Did you ….? Repeat it quickly over and over and you have the beginnings of a musical introduction for Uncle-Daddy.

Hi, Internet Web Victims.

You have to resort to these sort of practices when you run a cheap-ass blog that doesn’t support any kind of audio or video. This production house is so low-rent that I haven’t even decided on a name yet. Probably because what I produce is under dispute as to whether it is actually a product, service, asset, or liability.

While TPTB debate among themselves as to whether I should be allowed to own anything at all I’m trying to bring about a new category of licensing that has a bitcoin embedded to give the blasted currency some tangible value.  But the High priests at Bitcoin Ponzi think that the cost of the electricity is enough when it’s only a mining cost. You can spend lots of money mining air if you want to but it wont give it an intrinsic value. But there’s only 21 million bitcoins. But there’s only one atmosphere. Both need to be structured through multiple financial instruments to give them value.

But enough of this dry economic gobbledygook that I make up as I try to decant what I read and listen to. Can it stand up to the scrutiny of Parliamentary privilege as sound government policy? Of course not. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Governments aren’t here to work properly. There here to keep us confused as to why we sell all our mineral wealth to private companies but are living in a local economy that, ….well, quite frankly, sucks.

Can Uncle-Daddy and Cunt-of-a-chip change the equations of a few fundamental laws of physics to achieve peace and prosperity in our time? I wanted to ask Chamberlain but he’s dead so instead we will just have to see for ourselves.

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Now we can know our future by remembering the past as something only the MSM know how to.

More to be birthed into a fractured and fractal reality. Soon.

Soon is here.

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Plot suggestions considered and then discarded. No refunds and no discretion given as to the order in which they will be rejected. All criticism will be met with petulant stares and a total unwillingness to engage in any sort of dialogue. Only total ass-kissing questions will be answered. All others will be ridiculed or ignored. I reserve the right to carry on like a hysterical child if I can’t get my way.

Back when the coast is clear.



Hi! I’m back. Should I spend more time building a related narrative alongside my cartoons?


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There’s no point in trying to build a narrative around politics because it’s all going to be a load of bollocks. Government becomes a self serving system pretty quickly as the elected find out that its function is to enable the Elite to make money. Lot’s of it and without possible criminal sanction for fraud, etc. (The new children’s Hospital comes to mind)

After watching it from a distance it is obvious that in the ‘growth’ paradigm it is the act of exploiting the moment that wins the day. All other considerations become secondary to that goal when you have a predatory capitalist society. The networks that people form or become part of give the false impression of security and hides the true nature of our economic system.

The McGowan Govt. took a smashing on the weekend because people are asking, “What happened to all the money from the mining boom? The answer is never easy to give. But I will anyway. All that money was created out of debt mostly to the private sector banks and financial institutions. The mining companies spent that money on themselves and each other and then left us to pay the debt back. Not all of it but a sizable chunk that has crippled the State financially. What we could have done instead was not only sell them the rights to mine but bring in their own workers while the government took all the money that we may have earned working on the mines and use it to curry favor and make new international friends,……. No!… no… That little thought experiment has turned rather ugly, hasn’t it? And the government had only just got their hands on the cash.

Maybe we could just leave the minerals in the ground and concentrate on dry land farming with Artificial Intelligence managing the crop rotation in a virtual environment that has extrapolated the yield curve out to infinity in search of a yield,…..Hmmmm… Thought experiments need a framework of sanity to work. That means I have no way of developing the correct etymology to describe my perceptions to oncoming traffic.

Alternately I could;

Get on with the story:






The level of Uncle-Daddy’s counter-intuitive, counter-intelligence, is so sophisticated that even the Pentagon can’t figure out how he keeps on getting into the staff canteen without proper clearance.

We don’t know what’s really going on. I met the bloke who did but he didn’t like me so I spent the rest of my time near him being snide and difficult. I learned nothing.

Horserotovator has high hopes happy half-hosed house hunter hustlers hurtle home hugely.

25 thoughts on “Did you ….? Repeat it quickly over and over and you have the beginnings of a musical introduction for Uncle-Daddy.

  1. I’m trying to keep away from commenting on current events in my main blog at the moment. The reasons are many and to somewhat a degree not always enough to stop me. But of late the turn of events has made me pause even further as our society seems to fragment before my eyes.
    People killing each other. Families slain by their own. WTF is going on in our so called 1st world country?
    We seem to have a political system that breeds disconnection from the society they’re voted in to represent. TPTB have worked it out that by hiding behind a wall of authority and form filling bureaucracy they don’t have to answer any questions except the ones they want to. Authority is concentrated but responsibility is diluted. Governments can demand individual accountability from us but there is no reciprocal arrangement for them.The system that they have built makes it impossible for it to be any other way. To do anything outside the guidelines will make others nervous and we can’t have that, can we?
    If you’re not in government and/or not slurping from a government trough of tax-payer money then this place looks like a mess. Debt means nothing to these people while the music keeps playing and the banks keep extending lines of credit to the government because it makes their illogical ‘she’ll be right, mate’, attitude seem justifiable when applied to our zombie economic system. A system that needs massive shocks of credit to keep it moving while the grim reaper of debt tied to inflation just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.
    I don’t really want to go much deeper into all this but I suppose I will have to as I need to understand so that I can put it out there and see if it has any validity.
    Let me go from from the obtuse to the sublime to try and give some form to my thoughts.
    The politics of the Trump/Putin relationship and recent meeting are a good example of the obtuse. To my mind there is a very tricky game going on that involves using Trump to polarize opinion in the West to the point that the ‘people’ have had their emotions inflamed to the point where it’s easy to either march off to war or watch others as they do. Secretly hoping that some of those who march off are those they hate and wishing they die on the battle field. War’s good for getting rid of the poor and unemployed. Certainly if you survive war from that background you wont be complaining about being poor. You’ll just be happy to be alive. Maybe. But it doesn’t really matter as war is the ultimate reset button for the Elite. They’re the only ones that will have wealth that can’t be destroyed by a collapse or drastic reduction of government services. All pennies on the pound for them. The rest will be reduced to living at subsistence as the Elite get to re-balance their system to suit themselves. Again. The Great Depression wiped out the middle class and made the ground fertile for recruitment of the USA into the Second World War.
    That little debacle did what exactly? As far as I can see the West got saddled with a massive national debt. England lost control of it’s empire. The USA did well for a while but as we can see that has come to an inevitable end as the debt cycle has grown out of control. The Bretton Woods agreement had a use by date. That much is obvious to those who bother to research this and the Central Banking cartel that cooked it up in the first place.
    There is a reasonable argument that the Wall street boffins will keep on coming up with new strategies to keep the corpse economy moving along. But at some point the measures will become so ludicrous to even the rest of Wall street that the system will come down.
    This is why I’m trying not to write too much on current events as it always becomes a very dark commentary. But I will plow on as I feel a need to address this challenge of finding a way through all these competing narratives. Narratives that all seem to point to the majority of us becoming not only slaves to debt but also kept like prisoners with an all pervasive surveillance infrastructure that has no concept of privacy.
    But that has been well covered by many commentators and besides I want to offer a more comprehensive view of all these disparate threads that run through our society.
    I think that this world will always be subject to subtle forces that have been identified (but not controlled) since the first mystery schools were formed. These forces are not of the material world but have application in it. I don’t even pretend to know what most of these forces are but I am aware of chaos as being one of them.
    Chaos has always been a part of our culture because the elite can gain more control when there’s lots of it. Chaos is a good word to describe the tool used by groups/individuals to gain advantage over one another. Has anyone noticed that while Trump is making moves toward peace with Russia our whole Western alliance are up in arms. This is gob-smacking to me in that the ‘Left’ of politics are the ones who are lining up with conservatives to keep hating Putin. We’re being divided along Party lines but there’s some kind of inversion so that someone like me who never considered themselves to be right wing to be much more sympathetic to that type of person than the ‘government is my Daddy’ type.
    If we place too much store in either side it will inevitably inflame our emotions which are then ripe for manipulation.
    For my part I shall concentrate on Uncle-Daddy and his antidote to all this which is to see it all as a ridiculous play of ourselves and that we should know better.
    It’s my preference at any rate. I’m through. I hope.

  2. I think it’s time for me to attempt to get to the basis of my reasons for being so,….how you say…, pissed off about everything. Well obviously the world is a pretty shitty place in parts and our economic system seems to be based on that misery continuing otherwise they would’ve fixed it by now with all their brain power and technology. But no, instead we are just fed endless contrived events that perpetuate this mess where 1% have all the loot and the rest of us are told THAT doesen’t matter.
    What crap!
    Anyway, here is a comment that I made elsewhere but it will tell you why I’m of the personality I am above and beyond the circumstances of my up-bringing.

    “The one legacy of being exposed, as I was when I was a trainee nurse back in 1983, to the real consequences of a so-called mercy killing gone horribly wrong (and the immediate cover-up that precluded any mandatory or even suggested counseling that I or other workers, etc, who were exposed to that prolonged and agonizing 4hr death by choking on food forced down the paralyzed man’s throat. I will go no further into the details because I’m trying to get some resolution to this disgusting mess but suffice to say other events took place before and after this mans killing that made it patently obvious to me that this man was murdered.) was that when I eventually had to resign from the nurse training course due to issues that killing had caused in my professional development I could never reintegrate back into ‘normal’ society.
    After 33yrs I’m only really starting to recognize the enormity of the evil that is allowed to reside and fester within our hospitals and aged-care facilities by the covering-up of these acts of murder that are justified as mercy killings within these tightly knit occult organizations that only become visible when something like the which I had to witness happen.
    I have been given the sight to see these people without I having to catch them in the act. It’s why I can’t reintegrate into ‘normal’ society. There isn’t one, I’m afraid to say. It’s more than just the person. It’s the position that they covet to hold in the hierarchy and their general responses to certain inquiries that indicate quite openly to me where they would lay their hat when it came to protecting the individual from unjustifiable harm by agents of the government. If, they would sacrifice the individual in that way rather than expose the system as being dangerously inadequate then they are fully fledged members of the Satanic occult who infest the public service of every government of the world. They are existent in all organizations but it’s the world governments who are the most dangerous if given over to this Satanic cabal because they have they ultimate ability to coordinate our total control.”

    So there you have it. Now, there are nurses that knew me and then dropped me as a friend and I realize now I was never their friend just a colleague who ‘went bad’ when I became an unwitting whistle-blower while trying to document some bullying behavior which ending up in the compromising of patient care. They just deceived me in the last six months of my time as a trainee nurse by involving me in Union activities that would culminate in my being unable to sit an exam. There names? John Taplin would have to be the main deceiver with a Gaynor and Hardwick not far behind.

    This is not so much for me because all this is going to do is open up wounds that should have been healed a long time ago but that’s not how it works when the government department that you are part of expose me to a murder and then just leave me to struggle and what?, hopefully die due to a drug overdose or misadventure?
    Problem solved, eh, John?
    You pig.

  3. And why now? Because after 33 yrs I found out that my criminal record has been tampered with and a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm has been placed on it dated from 2012. This only came to light because I let myself be put under the spotlight by the department of social services so my wife and I could help our niece who had recently been made ward of the State.
    In trying to get the record sorted I made representation to the Justice department thinking that they would have the records and could fix it. But NO! Even though they keep all the court records it’s the Police department that actually writes and controls those records and I’d have to go begging to them to fix the problem.
    Now I’ve been stitched up by the police and others since having to leave nursing but not being able to reintegrate to society so I can’t see the point in asking these police to fix what it looks like they fabricated in the first place as how can I be sure that they wont do it all over again?
    I have tried making these points to the authorities and in doing so has uncovered all the trauma that I’ve had to suffer and in particular this disturbing killing that took place while I was forced to be a witness as a trainee nurse all those years ago.
    This is why I’m starting to go public with this as it’s a culmination of push factors that have interfered with my life so much over the years. The occult significance of the number 33 isn’t lost on me either but in all honesty I don’t really know how that is of significance except it happens to coincide with what’s happening now.
    Anyway, I just thought I’d give you that insight as it’s been a long time getting to this point and it’s been fucking painful.

  4. Sorry, I’m not quite getting it all out as it’s making me a little emotional as I try to calm my anger at what I realize has been done to me by this West Australian Government. I have relayed this information about being forced to be a witness to this crime (as I see it) both to the West Australian Justice Department and to various lawyers in the hope of some kind of adequate representation to have all these matters resolved to my satisfaction. NOTHING! NADA! Except to go beg the police to fix your record. Ha, ha, ha!…. Till next time it gets tampered with.
    So I have no choice but to use my publishing powers to go public with my story in the hope that at least it will reach the eyes of some people who can actually make a difference and stop our governments from continuing to be de facto eugenics laboratories.
    It has to start somewhere and in your own life, as in mine for me, it has to be now.

  5. There’s more in that because I couldn’t reintegrate back into society because of the associated flashbacks and behavioral problems that I had acquired it has been impossible to obtain consistent work and thus I’m dead poor. Which means, of course, that I’m reliant on the State to pick up the bill for any lawyers work if they don’t want to do it pro bono.
    It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to work out that the sort of complaint I’ve got wont be eliciting much, if any, enthusiasm from the cloistered halls of the Justice Leagues that pretend to be our advocates in this adversarial justice system. It would seem that in Western Australia the lawyers only fight the cases they know the outcome to and to be sure the issues they will illuminate during those court proceedings wont expose dangerous government operating procedures that prove people will commit evil acts in civilian life if they know they will be covered for by their government.
    So I’m fighting a battle that I can’t win surrounded by my present circumstances. But I’ve always known this. I mean, the killing/murder was covered-up and so it comes down to my word against possibly 4 or 5 other staff that were rostered on that evening shift. Plus the doctor who came in 20 mins after he started to choke and tried some suction that didn’t work.
    I have no belief that they wouldn’t lie for the sake of their jobs and the higher ideal of keeping the system protected at all costs. I understand that and that’s why I’ve just tried to live with the trauma and get along. But it hasn’t worked out that way and this recent turn of events with the false conviction being placed on my record (along with a detailed summery of events that has a vague description purported to be myself) has convinced me that I need to get this all off my chest and set the record straight for anyone that might be vaguely interested.
    My real name is on my bio. I’m not hiding from anyone.

  6. While I’m on this subject I think I can use its context to send out my sincerest apologies to all the women I have known over the years who had to put up with my unraveling emotional state and associated drunken outbursts. I’m sorry you had to know me when I realize I should’ve been keeping myself to myself and thinking through (without alcohol which never helped me think properly about anything) what had been done to my psyche and developing personality both growing up and being exposed to such a crime while I was nursing. That’s why I pushed you all away. I was mortified by what I had had happen to me and my career in nursing. It hurt. It really hurt and I still haven’t been able to resolve that ethical black hole that is government on the cheap and nasty. I lost my moral compass and it took years for me to get it back.
    This is the thing, Mandy, Nicola, and so many others that I pissed off and have hating the memory of me, I had been triggered and driven to the edge of insanity because when I tried to fight to change things for the better in nursing I was met with hatred and vilification. I couldn’t stand that and the subsequent humiliation that kept on going for some long while. It broke me as a man, I’m afraid. It just made me easy pickings from then on. I don’t hate women but I have been portrayed quite successfully as one because of the nature of my nursing career. I was just there to cause trouble according to them.
    To put myself through the humiliation of reapplying to try to pick up my career because I realized that I couldn’t function properly in normal society after witnessing what I had witnessed? Only to be rejected and humiliated even further when I end up drunk in public and in trouble with the police? They must think I did 18 months training and all that just to cause them trouble. How fucking sickening and evil.

    So Mandy and Nicola, you can see that even now I’m as volatile as ever but I don’t drink anymore so my triggered self doesn’t actually do anything stupid and self destructive any more. I’m married now to a special woman who was the catalyst for my recovery. I hope that you have also settled down and had families. I never had children as I always said I wouldn’t but that’s because I knew I would not have been allowed to be a good father. I hope you’ve brought up yours well.

    Yours sincerely, John.

  7. Finally to the wider ethical dilemma’s that this criminal (as I see it) act has provoked in me.
    To be told by another nurse at the beginning of that traumatizing shift that they, “we’re getting rid of Mr Scriven today” and to have no transport arrive but instead to end up with him chocking to death after about four hours of unimaginable suffering makes me think how often does this sort of thing go on?
    It could happen to anyone in State care by the way the death was covered-up as just a ‘normal’ occurrence. No one seemed to care beyond it was a talking point the next day between us staff. Is that how we are to end up? Loosing our humanity in the line of duty?
    A clinical instructor said to me as I left WASON for the last time that people had “usually worked it out by now at the level of my training.” How was she to know what I was dealing with?

  8. Boy, I’m full of words today and some now I want to direct in the way of that Perth fugitive, Brendon O’Connell. I found that he is heavily censoring his comments section with myself being among those he is censoring. I have to conclude that he’s a psy-op in that he wants complete control of the narrative and that makes him an enemy of free thinking people. He fooled me for a while but never in the total sense. I don’t doubt his story but how he has reacted and formulated his plan of world domination just makes me laugh in the end. LOL! You go for it, Brendon, and change the world. I’m sure the people will be lining up behind you, mate. The ACTU will be pouring money into your little game in no time, I’m sure. Drawing all the unsuspecting into the trap of polarization against anyone who doesn’t see it exactly as you do. Sounds like you actually like that Keiser bloke and only wish you’d been born a Jew and could be that asset. Seems like in the end anyone who posts this kind of material on Youtube has their own agenda based on the cult of personality. Not really my cup of tea anymore.

    Obviously I have my little crusade but in all honesty I don’t think I’ll change much. I would like to see the use of body-cams/cameras in nursing homes and critical care facilities but I think that’s got no chance from getting up as the cries from the ‘virtue signalers’ will cast that suggestion as a violation of the sacred ……something ….and virtue……how could you even think of……men again!….

    Who really cares anymore. The world is lost. The Satanists control the narrative. Just look at what we excuse in the name of our own interests. Part of me remembers that I did try to drink the Kool-Aid of believing in the system but was thrown what I was thrown instead. For some of us this has to be a lonely road.

  9. I’m going to explain why I can’t reintegrate into society. I realize that I was traumatized while growing up so I had behavioral issues and hit the bottle too much. However, I was open minded enough to want to figure out why I would get so drunk and I suppose entering nursing was an attempt to understand women better as my own mother had been less than helpful (along with our father who I realize just treated his family as a bad joke til he could get us from England ((that had messy divorce proceedings because of having to show cause, etc)) to Australia where no-fault divorce was free if he could get his wife to do it. Which he did through an evil application of psychology that I think he justified by holding the logic that he’d been blackmailed into a family he didn’t want and hated throughout his time with us. He withheld everything except our material wants that he was well employed/skilled enough to provide without having to have much to do with us. That way he looked like a normal father to people at a cursory glance.) and I thought I’d like to do something different. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unfortunately I was hit with this murder and cover-up very early in my career and it just threw me to a place that made me realize that most people will cover for the actions of a few psychopaths who are high functioning enough to know when they can exercise their psychopathology. In whatever form that may take. I cannot trust anyone in ‘authority’ to be impartial or able to tel the truth. I was crucified for trying to tell the truth. Because it’s a predominantly woman’s profession they really hung me on being anti-female. Very nasty but it at least it did teach me what happens when the feminist ideology really gets to have free run in an organization.
    Women are the most ruthless of the genders when protecting each other in an organization they control.
    I now keep my distance from all such people. And the men they run with.
    It’s like this; if it is deemed by TPTB that if people die and money is saved by the government then we (TPTB) will cover most, if not all, the costs of covering up the circumstances of those deaths. We will make sure that there can be no effective accountability so you can do almost anything you like. Just don’t get in the way of anyone that matters.
    That’s way I can’t reintegrate into society. Society has become a straight-jacket of conformity to a narcissistic fatalism that lets people die horribly without a second thought. Just so long as we can post our willfully happy (got to get those likes!) thoughts and pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

  10. I don’t like to put all this on my main blog as I’m trying to actually provide some entertainment but the reality is that this dark side underpins what I think and write and I wanted this blog to be honest if nothing else.
    I hope that by making the moves to air the truth of the terrible demise of Colin Scriven that I might be released from any karmic/divine punishment for not doing the right and proper thing earlier. I can do no more than what I have done. I have informed the authorities but it’s as far as I can go because it was covered-up. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d come out with this 33yrs ago it still wouldn’t have changed anything except shorten my nursing career even more. It still destroyed it in the end. The cops would have just laughed at me as they have so many times since my nursing career ended. My circumstances ended up being just so unfair and If I hadn’t been hit by that bizarre physical experience in that corridor at the same time Scriven died I might have been able to forget that night. But that was never allowed to happen. I sometimes wonder if I’m any different from all the evil bastards I’ve seen doing their own selfish shit and then realize I did try and be evil but I just couldn’t do it without feeling remorse. It’s not good to be exposed to the shit I’ve been exposed to. Makes you question too much. The answers aren’t good but most people don’t notice because they grow, they have families, and find happiness in the most fleeting things because paying for the rest is a nightmare.
    You’ve got to believe that those in charge have your best interests at heart or the whole system just looks like a trap for the unwary. Which, unfortunately, it is.
    This whole social media phenomena has enabled TPTB to get into each and every one’s lives and make predictions on how people will react to certain information delivered in certain ways. This has been a honey-pot just too intriguing for all those who wield power in this area. Just think about the implications of having such control over peoples thinking that they can be convinced they have a valid opinion about what is happening in another part of the world when they only have what we can gather from this medium. We’re being turned into fucktards as we demand this or that to be done in the name of our enlightened knowledge kindly given to us from the DARPA who inspired and ultimately control our waking cyber experience.
    But again most people don’t care to be ridiculed by getting too down on this because, hey, we’ve got 5G coming and that means if your game consul made you feel engorged with action before, you just wait till you can download your own weight in data every 7 seconds! Just you wait. It will enable all sorts of devices you never thought about to talk to each other and the rest of the world about what you had for breakfast and how your stool formed on a Saturday afternoon while the wife’s out shopping.
    Anyway, I’m straying off the point and being gross but if your going to turn your toilet into a medical device that’s what it will be doing.
    I think history accumulates faster than we are led to believe so that we feel more secure than we should. Now with data storage in the cloud our personal histories can be catalogued with all the rest in an endless, mindless, stream of data about people all doing their best to conform to the small target strategy.
    It’s so beautiful in its extremist effect of totally shutting down free thought by inviting these spying devices into our lives as nowhere is without risk of surveillance. Even if this blog survives it’s pretty obvious I have no traction in the wider world. Mission accomplished. Self censorship tells people to ignore people like me. I’m not of the right mind-set. I’ll see if these flashbacks to Scriven will subside now as I’ve tried my best to set the record straight for his sake not mine. I will just be disbelieved but the words will stand and that cannot be unsaid. It is what it is.

  11. I was watching this man put up an aerial the other day. He was on top a two story home with no safety gear but managed to do it without falling off. That’s how we live in the non-government world. Taking risks with our health and lives for a few bucks to keep food on the table.

  12. With the continued militarization of the planet I have noticed a trend in the way we in the civilian space are being remolded with the same sort of regimentation that exists within the worlds armed services.It’s a multi-pronged attack on our free time and free space in the form of cyber-surveillance in conjunction with contracting economies that make paid work more onerous by the day. Nobody is protesting beyond the internet anymore. I never was a great protester but I did get out for the Iraq war. Being so alienated from everything I was still amazed at how pointless protest was. It showed us our own weakness as a political force, the people. I think that time of useless protest was the final nail in the coffin of all resistance to the NWO. Sure, there are still a few like me but I know that we lost the fight. The people moved to accepting war as an integral part of keeping the ‘rest’ of us safe.
    Since then everything has been pointless and counter-productive. If your not on board with the program then you’re part of the problem. This thinking has always been around but now is taking more precedence in the civilian workplace and social space. This regimentation is augmented and super-charged by the advent of controlled space social media. People need to be part of a group they identify with and to be denied that because they hold particular views will make them modify those views. I never realized how important group identity is to people because of my upbringing. But it’s a massive influence on the way people like to group think. It’s like they can get into a warm tub and blend in. I could never do that so I am forever to be an outsider.
    It sucks in that it would be not so bad if I was financially secure but I’m not so it sucks. Can’t change. Seen too much. Been exposed to the darker side of human nature for too many years. Too many people have died too early. People think it’s fine. People learn to forget. People find security in authority. I don’t. Some others don’t either but they, like me, remain isolated because what other course is open. We are the experiments gone wrong and have to be hidden/discarded so that we don’t cast a shadow over the forward march of progress. So what if people get killed? That’s progress for Millennial’s to divide over and see their careers either bloom or crash depending on which side they slide.

  13. Hmmm….. A falling star hits the earth? As everything to do with this story it gets punctuated by events that speak in specific and occult ways. I think people would be wise to understand I don’t go looking for these conjunctions. They are just too obvious not to mention. I’m going to talk about them even if people can say I’m bat-shit crazy for doing so. It’s a funny thing how we like to read about the origins of the Universe and what our ancient history might have been. I don’t know all of what I imagine is possible is based on anything more than my own readings on the subject but it would appear to me that the Universe is electrified and magnetized and that its space is contained within those fields that do contain charged particles but are still following mass-less (and therefore incorporeal) electromagnetic and magneto-dielectric field lines. Force and inertia manifest in these fields and maintain electrical boundaries between our worlds. In the past these magneto-dielectric conditions of our local solar system would have been changing as they are now (just hopefully not as catastrophically as before) and massive magneto-dielectric discharges would have happened between the planets as they came into certain alignments during their solar cycle. This seems to be what the folks at the Thunderbolts Project seem to be saying and it makes a lot of sense to me.
    Anyway, that falling star (according to this theory) is part of the detritus that was blasted off the face of Mars during one of these discharges between planets. The Grand Canyon in the USA is a sited example of being produced by such a discharge. The idea that the Colorado river could carve such a sculpted landscape is pretty preposterous to a lot of people who have looked into that place.
    Pretty mind blowing stuff but supposedly too fringe according to the main-stream cosmologists who prefer to see us just in a void with random events intruding that have no genesis beyond gravitational forces. (‘Graviton’, anyone?) But that’s an argument I’m not knowledgeable enough to engage in apart from making the point that the West wastes a lot of money on this science but I don’t see my bank account getting any bigger. This is always the part where I pose the question, what is science if it can’t make me rich? Who’s leading in the field of, “I want a fuck-off large gold chain to hang round my neck with a big, fat, diamond encrusted, gold ‘J’, dangling from it.”? Where’s the science of, “I want the thing to weigh 5kg plus so I can build up my pecs as I’m stridin’ to my Cadillac in my platform shoes so I can make the minimum 165cm entry height requirement so that the child booster seat doesn’t pop out.” Nowhere that I can see. Not on the CERN website. I guess I’ll just settle for a little applied technology of, “It’s gotta be driver-less and on ‘armed insurgency’ mode while I’m sitting back, low-riding, developing new scientific concepts while committing multiple felonies across state lines.”
    As you can see this is a good example of why I can’t reintegrate as my sense of humor kicks in at the oddest times and not everyone thinks I’m funny. In fact I seem to offend a lot of people even when I don’t think I’m being offensive. But I have been offensive to some people in the past so I guess you have to cop general dislike from time to time. So glad I don’t drink any more. Even though Australia is built on drinking associates and the ability to hold a few it is my contention that people who have had traumatic childhoods (and have unresolved conflicts they may or may not be aware of such as I was in the past) drink alcohol at their own peril. It is the one drug that I found that is completely overwhelming, induces blackouts, and produces inexcusable behavior from people like me. I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m exposing my own humiliation in the hope that if I can stop one other person from being sucked into that fools world (if you’re not wired right by birth and upbringing) then it’s worth it.
    All of this is to tell the unwitting not to be fooled by the world as it’s presented to us, the naive. Those of us who were kept stupid for too long because our guardians preferred to use us as dumb pawns in their own wars of control. Watch out for self-interest and how it manifests. Principles are distorted and a moral relativity that’s really a moral decay dressed in different drag rules the day and we need to be aware of it.
    Do I judge? Not on the stuff like what people do in their private lives but doesn’t unduly affect others. Only when lives are fundamentally altered do I take an interest.

  14. I have added to my cartoon series above. I hope that the people I have in mind see that I can get it on down like the rest of you and make bad jokes about terrible situations and patient outcomes. I didn’t go all weak at the knees about it. I tried to draw attention to the fact we treat our old people in State care pretty badly at times and enough times for it to be something we have to talk about. It’s no good just loading up innocent nurses with these kinds of experiences and not expect them to become twisted in some way. We seem to have reached a point in our civilization where it’s alright to take a life because the people involved decided it would be better for the greater good. The system covered-up the act and by doing that implicitly condoned the act and the rational behind it. Whatever it was.
    Is this a good conceptual outcome to be moving forward with? I don’t think so.
    The reason for that being that if being in the service of the government in certain capacities such acts can be accepted where do you draw the line?
    In the end I don’t think you can because there will always be ever more sophisticated readings of the arguments as to why this policy can’t be extended to other areas and other circumstances.
    The worst one is the one I saw which was the automatic cover-up because that’s just the way it was done in that hospital. It leaves no room for an official discussion about that the effects and implications of such acts both on the people directly involved and those who where witnesses.
    Just as an aside here I want to make it clear that I’m broaching this rather unpleasant subject because I’ve noticed that no one I’ve written to in authority has any inclination to debate or even acknowledge this issue. So for that reason I’m ventilating my thoughts and opinions here.
    After many years of reflection I would agree that I wasn’t emotionally equipped to deal with my own issues from my isolating up-bringing and bad parenting and the deep issues concerning decisions to end peoples lives for reasons other than self-defense. However, to carry that over as reason to discard the fundamental philosophical questions surrounding such acts isn’t intellectually satisfactory.
    Neither is the excuse that if one, “Dobs on ones mates,” (or work colleagues in this case) that they should be excluded and hated because that person has betrayed some kind of loyalty just by being in the same group or profession. I heard ex-Barnett Cabinet minister Jo Francis on the ABC radio the other day advocating for exactly this way of thinking when he used the same quote that you “Don’t dob on your mates”. I think it was in relation to the rumored ‘goings on’ in some parliamentarians offices.
    Lets run with that logic in some other instances like the high level corruption that the ACCC has uncovered with regards to the Health Dpt. for at least 10 yrs. That only got uncovered because someone “Dobbed” on those Health Dpt officials. So in the World according to Jo Francis, that whistle-blower should have kept his mouth shut and let it continue. What more can I say?
    Criminals have a code not to dob on their mates but it’s all a sham as most cops will tell you when they’re faced with 10 to 20yrs in the slammer. Go to the Public Service and the criminal code treats them very differently and that’s why politicians like Jo Francis can say “Don’t dob on your mates” because the consequences for being caught out are slight and the ‘organization’ is large, sophisticated and reaches into all areas of governance.
    Politicians are very good at avoiding responsibility. That’s why they compartmentalize every function of government that they can think of. Privatization is just one method of compartmentalization. That’s been a favorite of the Liberals but it all serves the same purpose. To make people fear for their jobs and bend where necessary to get along.

    The point I’ll make here is that Jo Francis is only saying, in an unguarded moment, what the ‘code’ is within the Public Service and that it’s not about serving the public. That comes second to making sure that the system that administers those needs is not questioned for it’s role or efficiency in effecting that role. This leads to individual injustices that have no remedy as there is no effective forum in which to discuss these sorts of issues.

    I’ll end this by saying that, I, unlike many people who post on this Internet am using a real world example that I have actually lived with which to enunciate the arguments and issues surrounding fundamental questions. Questions such as what are we going to do as a society if we keep on manufacturing a wretched class of indebted people because of the economic system that we have been tricked into taking over our lives by placing a price on everything while being able to monitor everyone and everything in real time?
    Amazing that we can have this level of ‘technological advancement’ yet we have all these people without jobs or mentally ill in the very same countries that have produced all these advancements. I don’t think it would be all that hard to make sure that we all had a pretty even chance of a good life if these brilliant minds could concentrate on poverty and opportunity….. But at some point we have to come back to the motivation of the Elite’s thoughts on the situation that a certain proportion of the worlds population has to be disadvantaged and why they think it.
    Get’s hard to think about but I do it all the time. If we are to change a rather unpleasant future we must be prepared to be honest with ourselves. First principles apply. Life succeeds with cooperation rather than competition. Cooperation is just much harder to do because it requires trust. Competition just requires deceit which just brings on the end game. I win, you loose. What are you going to do about it?

    ……….. Enter, Tony Abbott. If we want it to be all about revenge then have a real good look at what you’ll get.

  15. Fake news has been around for a while (like forever) but it wasn’t pointed to and highlighted as it is now. Why is that, I ask?
    Hmmm… Well back in the days of publishing before the Internet ‘fake news’ was part of the elite’s own playbook with fringe publications throwing out all sorts of wild speculation. Some of it worthwhile. Most of the rest being confused rubbish. Grey aliens. Reptilians. Fallen angels. Secret technologies. All these subjects have mysteries running along side them and people will always make connections to those mysteries from their own experiences. It’s really up to us to work out how real those connections may or may not be with those mysteries that get reported as facts.
    I have formed the certainty that fake news has always been part of the publishing game but back in the day these publications had to be printed and bought whereas these days anything that is published can be proliferated like never before by the Internet at almost zero cost. Both to the publisher and the consumer. This is a very different situation than the one we had previously where the structure of the industry of publishing was much more predictable. Which enabled the elite controllers to gate-keep and control the narrative on a particular subject.
    This is mass psychology at work. Not a subject that’s discussed as a thing in itself by the lame stream world. It would blow the lid off how governments use the education system to condition children into accepting the illogical notion that a person put in authority over you must be believed and obeyed. Questioning such a situation sees that person shunned and/or punished by the rest and is a classic example of how the authorities mold and use peer group pressure to police peoples’ thought processes. I didn’t get an education like that. I saw so many schools and teachers that I became aware of how useless most of them are. It’s not education but training to memorize certain rules that will be sufficient to make you a good and compliant worker. Just don’t ask questions that aren’t approved by those above you to ask.
    With that in mind what is happening now is that people are polarizing and developing bunker mentalities with the excuse that all the arguments that they don’t want to hear are fake news. Any information that doesn’t conform with your already ingrained views is considered as ‘alternative facts’ that can be dismissed as such. No further explanation necessary among your socioeconomic group as that shallow reading and labeling has been encouraged by those in positions of ‘authority’. It makes life so much easier for the Elite as once again it keeps us at each others throats and not at theirs.
    Mass psychology is not well understood as we are conditioned to think that all psychology is purely a personal matter whereas the reality is that mass psychology impacts greatly on our personal psychology as we grow and develop into adults. It’s useful and necessary up to a point but that point gets lost and we pile over into sickening groupings of self interested, self absorbed, professional liars, who are more interested in protecting that meal ticket than living up to any personal morals or ethics. Morals and ethics that aren’t steeped in the insanity of relativism, that is, which is getting hard to argue for these days as we are normalizing the abnormal. If it’s OK for people to challenge nature then it follows that some people will challenge everything as the consequences of doing such have been deflected by our compartmentalized existence and working environment. If you get paid enough it doesn’t seem to matter that your job is ultimately destructive to other people because, like the anonymous drone pilots who work in sea-containers on American soil and then go home each night to their families after killing men women and children in other countries during the day, they will never be confronted by the survivors of those attacks. Be they physical or psychological in their basic effect the fact remains that if you separate the person from the action to a sufficient distance then they will do anything for that pay and position. Very few will refuse. The smart ones try to avoid ever being put into one of those jobs but many people don’t see any alternative except poverty, starvation, and lost of popularity on their Facebook page if they stand by their principles. People will attack you and try to destroy you for calling their way of living and earning into question. They fear the unknowable as it disturbs that pleasant feeling of conformity and certainty that the world operates in a predictable way.
    The higher up the chain of command you go the more you get vetted for being ‘on the same team’ so that you can be a predictable element in the overall scheme of things. Just look at the perception management that’s going on around the Syrian conflict and the Yemeni conflict. Perception management couldn’t be more starkly exposed for it’s being weaponized by state actors and their media. Syria is seen as a conflict that should have everyone outraged but not so with the Yemeni conflict. The Yemeni conflict is portrayed as not important on the Geo-political stage and that’s all they need to do to get people to generally ignore it. Misdirection is part of the game to normalize continual warfare. The discussion about fake news is another misdirection. We’ve always had fake news, and plenty of it, but all of a sudden we all have to develop a hive mind as dictated to us by the tech giants in cahoots with certain governments around the world. This is so dangerous as it is moving the warfare theater into the civilian theater by making us want to think as one. Just like soldiers/fighters about to throw their lives away fighting for causes that only further the plans of the moneyed Elite.
    I’m dismayed at how we are unable to prevent this slide into elitism on a small and large scale. I put part of the blame firmly at the feet of our education system that’s not teaching classical philosophy at a practical level. That’s because we have dumbed down our population to the point where we use poorly educated people to look after our children with the obvious consequence that those children will develop with the same inadequate critical thinking skills as their teachers.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not just disparaging the teaching profession I’m disparaging ALL professions. The criticism I am offering is applicable to all the professions as they are organized into guilds that end up being hopelessly compromised by the need of the system they work for to be protected from outside scrutiny. All the professions are organized to protect their members before they protect anyone else. Works reasonably well for the professionals but it becomes pot luck for the poor punter who has to use those professional service providers. You will never know who is competent or not until you have been in their ‘professional’ care. If you loose, too bad. That’s why they offer compensation for fuck-ups. Wont effect a change to the cause in itself as accepting the money stops further punitive action being taken against the individual or the system that made that negative outcome happen in the first place. That’s if you get that far. For the most part you will be ignored or disbelieved and ridiculed. That’s one good reason for concluding the West is lost. Our leaders have made our lives so miserable on the whole that our birth rate has cratered so we have to import our new population. That this is a reality is too apparent to dismiss easily and to not recognize that the Elite have also known this is reprehensible. This way the Elite keep us a disorganized rabble except for our systems of work and education. Our traditions are destroyed as our personal histories are fragmented and lost as we are cast around the world as refugees of some sort or another. Anyone who has to pull up stakes and move for economic or security reasons looses that continuity with that place and people. Trauma incurred to those individuals during those upheavals often is not noticed and has many consequences. The worst being that part of you stops growing as you mentally strive to hive off that trauma.
    These are the consequences of being blind to the effects of mass psychology as it is played out on the poor and/or vulnerable. The Elite know this is so and keep doing it as they consider us as cattle. Calling us the apex predator just makes us top dog in a hierarchy constructed to make us feel we are just another type of animal. Conditioned and controlled by our education system we accept this without argument and will therefor become as animals. Reacting rather than thinking first. Which probably underrates some animals abilities to do just that but that’s because we have been taught to make these blanket distinctions based on incomplete evidence.
    Political thinking and mass psychology are working in unison to keep us stupid and compliant about how we are being manipulated by the economic power of the Elite. That’s how they created the distance between themselves an the rest of us but keep control. Through control of the monetary/credit system both personally and on a governmental or multinational level.
    So who will be our boss in the future? I can’t say exactly but I was watching a video showing (all white) Jews immigrating from the USA and UK to Israel and I get the distinct impression that those two countries are being collapsed from the inside at the moment. I also get the impression that Israel is expanding it’s boarders to establish a buffer zone around themselves. No unexpected surprises as they control the world from that distance I talked about being creating earlier.
    But for those who have no appetite for such speculation it can all be called fake news and can carry on with their lives without introspection.

  16. Seeing the early childhood carers out on strike made me realize I should nuance my comments concerning the education system inasmuch that I draw a distinction with the kinder-garden teachers. That’s a mugs game as far as it goes. I’m not surprised they’re striking for better pay and conditions. Looking after a load of very young kids is not something I’d want to do. I’m not going to go into an in deep on this. It’s one of those areas where my views don’t count for much except to support those workers push for a better deal. The government has to stump up the money. No one else has got it except the rich and that just opens up another rabbit hole…….. Another time.

  17. You know what? I want to move on in my recovery from all that I’ve been subjected to and subjected other people to. So to do that I thought I’d better try to go and verify some of the facts surrounding Mr Scriven’s existence beyond my account here. I am calling him Mr Scriven from now on as the only trace I could find was a website that had Kalgoorlie cemetery information on it. A Tom Scriven was listed, not Colin, and his death was in February 1984, not Xmas 1983. I accept these discrepancies in my memory as I only ever wrote it down from memory in 2012 or thereabouts. I’ve never tried to look before now as my memories are of a real event that I know took place. When I tried to connect to the website my computer told me that the computer I was trying to connect to was configured in such a way that it could steal information from my computer. I didn’t try to connect again. Kalgoorlie hospital was mentioned in the search page and that was enough for me as I’m not going to bother to try and seek any kind of recognition or compensation for my troubles beyond this blog and to write about it when I have felt it appropriate elsewhere.

    It would be too scarifying a process to inflict on myself, I fear, but I’ve become a little troubled by the possible implications of the fact that one of the nurses on the ward told me in advance that Mr Scriven was being gotten rid of (That’s always really bothered me, I realize now, why? Why involve me that way?) and in conjunction with the Supernatural experience I had while walking back to my sleeping quarters…… Was I made part of some kind of Satanic Ritual? Have I been possessed by some kind of spirit force for more than 33yrs? I wont use that as an excuse for my social stupidity. That was seeded from my shitty upbringing. But it could have made things a lot worse. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m prepared to wear all of that but I’m also going to speculate that I was supposed to be dead by now through self destructive addictions (smoking is my last one to deal with) assisted by my little spirit helper that was possibly installed during my time at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital. I know I’m just speculating here but after 33yrs weird things have started to happen both in my private life and in the world around me that make me wonder if all that evil that was directed toward me and my life has been reflected back out after 33yrs and has been supercharged because of it. Is it because it couldn’t kill me I ended up becoming its necromancer? I felt pushed to perform all sorts of bizarre behaviors that looked like total acts of self-destruction from the outside. In a way that’s exactly what they were as I felt only by the total destruction of the self can you see who you really are. I realized that I had built a selfish, priggish, ego to hide the damage that had been done to my personality development from childhood. That ego didn’t hide it to anyone but myself, I now realize after many years of self delusion, and not helped by my choice in friends. It was my fault for wanting them as friends.

    But I digress. Back to the spirit world. My brother was heavily into the Occult (He’s dead from cancer so he’ll never have the chance to narrate his troubled life as I am but he was also a messed-up character from the same cause. Our parents and virtual isolation from proper role models.) and so I picked up an intellectual interest in it but wasn’t taken by the utter perversion that I read in some of his books like the Book of the Law, by Crowley … But I wasn’t frightened by it and I should’ve been because I tended to want to gravitate to those ‘cool’ black clothe wearing people when I was just a naive fool, with a priggish attitude.(Many of them would deny this description of themselves and I consider those people to be useful idiots to the people I’m really referring to. To be clear about what I’m trying to say.) A total self made sacrifice. Now they were incidences (being bashed unconscious at music venues for heckling like an idiot) that I sort of could see coming but didn’t understand what sort of danger I was in. (Totally fucked-up individual by this stage.) Those attackers were definitely aligned with the Occult and I see now how I allowed myself to be sacrificed. I lost any decent reputation and had my jaw broken (which still clicks to this day while I eat) and found out later a so called good friend was watching this all unfold without pulling me to one side and getting me out of there before what happened happened (Thanks heaps, Oliver). But this is how the world works when you are part of the occult or are an unwitting fool who is drawn to the occult. I hope you can see why I refer to bad friends. For me, that is. I’m sure that he become even better friends with the people he was hanging with that night.
    I’m reliving all this excruciatingly embarrassing history because it needs to be told. Yes, it’s nasty and pathetic, and I don’t hold back on my self criticism but that isn’t the whole of it. This is THE WORLD WORKING to make winners and losers that can be topics of conversations to reinforce a majority opinion. In the end I have always identified with the victims of this world because I’ve got a victim mentality. I’m trying to modify it without losing my humanity as so many have when faced with choosing between protecting the system or protecting the vulnerable individual.

    So I write this as a warning. If you can’t celebrate death either on a personal level (I’m glad he’s dead, I hated him) or a impersonal level (Well sometimes you just got no choice but to support the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and all its off shoots) then realize that you’re not part of the mind-set that ultimately control our lives. We are numbers to them. We are just cattle to be experimented on. The MIC reaches into our civilian lives through the Medical system and the Police/security Complex. We are all treated as potential criminals in subtle and overt ways in our public lives. The 5G surveillance grid will be the icing on that cake. Your thoughts cannot be pulled out of your head (yet) but all your actions can be and inferences can be made. They want us controlled because then you wont realize that we are just here to crash test dummies. I mean, why not, they obviously don’t like us much, if at all, because we’re always wanting something. The welfare/warfare state tends to make us all dependents in one way or another.

    Getting back to my original point about concern over those events in Kalgoorlie. I don’t know whether I’m a victim of coincidence or conspiracy. I am forced to concede both could be true. Or not. Comes down to belief and conditioning. Or is it conditioning and then belief? I’m agnostic on it all but I’ve learned to read the signs no matter what I’m thinking. 2515848 Ha, ha. My dog just walked across my keyboard and those numbers is what he left. Only. I added them up and they come to 33. Then 6 from 33. Again, what a coincidence.
    I think I’ll stop now. I’ve laid out my concerns and drawn my wider observations about this world. I’ve used my own life to exemplify my reasons for writing the things I do. I strive for a larger understanding of the world so I don’t fall victim to it so easily. If some others find any of this information useful, then good. If not they’ve probably stopped reading a long time ago. I’ve re-read it and I’m comfortable with my admissions. It takes some of its sting away when you just let it out. To those who I’ve written to asking for assistance. Don’t worry about it. I never thought anyone was qualified to deal with me and I still feel that. It’s just that bloody false conviction got me pissed off enough to trawl through my life and come up with all this. In that regard I’ve put myself outside of the system so its best not to expect anything from it. I don’t want ‘special treatment’ from people in a system I suspect will be too tempted to abuse it in some way. To protect the system, of course. It’s not personal. It never is. That would be beneath the high ideals of our betters. The conduct of the Banksters exposed at the Royal Commission shows you those high ideals. Just like Peter Dutton is showing how high his ideals are prepared to go to protect au pairs and boarders.
    So much better than me.

  18. Sometimes it’s good to look at Google Maps and just look and see how empty the land is in Australia and how vast the area. The notion that people here and elsewhere consider themselves the owners of vast tracts of Australia since settlement leaves me wondering at the way the world works. You can pick out the little settlements that must service these areas and you realize that those new owners have had an easy job protecting their land from usurpers. I think the Nookanbah dispute was the last one that exemplifies how the Colonial Project works. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-05/noonkanbah-dispute-remembered-40-years-on/9833232 I have to give the ABC their due inasmuch that they have done a piece reminding us all of those events that started in 1978 (or was it 1798?) but for most of us it didn’t hit our consciousness until the police started to arrest the protesters in 1980 and it made the nightly news. They didn’t get their way and the miners did their drilling. That’s how it works in this system of world wide, interdependent, economic activity that puts profits and the need for continuous growth (no matter how malignant) before any other considerations. If we put a price on the cost to our environment so that we get some equilibrium we get the argument that we will get UN Agenda 2030. Which is a good point to make because we have seen how wealth and power has been accumulated by the Elite right in front of our collectivized eyes. The idea that we allow ourselves to be tagged and monitored 24/7 so that they can be sure we are compliant with their system of control and distribution of all resources we use is anathema to me. But I think about these things a lot. Most people I know are too busy trying to earn a living that’s above subsistence to be bothered. So that would have to mean that the very people who have been accumulating wealth, power, and resources will then start to redistribute them to make our lives better?
    Hmmm…… I don’t think so. I tend to concur with those people who think that the UN’s Agenda 2030 is a blue print for despotic, centralized, rule by decree from the Elite who will still have control of the worlds resources only more so.

    For the most part the people I talk to don’t see it the way I do. Or if they do they’ve decided that it’s best to keep those thoughts to ones self for fear of becoming a pariah in their workplace or social space. To criticize the system that sustains us seems treasonous to some but I only see terrible outcomes for so many. I can’t help but have my attention drawn to all the losers of the international interplay between the Elite families and countries/industries they control. Whereas the majority have been generally happy to be seduced into thinking they can become part of that successful tribe of asset rich people. Just so long as they keep the right attitude. Which means saying the right things and supporting the status quo. I wonder that if I’d been brought up in the ‘standard’ way with loving parent(s), a stable school life, and good education I would probably think the system is pretty good. I can see how you possibly would. But as we grow our personal experiences of the world constitute the social construction of it and in that process our brains are wired in unique ways. Dependent on the stimulation associated with all those various experiences (of which some mental states can carry over into other situations) we will have predispositions to certain emotional states throughout our adult lives. If you grow up in a stable environment with others of the same circumstances then you will all tend to build common emotional bonds and landscapes. Someone like myself, on the other hand, had 14 schools with which to build separate sets of internal and external relationships as the two influence one another. With the over riding situation of my dysfunctional family life interfering through it all. This makes for a shattered personality but I’m not going to dwell there as I’m trying to make a broader argument here about our collective future or, if indeed, we have one at all.

    Is it a terrible truth that the people who constitute the ruling class and moneyed elite would argue that making it right for everyone is just beyond their collective care so will concentrate on making the best of it for themselves and whosoever is able to hoist themselves up to their level of wealth and power? It’s definitely a possibility. I know there are rich people who are nice. Shit! If I was rich and secure I’d be pretty happy to know as well. It goes with the territory and health is easier to maintain and/or improve when you can afford the best treatments. I didn’t have this perspective when I was younger and I wish I had. It would have saved me from a lot of tilting at windmills.

    The difference between the Elite and myself is stark. On the one hand I was brought up in a bubble, made by my parents nomadic existence at that time, outside of time and space. It was not conceived in a positive or constructive way and it has colored my outlook on life. I doubt the children of the rich are treated with such disregard unless for sick reasons. To not know what you are doing to a child when you keep separating them from what they know time after time is beyond being excusable, I’m afraid. To immerse them in an atmosphere of fear and trepidation as well could only be for evil purposes. But maybe I’m just a little sensitive to this sort of relationship issue. My parents certainly never saw themselves as evil but I got a pretty good idea that my father knew what he’d done to his kids which was why he so happily disowned us at the first opportunity.

    I’m straying from my main thrust to my thinking so I will now try to broach it better by talking about the Zionist project as it pertains to our present situation. It has become my certainty, after reading many articles, books, e-books, videos, etc, about many things and not being a master of any particular one, that the Kabbalah, Talmud, and other ‘Jewish’ religious texts constitute the core philosophy of the class of people that rule the rest of us. I say this because it would seem obvious to me that without the enthusiastic help from many of the ‘Goyim’ the Jewish people would be a minority sect who would have a reputation for being dark magicians of fake money. Maybe even as Gypsies. Now there’s no mistaking that we are talking about inter-generational wealth and power being held by Jewish people but that top of the pyramid needs to be supported by the rest of us or they would fall to the ground and break into pieces. Their supreme wealth is only because we have played their game and made it so. The West/East divide is a Zionist/Colonialist project and the two are inextricably intertwined together. Without the Balfour Declaration Israel might have not happened or might have but somewhere else. The followers of the Jewish holy books have been in control of the game from time immemorial.

    For this mind-set there is no optimal level of co-existence as they don’t believe in co-existence. They think it’s not conducive to the evolutionary process that they believe fervently in misrepresenting Darwin and saying that it comes down to survival of the fittest. This means that we are condemned to be pitted against each other in a game of artificial scarcity so that we compete for those ‘scarce’ resources. How desperate we become in securing some resources ends up depending on the level of scarcity TPTB set.

    Now in the day to day world most people who would consider themselves targets of my criticism would protest (rightly) that most of the people who work in the areas of government/military are decent people. To that I would agree but I would also add that it’s the institutions that we work for that can make our actions evil even when our intentions are good. The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact it necessarily has to be that way with the way our economies and institutions are structured. People do things in their job that they wouldn’t consider doing if it wasn’t a workplace duty. The most extreme example I can think of would be the soldier who kills and then goes on leave back to his wife and family. Would he kill outside of uniform? Would you? Could you? The soldier who’s killed has. It sets up an interesting conundrum, doesn’t it? Workplaces, in fact, give (some) people the scope to play out their fantasies of control and superiority through the hierarchical structure as they strive to achieve career advancement.

    The soldier is the extreme example but you can see how the general concept of desensitizing the individual to certain actions and/or behaviors through practice can have far reaching impacts on the wider community. Outside of uniform.
    My concluding comments to my general thoughts today are that I’m probably writing into a vacuum of indifference but I’m not going to let that stop me. I can always get a hard copy and do a mail-out the old fashioned way. I would have to be selective in who I send to as I can’t blow my $25 living fund all on postage and stationary.

    So I predict we will have Xmas in December sometime. Followed in quick succession by 2019. During this time some things will become more expensive while others will become cheaper. You will get older but not necessarily wiser. (I’m pretty good at prophecy, you know) It will come down to whether people can just understand that Jews have come up with all our modern ways of organizing ourselves on a national and international level. It’s not anti-Semitic to say that it’s just a fact. They organized the banks in their modern form. Columbus was surrounded by Jews and may have been a ‘crypto’ Jew himself. The Rothschild’s are married into European and English aristocracy. They’re also the bankers to the Vatican and the Holy sea. However the Jews are not the only ones following the Talmud but it would seem that what the Jews have done through certain families over time is infiltrate other families and their bloodlines. By that method they are able to coordinate using family ties to pit the various powerful families (and the countries/industries they control) against each other.

    The conspiracy is in the game. You set the rules of the game to encourage conspiracy, then, hey presto! You will have plenty of conspiracy. By keeping the rules vague and having plenty of lawyers on payroll they also have plausible deniability while having ample ability to engage in those conspiracies. (e.g. Fee for no service. AMP).

    So are these Elite families victims or willing co conspirators in this world of contrived conflict and religious zealotry? I think it’s a dynamic that needs to be understood before it can be unwound.

  19. I don’t lie. I never have. Not small lies or big lies. It’s possibly my biggest flaw for this world. While I’m writing this I’m thinking to myself, are you sure? … Not even one little lie? I can honestly answer that I can’t remember if I have, ever, on a small lie. But I can categorically say that I’ve never lied about something big. I’ve always been honest that way. I might’ve been programmed wrongly in my interpretation and response to the social world but I’ve always been able to tell what it is to lie about objective events. It’s something I’ve always been acutely aware of (I think because of the unhappy upbringing) so have an almost pathological obsession with the ‘truth’. I put that in inverted commas because the only truth is that which you have witnessed yourself or that which you can reproduce and verify independently. (I did lie once to get out of a job door to door selling encyclopedias but I did that so they would pay my bus fare back to Sydney from Brisbane where they’d sent me first of all. But that’s the only one I can think of)

    Now, I realize that if someone has bothered to read this far down then they would realize I’m referring to the events surrounding the death of Mr Scriven. I need to write this because I intend all this to be admissible evidence in a court of law if it goes that far and the authorities decided they would be better served by attacking the messenger instead of dealing with the deeper philosophical and policy issues my summery of events from all those years ago addresses.

    There will be people out there who will oppose me and seek to discredit my words. I know who some of them are but there will be others I don’t. I have no doubt that they will use the argument that I’m just lying to make trouble because I’ve made trouble in the past. I have to say that I’ve been guilty of making trouble in the past but it was not done with that in mind and the trouble has mostly been for me in repercussions and revenge. That’s why I haven’t really wanted to tell this story in a forceful way until now and that’s only because of the way my criminal record has been tampered with. I am sick and tired of this being done as I also had the police tell me some years ago that I had a criminal conviction for cannabis cultivation which was also a lie. That one disappeared at the time because I was in the police station at the time asking to have the form to get my record cleared after the 10yr without police conviction. That’s when they said, oh, no. You have this conviction, blah, blah. I disputed at the time and my record cleared. However, I don’t really know what’s on there now as that time is locked out for me on my record as well as anyone asking for a police clearance from me. Government is a brick wall. An impenetrable barrier to all investigation from a member of the general public. Only those who have been vetted by being in the government in the first place that have proper access to all the relevant information. And that’s only if they choose to access it. It’s frustrating and is set that way to cause people to trigger so that they can become a police and court matter. It’s sickeningly mundane operating procedure for the way that governments deal with people who it deems whistle-blowers.

    The government lies to cover for it’s inadequacies until exposed through investigation. I’ve made this much public because after 33yrs the memory for me hasn’t diminished. When I am told in advance that a patient is being gotten rid of and then to have that patient choked to death horrified me but it is a horror that takes time to properly manifest. I can no longer be provoked over and over by this government and not tell them that they owe me a debt against my psyche because of the impression those events of that night had on me. To be,….assaulted,…. accosted,…. affected, …. infected(?) in that corridor when he died but without me being aware of it as I’d left work for the night added another dimension to the whole saga and is not without jarring implications considering what has been unfolding around this State and the country since this whole episode resurfaced for me.

    Let me make it clear that I’ve had a very complicated relationship with what I may consider to be the ‘afterlife’. I have gone from being an unthinking atheist because I was being nihilist in my thinking when young to being a more considered agnostic to now wondering if we really are being assaulted by forces that actually have intelligence and are able to influence human kind both individually and at the wholesale level. I am of the thinking at the moment that if these forces do exist either just of the imagination or are indeed real entities that have motivations that can manifest as evil but still needs us to actually do the evil acts. Then they still serve the same ends. We wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell which is which so pursuing that line of debate is pointless except if you want to create a division that can’t be resolved. Unfortunately this is the way that I think government acts from time to time and specifically if the institutions they support come under attack from people like myself. They hate people who they think have betrayed their code of silence. Well they should have thought about that when they actively destroyed the career in medicine I was hoping to pursue. After what the nursing profession did to me I should keep silence about an unlawful killing because why?
    They don’t want to deal with an act that is so wrong but impossible to sort out. I think about this a lot and I can see why it’s an impossible situation. If they accept the veracity of my story it opens them up to be sued for compensation. By many parties, I’d say. However, it’s easier for them to just deny me. It does my head in to the extent that I can see that they’d prefer me to disappear into a psychologists office but that time has passed. I’ve managed to explore myself and be able to unravel my problems to reveal the nub of those concerns. This is about political conflict and how you shouldn’t use the power of the State to exact revenge either for yourself or others who have their own agenda to push. That politician knows who they are and all I can say is that I’m not like other people that you can crush on a whim. I never wanted to get caught up in all the intrigue of my experiences of your sphere of influence. You politicians are very much a use or be used type of people and, I, had nothing to be used except my distorted personality. Unfortunately because I had been kept on the run and socially isolated throughout my childhood and adolescence I had no idea of how fucked-up I was. But those politician fuckers did and instead of helping me when I was in crisis they just set me up further so I would suffer more. I am very dark about these politicians and government employees. I have noted their actions and I direct my opprobrium at them in my thoughts and in these writings. It’s only fair that I should have a platform from which to state my displeasure at that which has been done to me and since some of it was done by powerful politicians I feel I have the right to fight back using any and all legal means at my disposal.

    I don’t lie. I don’t like the way things are turning out at all. We’re starting to hurt in Perth and WA because of all the domestic mayhem (I don’t even want to talk directly about what has been happening because it all exploded after I started writing to the Justice department about the incident I had to endure at that hospital and it can’t help but give me pause for thought) that is ongoing at the moment. Add to it the drownings that have just happened and I can’t help but feel a heavy burden has befallen the State because they have been playing too hard and loose with our dignity and human rights for the sake of keeping the rich rich and safe from the underclasses who are always asking for a better deal.

    Maybe they don’t care and this is how they want it.
    I don’t know for sure but with the lack of communication I get from them I get the impression that they don’t care which way I feel. I’m getting used to it. Doesn’t matter in a way now. I’ve found my outlet and so I don’t feel triggered by them anymore.

    Let me try and finish with an open letter to those dark occult forces and the people that they manifest through. It’s the only way I can access this next subject and it’s probably the darkest because it was the first.

    “I got to hand it to your power to ruin peoples lives. You are par excellence because you capture wealthy middle-class people who have good educations and are fascinated by the power offered by the dark side. Powers like hypnotism. I never understood what you people did to my brother that night in 1978 at the Last Drop when he went off with John Duffield and held up the Kalamunda hospital. Did you manage to hypnotize him because he was concussed from being in a passenger in a car accident the previous night? Was he more susceptible because he was getting drunk as well? Did one of you put a Micky-fin in his drink while he wasn’t looking? That one act (he’d turned 18 the previous week) ruined his life. A life that had already been tampered with by our parents.
    I think Perth has a dark secret in that there is a hard core of occult influence in the highest reaches of power here. I think you people look for naive, fools, who, for whatever reason haven’t been given the insight into their own vulnerabilities and you feed off them by setting them up to be physically and mentally destroyed. I think I have seen the evil here and I will not be influenced to make any more mistakes. If you people think that you can wage a war against the unsuspecting then realize that eventually we wake up to the power of your influence.
    My brother would never talk to me about that night and I don’t think he ever had any proper psychiatric counseling during his community service sentence. However if he had had been attacked by the dark occult that night through Duffield and whoever was with him then how would you explain that to a shrink without being branded as delusional. That police record destroyed his prospects as mine did some years later and I look at the events of that night as well and wonder how much control I really had over my actions. I don’t deny that my actions are mine but motivation is a funny thing and I think you dark occultists have found so many ways to affect them that you are laughing all the way to your magic circles.
    I have written this because it also strikes me as odd that for the entire time I was a trainee nurse and all that I was going through I never made the conscious connection that there might be people who knew about what my brother had done and looking at me and thinking, we’ve got to get rid of this guy because he must be like his brother. I consider that to be a piece of amnesia that you dark occultists managed to install in my mind. Worked a treat I have to admit because if anyone had reminded me of that connection at the time I would’ve taken a pause in being so forthright.
    Well I’ve sussed you lot out enough to say this. Because you work in the dark you can never come into the light without becoming powerless. That’s why I’m bringing all this out into the light. You try to stop it and you will also be exposed in this light. The way to stop you all is to tell the truth.”

    That will do for now. This is deep therapy and I’m exposing it all so that others don’t have to.

  20. When you open yourself up to the media via the Interweb of intrigue a deluge of stories about dozens of issues that you will find intriguing fill the screen. On closer inspection many of these stories end up repeating the same issues over and over again without any resolution as they take you down various rabbit holes to explain themselves.
    We look for a grand conspiracy that is at the heart of our depraved condition as a society and I would be the first to admit to looking down those rabbit holes. But in the end it’s the actions that we personally excuse from ourselves and others for expediency that constitute the grandest of all conspiracies. As long as we can put blame on them they can put blame on us. It’s a circular situation. Possibly a circle-jerk. The poor and the Elite jacking each other through the media. The masters of chaos must be taking the pictures.

    I’ll be interested to see what the terms of reference will be for the RC into aged care. I’m not going to labor the point as I think you reader(s) understand the thrust of that inquiry.

    The needle contamination seems conveniently timed to cover the passage of the TPP which will open up our domestic labor markets in Australia to even more cheap overseas workers. Plus now they can throw a few more laws into the mix that will also have so-called unintended consequences. I would hazard that those laws will include social media. Certainly hoaxes have been mentioned. What exactly do they mean by hoaxing, anyway?

    Will my blog survive the coming regulation? It may not be now but the trend is clear. I’m going to stop and do other stuff for a while.

    Have a good day.

  21. I have the suspicion that a fair number of my comments to Youtube don’t see the light of day so I reproduce one here because it has some relevance to this whole debate about injustice.

    Make no mistake. This is a war to extermination of the male ethos. Under the guise of opposing Trump, of course.
    Take Matt Bevan from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s AM program as an example of how this is being done. He gives summaries of the news during the morning and it is patently obvious that he is opposed to anything Trump but totally sympathetic to the Democrats. He does this through subtle ambiguities and structure of syntax, inflection of voice, and interpretation and selective use of known facts mixed with lack of critical thinking or analysis. After listening to him one could be mistaken for thinking that no man can be believed when allegations are made by a female as to their personal and/or professional conduct. I’m sick of this type of man because they are uncritical of the motivations behind the actions of anyone if they’re female.
    We will never be able to be sure if any of these allegations are valid or not and according to witnesses offered up for that night they didn’t know about any such assault as recounted by the professor.
    Imo, Matt Bevan will never offer up that critique. I offer this as an example of how the MSM has been treating this Kavanaugh issue and it’s wider implications as seen by myself.
    What is for sure is that the process for confirmation has been compromised by these allegations and the Democrats might get their wish and stop Trump from being able to get confirmation for his nomination. It’s these political games that disgust me and I make the point that while we divide both on political and gender lines the main game of the MIC carries on unabated.
    It’s so pathetically obvious that this is huge political theater designed to distract us from the killing of innocent civilians in Yemen. Or the trillions in government and corporate debt waiting to blow-up at any time. It appalls me to understand that people can be so polarized against each other by a government that should be the one that we’re opposing.
    The two Party system of adversarial politics is just such a blunt psychological instrument yet it works so effectively in keeping us divided about things that on closer inspection aren’t important.
    What matter the ‘makeup’ of the Supreme Court?
    Kavanaugh isn’t going to just stop abortion on demand if he gets on the board. He just wont. Why? Because there are eight other Judges who also get to vote and I’m sure that if push comes to shove the other judges will make sure the vote remains in favor of the original Roe vs Wade decision. That’s what I believe but that doesn’t matter to the people opposed to his appointment. They chose to believe something else.
    Thing is, where are the Yemeni children in this debate? Not there. All those exquisite legal minds are focused instead on the outcome of a political fight in Washington and the Beltway that, Imo, will alter few of the overall outcomes of the courts decisions.
    I can’t see this judge as being such a threat to American interests otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten to the top of his field.
    This is all about stupid partisan politics which is utterly counter-productive. Imo.

    • I should restate that the stupid partizan politics acts as cover for the attack on white males. While I agree that there are many areas where governments fail I don’t agree that it’s one side’s fault. Or that it’s because of white males. These people are just puppets and what’s happening now is a space is being created in the political landscape for the infusion of ethnic representatives into Congress and the Senate. This will make the idiots happy until they realize that those ethnic representatives are still just puppets of the Elite and that the general work of ruining the world goes on. Putting lipstick on the pig wont make any difference to the outcomes for us under the present system.
      What we’re doing is changing from a patriarchal system to a matriarchal system. Both the same coin just different sides. It’s what’s in the metal that counts when you realize the embossing is just putting a new sign on the process for manipulating our emotions and creating division along gender lines.
      Stupid partizan politics works as a Trojan horse for these other Elite agendas. The politics makes sure most of us buy into the bullshit.

  22. People think they know what’s coming. They don’t have a clue that those safe spaces are going global. The Matriarchy demands censorship to preserve peace (according to them). People need to go look at Deagel.com and look at the forecasts for the world economy broken down country by country. The site is not transparent in its methodology but I think it serves as an illustration of how things can change. The chart shows the USA having a dramatic fall in population and living standards. The critique is that the US economy is strengthening so it’s not even worth the time to debunk. But I say not so fast. I say by 2025 most of you will be either gay or infertile because of big pharma, Monsanto, and ANTIFA. That will put a huge dent in GDP as the men spend all their time in the beauty parlor (the gym) rather than the workplace which will have become overrun with female managers with no one to manage. Oh, I look forward to future with such glee 😉

    Did I go too far? Is it just being difficult or is it that the managers are what keeps pushing the change so that’s all they’ll be able to produce? Beware the MGTOW movement that is emerging in response to the attack on the male ethos.
    What do I mean by that?
    I mean that the male ethos requires that if you don’t agree with something you call it out face to face and don’t go round behind peoples backs and stab them. The male ethos requires that censorship remains within the home between parents and their children. That’s it. Anything that is criminal should be investigated by the proper authorities as it would be in the outside world.
    That’s what I mean by the male ethos. By no way do I feel that all men have it. Men who I would call hyper-masculine are those that have an internal hierarchy of trustworthiness that puts them at the top then women immediately underneath with the rest of us non hyper-masculine men right at the bottom.
    I don’t think they have the male ethos.
    There should be no hierarchy. For anything.

  23. I know this has been published elsewhere but I like it so I’ll post it here as well. It was in response to a video that showed Israeli soldiers forcibly removing Palestinians from their village in the West Bank so another Israeli settlement could increase in size. It was old men, women, children, cripples, all being very roughly pushed and shoved around as they were arresting some of the others. It must have been a sort of protest. Only a couple of dozen or so Palestinians and probably as many if not more Israeli soldiers. The whole situation was pathetic at the same time as being horrifying.

    I had a I’m disgusted by what I’m seeing but I think there’s a bigger horror that needs to be understood. The Israeli Project of a Greater Israel is a colonial project. One which has been done in our name countless times. It’s the M.O. of how our ‘civilization’ grows and it has to do with the weaponizing of our growth cycle into boom and bust by not guarding against system failures. Especially the failure of our burgeoning financial sector that has managed to leverage with debt just about anything that can be bought and sold so as to enrich only a small proportion of the population. This has been done by manipulation of our shared reality at every level that has been organized into institutional awareness. When we become vicarious actors in a play that we didn’t write our words and actions may betray us when we need clarity of purpose most. We have to disconnect from those institutions that intrude so significantly into peoples lives. Especially if it is unwarranted and unwanted intrusion.
    This is the colonial mind-set working its magic by embedding itself into the fabric of those shared institutions that have sprung up out of governments need to find ways to control the general population.
    All our ‘services’ can be turned into dis ‘services’ by invoking the greater good and budget constraints. Because we invest so much of our own hope of survival in the survival of these institutions we are prepared to suspend our critical functions to the point of engaging in criminal and unethical practices.
    That is the horror of our times. That our personal codes of what’s right and wrong have been subsumed by the supposed authority and supremacy of government institutions that no longer reflect a willingness to protect the people from exploitation. That these two macro and micro forces are being pitted against each other and the inversion of our loyalties to fairness is being amplified by a feedback loop of greed and competition fueled by forced scarcity.
    All to feed the big bad beast of the financial system.
    I’m probably speaking to the choir but I feel it has to be restated occasionally. All countries are turning more and more to this kind of authoritarian approach to law and order. Israel is a particularly bad one one as far as being an outside threat I think we’re too late. The ZOG’s are already in control for the most part.

  24. My friend, Russell, died on Sunday at age 56. He died of complications from pneumonia in conjunction with a myriad of other physical complaints. The result of a hard life made all the harder because after taking on the Government and losing, of course, he could never recover his financial footing in the world and turned to drinking. That and a slide into poverty cost him his marriage. I became his friend a little time after he had split from his wife.
    Russell was a flawed individual but so am I and I think part of the reason we understood each other and got along was that although I gave up drinking I didn’t judge him as a bad man because of his. By this time I had finally worked out that people like myself can’t drink and socialize properly because of unresolved childhood trauma and anti-social behavior born of a dysfunctional upbringing. I recognize that anyone with my kind of mind should never sit and boil it in alcohol. The wrong questions and answers come to mind under that kind of chemical influence. Whether, as the name spirits implies, alcohol does indeed open the mind up to ‘other’ influences is a mute point to me but after all the strange experiences I had over the years I no longer dismiss such thoughts out of hand. With those thoughts in mind I’ve always held Russell in good regard. He always meant well. He was a good man and I miss him.
    I get sad that people get drowned by life. I sympathize and identify with the less fortunate as I’ve become one of them. The difference with myself is that I’ve worked out how the system works to ruin peoples lives through generational change of fundamental concepts taught through the indoctrinating process of supervised common schooling. It’s a curse as I am not of that method and can see its limitations in terms of a detrimental herd mentality that stifles dissent or criticism. I that respect it doesn’t matter whether your from a private school or public one the herd mentality will be ingrained and with it a lot of social rules are set out and mapped onto the child’s personality.
    To me its become toxic and producing a society that’s cut off from the fundamentals of cause and effect. I see it effects in everybody including myself. Just goes to show that understanding a problem of greater society doesn’t exonerate oneself from personal failures because of it. So I judge myself as harshly as I judge others in my criticisms of how I see society working. But at least I’m prepared to go there. In this world of non-judgemental and inoffensive safe spaces this sort of interrogation of the facts is now strictly forbidden. This is the herd mentality on steroids and is preventing the critical analysis of society.
    My friend, Russell, who wasn’t an educated person in the sense I outlined earlier understood this on a more visceral level and that’s one of the reasons we were friends.
    R.I.P. Russell. You were a good man who got beaten by a world that has been perverted by con men who have succeeded in driving us into compromises that work against our own best interests.

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