it a Western Australian character POV.
    I find it impossible to find other blogs on the Net that ‘do’ Western Australia, so part of this is frustration that society here is seemingly so uninvolved with keeping TPTB accountable for the obvious looting of the State that they do all the time!
    I don’t think it’s good enough to just think, ‘I can’t beat them, so I’ll become one of them!’
    It just makes me want to make everybody else laugh. Like Uncle-Daddy tries to when we get the occasional visitor here!

  3. Q/ How do you promote this blog, if at all?
    A/ I was promoting it on enenews as I like the personality types that post there and the pictures were mostly about Fukushima. I only promote if I think it’s relevant to nuclear issues. Apart from that I don’t really feel confident enough to go about the place telling everybody how wonderful an artist I ……bullshit, bullshit, etc….or whatever way others promote themselves. It just seems a little crass so I don’t try too hard. Having said that, I do realize that I need to debase myself from time to time ….oops, more insights into my toxic, corrupted, mind.

    Q/ What do you think of the British Royal Family?
    A/ I have never met them so I can only go by second hand accounts. I foolishly defended Prince Charles as being OK for a brief period, then I went back over the docos about the life and death of Princess Diana and realized that these people are just too dangerous to know if you are near enough to them to be recognized as a threat (if you are not of a like mind is enough).
    At the same time I see how the Windsors were not going to allow Muslims to become related to the Royal House of Windsor and that she would have known she was playing a dangerous game by falling in love with Dodi Fayed.
    I just hope never to have to deal with them or anyone controlled by them. For that matter I would rather be left to my own devices than have to deal with anyone from the elite who thinks I’m stupid enough to think they are going to make my life better by their intervention.
    Experience can be a bitter pill to swallow.

    • Q/ Could you elaborate?
      A/ I used to support Israels ‘right to exist’ but after reading so much on the Net I had to re-evaluate what I knew of my own families history with regards to our own interaction with Jewish people and found that there was not only my Great Uncle’s shame of taking bribes in Palestine from Jews but also my father had all the profits of his company embezzled for the first five years of my life on this planet by a Jewish man and his wife who convinced him they should handle his company accounts. They had been co-workers where they met.
      Then my brother gets himself done for armed robbery of a hospital (while concussed from a car accident the previous night) in the company of a known intravenous drug addict with elite family connections. It was so bizarre in so many ways as they had never met before that night at the ‘Last Drop’ Tavern and my brother was not an IV drug user until many years later. Again, booze, mine own harsh enemy, was the drug that swept my brother off the PTSD cliff so suddenly and catastrophically that he never got to recover because, once again, ‘civilians’ don’t get PTSD. It must be their fault that they do such things under such circumstances. Must be of inferior stock!
      He’s dead, now, from cancer and useless treatment from the medical system.
      Such is life.
      Have no idea if the main instigator of the robbery was Jewish, but coupled with my own experience of having a Jewish person try to take over a performance I was involved in with his Thrash Metal band, and a myriad of other fucked-up life experiences, I have come to the unhappy conclusion that I am part of a family of patsy’s. You know the type, stooges for the evolution of other peoples plans. The fall-guys. The useful idiots, if you like. Even my own father (because he “never wanted us in the first place”) set us up just so he could watch us destroy ourselves from the distance. Up past Lancelin, WA with his new family of successful people was the last I heard. But that was 20 years ago where I met him at my brothers funeral where the most important thing he had to say to me after the service was, ‘You can’t love someone until you can’t have sex with them any more.” (He had recently had his prostrate gland removed.) My mother was slated for destruction by him as well but she is still alive and living with myself and my wife.
      I’ve managed to introduce her to the Net at the tender age of 83 and she is absolutely energized by the act of watching Youtube and various ‘conspiracy’ videos. Which she thinks are perfectly feasible and ring true to her. She is much more alert just after a few days! It’s seems to be rejuvenating her brain. LOL PTB!!

  4. Oh yeah. I have also been slated for destruction by TPTB in WA but I just wont go down all that easily. Not because I’m something special, it’s just that I’ve now witnessed so many times how TPTB do ‘it’ with Gang Stalking and the like I became a recluse for my own protection.
    Clumsy words but they have a certain validity. Anyone who dares to speak truth to power when not assuming the proper positioning of buttocks presented tend to be targeted for ‘re-education’ or ‘eradication’ through various means. This doesn’t necessarily mean a hit-squad from the shadows but lives can be ruined through proxies and insidious infiltration nonetheless. To underestimate such people and their ways of protecting themselves from unwanted inquiry is to invite trouble if you are not careful.
    I have come to realize that the military mind is extremely active in civilian life.

    • Hi there, bo.
      Thanks for asking. I’m doin’ OK but there seems to be a certain frisson in the atmosphere that seems to me like a prelude to something else. I’m not able to get a handle on what it is yet so I’ve gone a bit quiet. Could be personal, could be more…..just don’t know yet.
      Thanks again for asking. I hope that you are well. I was a little concerned for your health as you had taken a break from enenews the last time I was checking it’s pages.

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