Take away our electronics and what do we have?


What would our minds do if there was an EMP attack which knocked out our power grid and fried most of our electronics? Our minds would go into melt-down as we realized that our world has been turned into a virtual prison where to be without its connectivity would mean to be isolated in the real world where nothing much happens except life gets harder to carry on. I mean to ask, what have we gained over the years that we’ve had all this connectivity? Are houses easier to buy? Is our health system getting better? Is employment easier to come by? Have real wages increased? As the nations teeth rot out of the peoples heads are dentists becoming cheaper and easier to come by?

I could go on… and on ….and on about how government services are being withdrawn and at the same time pay-as-you-go is being introduced into almost every facet of service provision. This is all going on while we are locked into the 24hr loop of fake news and disinformation. Have people bothered to notice how we are all either completely oblivious to the larger world around us or are caught trying to decipher what’s real and what’s not. There is a huge gap between these people but they’re both open to manipulation by TPTB. The large majority of people live in a state of total oblivion and never question the government except when its policies cause the person actual personal financial harm. If it doesn’t then they don’t bother formulating an opinion except whatever the government line is. If they bother to have an opinion at all.

For those of us who do take an interest in the larger world then the danger of being fed false and misleading information is apparent. This is by design as it keeps us locked into the news-loop that takes us nowhere except back to the start.


The story outlines our condition. Leader comes to sabotage the day on their power base. The public give themselves over only to be fed to the machine which is the power base of the leader.

I have other things to do so I’ll leave it here for the day.