The State election looms, Vote for Uncle-Daddy and his sort of crap!


They all still have to play footsie with their bankers who talk to their bankers, who then, finally, talk to the Banksters.

Am I repeating myself?

This is why I prefer the untrammeled mental pastures of Uncle-Daddy!





As Uncle-Daddy tries to find parking….


Uncle-daddy, realizing that the election could be stolen and sold on the international black-market as a table ornament, rushes to the aid of democracy and takes a call from Alannah at the same time!

What a hero!


I’m sure we’re all looking forward to being let down all over again.

But this time we can blame Uncle-Daddy. He likes the heat!

Horserotovator has glued himself to a fine piece of time.

….and today being the day after the election we now know the outcome……

I wish them all the good luck and good will I can muster while I wrestle with my own horses….!

Horserotovator has done the numbers and can say they all add up to the last six digits of pi.

3 thoughts on “The State election looms, Vote for Uncle-Daddy and his sort of crap!

  1. Ok. If I pretend there’s no shadow govt. at work, behind the scenes, then I would have to say that Barnett and his govt. deliberately allowed the State to overheat without making some fiscal plans for when the so-called boom would end.
    Because of this lack of insight and the cost to us now, I believe they should be removed from office at the March 11 election.
    These brainiacs lied about everything throughout this period of so-called boom. Including saying there was no boom so they wouldn’t have to make the plans I just mentioned, like a Future Wealth fund that could actually fund infrastructure projects.
    Any of them on the States Legislature? ….no?
    They disgust me. I know they lined their own pockets at our expense by throwing borrowed money to fund all the building work that will forever misdirect us into thinking all the $40 billion was spent on what we see, whereas most of the debt remains unexplained.
    If it’s to fund services then I just haven’t been seeing it as regards to non core govt. services. Or to improve the core govt. services for that matter.
    I’ve witnessed the Liberals philosophy of might is right and the divine right to rule but it has never benefited me so I don’t follow it for eminently practical reasons. That’s before I even bother to think about the broader implications of such a philosophy and the inherited wealth that funds their thoughts and lifestyles.
    I will not be voting for the Liberals at the State election.
    I’ll be voting ONE UNCLE-DADDY : Straw-man Party!

  2. He is gone, gone, gone! But will not be forgotten for a long while as we try to inflate the local economy to deal with the massive debt Barnett built up over the eight years he was spending money without thinking how we could carry on without the mining sector construction jobs.
    That was a long sentence but so was he….

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