Colin rearranges his deck! (Ends up Butthurt!)

You got to know when to throw in the towel.

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Is it some thing that I said over such a long period of time that has led me to this place? As I said I’m being as consistent like, even though it would be more ‘expedient’ of me to throw all my hard thought ideology into the waste-paper basket of debt-based, and fear induced, fiat currency. Even though it has the full faith and military hardware to prove it, currency only wants to be seen as one of the boys, doing the rounds and collecting the goods!

Someone wants me to write something sensible on State politics but it aint going to be me! How can you when the population is mired in the impossibility of being anything to anyone and still unable to grasp the fundamentals of living in a fiscally inverted sand-bike velodrome. As explained to us in unfathomable detail by our political elders as they alternately spend and slash on the State’s dime.

You want to know what I really think about politics? Well, you’ll have to scroll down to the comments to see where I pick-up. I need to update this now and the comments will have to wait for a bit……

Oh brother! I’ve got the radio on at the moment and I’m sitting typing and flabbergasting at the immensity of the malfeasance, the obfuscation, the arrogant disregard, the stinking hubris born of a rabid and totally blown out of proportion sense of entitlement, the greed of those who are entrusted to not do such naughty stuff as to make B.B. shine in comparison to E.B.! Shine like a rusty nail jammed bloody and immensely dissatisfied that they have been used as some kind of extended metaphor in an scene not of their literary agents liking! Torn from their original meaning and cast like a worthless harlot into a harbor of as yet untested fluids. They lay there, jerking out sniggering tunes of labors lost and other electoral defeats.

Time will not be used to testify against any type of political promise by Col’s LNP. Time has been stripped of all it’s lateral movement and will now be known as a scalar quantity only divisible by the square root of 0.

If we can’t have that then,

Everyone needs to be brainwashed so that there is no more dissent and the poor and sick just accept their lot and go quietly into the night. Like they say in those books that the elite write about the poor, sick, and disabled. Knowing some of those sort of people it would seem that most are broken by the government systems they have to beg to in order to survive anyway, so it wont be hard to herd them into gas chambers. (quietly into the night means in a quick and orderly fashion you wil be transported to the occupied territories of Palestine where you will be given full Palestinian freedom to be shot, bombed, imprisoned, and summarily executed just like the rest of them because….well, because YOU’RE ALL TERRORISTS…Sieg-Heil!)

We have to face facts! We can’t afford the poor to be sick and disabled. It’s good that they remain poor and desperate not to upset the tiny island of stability they may have developed for themselves and their loved ones. (so no one will be getting any angry emails from any of those sort of people any time soon!)  But we can’t be spending a load of money and well, rich, peoples time on poor peoples health when we have wars to prosecute and places to bomb and collateral damage to make excuses for and banks to prop-up and subsidies to large corporations to give and favors to repay after being elected on a platform that is just a thin sheet of empty promises that turn out to be a deep, thick, and oozy covering of full-on Turn-Bull-Shit!

Remember! An uppity poor person is probably a terrorist who has recently received training from a number of disreputable I.S.I.S. service providers who have not gained the proper CIA accreditation and guidance ‘fact sheets’.

None of them will give you a valid provider number so you can get a government sponsored cover story!

Horserotovator has work to do so will bid you all adieu! He also hopes you understand the concepts of satire and irony because if you don’t, well, he has no idea himself so we’re all scratching our heads!

4 thoughts on “Colin rearranges his deck! (Ends up Butthurt!)

  1. I can’t vouch for the veracity of the picture I have in my mind of the world outside my personal experience. After finally deciding to have a look at the Flat Earth arguments, in the hope of being able to laugh at least once this year, I find myself doubting the very integrity of the spinning globe model that I have been so comfortable with for so many years. So many, in fact, that I now realize that I had taken the spinning globe model as proven fact without properly investigating the evidence both for and against this model being correct.

    But what about NASA?
    We went to the moon, didn’t we?
    What about all those pictures we see?
    What about all the science and mathematics that back-up the model of the spinning globe Earth?
    What about Russia’s space program?
    How can a conspiracy that big be hidden? Surely it can’t.

    Read the history of NASA and you will realize that it was part of an out-growth from the institutionalization of the Nazis the US government imported from Germany right after the second world war. Wernher von Braun being the most notable among them.

    After examining much video footage from the Apollo ‘moon landings’ I have to call “FAKE!” on all the video I have seen. All the pictures of Earth are made up of composite strips of images taken from a low altitude. CGI is used extensively to ‘visualize’ planets and then pass them off as real-time images by all the space agencies.

    I have read that the math and physics concerning the celestial bodies can be reinterpreted for use with us being on a flat plane with the celestial bodies moving about us. I can’t verify this as I don’t have the math skills at this time but what I have seen and with the skills I do posses in maths/physics it’s enough to make me doubt the model.

    The older Russian footage from space looks like the stop-gap photography from a ‘Sinbad’ movie. Once again, it’s enough to make me call “FAKE!”

    Conspiracies are concealed every day. I have seen it done by people in official power first hand, but nothing is said because your JOB/CAREER will be destroyed if you do speak out. Not to mention the danger to your own health and well being by becoming a whistle-blower. Unfortunately the job/career threat is all TPTB need to silence the vast majority of the people on a day to day basis.

    “Flat water” is also something else to investigate. It doesn’t seem to bend with the predicted curvature of the Earth when measured.

    The Earth spinning at 1600Km/h at equator without the atmosphere being in constant, violent, perturbation due to the effects of friction, inertia, and cavitation.

    On the other hand you have weather patterns and all sorts of environmental government agencies and NGO’s who claim they can prove the Earth is a spinning globe that uses gravity to make everything work.
    Even if I try to accept this argument I’m still left wondering about the energetic cost of imparting that sort of angular momentum without an external source to keep pumping that energy in to keep us spinning. Plus the Earth should be much wider at the equator since we are supposedly sitting on a hot liquid center and the continents should all have congregated there as well.

    There’s some other stuff about airplane routs in the southern hemisphere being run as if on a flat earth but I don’t fly so I wont go into any detail on that except it’s another avenue worth investigating. Direct routs in the southern hemisphere are listed but to try and book them seems impossible and any publicity surrounding them could be faked-up. But, hey, I don’t have a firm opinion either way. Just sayin’.

    So you can see that being blessed with an open mind can be a very fraught life, full of doubt about the science of the macro universe and the motives of those who claim to know best and use the authority bestowed by the state to back up their unproven claims.

    Just to be fair in my criticisms the science being performed at CERN’s LHC and a host of other particle physics labs all around the world leaves me wondering how much of it is science and how much is concerned with producing the necessary environment for a type of black magick conjuring of dark forces and dark matter into the temporal world.

    Now when I go outside I can’t help but look up and wonder what I’m really living on and under.

    Some would say a rock, apparently!

    I believe that is called a witticism!

    See? I have to provide my own crack-up lines!

    Maybe we live in an enormous torsion field that shapes the earth back on itself differently to what we think. Or a hologram in Gods eye. WTF do I MEAN!

    Horserotovator has gone to self-debunk!

  2. Politics is such a duplicitous business to behold as portrayed in the media. I’m sorry that I spend time and involve myself but I get that this is the only sport people like me want to play. We can bag the pollies as much as we like but it has little bearing on how much the organs of state get bent. Certainly not by this current bunch of LNP misfits!
    It would seem that we have a wee situation where one side of politics looks like they are completely out of control. We have the other side looking like a credible alternative but no one wants to admit that Barnett visits them every night in their dreams and threatens them with all sorts of terrible consequences if they vote for the hated and despised Labor Party! Dun, Du, Dun, Dun, Dun! (cymbals crash to the floor, water splashes the ceiling, someone creates a new app while still covered in pimples and hammering the keyboard with their head. Sparklers are lit and handed round to a ‘cum by yar’ group who are then herded off a steep incline without protest due to their impaired sight in the light of the aforementioned sparklers.)
    These are dark and mysterious times and we must all prepare for the great awakening of the ‘one who sleeps’! This will be a time of freshness and wide-eyedness, (but not of the chemically enhanced kind!) but splendorous in a way that will annoy the absolute fuck out of most professional optometrists. Whether they reside in this country or, indeed, are jet-setting in from a warmer clime in a volcano.
    Yes, politics is a hard, flinty, flecked with albumin, and kept in total isolation from any brand of Glad wrap, vocation of sorts. Politicians, on the other hand, are of continuously changing shape and policy dimension where only one 10th of their body can actually be seen at any one time. However, even after heavy screening and a number of budget priced tours of Kings Park only 4 out of 10 dentist recommend using them to clean your teeth with.
    See ya!

  3. So what’s going on in the world of political discourse except a whole load of horse shit?
    Well it comes down to who has the power to create the financial space in which to develop the State. As we have seen it was always the plan of the LNP to nose-dive us into the ever increasing debt cycle so that whoever comes after this governments spending spree will have the unenviable task of trying to pay down the debt (with interest) while funding services and employment. It would have to be bleeding obvious by now that the only stable employer the world has ever known is the governments of most countries. And by that, I mean all of them, just about. Just ask all those military and civilians who work on building and deployment of the war machine of the most ‘successful’ countries of the 20th century….But that is probably not the best analogy to use to prosecute my argument in this case as the military will probably be the only major employer who will offer stability of employment til death or serious injury in the very near future.

    Who knows how the military will be constituted and organized in the future? It would seem that we are entering a period of world history where the veil of democracy and elected officials will give way to the bleak economic and financial imperatives that come with oligarchic rule by the banking elite and their hydra-headed, corporate conglomerates, that straddle the Earth and suck profits from one jurisdiction to another where tax is at a minimum.

    A better example would be to sight a situation where a major proportion of a governments budget was spent providing the best possible services in the areas of health, education, Public transport, roads, rail and aged care. All the areas that require a commitment to ongoing maintenance of those services and infrastructure. Instead we are beholden to a mindset that seems to think that short term profit is all that matters. We have been forced into the corporate mindset of the first and only responsibility that a company has is to it’s shareholders to maximize their profits. If we were considered share holders in the government that makes these business deals it wouldn’t be so bad but when you involve outside private companies their corporate imperative to their shareholders will always take precedence because they wouldn’t do business without those terms of engagement as a starting and finishing point. Don’t believe a word of these ministers and companies when they sight private and confidential agreements when it comes to cost overruns and design problems that have to ironed out on the job. The big businesses don’t loose money like that and if they do then it all comes out of the almost non-existent tax take that the government levies on them.
    Up until this century
    But that age has now entered a phase where the consequence of all this credit created out of the promise that we would pay it back later has arrived. The debt used to build such an edifice of evaporating government services is to be replaced by public/private partnerships which have enabled the private major contractors to siphon huge amounts of money away from the government coffers and be relieved of any oversight because of the ‘confidentiality’ agreements people like Barnett rush to sign when entering into those agreements.
    The kick-backs would be enormous and undetectable to almost no one but that is the point of being in government when you are agents of big business and private financial interests. They get the Government to borrow the money on the tax-payer dime and then hand it out to their mates in, let’s say mining, who then find somewhere to dig a hole or two, or a thousand, then throw their arms up in faked despair and demand that we allow thousands of foreign workers in to get all these projects going with their ’employment agents’ who take a third of the foreign workers wage to get them the job in the first place. Jobs for the boys of the foreign elites! Then, when the inevitable happens, and the bubble that was built on the movement of capital across boarders rather than goods and services being the more accurate indicator of economic activity bursts, we end up with a local economy that rapidly deflates due to all the money disappearing from the community as there isn’t enough diversification and consolidation of the existing commercial infrastructure not dependent on mining to keep recycling the money that was there and so it leaves our shores along with some of the foreign workers. The workers who have proved their loyalty to the companies that sponsored them are redeployed into other parts of the economy at the expense of having to hire someone from Australia. A practice that is commonplace but rarely commented on as fear of ones own position makes such commentary impossible if you want to keep working in the industry and keep your wife and children from leaving you for a well heeled middle manager who’s been eyeing off the workers for an easy take down and probable suicide. That would tie all the loose ends up for sure!

    This is what we find when we scratch the surface of the cozy relationship that has developed between big business and governments the world over. It comes as no surprise to most that this has always been the relationship between government and elite financial interests. Power has always resided with those who are on the biggest ego trips. Public life demands a skin so thick on the ones that spend most of their time lying to the public that I can only surmise they are self assured to the point of psychopathy.
    What’s changed is that now we have so much debt that to achieve sufficient growth to see living standards remain stable or actually increase in real terms we have to pump up economies using inefficient bubble forming mechanisms that always fail because of their structure causing massive dislocation in the labor-force when they do.
    That coupled with the reduction in government employment and the services that employment provides we are in for a very rocky time and I don’t care if you’re relatively well off or not this is going to hit all but the very, very, rich and even then they will have to be well connected into the military matrix to have any chance of a decent life in the future.
    We’d better start looking for those underground bunkers and tunnels that they have under us but pretend don’t exist.

    My thoughts on the upcoming federal election?…..
    Labor will expand government services which will incur more government debt and the Liberal/Nationals will decrease government services and still increase government debt as they have done since being in office this time.
    There is no way out of this debt cycle as the mathematics of it all has been shown to only be kickable down the road so far before the debt burns the system into catastrophic failure.
    I think the LNP has been stupid in pretending that the private system can create the same employment as governments. They just simply cannot as they demand efficiency to the point of eliminating the human component as much as possible to minimize costs and personality issues, pay issues, and all the associated problems with dealing with flesh and blood people.

    We are in a war waged against us by a small section of the human race who see it as their manifest destiny to subjugate and eliminate most of us from the face of the Earth. Those who they deem worthy of continued existence will be heavily monitored and controlled by all the surveillance tech, nano tech, bio-metric tech that the elite now have the platforms to roll out on. Meaning cell towers, free to air TV, Internet into the home. We all know now that these techs can be easily used as information collectors and manipulators of our consciousness.

    I personally don’t get along with the LNP people I have met but I can’t say that I’ve felt any real warmth from any politicians I’ve met from either side of politics but as I’ve said earlier I think they are probably a little bit psycho so I don’t expect their emotional responses to be normal as you or I would think about it.

    Just clean the whole lot out for a new bunch and let them prove how equally treacherous they are. Carpenter just gave up and walked away. He was tapped on the shoulder by the people in the shadows to make way for Barnett. It was his turn.

    Voting is a great panacea until you get to see behind the curtain. Then it gets real ugly, real quick, as the stench of money and power looks you up and down and makes a decision as what use you will be to it.

  4. So what are my solutions to this situation in our stagnant economy?

    To start I would place a great deal of emphasis on building a tourism sector that had the depth to offer everything from an overnight stay in the city to lifestyle alternatives that could go on for months. However, once these accommodations become dated and are not as attractive for the tourists, then they should be converted to public housing or public enterprise for artists and the like, then a more vibrant bohemian sector will flourish providing even more choice for accommodation and lifestyle for those who can’t just go out and buy it now. Pay later, or whatever.

    Horror, I hear a voice articulate from the ether of the internet as a million reasons for not letting the youth have the reality of independence from being utterly dependent on the whimsy of the State as to whether they prosper or die.

    They’ll just take drugs and have sex and get sick and all die of imagined and unimaginable ailments of youth without the firm financial directives and personality definition thereby of a DEBT induced life(death)style as prescribed by the banksters in lieu of anything else they could be bothered not to be bothered with. You see they have learned how to put whole populations to sleep through their forms of indoctrination and mass hypnosis as practiced on you by the ever burgeoning tentacles of the “Technotronic State”. You only get to wake-up for that split second between the smart bomb or missile crashing into where you are staying and it exploding right next to your face.

    There are about 50 million displaced persons looking for somewhere to live at the moment. Let’s get real about why the I.S. is where it is and what it is there to do before we get onto the humanitarian cost to all these wars we keep on having.

    The I.S. is a continuation of Al-quada which is a continuation of the Taliban which is a continuation of the Mujaheddin which was formed and motivated under the auspices of the one and only Zbigniew Brzezinski who is the architect of the present day consequences of his foreign policy as carried out through the military and intelligence services of the American government. He of course is just the first amongst his many equals on this grand neocon project that has occupied the money and minds of the very rich and very insane/evil/deranged/mad/psychopathic/anally retentive to an extreme not normally encountered before lunchtime right up to the 10th dimension. After that, though, it’s anything goes!

    None of these solutions will actually do anything to our debt levels except increase them but at least we will have provided ourselves with some shelter while they (those rich people who own everything including my socks!) take everything else away and watch us starve and die in large numbers as we fight like movie stars. Choreographed by a homeless, ally way drunk, with a massive drug habit and a most unpleasant body odor with a personality to match.

    Still no fame and fortune for the poor and dead. The living, on the other hand, can just self-publish on the internet and become famous to at least 3 or 4 other people dotted somewhere round the imagined world we inhabit when we think no one is watching. But we all know that our very thoughts and desires are being dragged out of us as we put more and more data into the net engine trying to initiate that virus that will carry you to fame and fortune with MSM events teed-up and sponsorship’s worked through and the money is registering in your account so you can go and take as many baths and showers as you need to start to feel clean again after what you had to do to get that money and fame in the first place. It takes a lot more than just a viral event to make you rich.

    So whoever wants to win the next State or Federal election had better listen on up good and read what you have before you so that you can incorporate it into your policy platforms. Once assimilated you will all become my Triffids and go around blinding people while pretending to be Islamic State operatives……..Back to my earlier point. We are dealing with a concocted and guided violent situation that has the potential to have us all at each others throats when the agitation has all been artificially produced by people who, we are led to believe, are supposed to be fighting for a better world.

    There is real violence in the Middle East but most of the Terrorist attacks that take place on our shores are false flags, hoaxes, and/or a combination of the two. It’s theater to affect our minds when formulating our attitudes to the countries we are continually bombing and destroying. War will never help the vast majority of humanity and that is not it’s cause no matter what the militarists state. It exists to control every other aspect of our lives. Without war we couldn’t function in our present economic and social formations. They shape it’s genesis and destiny.

    I refuse to become a pawn in a Geo-politicians game so let us concentrate on the much larger threat of the Earth actually being flat and that satellites don’t exist!….There are a thousand points of light out there and George Bush is trying to point towards all of them. I will just point to that star that shines brightly just over in the corner there……No, it’s not. It’s a piece of candy….mmmmmm! Oh, look! another one…….

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