hANG oN! It’s Still a One Horserotovator Town !

Read on, and get something from here you’ll NEVER find anywhere else!…..











I’m starting to feel the sub-version affecting my eyesight with an insight that, although unsightly, rubs salt deep into wounds that will never be more than superficial scratches upon the great arc of the covenant of convenience. Unto the next….chapter with Helicopter Bernanke in his banana pants cruisin’ a paddle-pop for a frenzy!


2 thoughts on “hANG oN! It’s Still a One Horserotovator Town !

  1. I notice the West’s politicians making out that they are doing great humanitarian work while bombing Syria.
    I notice Barnett has offered to give places to 1200 refugees in Western Australia. I sure hope the breadwinners can find reasonable employment because if they can’t then I’m going to write a stern letter. In that letter I’m going to make some important points that will need immediate action. If these actions are not performed within certain boundaries calculated by atomic weight then may the full force of the law of averages come down on the guilty harder than a boiled egg! (after averaging)
    We need to have the Syrian refugees help build the bombs that we will then drop on Syria. This will give a poetry to Tony Abbott’s movements that will have him ambling like Daniel Craig just after he’s had his balls smashed in during Casino Royal.
    Have we realized there’s poetry in everything that Abbott does? He’s a walking Iliad. He deserves more love from people with personality disorders that require the fetishistic embrace of others ocular obsession. You know, those that need to be looked at and loved for being complete narcissists.

    I make no apologies for my humor. If people don’t like it they can always comment. I remind myself from time to time that I’m doing this for myself, not other people. Why should I? I’m not here to necessarily please others (not that I could do that with any regularity, anyway).

    Horserotovator – @ platform 5.

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