Little by Little, Bit by Bit. Roe 8 gets extended past Barnett’s use-by Date!

The stultification of an entire population lost and confused from the disorientation brought about from the existential blast-wave of debt reduction that appears later as debt expansion is a bit of a bother.


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More, later…..


All the interesting stuff come out of disturbed minds. That just seems to be the way it turns out. It could be because those people find themselves with plenty of time to occupy themselves. Or is there some itch that can’t be scratched by normal human activity? I’m just a product trying to fit some modifications so I don’t turn into a lemon!

(Any continuity discrepancies can be attributed to the ‘Mandela Effect’ that has been interfering with my meteoric rise to Super-Stardom for some many years now. I used to think I was being targeted, at great expense to the secret services, for intense surveillance by hot air balloon for being an evil genius who cheats at sports by doping Dick Pound.).

I will continue this line of inquiry into iniquity when I feel a little more ego driven and have been repainted metallic blue.

Off to strum my banjo!

I’m back from my strumming the banjo and while I was strumming some thoughts came to mind.  We are feeling the effects of  being part of the completely manipulated economies controlled by banks, coordinated by Central banks who take orders from the Bank of International Settlements. (BIS). We’ve had our bubble in mining construction that was only made possible by the international capital flows initiated by the transnational banking system.

People have made the mistake of thinking that banking facilitates wealth creation when it’s an industry that probably  produces the most toxic substance known to human kind. That being debt owed to, effectively a single entity, the banking system.

No one in government will talk openly about this because to do so would let the cat out the bag as to how the system works. Most of us will allow ourselves to be distracted by all the emotional ‘hot button’ issues rather than on the central problem of regaining control over how our economies operate and grow. If we had a vibrant economy that was inclusive rather than exclusive most of our societal issues would evaporate. We don’t train our own so much now but rather import from overseas. That’s just one example off the top of my head. It’s trendy to blame the unemployed but to be honest with you the system offers no prospect of a bright future for most. Plus they are not so stupid as to believe jobs for the low skilled are enjoyable. Not like being employed in a politicians office. Not too many of those jobs running around for the unemployed.

Or underemployed who are being reduced in living standards while staying off the statistics that people pay attention to. We have armies of spin doctors telling us that the economy is in a transition. What a shallow and obvious observation that tells us nothing about how we are to survive this transition. Transition into what? Unless we open the flood-gates to overseas home buyers we wont get the boost in domestic construction.

In my mind I have drawn the conclusion that all our options look bad unless the banking system can do a system wide reset on debt. If not they have us completely at their mercy.

What would Jesus do?

However, I’m watching some videos that are completely flying in the face of Catholicism and we would all be wise to remember the Inquisition and recognize that the Catholic church was responsible for that. 

4 thoughts on “Little by Little, Bit by Bit. Roe 8 gets extended past Barnett’s use-by Date!

  1. Money is our God by default. I could just stop there as all I’m going to say from now on is only going to reinforce this main point. Also, my computer isn’t allowing me to paragraph and I’m not going to spend the time rebooting as I wont end up writing anything. Funny how the technologies that are supposed to streamline your work and play end up disrupting it instead. Gone are the days of pen and paper for concentrated thought for most people. I admit that I use pen and paper while I create my ‘art’ but I’m a misfit. It is concentrated thought but not something I can direct in the same way that I direct my writing. I also find that the immediacy of (and especially the ability to) make public on a world-wide scale what I’m thinking makes using this technology so seductive….While we still can. I do not take this right to free speech for granted as it is not something that is guaranteed. There is a lot movement both in front and behind the curtain to shut down our ability to share information freely. Let’s just look at the way Youtube have removed Peekay Truth from their platform with the loss of countless videos exposing the hoaxed up shootings in the USA and Europe. Designed and carried out by agencies that want to instill fear and hatred into the very core of ‘The People’ of the so called ‘Lone Wolf, Self-Radicalized, Muslim (or non-Muslim) Extremist’, who must be stopped at source. That being to invade Syria, Libya, etc and to prevent them from ever becoming unified nation states that would possibly threaten Israel’s dominance of the region……But these are things that most already know but choose not to understand. What I mean is that people know that the system is rigged but it’s rigged good enough for them so they let it all pass to the keeper, or gate-keeper, I should say just so long as their God keeps on providing that ‘manor from heaven’…..Money that is…..It’s interesting to me that we have come to this without even a passing thought as to what we have lost in the process of throwing off our ‘religious past’ to embrace a future where money can, and does, provide everything we need for a perfect lifestyle, even if not a perfect life……..I now find it easy to understand why people so willingly become part of the herd who worship money as their God. By default they worship it because their every major decision in life is based around money. Except decisions about love, of course. But people don’t love much anymore. What they have now are the fires of passion, sexual heat and jealousy. All emotions that make us cling to the concept of money and lock us into the debt-slave system as the way to control and master them…..I scour the Web and other places looking for signs that the economy will pick up in the near future and my work will pick up. However I have not found anything positive to announce because it would seem that we are in what be could call a consolidation period where as the banks reduce the money supply because the big institutions like the banks and governments are not making money up out of thin air through the use and transaction of loans. This is because the USA’s Federal Reserve has turned the worlds economy into the biggest Zombie movie we’re ever likely to see. The USA’s Petro-Dollar has been devalued by money created by the Fed to keep the Stock Market alive so all those assets are way overvalued. There has to be a reckoning, according to those who analyze these things, but it hasn’t happened yet. These conditions do not make for steady and productive markets. They turn into rental markets for money that are not producing anything other than an ‘interest spread’. Only works while the Fed and the other Central banks keep up their quantitative easing (money created by government fiat, or license) to feed these Zombie institutions. The market has been rigged because of the Central Banks propping up these players who should have gone bankrupt and lost their assets. Instead they keep afloat and WE loose our assets through higher personal and government debt……………..If you listen to the MSM you could be forgiven for thinking that the Australian economy is doing fine under the present circumstances because they promote a great deal of propaganda about it paid and made by the vested interests who want us to numbly accept the lower rates of pay, the longer hours, and the lack of job security as part of ‘re-balancing the economy’ to further entrench the power and control of the multinational corporations. The TPP will increase our exports by all the above mentioned reductions of our pay and conditions which have already and will further negatively impact our lives…….All I see is an elite class of controllers continuing to thwart our aspirations as free thinking individuals to express ourselves without fear or favor…..I realize how helpless I am to change this, either for myself or others, but that doesn’t stop it from nagging constantly at me. It nags that it’s going to get worse as we think people can just make jobs out of thin air. Just because the elite do it when they create money doesn’t mean we have the same ability. For a start we have to produce something which holds some kind of intrinsic value, whereas the banks produce something that has no intrinsic value. i.e. Fiat, debt-based money. The whole money supply mechanism is a psy-op. The whole financial system is most part psy-op but with real-world consequences….So many roads that all lead back to the almighty dollar. The God of our time. Will it last much longer?

  2. Another Royal Commission will not change a thing in the criminal justice system until we all take responsibility for the circumstances of history, both short and long term, for all the lives that we have touched in one way or another. I don’t mean that we should all be attributing specific instances of guilt or innocence because there will always those who will protect the guilty for reasons of protecting their own intellectual/emotional investment. That issue will be covered unsatisfactorily by the RC who will deflect blame from the real culprit which is this conspiracy of the elite to cause suffering and division within society in such a way that it scapegoats minorities into groups of dangerous individuals. Which then must be stopped as if they are all one and the same. This is an explanation of how racism is inculcated into a society by these elite overlords when they control the institutions and the flow of information from them.

    For an explanation of why the world is in such a precarious state one has to only consider what the rich and powerful get up to at the Bohemian Grove around this time of year in northern California. People such as Bill Clinton, Reagan, and Nixon have been photographed at these events where a ceremony is performed at the foot of a 40 ft prefabricated owl called “The cremation of care”. It’s quite startling to watch (there are videos) as it would indicate that these people do have a religion and if you do some research it would appear on the surface to be worship of Moloch, an ancient deity who demands human sacrifice as payment for services rendered.

    Whether or not these deities ever existed (or still do) it is enough for the elite to believe that they gain something from these barbaric practices. It comes as no surprise to me that these leaders worship such a concept because it gives them the excuse to cause so much war, death, bloodshed, and suffering within the worlds population. They seem to think it will produce a homogenized race of subservient slaves who will put up with almost any kind of deprivation to survive. At the same time they seem to get high with death in the air which makes the rush of power in action so much more dynamic. This is as far as I want to speculate as to the connection between religious power and our visible leaders at the moment as I need to push this tract along to a conclusion.

    Interestingly, there has been the counter-point also put out there that a lot of police and allied services personnel are suffering from PTSD after witnessing awful situations at work. I would say that there is your problem right there, in a nut-shell. The systems that we work under and/or are subjected to are affecting both parties in such a way that many come away diminished in statue and often left as damaged human beings. How can this be the right way to deal with justice? It’s not justice. It’s just revenge which has no resolution except when one side has completely overrun the other.

    Unfortunately TPTB have known this all along. They have the data sets over time and geography to show how to manipulate whole populations into patters of behavior that shatter the family unit which has the result of young children being punished as adults for acting out the problems that they have grown up with. My childhood was shattered because of my parents. I cannot feel safe for any prolonged time. Even when I’m presented with a stable situation I will not be able to fit into it for any length of time. My brain has been wired for trouble to erupt out of even the most agreeable of situations. There were periods in my childhood that were good but they always ended abruptly and badly. These hard wiring and software problems caused in my brain from this treatment made sure that my decision making when older was self-destructive. It took a long time for me to manage to unravel the software problems but the hard wiring is taking longer as the plasticity of the older brain isn’t as pliant. If I had been subjected to the brutalities of the penal system more than I have then I don’t think I could’ve broken out of the mindset that was getting me into trouble in the first place.

    The prison system seems to be designed by psychopaths to destroy the weak and vulnerable in society by supporting and encouraging psychopathic behavior. Yes, there are some very bad people out there who need to be kept under lock and key but these are the monsters who run the prison yard with an iron fist. Prisons enhance the concentration of power into the hands of these psychopaths so is it any wonder that these behaviors are being reproduced in the guards who see intimidation and physical violence work as a compliance tool.

    Predators and prey.

  3. Racism in Australia is rising by the look of the way the death-toll keeps increasing. I found that after debating the issue with others I found I couldn’t find anyone who would say they were a racist but some would say they considered the Aboriginal race as worthless. They couldn’t or wouldn’t see the disconnect in their logic and thinking.
    I turned inward many years ago as I became aware of how hopelessly compromised we are as individuals. Some compromises are from the circumstances we come from and the rest from choices we are forced to make. All choices are forced even if you don’t make a choice. Not making a choice is still a choice as consequences always flow when a choice is presented. I decided not to have children because, in part, they would be faced with the same compromises that, if not taken, would condemn them to a life of poverty and loneliness. This is simply because you are excluded from the circles of those who have compromised their ideals. You become an uncomfortable presence at gatherings where people go to show off their latest win, exploit, possession, or ego driven extravagance. I didn’t want any children of mine to feel that rejection and the possible consequences thereof. This is my burden to shoulder and I have also come to the conclusion that the poor will always be the reservoir from where societies patsies are derived. These indignities are too much to inflict upon another generation made from my seed.
    This is my response to racism. It’s probably my response to most of the negative situations I have been faced with over the years. Party because I grew up in a family where the members actively worked against each others best interests. When you see and have to try to deal with such dysfunction, which goes on all the time in the lower socio-economic classes, you come to realize it’s not just a function of poverty but rather the response to the function of poverty by people who are trapped in a cycle of sub-standard education and high material expectation in a society that despises losers. Within that complex mix you have ignorance and power transacting to cause unlimited pain and suffering.
    Out of all that comes the transference of those emotions onto an outside group to help take the internal focus off the inequality that gives rise to these sick and twisted emotions in the first place.
    Racism is a product of the elite by the elite but manifested through the lower socio-economic classes as they try to deal with the economic straight-jacket the elite have built around those classes over the years.
    Do I think the elites are racist? Probably. But not in the way that we understand racism. With them there is no personal financial aspect to their racism. To them it’s about purity of blood-lines. Not the particular colour their skin is.
    I don’t do this writing because I want to depress people. It’s just too obvious from the media reports of all the Aboriginal deaths in custody and the circumstances they occurred in that it amounts to systemic and institutionalised racism. To ignore it or condone it in the justice system as we have done for the past 200 yrs. + is only making the problem more entrenched as it has normalised the behaviour of many staff of these institutions.
    The Aboriginal population is part of present day Australia. That’s the reality. To keep treating them without voice or dignity within the justice system betrays all the attempts at reconciliation.

  4. I’m about ready to move on to the next episode of my endless political saga and the flawed characters in it.

    To say that it is a work of fiction and that the characters portrayed in it have no relation or resemblance to any real person living or dead would have to be an understatement of profound implications.

    (Some of which must be sung with a low guttural inflection to give the audience time to brief the cross-cultural, cross-dressing, enabling team on how to work their nasal weaponry out their butts so they can retaliate with some anal harmonics backed-up by being backed-up!)

    Any real life situation, plausible as it may seem under the circumcisions performed during the surgical dismantling of the entire political system and replaced with the Uncle-Daddy version, (albeit with a blunt knife and without adult supervision), will only carry a 30 day warranty on intellectual integrity. But none the less made as relevant as on the day you were born! (As long as that was on at least two occasions more than 12 months apart.)

    Now that the Uncle-Daddy disclaimer has been posted to shield me from all nuclear, biological, and chemical attack I can move onto the serious matter of why I’m so important for the future of the world.

    So why am I so important to the future of the world?

    I’m not. But it sure did sound as though I might be suffering megalomania,…….again!

    Media of the MSM kind…..
    I have been following the coverage of the US President’s bid for election to the White House. It appals me that I have to pick a side. In a way I hope that what I write will dispel any impression that I think Trump will make a good POTUS. It’s just that from what I have seen, which has been filtered to me through the various media tropes that I use to view the outside world, Hellery and her philandering husband are part of an incredibly ruthless, and dare I say evil, criminal cabal that I do NOT want running the most powerful military machine the world has ever built!

    I do NOT want the US military engaging in any sort of war, let alone one with Russia!

    Trump has, on the record, said he wants to be an appeaser of Putin. At least that’s how the MSM will spin his approach to any legitimate negotiations he will want to have with Putin. I can see the lampooning “Peace in our time” circus ramping up if Trump wins the election. The corporate media has a mandate, after all, considering that most of those organisations are riddled with ‘Intelligence Services’ personnel at the critical pressure-points.

    It’s worth taking a little time to consider what the corporate media is and what it is to work in one of those institutions. Corporations are creatures that serve their shareholders first, last, and at all points in between. Once the media was consolidated into about only 6 multinational corporations the news element became just another part of a fantastic world promoting material reward.

    The news is manipulated into a narrative that drums up business for the other parts of the corporation by manufacturing and using synergistic relationships with co-sponsors, be they other corporations or government ‘agencies’.

    Let the hoax terrorist attacks in Europe be an example of how the corporate media are just another part of the narrative and are in no way reporting on it in an independent and objective manner. (Look up PeeKayTruth on Youtube if you require some examples. Australia features prominently.)

    The corporate media is a monster that has grown helter-skelter with ‘globalism’ and has become the no. 1 salesperson for what the globalised Military-Media-Industrial Complex wants; WAR! The whole Western economic system has become just a big feeder, through taxation, for this monster.

    Back to Trump and Hellery. Is the corporate media in the US aware that if they keep on trashing Trump while ignoring the far more pressing national security implications of Hellery’s tenure at the State Dpt. (which are enabling her to win the White House) they are setting themselves up to be lynched by angry mobs who will rightly blame the corporate media for her fraudulent image while running against Trump.

    They should think about what they are doing before they become apologists for such obvious criminal activities uncovered within the Clinton Foundation’s so called charitable activities. (Did you know that of all the Billions of $’s that went to the Clinton Foundation for the rebuilding of Haiti only 2% of the money collected was distributed in Haiti?)

    No wonder Obummer is saying that everything in the alternative media is fiction while the corporate mockingbird media is telling the truth because it’s become obvious that if you believe one you can’t believe the other. Mutually exclusive you might say.

    For sure they tried and are still trying to infiltrate the alt. media and subvert it but us truther’s are getting pretty good at discerning the bullshit sites like ‘The Daily Beast’ and in fact even recognizing that most sites on the Internet are subverted either by others or their own inability to see through the unverifiable bullshit that spews out at us 24/7 manufactured and distributed by powerful economic and social forces.

    All seemingly beyond our personal control if you buy into the material world and all it’s empty promises.

    We are forced by birth to comply but we can try to resist and with every new delaying tactic developed the time left for the ruling elite to implement change narrows.

    Why is because we don’t need the kind of protection and control that they are setting us up to beg for. How are we going to have peace and security when all we do is bomb other countries back to the stone age? You’d have to kill just about everybody.

    Militarism isn’t the answer to our worlds problems. It’s the cause.

    That and the fucked-up minds that think this shit up in the first place!

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