The Voters Speak! Politicians Glisten! Covered In Bucket-Loads Of Self-Congratulatory Jism!

Now legislation gets a multiple hand-job in the Senate!


Just to give a contrast;


I’m just a little burned after putting that one together so I’ll save the inevitable interminable commentary of wild speculation for another time! (Probably tomorrow)……

2 thoughts on “The Voters Speak! Politicians Glisten! Covered In Bucket-Loads Of Self-Congratulatory Jism!

  1. Ho hum!……Another election is done! ……..What can I write that even begins to describe my general disappointment at the outcome. I wasn’t at all surprised, though. It was reasonable to assume that the LNP would be returned as it has been. For all the pomp and circumstance of Labors rise from relative political rump, Shorten didn’t increase the Party’s primary vote. In fact it was the second lowest it’s had and the LNP listed a similar showing. Neither Party can assume the moral high ground at this election. The high vote for independents shows the cynicism everywhere in the community for the major Parties. I voted independent in the Senate and have been led to believe by the major Parties that this has made me feel and act like a jealous God with terrible thoughts of unleashing unbridled power to change the world through the Senate coursing through my veins like a steam train on rocket fuel!……The Independents will be the comic book crime syndicate that manages to infiltrate the highest echelons of the civil service to wreak havoc upon our fragile economy (built out of the blood, sweat, and tears of our beloved leader, Mal!) and our beloved system of representative democracy! (Only protected from complete anarchy as foretold in the “Chronicles of ScoMo Maniac. Rear Vision Warrior at large. Speed talking, non-sensing, Liberal bankster.”
    It is my contention that we may be able to change our politics if we elect enough independents into parliament to force Labor and the LNP to have a sort of same sex political marriage in that it would look a little queer to the outside observer who wasn’t aware of the intricacies and intimacies of the political scene. However, we in the know that behind those scenes, alliances are formed and acted out in the fumbled attempts at writing coherent legislation in dimly lit, night-time, corridors, offices, and broom closets of Parliament House. Dark, musky smelling places, where words are exchanged that would suck the living daylights out of the average punter, where they whispered to them under similar circumstances. “Just a little bit further to the right, thanks.”
    “Oooh, that’s gonna hurt!”
    “Yeah..But not you, your friends of family! In fact we’ll make sure you benefit from this legislative act of betrayal of the Australian people!”
    “The pain was never there!”
    (Curtain falls as the participants smile at audience and mouth the words “Mugs!”)
    Over to terror.
    Events seem to be occurring at break-neck speed O/S with all the so called terrorist attacks taking place throughout Europe and the world. So fast in fact that it becomes impossible to analyze any one of them thoroughly enough to be able to connect the dots with any sort of intellectual certainty.
    However, with that in mind I shall still try to give my personal view of this information that is made available to us through the world wide web. That last sentence, should in itself, indicate to the attuned observer that our main conduit for information about the outside world is mediated to a very large extent by a few very large corporate business machines. Reality is always mediated through the observer(s) so what is relayed from that point on is up for distortion whether conscious or unconscious. I have yet to meet a person who is capable of unmediated thought. It’s probably not possible. Who can claim to having a ‘first thought’? Thinking by it’s innate process needs precedence to operate. It cannot initiate from nothing, moi? Existence must be cyclic with no beginning or end otherwise we would never have been. The Big Bang is Bullshit as far as I’m concerned because it just beggars belief. We are all convinced that consciousness is a product of biology rather than the other way around. I’m not so sure and the latest advances in both the theory and application of artificial intelligence with quantum computing may be providing the architecture for a different consciousness to manifest in our present reality. Hence why some people are complaining about this Mandela Effect. This unknown type of consciousness may bring it’s own reality or at the very least may be interfering with our own. Whether it be our memories being altered or the material universe I’m not sure but my own particular Effect is the discrepancy between how I remember the authors name of the Peanuts comic strip with Charlie Brown and company with how I find it now when I do a Google search. I remember his last name as Schultz (and I was an avid fan of the comics when young) but now it comes up with no ‘t’ in it; Schulz.
    Very strange and have had it confirmed by some friends who also remember his name as Schultz not Schulz.
    So with all this in mind how much of our information concerning all the various terrorist attack can be viewed without a large portion of skepticism as to how real they are or who is really behind them, real or not. These questions are deliberately left in the air for us to pluck out and worry at without ever reaching a certain conclusion in any clear direction. Even those who are immersed in the matrix of main-stream news find credulity difficult at times. They want to believe the official narrative but they need an awful lot of talking heads on the goggle-box (TV) and the Google-box (Internet) to keep their justifications going.
    For me terrorism is a product of our elites who foster exploitation as a business model.
    Off the point but must make mention of the appalling speed of my internet at the moment. I have to wait minutes just to get page listings at the moment. TPTB really seem to want to turn this internet # 1 into an absolute quagmire of stupid (slow) technology. Meanwhile the ‘internet of things’ takes over in the background and the corporations have us by the shorts once again.
    I wanted to go on further but I will post this so I can restart my computer to see if its me or the provider who is causing this slow down in speeds. I really have to hand it to this government for screwing this NBN roll-out….

  2. I’ve got to say that the Internet has been absolute SHIT this weekend. It’s not very fast at the best of times but this weekend has been the worst I’ve known it for ages. It’s a complete travesty that basically there is no way to force these internet companies to give us the speeds they are supposed to. I have old copper wiring in my area and I can imagine that when the NBN comes through they will still have problems with speeds. Line attenuation is not good and seems to break-down quite a lot so we see many Telstra vehicles at the service pillar but still end up with a totally SHIT service!
    Back to these pieces of theater that they dare to call ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks. They shouldn’t publicize them if they expect everybody to swallow the official narrative when there is ample evidence on the net via video that just couldn’t all be provided by the media whores that throws a rather different slant on these incidents. It would seem that when you look at the evidence there is an awful lot of coincidences like the same people being caught up in all three recent terrorist attacks or the same guy taking video by chance both at Nice from a balcony and then across the road from Macca’s when the action begins.
    PeeKay Truth covers these coincidences and other discrepancies very well so I suggest those who have not seen his work should do so. He swears but his interpretations are incitement to agree wholeheartedly that we are being played for CHUMPS!
    These actions are designed, IMO and a few others, to get us to agree to giving up all our rights to privacy under the pretext of National Security. I cynical enough to believe that our intelligence agencies and police have seen this coming for some time and are capitalizing on all the upheaval to ram through more laws invade our personal space and intimidate us into silence over many issues that should be ventilated vigorously in the public space.

    What I am talking about is being criminalized for holding views that contradict the received wisdom as pushed by our august institutions and captains of industry. I have to say that they have been more than adequate for many people the world over but then there are an AWFUL lot of people who have not done well from this capitalist system of the Western Powers. The trouble is we can’t have rational debate because the crazy warmongers keep on pushing their agenda no matter what the cost to peoples grasp on reality. Switch-off is constantly being activated in the minds of people enfeebled by the constant barrage of traumatizing events acted out on the TV screen. Fact and fiction are chopped and blended to give the impression of an inversion when there is just invention. I refuse to be fooled by people who want us to draw generalities from specifics that just don’t fit the picture as bled through the ether-net.

    While we’re here and not here I may as well get a spray on about the maniacs at CERN, their LHC, and all the other ‘Heavy Ion Colliders’, ‘Synchotrons’, ‘Proton smashers’, etc that are dotted across the world. I mean that is only what we think of first when this subject comes up. But not many consider that these machines are particle beam weapons as well and that technology would be getting developed right along side all the BS ‘fundamental physics’. Fundamental to making new types of weapons more like! These rabid materialists can only see creation coming out of a cauldron of infinitely hot gas that is akin to the Biblical fires of Hell. So much for scientists being rational, open minded, people. I’m just not convinced that destruction is necessarily the reversibility that scientists talk about as being proof of concept. Just because we can disassemble these particles under extreme conditions of pressure when colliding doesn’t mean that they were made that way. I’m probably getting sneered at by any mathematicians that might be reading this but the point I will make is that we are NOT given the proper information and often it is patently false so I, from a lay point of view, am not just going along with the scientists just because they have arrived at a consensus many years ago never to contradict another government paid scientist no matter how much you may disagree. Your career will depend on it. It’s a family. A Mafia family.

    I’m convinced that we are experiencing the effects of these weapons in the rather disturbing Mandela effect. I know a lot of people have tried to debunk it but for myself there are too many examples that mean something is amiss. It should freak me out more than it does and I think that might be because I have always entertained concepts that are capable of being adapted to accommodate the altering of reality. Who really has all the concepts down pat, anyway? We’re way beyond the standard model now.

    Back to the shillfully slow Interdict and I am now thinking that the conspirators are deliberately dumbing down the net so we can’t view the info we want without great difficulty. I can’t even get videos to load at the moment and it’s been like this all weekend!

    Enough for one chat on a Sunday night so I will bid all who visit here a quiet good evening.

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