Hacking by Cartoon; A new form of CRIME! that we should’ve seen from the start!


We, at Illuminati Central (Affiliates of Comedy Central), have been trying to get these bastards for some time.

Boldly they parade their credentials as stalwarts against the subliminal messaging we are ramming into you from all corners of our communications industry!

Here’s just one example of this full frontal assault on our ability to manipulate your minds into accepting the Hierarchy……



This is an affront to each and every one of us who consider themselves to be part of the Great Work that is to follow the unspoken orders from the Hierarchy.

No one need to misinterpret these words as you all know (who are in the know!) the consequences cannot be avoided for misapplication of our priorities!

You will find yourself out in the cold of a stalled career and post of friends and shunned/dis-invited from the select events you once were so thrilled to attend.

We have meted out all of this to this particular scoundrel but he just wont go away!

We’re going to have to redefine the meaning of madness because of this!

Don’t forget to obsess over all the numbers and symbols we put out to keep all the conspiracy analysis’s thinking they can “crack our code”! We have many codes and chaos figures prominently in most of them. Not a concept and structure normal people know how to decipher! Ha, ha, ha!

End of Transmission.

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Seems like we have another panel from this miscreant character assassin.

He may think he can appropriate our technology with a simple cartoon characterization but we here at the Deep State of Stupidity have already placed a number of these devices into our embassy’s around the world. Which embassy’s?

We intend to spin-up the energy levels of this entire planet through our network of plasma-field injectors so that we can remove our need to be kept within the confines of only one reality.

The nerds at C.E.R.N… I mean boof-heads….sorry, boffins have been working on an app for recovering the social skills they never had in the first place enabling them to work as a team without becoming so annoying to each other that they spend all their research time plotting the destruction of their colleagues and strangers.

While they are preoccupied with such profoundly sad people and their need to be loved and respected by their puppet-masters we have siphoned off enough pure science to develop a weapon so destructive yet compact it can be hidden within a sentence.


Now while we are happy with our progress, so far, we are still trying to hijack everything that is good and decent and spinning it 180 degrees to convince the worlds population that war is a necessary part of instituting a world order that will be a benefit to all who are left at the end of it.

It’s not been 100% effective so far and I think we can look to the blasted internet and it’s inability to exclude radical thinkers and creators of subversive garbage like this ‘Uncle-Daddy’ travesty. We can crack the smart bastards with the lure of money, power, sex, etc, but some of these clowns are so stupid they don’t even realize what’s being offered. Random behavior is difficult to control but we’re working on it with our implants, wi-fi, A.I., and Quantum computing.

Once we’ve done that and removed the present reality and replaced it with a computer generated one we will be a step closer to our goal, popularity…..damn-it! I mean ‘Singularity’.

Transmission ended in transition for the Elite.

We’re in serious Trouble, and it ain’t no Bubble, Bubble!


I’ve just had a man, who I believe to be a black, American, Muslim, come onto my property and try and start intimidating me over an incident where his dog got out of the yard and harassed me, barking and nipping at my hand. My own dog was with me, barked back but didn’t intervene. I don’t know whether she would’ve got involved as I’ve never experienced a situation like this and never trained my dog to attack.

All was well in the end but I did tell the young person who was trying and doing a useless job of controlling the dog with a skipping rope to, “Get your fucking dog home or I’ll call the ranger!”

That was obviously too much for the father who I described to the best of my ability at the beginning. I think him Muslim because he was wearing one of those caps that the devout males wear and was, by his attitude over my words to his son, trying to enforce SHARIA LAW on me in the quiet Perth suburban streets of WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

I told him I thought he was an asshole for coming over and breaking bad over an incident where his party were clearly in the wrong. He wouldn’t leave my property for a while and we had a nasty argument until he went.

My wife witnessed the entire incident. We talked about it afterward and now here’s the trouble.

These people are, to me, sleeper agents from the “Deep State” or “Shadow Govt.”

This Muslim, black, American, had all the show of an American Gang-banger from the lower East Side who’s been wiped clean by a stint of murdering civilians in the Killing Fields of Iraq/Afghanistan and then slipped into a friendly, foreign country, to get them ready for Sharia Law.

Our form of government could come apart very easily and our armed forced swamped very easily so don’t start thinking that this is all just idle, paranoid, fantasy.

People like that wouldn’t be doing shit like that unless they’ve no respect for the laws or mores of the country they have slipped into.

I’ll add more later.

I’ve had it. The gloves are coming off!

I used to try to be an activist when I was younger but have withdrawn from all group activities because I realized they are all infiltrated by undercover operatives who fuck up, if they can, anyone who looks to be a credible, or possible, leader.

I’m virtually a recluse now and have trip-wires set up in my mind as to when I feel the peace of my isolation is under threat and this man who told me when I asked where he was from that he was American, those trip-wires all started singing.

I read a lot of material and view a lot of videos about the terrorist attacks that happen in Western countries. I listen and watch both the MSM and alt-media to make my final judgement, that I only made after this encounter, uncalled for, on my front door, well into my property.

This guy was a Muslim as far as I’m concerned because not only was the head wear classic prayer cap style but he was talking about how he had “disciplined his child and dog and was now here to deal with me.”

WHAT! You can imagine that my reaction wasn’t nice.

This sort of intimidating behavior is not something I would expect from a normal, Western, educated, individual but I would expect it from an fanatical Muslim who had spent the last two days discussing what to do with the local Imam and other Elders (because the eastern inner suburbs of Perth are now the central hub of accelerated Muslim immigration into the State. Or so it would seem by the way the place has changed in the 40 years I’ve lived here from somewhere I could go out and hardly see a headscarf to seeing them constantly now) and figured it was time to see if they could start introducing Sharia Law by these sort of attempts to dominate Christian oriented mature males.

I’m moving because of this. This man gave me the creeps big-time. Too self-assured. Playing the offended party where it was only I who was nearly attacked by his out of control dog.

My wife feels the same way.

I want nothing to do with being pulled into some kind of False-Flag that a sleeper agent like this may be planning either wittingly or unwittingly.

If a terrorist attack occurred in isolated, tolerant to immigrants, Perth, think about the implications for our National psyche. Job done for the Military/Security Industrial Complex both here and in America.

I’m worried we’re being sized-up for a boots on the ground action in Syria or elsewhere 9/11 motivational Terrorist Outrage set-up. This man today may or may not be that type of person but I do know that the war against us all has been raging around the world and on the internet for a long time now. For it not to appear as a real thing in Western Australia is us sticking our heads in the sand when we have very serious people walking into other peoples lives and trying to dominate them like homosexuals do to each other.

I don’t like the way the Muslim religion is being used and interpreted.

It doesn’t matter what the Imams say is in the Koran it’s how the adherents act toward those who don’t follow their religion.

All people who are unbelievers in Islamic countries are harassed, persecuted, and murdered by their thousands.

Women have limited rights outside the home unless accompanied by a male chaperone or their husband.

Even though homosexuality is forbidden in Islamic countries the Afghan warlords have their Bacha Bazi dancing boys to entertain them at night. This practice just looks like outright pedophilia to me but it’s become popular again under American occupation.

Do you see how these terrorist organizations are related to organizations that should be protecting us from all this moral decay but aren’t?

My trip-wires have gone off and I’m now transferring onto a different level of threat cognition and counter-measures in a civilian theater.

There’s nobody I would trust to protect me in the Govt. so I leave my testimony and hope that it wont just be laughed away. I wouldn’t be putting myself so far out there unless I really thought something bad is coming.

Horserotovator has to look into the scrying mirror and let them know he is not afraid, much.

(editing note; Haven’t moved but don’t walk my dog past that persons house anymore. Have researched foreign forces infiltrating Perth and WA. I have disturbing questions in my head about the possibility of beyond black budget projects being carried out in the isolation of this State. The answers to those questions hold grave consequences for our Sovereignty both as individuals and as a Nation. All these things are related in affecting our freedoms within this society.)