1200 knock-backs one day. 12000000 Kick-backs the next! Not bad….(It’s a One Horserotovator Town cont.)

This; http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/backgroundbriefing/whats-sacred-now/6549614

Inspired this;


The dominant paradigm disturbs me.

OK. Enough of my body. It is too much to have those pictures up there. Takes the focus off what I’m obviously here to do…..

Insult every aspect of modern life and the guilty characters in it as much as I can!

So let us continue with the trouble brewing at C.E.R.N……




To be continued……..

I’m a bit serious about the donate button as things are tough in the richest State in the World.

Especially when you are considered an enemy of it. A bit melodramatic, I guess, but when you are vulnerable to the actions of the State in any essential service you tend to feel it’s cruel arbitrary nature. Predicated on the harsh realities of the wrong end of government deficit spending in a business cycle that has been deformed into a slave to servicing the bubbles blown by central banks and their private metastases (retail banking industry). All in an effort to save the financial industry no matter what the cost the the real economy it used to service rather than be the master of.

But these are changed times and the thinking that surrounds these conjuring tricks has become crippled by it’s sophistication that has broken down to sophistry and is now unable to justify it’s existence any more. Our debt burden has come to a point in this globalized financial market-place.

It is a statement of fact that when the LNP government here has financial problems the first and only thing they do is punish the symptom of the economic down-turn which is the unemployed and welfare depending individuals and families. They don’t stimulate because that just means more debt that has to be paid for. Under the present circumstances our collective debt being overwhelming because of the interest that has compounded on this debt over time.

You can’t get a straight answer out of government flunky economists because they are not only paid not to know they aren’t even taught that banks affect the economy at all in skool.

I can tell you all I’m SICK and TIRED of writing such doom and gloom but it’s what I see and what I know. You do NOT want to become dependent on a failing social security system because when you do you effectively loose your ability to complain because you have accepted the terms and conditions of that welfare assistance. When you get old that means you effectively become hidden from the view of the public that maybe horrified by the way the elderly have their dignity systematically stripped away from them as they are forced to comply with a care regime that is operated in an environment of inadequate funding leading to equipment failure or lack thereof. Add to all that the under staffing of care giving positions so that budgetary constraints can be complied with and you get a system that just cannot deliver a quality of life that most people would hope to expect when they are at their most vulnerable. We sometimes think that living in an institution such as an aged care facility wouldn’t be too bad but I can tell you that from working in one or two over the years it’s from the residence own words that tell me otherwise.

After years of ignoring these experiences to then years of thinking and researching them I made an attempt to understand our shared experience of this life. It’s been a difficult process to engage with but some people can put it all together in a way that can be regarded as allegorical and/or factual. I will give you a link to this researcher who is speaking in a church; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OdGXCYVtag&t=9032s

He makes sense to me at the moment and whether we want to admit it or not our laws and culture all come out of what he speaks about.

Not a surprise as they have all the time and money in the world to make sure people like me are crushed as soon as we show ourselves or any talent we may have.

We’re just seen as a threat to society that will do anything rather than hear the truth.

4 thoughts on “1200 knock-backs one day. 12000000 Kick-backs the next! Not bad….(It’s a One Horserotovator Town cont.)

  1. I don’t think we have much time left. Extinction is taking place around us and we will surely follow. I wonder what sort of life it will carry under it’s new incarnation as an irradiated body both by cosmic radiation that has breached Earth’s defenses due to our weakening or destruction of them through various military and industrial practices, and all the man-made melted-out nuclear fuel from 500 odd reactors that are all going to fail if they are not shut-down and decommissioned immediately. If these things come to pass this planet will become an inhospitable place with near zero oxygen levels due to the death of most flora. That means that most, if not all, oxygen breathing animals will die.
    But here we are just throttle to the floor with the industrial model that has show us the doorway to extinction! What the FUCK is wrong with us that we can’t WAKE-UP!?!
    I’m going to keep going till these selfish assholes wise-up and use their brains to stop this MADNESS. Or until the planet refuses to let me live anymore.


  2. I can’t help but find this doco by Baptist churches in America very interesting concerning the way the Bible has been edited and reinterpreted in the ‘new’ versions to help usher in the age of the Anti-Christ. It gave me an insight that I want to share…..

  3. The only good thing I can say about the WA health system is that they will give you ( at a reasonable cost) stay at home care for showering the elderly if, say, you have your mother in your care. The local council provides a day care facility at a cheap cost which we use once a week when she can. That also comes at a reasonable cost. These facilities lighten the burden somewhat of looking after an elderly person and also provide them with some stimulation of different people in a different setting.

    I can say that my mother is terrified at the prospect of being in an aged care facility after being in one (even if for a very short time) and finding the restrictions on her movements tantamount to being in a prison with guards to tell you when you can move or not.

    People need to think about what’s being done to the elderly and how they can do something to stop it from happening. The first thing people can do is try to organize their lives around providing care for your parents when they get old.

    It wont stop there being a need for these places to exist as so many people are left with nothing and no one but if you can provide that care then it may just force the system to make the situation better in the care facilities that do exist.

    Once I would have tied to finish by saying that it’s not the people it’s the system but to be brutally honest it’s the people who make the system work so we’re all guilty of aiding and abetting what I have come to see as the ‘Beast System’.

    Happy new year to all in 2017!

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