Oh God! The Election’s Not Til NEXT YEAR!

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I have to say that as an avid conspiracy theorist I’m getting a little tired of reading and hearing about this or that group of secretive elitists being the reason we are facing the precarious predicament of modernity. It’s true that these elitists have gamed a system that always will favor those with the dosh to do so. It is also true that these elitists have started conflagrations that have cost countless lives and inflicted suffering onto millions. But the people who actually do the gaming, torturing, and killing, are people drawn from the ranks of….us!

We are enlisted into this nightmare scenario because we are fucked in the head from a corrupted education system that blinds us to the fundamental pitfalls of centralized control by individuals who we don’t know who represent interests we can’t readily see. If at all.

Because we have become so dependent on our system that has removed us from our ability to live independently from it we are driven by the acquisition of enough assets through slavish adherence to the fiat, debt-based monetary system to not feel at a disadvantage in it’s all encompassing embrace.

This system favors those who have seen this situation early and have felt comfortable working within it’s suffocating confines. Suffocating for me because our system of existence seems to have exploitation as its core mechanism for making it work.

I mean to say that war would have to be the ultimate form of exploitation yet we think there is a good and a bad side to a war when it’s just a horror show, up close and personal for those in the theater of battle.

How do we change it? I guess by building the bonds within a community and the resources it can provide if we can co-operate rather that gather under banners and party streamers jeering at the opposition who we have to live and work with. The two Party system causes division where there should be none. We cluster around ‘identity’ politics and politicians who encourage us to hate the opposition. This is so counter-productive to having a fully functioning democracy because it means that nearly half of the country’s population will feel they are being ruled by a political enemy.

People will protest that they don’t think in such terms but unfortunately people don’t know themselves very well when it comes to the herd mentality and political doctrine. Especially in times of economic downturn. This pitches us against elements within our own communities and therefore we tend not see the manipulations of the elites who set these trains of events into motion.

The elite rely on our inculcated flaws in character to advance their agenda of total control of the majority to impose the hegemony of the Babylonian Bankster/Priests!

I guess I’ll be pretty good at drawing these characters by the time March 2017 rolls around!

5 thoughts on “Oh God! The Election’s Not Til NEXT YEAR!

  1. I don’t think things will change much after the Federal election in Australia. We can either keep the LNP and throw more money at the corporations while cutting government jobs and services or we can go with Labor who will not do those things as much and hope that all private investment houses sink into the quagmire of derivative trading.
    Seriously,… Not really. How can I be serious about such an event as an election when I have seen so many of them come and go without any proper problem solving? I, personally, would want to gather all the money in the land to me and keep it safe in an off-shore bank account in my name. I would also move to that country and run Australia from there, instead of wasting valuable thinking time stuck in traffic.
    I have mastered the art of complete denial and will pass on the technique through a series of televised appearances to the rest of the population so that we can march blindly off the nearest cliff!
    I will make sugar illegal as it is very addictive. I will, of course, have many contacts in the black-market for sugar that will spring up in the wake of the implementation of this law who will supply my aging mother with all the illegal sugar she wants. We will go to underground ‘Speakeasies’ where uncut, raw sugar will be consumed by fat, lazy, and decadent people who are considered the most outrageous of rebels by the ‘Friends of Nestle’.
    Dangerous times, indeed, but there’s always that annoying someone trying to make a joke of it! Soon laws will be enacted that will render such activity punishable by Daesh!

  2. My thoughts on the upcoming Federal election.
    In this globalized world it’s the financial institutions that have control over individual economies nowadays so it’s which side can come up with the most pleasing plan for the Banksters to be able to secure their future that will be promoted in the media as the most attractive. The Banksters want us to be cutting spending and lowering taxes on the big end of town with the underpinning rational being that we can reduce our deficit over time.
    This is all irrelevant because this never happens by itself. It can’t. Our debt based fiat-money system ensures that we can never pay off the debt because we will need to borrow all our money into existence from the banks…..to pay the banks. It’s just a circle-jerk. I know. I’m in very small business that has to navigate these treacherous seas of profit, costs, and taxes. I know that money makes the world go round and the banks have control over the quantity of it in circulation so its those critters who have control of our economy, not the governments of the day. I rely on the money being in plentiful enough supply that the struggling middle class can support my business. Take the money out of the system by reducing the amount of loans made or calling in what loans you have is how the GFC became hot after the ground work had been laid in the home buyers mortgage market some years before.
    These financial institutions know exactly what they are doing by pumping these economic bubbles up to increase production in a specific area to unsustainable levels. They set the rules and control the game. They set the rules because these enormous financial institutions have the ear of government and its balls in its hands.
    I could easily see well before the GFC that the private sector was indulging in an orgy of debt accumulation through the housing bubble and mining industry that would eventually fall back onto the banks who would do whatever it took to make sure that their profits were protected and its executives continued to operate with impunity in the worlds financial markets.
    I didn’t see the bail-outs coming because I never thought such a thing could be foisted onto the American people but now I know different. All the worlds governments played their parts for the Banksters, in fact, and the worlds financial system continues much the same today as it did before the GFC.
    Getting back to our Federal election it becomes apparent, to me at least, that the banks will be the ones who will decide when the world has suffered enough to come begging to borrow more money so we can loan more money so others can owe more money because the banks own everything not by having their name on the title deeds of it all but by being able to bankrupt both individuals and whole countries by their banking practices. No one is safe because even if you are wealthy you have to be ever vigilant and guard against the banks trying to steal it for themselves through various dodgy investment products that they promote. Then there are the shysters, tricksters, and con artists to evade as well!
    To my mind we are stuck in a situation that cannot end well for us. If we end up with the coalition and play the Banksters game without protest we will have to deal with reduced social services in a time of increased need for these services. If we go with Labor we will get increased government economic activity but will it be enough to kick start the economy as a whole. It should in theory but practice tends to muck these calculations up. The government debt will increase with either side but Labor will be higher. This means increased borrowing costs that the government may have trouble with if the private sector doesn’t follow suit.
    For me, there is government and there is the ‘shadow government’ that is the one that conspires with the banks and financial institutions in what they would call a practical and necessary alignment of interests and priorities. They would consider the sacrifice of countless people to financial and physical/mental ruin an unfortunate but entirely necessary consequence of keeping the monetary system viable to allow the continuation of their ‘Great Work’ of whatever that entails. To my mind it certainly does not include the lifting up of civilization as a whole or even in part as we always seem to be teetering on the edge of financial and military Armageddon. The system as it stands cannot be steered from government. They are followers of the shakers and movers of international capital who governments themselves empowered by handing their country’s money-supply over to the banking practices of private individuals who consider the nation state an impediment to business and wealth extraction…er, I think they would like me to say creation but I don’t think what they do is. The government can facilitate on behalf of the banks or they can try to negotiate with them. All depends which mob are in the house, so to speak.
    I think the bookies have the coalition winning the next election and I believe they get it right otherwise they wouldn’t stay in business for very long. There have been some notable exceptions but overall the betting agencies are a pretty accurate indicator of these things. So it looks like we will have a government who will still invest money it doesn’t have into projects that will make the private sector happy but will leave the average person with less of a social/medical dividend. (Just as an example I point out that because of funding cuts to the medical system it has become apparent that elective surgeries for simple procedures to keep older workers in the work force are not being recommended or carried out in the public system which will and has become a further burden on the social security system as these people are no longer able to work.)
    If, by some chance, Labor wins then the Banksters may squeeze our collective ‘soft and tenders’ more than if the coalition were elected by their manipulation of interest rates that they set, not the government.
    Who do you vote for and will it make any difference overall? Probably not, would have to be my considered opinion. I’ll just vote for some obscure independent who hasn’t a chance in hell of being elected and then walk from the booth knowing that my vote will be as worthless as it ever was.
    Yet I’m a political junky!!!
    Oh, what a waste!

  3. The Precariat: I can’t stop listening to this Guy Standing! I’d not heard this term, ‘Precariat’, until it was mentioned for discussion at the latest Bilderberg meeting. He, in part, defines the Precariat as those who are suffering the 4’a’s’; Anxiety, Anomie, Alienation, and Anger. These are hallmarks of a sickness pervading our modern society as it breaks itself in order to try and meet the impossibly high standards set by infinite competition for scarce resources. We will explode into war soon if we don’t do something to break this cycle of deprivation leading to hatred and fear that our political leaders are happy to channel into the support for wars we should have nothing to do with.
    I wont carry on, just recommend that you listen to a few of his lectures on youtube.
    Here’s one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jJt-5i_dls&index=4&list=PLS47sYCUPUjOHbosSBf_2DIkjmfhVJGLm
    How many of us are there? I’m definitely suffering from a heavy dose of the 4’a’s’!

  4. Running this blog over time has taught me a great deal about human nature. It tends to confirm to me that we are mostly driven to look for distraction from the unpleasant realities that exist all around us. The more information that is available the less we want to look at it.
    We have enough information to confront this system but we don’t have the numbers or the confidence of a coherent alternate system of civilization that doesn’t have this pyramid structured system at it’s core.
    There are many people with many opinions on what must be done but there seems to be much possibility for infighting and dissension among them. So I appreciate how people are cautious. Even I am. I think that surviving has to take precedence over such concerns and, as the surviving becomes harder, less people will be able to devote any time to these vexing questions. The elite win once again!

  5. I am going to think hard for the next couple of days until my mind heats up my brain to beyond cognition and moves it into ignition at room temperature. I will, by sheer intellectual confluence of the fractal mind, infuriate the gatekeepers by removing their hinges. I need not look any further than the next impossible Senate to hold off impeachment proceedings. If the LNP win I think I might starve to death within a couple of weeks of the coalition declaring war on Russia and introducing conscription up till the age of 65. The LNP are a coalition of the willing, after all, and that obviously has a certain ‘Shock ‘n’ Awe’ aspect that makes going to war such a fashionable proposition. Labor, on the other hand, will morph into a spider/disco/fire eating display vehicle manufactured overseas only to be reassembled on Australia’s capital hill without any taxable income to be derived from it’s activities.
    Oh, Saturday night’s alright for fighting….

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