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Look, I’m not a bit sorry that I like to explore the absurd. Horserotovator prefers the absurd to the downright evil when he shines his light on the world he sees. He knows what lurks in the deeper recesses…. and it wont come out unless you can grab it with a pair of pliers and give it a damn good ‘American’!

Cowboys & Palestindians

Cowboys & Palestindians 002

It hasn’t been hard to see that the world is coming apart at the seams. I see obvious parallels between the struggle of the American Indians against the invading colonialists, and their offspring, with the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I see the occupation of the Americas in the same light as the Zionist occupation of Palestine. (Can’t help it. It’s just the way I interpret the now in contrast with what I have read and learned over the years.) I see great similarities between the American Indians use of bow and arrow and the colonialists Smith & Wesson firearms. In fact, a skilled bows-person can be quite lethal from a distance, whereas a Palestinian armed with a knife (by the way, it is becoming obvious to me that this whole ‘story’ of Palestinians attacking Israelis is being fanned by a lot of fiction and used to justify an ‘open killing season’ on all Palestinians inside the occupied Territories. This is so Satanic and evil that I find it hard to write it but I feel compelled to state what I believe are unavoidable conclusions about the actions of the Dark Intellectual Forces that have gathered in Israel)  I see the imbalance in all the news reports and all the information coming out of that region. I see the same attitudes being used to justify the use of such unbalanced methods of conflict resolution in the ‘Wild West’ as I do see used in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Acts of provocation and resultant physical violence are the order of the day, both back then, and now. The whole of the Middle East sounds like a terrifying place to be. I shudder in empathy for all the innocent souls who have to endure that quagmire of hatred and violence.

So I ask myself, what has changed in all the years that lie between then and now? I look at my own history as a white, English, child migrant to Australia, and I recognize that my advantages are as much accidental as earned. That if other white people hadn’t pushed the Aboriginals off the land then maybe I wouldn’t have the education I have now. Maybe………or maybe not. We will never know because that is set in the past. However, we are in the present now and should be using the lessons from the past to our advantage, not disadvantage. Unfortunately, we seem to be doing everything to our disadvantage everyday in so many of our macro decisions produced by our so-called representative democracy.

I have been wrestling with the twin concepts of the individual as expressed by the collective and the collective as expressed by the individual and have come to the realization that they are inextricably intertwined and interdependent upon each other. Neither can have primacy. They must learn to co-exist in an ‘entangled’ harmony that maybe can be amplified for good at institutions like C.E.R.N. and their experiments with the fundamental forces that are our Universe. Or maybe we will use all the knowledge from these machines to destroy ourselves like they are already doing with the toxic, immortal legacy, of nuclear waste. 70 years of dead peoples ideas. I sometimes despair at the way people are manipulated in such diabolical ways as to accept such propositions without intelligent oversight. Tradition and loyalty is a convenient and believable fiction to hide the ancient bloodlines to which wealth and privilege are harnessed. 

I don’t blame the sheeple for this state of affairs. I blame myself for not stopping this nonsense years ago! Now I’m going to have to stop it ALL! Get me the control room at the L.H.C.!

Horserotovator hath spake! (that damn lisp is getting everywhere!)

8 thoughts on “Meth-Up! Uncle-Daddy is back!

  1. It’s a tough world out there in the land of promoting something in cyberspace. (Not that I have for while but I know how it goes.) I have to get onto a site like enenews, youtube, etc, and start commenting on the relevant topic and then trying to bend my response to introduce my latest offering of Uncle-Daddy. Makes me feel like some kind of $2 whore! Worse, I don’t get a red cent for all my pimping!
    How many gimmicks do I need?!?

  2. Hi Aussie,
    Art is better than ever !
    Hang in there!

    I quit enenews ! But I’ll still pop by here to say hello



    ( I’ll try to tweet this in high traffic hours, just to maximize )

    • Good to hear from you, bo! I’m sorry I’m only replying now but have been at other things. I’m sure you know how it is. I haven’t been posting at enenews because I realized I was just plugging my blog and not really getting involved in the discussions. I still read them but that’s all at the moment. Too busy trying to keep body and soul together!
      Thanks for the tweet, bo, it did indeed increase my traffic!!!

      • Really ?! Glad it helped..
        Yea u take care
        Body & soul most important
        & Keep up with the drawings
        Xoxo bo

  3. Yes, really, bo! I can tell these things with modern technology 😉 Plus a low normal view rate tends to give the game away when a boost comes along!!!
    I’m looking into twitter for promotion of this blog but it’s a bit confusing for me at the moment. It seems you can become immersed in it and never come back from the probable mind-trap that all these technologies seem to have at their core; the addictive need to know who’s talking about who and about what.
    Thanks for the kind words about my cartooning, bo, and I will keep on turning them out for as long as I can. Or until the internet gets fenced off to my kind of content.
    Stay well, my friend.

  4. So the USA created ISIL and Australia is helping the USA bomb ISIL positions in Syria!?! Get out of the Middle East is all I can say to the Australian government. Stop taking your orders from the bankers…..oh!….seems we have a wealthy banker for a PM now. Well, this will be interesting, in as much as we will see that it’s a system that cannot be thwarted, no matter who is at the helm of such an inertial system of competing interests built upon ghastly ideologies rendered from the absolute teachings of the three major religions. Religions, that to me, were specifically designed to be pitted against each other in a genocidal fight for supremacy.
    I have a belief in a concept of God in that we are creators in the minor key, so to speak. Ipso-facto it is not beyond my comprehension that we may be in the presence of a ‘mind’ that creates in the major key. But I’m not about to start arguing with anyone about it to the point of violence.
    But, again, when you get right down to it the reason the Knights Templar’s went quiet for quite a few years after they conquered Jerusalem was because they found NOTHING under the temple mount. That’s how and why we ended up with this ridiculous system of fakers and their deceit upon this world. Developed out of a pile of Bull…Shit! They have nothing, no real power, just a media/entertainment/mind control empire that transcends everything and nothing at the same time.
    I say that because I do see that it is this system of national and international governance that we are developing is a form of trauma-based mind control that flushes individual lives away for the stated aim of improving the lives of an undefinable majority. A majority that doesn’t seem to mind large segments of it’s constituent parts being killed, maimed, tortured, oppressed, and exposed to a myriad of other terrible conditions of existence. I don’t feel so disconnected from those lives and I say stop waging war and destroying the worlds infrastructure so armaments manufacturers and the MIC (which includes the MSM, etc) can keep making profits from the obscenity of the warfare/welfare state.
    I’m done, for now.

  5. This just confirms to me that there is no such process as evolution but there is adaptation. It makes more sense to me that we have been on this Earth for millions of years in our present form. Only being cyclically wiped out by a planet wide calamity of one kind or another every so many years. (Makes more sense to me than the theory of evolution by a Freemason. Touted as some type of legitimate law in nature.) With only the elite being able to salvage some of the tech, organizational skills, and knowledge, necessary to enslave the human race, once again, as it rises from the remnants of the old. At least that’s how I tend to see how things could be working out for us. Some would just dismiss my thoughts as pure paranoia but they are not with my mind that holds onto facts that others find easy to forget. In fact, to act as if those facts never existed at all when confronted with them.
    I thoroughly reject the standard model of existence. Just as Cremo does.

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