“We All Live In A Labor Camp Machine” New Year Addition to Perdition.

The adventure continues into territory best left unmarked and alone…..

rejig of pic 001

in the sub 002

labor policy statement 003

Meanwhile, outside ……..

roe 8 003

solar reinstall speed-bump 018

Getting back to the hacks.

gary grey in sub-ject 004

family and uncle-daddy and trousers 047

U-D talks to Alannah 002

looking into sub 003

It’s getting to look a little more murky where the fishes dare to go.

same as before 003

uncle-daddy gets out the drone 003

Meanwhile, the forces of ‘creative destruction’ move ever forward….

various accident uncle-daddy 061

Is it likely Uncle-Daddy will actually help Labor to electoral success? Or will he drag them further into a morass of stunted ambition?

Find out when Uncle-Daddy returns……soon, baby, soon!

Happy new year to all my readers and thanks for the support!


One thought on ““We All Live In A Labor Camp Machine” New Year Addition to Perdition.

  1. I just had to re-blog this;

    David Arthur (resistance gnome)
    David Arthur (resistance gnome) is a Friend of The Conversation

    In reply to Peter Davies

    I’d have said it was only after the election that LNP moved to collect One Nation votes.

    Interesting story, the rise and demise of One Nation: apparently, the bloke who advised Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge on how to establish One Nation movement so as to avoid members getting control over policy was David Oldfield, who quit his job in NSW in the lead-up to the 1998 election to go to Qld to advise Hanson and Ettridge.

    It was after that election that Tony Abbott passed the hat around those WA millionaires to fund a legal challenge to One Nation’s eligibility for Electoral Commission reimbursement, a challenge which succeeded because the One Nation supporters’ movement was not legitimately constituted as a political Party.

    This then left Hanson and Ettridge open to be prosecuted by Peter Beattie under Q State law for electoral fraud. Oldfield, meanwhile, went quietly back to NSW where he got jobs as 2GB shock jock and NSW MLC (Independent).

    The NSW job that Oldfield left to go advise Hanson and Ettridge was, of course, as staffer in Tony Abbott’s office.

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