Uncle-Daddy Hacks Back.

Uncle-Daddy slammed his helicopter with it’s stolen Awake Extra-Dimensional Spin-Drive into the belly of the beast. He had to. Cunt-of-a-chip had mucked around with it’s settings which had resulted in some translocation errors.

Traveling companions can be such a pain in the ass.







IMG_1395 (2)






IMG_1429 (2)



WTF will happen now?

No one knows.

Except 5G……

…. Well, that was then and this is now we know a bit… That there will be those who will be lining up to merge with the smart machine in the hope of becoming somebody special. Careful, though, not to move to far from the herd. Just be at the head of it.

Uncle-Daddy must master the new human/cyborg domain with the help of artificially intelligent Cunt-of-a-chip.

Can they be relied on to work as a seamless team, coordinating their every move like accomplished boot-scooters from the local CWA? Or will the 5G military grade microwave, active denial system be able to subvert their minds and circuits and turn them into media sock puppets?


Find out next time when;


Or not. I haven’t decided yet.

But now I have found the decision had been made for me. Times-lines can cross when you have the wrong tech.


If this is what Cunt-of-a-chip does with a portable linear accelerator wedged into someones butt what will it do when it gets to build it’s own?

Linear accelerator, that is. Although I wouldn’t put it past Cunt-of-a-chip to build a butt.

But wait. There’s more.


It’s a bit easy to paint a dystopian future with 5G as it fits all the KPI’s for lethal control of the civilian population. However, the authorities will play dumb, or down, or sarcastic, to humiliate us into silence among those groups. Or at least to silence any critics within those groups. I have realized how powerful group think is within the herd. I thought people could resist it but I failed to realize how indoctrinated most are by all the programming we get from childhood.

Deconstructing civilization is an endless endeavor. So many points-of-view to cover and advance that it all becomes a mish-mash of competing narratives. All seeking to justify causes unique to that, or another, person’s perspective. Who do you believe at the end of a day if you can’t know everything?




You like?

Not by the number of ‘likes’ I haven’t accumulated, it would seem.

It could be no one visits me. Typical.

I’m being stalked by obscurity. Or is that obscenity? Probably both.

At least I avoided criticism with my crappy early cartoons. I’m more comfortable with what I’m producing now. Those people who looked and wrote me off in my early days now have no traction as I have improved through publishing no matter whether the product was crap or not. Some would maintain my cartoons are still crap but I no longer feel the same way and that’s what counts for my motivation.

My product is innovative and unique. Who else, these days, can say that?

8 thoughts on “Uncle-Daddy Hacks Back.

  1. Trump has turned out to be just a continuation of the implementation of the Beast system. We’ll have militarized police who are trained to treat everyone as if they’re enemy combatants. What happens in America will happen here. It’s that simple. We are a simple people now. Dependent on overseas markets for our prosperity. Overseas markets that we have no control over. Overseas markets that are owned and operated by trans national corporations and hedge funds who have larger balance sheets than most countries. We are so dislocated from our income streams that we are just a worthless commodity buffeted by the market manipulations that condition our lives.
    What is left for us to look forward to? Our air-waves are saturated with talking heads who are handsomely rewarded for telling us how we have to take this economic hit because it’s going to get better for all the pain and poverty. Pain and poverty that only recedes to a tolerable level while we have an illusion of an economic boom which in reality is just an explosion of debt that can’t be repaid once the economic activity has passed. It’s a pain and poverty that the talking heads and corporate heads never have to deal with so it’s easy for them to fit a nasty little narrative around the idea that anyone and everyone can make it good if they want to.
    Economies have never worked in a way that promotes prosperity for all in any real sense. There will always be an underclass that is there to do the shitty jobs and be derided for being too gutless to revolt, en mass. It’s that perceived cowardice that gives those who rule over us license to push our collective faces as far into the dirt of our impoverished existence as they like.
    All I see is a impervious structure of imposed control being built around us from welfare cash restrictions to 5G, to the Military, to the Media, to fluoridated drinking water, to private security, to the Internet and the world-wide web. With it’s block chain passed off as crypto-currency. Based on nothing but a computer program and a bunch of earlier adopters who are so greedy that they want to get $100,000’s for bitcoins that cost them almost nothing to mine. They think they can talk the market up that high. They might get away with it as well as we have a monetary system that is based on debt and can be loaned into existence at the public’s cost when it only makes the rich richer. Al la Central Banks run on the Rothschild system of Usury.
    You can see why I’m not writing much anymore. I thought living conditions would change for the better and I could post something positive.
    I think pets are a positive. There. Something positive that I can believe in.
    Try to be kind.

  2. While the Australian public are taken down another rabbit-hole over the polarizing issue of homosexual marriage this https://climateviewer.com/2015/02/22/the-cia-weather-warfare-and-climate-terrorism/ is happening under our noses.
    But of course the frenzy about homosexuality will take precedence over considerations such as the ongoing world-wide Geo-engineering that all the same sex proponents will drown out in their cry for recognition.
    It’s all distraction. I don’t care if homosexuals marry and divorce just like everybody else. If they want to buy into the sham most people call marriage then let them join the fray. If homosexuals think that marriage in their community will be anything other than another tool to mark out the ‘us and them’ then they are stupid.

    • Well, I have to say that my mind has been changed on this issue. I was of two minds but tending to let homosexuals marry if they wanted to. But after hearing what the two campaigners for the ‘No’ vote had to say my mind has changed.
      They made some solid points about the experience in other countries where same sex marriage has been legalized. One of them being that anti-vilification laws that couldn’t be used before are being used by homosexual activists to prosecute people for declining their private business services for use by them.
      In countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized the parents of children are being confronted with school teaching materials that promote homosexuality as it has “to be normalized within the wider population”. That sounds like the worst type of social engineering as it ignores the negative consequences to freedom of choice as evidenced by the testimony of these ‘No’ campaigners.
      I have to say that my personal take is that although I wish homosexual people no ill will to want to be equal with heterosexual couples I just can’t see the logic as it’s not the same. They have equal rights under the law but don’t start to take over our freedom to say no. I’ve met many people through my life and some have been homosexual. I have felt uncomfortable with a few of the gay ones when they have exhibited who is wearing the trousers, so to speak, in a stressful situation and it wasn’t pretty to watch. The man who was the passive one in front of me was visibly flustered and I think he was embarrassed for the role he had in the relationship. That was my impression.
      Another gay man I know through a friend has been put into hospital recently by his psychiatrist because he was becoming to much of a problem in his behavior. This man is in his fifties and is openly gay and has a reckless personal lifestyle. He admits to it so there you go.
      From all these experiences and information I have to say that the lifestyle promoted doesn’t fit the reality. Not from my perspective.
      The bringing of “gender fluidity” into classrooms of the very young just doesn’t seem right to me. These are adult subjects and should be treated as such. I worry that despite what the Gay activists say legalizing Gay marriage will just usher in a new age of oppression unlike anything we have experienced before.
      We will lose the right to offend anyone so will be unable to publish a damn thing. I know I offend people on a regular basis. It’s my way of interacting with a world that offends me every day.

      • A final thought on all this homosexual activism. Homosexuals are by and large in positions of power. Not all homosexuals but the proportion of homosexuals in those corridors is high as compared to heterosexuals. 100% in some cases. They move in and out of concealment and undermine the psychology of normalcy through the use of pharmacological drugs that render us empty vessels morally ready for the implanting of a new psychology from the govt schools and MSM whereby we are to be ruled by a mythical group of homosexuals who exist in a kind of divine/demonic meta-state above the rest of us unworthy, messy, inadequate, and selfish goyim.
        I am so sick of people hiding behind one banner or another so they can have a cover from which to perform their social engineering. Touch one touch all.
        I’ve had the misfortune of meeting some homosexuals who delight in pushing their physicality onto smaller men and smearing the whole interaction with sexual undertones aimed at making me uncomfortable. Those homosexuals want domination over all other men.
        Just like their are supremacists in all groups that enjoy control over us the homosexual community is no different.
        Fuck off to all that.
        I used to think that people were just people who had problems from time to time. Now I realize these people hang on to their problems and make them a virtue as it serves an agenda of societal change.
        A large part of being homosexual is performance. The affectations require a certain amount of reinforcement. Practice if you like. It has become apparent to me that those who fall down the rabbit hole of gender fluidity will have no mind to be an activist about the corruption of the deep state or the erosion of our standard of living. It will be about being the most popular guy/girl around.

  3. For those who would be thinking that 5G is just another, better, technology, should watch the embedded videos in this http://truedemocracyparty.net/2012/06/mind-wars-new-mind-control-techniques-and-delivery-methods-digital-tv-haarp-gwen-towers-silent-sound-cell-phone-mind-control-technologies/
    This is the issue NOT being debated in the MSM and never will be. The fact that mind-control technologies have been shown to work since the 1950’s and are backed-up with patents registered with the US government. Most are dependent on microwave technology and that is exactly what we are being increasingly saturated with every day now. Even those outside the metro area can expect to be immersed and saturated with microwaves.
    I seem to have developed a form of tinnitus since using some wireless headphones for about 6 months. Could this be sensitivity to this form of wireless radiation? Maybe. Wont ever get a definitive answer as this phenomenon is ignored by the authorities. All because the progression to 5G promises to make life better for those who can afford all the latest gadgets to have connected to it.
    People who are trained from birth to be obsessed with being at the ‘cutting edge’ of the latest technological innovation and having the equivalent life philosophy to suit its priorities.
    I remind me of Marvin, the paranoid android.

  4. Marvin’s back with something from the past but which should make you think about your future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4NAUC8dt0c I was born into this crap already in place to a large degree but I brush my teeth with salt. What else is there to do?
    Small things, I guess. I was subjected to a fluoride treatment for my teeth once without my consent. That’s how blaze these dentists about fluoride and if you question them they become defensive and a little bewildered when confronted with some of the facts. In the end I leave the business and they stay in denial and get away with what they do to others who don’t understand how they’re being used and abused by the sodding bastards who want to own us lock, stock, and barrel.

  5. How fucking inadequate are our parliamentarians to the task of governing when they can’t even get their citizen status correct before entering the election cycle?
    I’m a conspiracy theorist on these issues. Nothing happens in politics that isn’t planned well in advance. These questions surrounding dual citizenship have been around for decades yet they come to the surface now. Why? What is being left to slip under the radar while this contrived crisis unfolds. Is it just so we can have such a destabilized govt that we are made ready for a new form of governance? Who can we, as the victims in all this, appeal to for better government when the ones we have are in permanent turmoil over finances and legitimacy to govern?
    The Hegelian dialectic continues where things change for the worse but we are sold this new condition as better while ignoring our pleas for fairness. Pleas which are lost in the noise of the power struggles between the elites as they decide which form of soft tyranny will best suit the next phase of our transformation through experimentation.

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