How does all this censorship impact on me?


The MSM owned and controlled platforms of YouTube (and Google more generally) wont make any difference to me as I have very few readers and will never nudge their “it went viral-meter” in any way that I can see. That’s not to say that I might have my blog obliterated at some time in the future. That’s one of the reasons I did my art work and not a load of multi-media that others have been much more successful at. I can keep that as a souvenir of my moment in the dim sun of ghetto publishing.

What I’ve had to say over time hasn’t changed much in that I see that the economic fundamentals of our system of civil governance are born of an inversion of belief in the human race. My experience of this has been in my younger years when I got a glimpse into the inner workings of some of our Institutions and some of the people associated with it. To ride the system and win you have to be in a position to siphon off other peoples wealth through a third party system such as a business, charity, or Government. That way their can be no come back onto you personally if you have covered all your tracks.

Let’s consider West Australia’s $40 Billion State government debt that was mostly accumulated in the relatively short period of time while Colin Barnett and the Liberal/National Party were in power. We will never be able to pay down that debt. Not in any real way. In the past inflation would tend to make the servicing of that debt less of a proportion of the states expenditure as long as our income increased accordingly. Meaning that the interest bill will be a smaller proportion of the States income over time. At the writing of this our annual deficit is $700 million. Down from an estimated $1.4 Billion. Rubbery figures that pretend to show an improvement in our balance of payments. Estimates will always be angled by a new government to put them in a good light. Who knows out here, where the great unwashed exist, whether that estimate was put out as a overestimate so as to make the new government look like it is doing a better job than reality would reveal. Who knows? I certainly know that our public services are dreadfully underfunded considering things like public hospital waiting lists, public housing for the poor, mental health outcomes for those who have fallen between the gaps of public concern, and the busted economy that follows the boom cycle of a bubble economy run by the miners who have made this State of West Australia a quarry for exploitation by rich and greedy people. In my experience of this state the state debt has only increased in my life time while the standard of living has dropped through the floor for the bottom 50% of the population. But they/we don’t have a voice in the MSM. The internet has become an outlet for the truth of the non-elite and that means TPTB want it stopped.

I’m sick of the hypocrisy and the outright lies we are fed day to day from the MSM outlets and the governments they sponsor. All these boosters are as pampered pets. Never knowing, or wanting to know, the reality beyond their exclusive world of the elite to which they have been given an introduction. From there they have to prove themselves up to the task of being part of the cheer squad for the status-quo. This turns them from nobodies into ego driven celebrities who will distort the facts to fit the world view of the elites.

So what will happen if censors take down all the dissenting view-points? It just shows that the ruling elite cannot handle criticism because they know they’re doing the wrong thing. The MSM is purely there to con…vince us that TPTB’s way is the only way to run this planet.They can’t allow people like us to communicate to each other for too long or we might figure out between us how to do a much better job.

They can’t be having that.


Was a great viewing for the lunar eclipse here in Perth. Cloudless sky. Little wind. Does it help prove the globe earth or could it be explained in terms of a flat earth?

I’ll leave that to those who have more skin in the game than I do. I just keep an open mind and look at the facts as I see them. Try to concentrate on the events close to home that I have a chance at verifying rather than making too much comment on places and goings on that are far away from me and thus are unverifiable in any comprehensive way. I’ll leave that to the people who live it.

Have a happy day.