Murder Inc. West Australian style.

There is no way to describe this with words alone.

You can only take so much abuse from government before it becomes intolerable. Then you either commit suicide or end up in jail. The government doesn’t care if it means having to admit that it covers-up criminal activity all the time when it’s done by government employees. They also don’t care who they have to destroy to save their precious Health department from being investigated by the International Criminal Court of Terrorist tactics to stay in power.

Government likes to take someone (such as myself) and expose them to premeditated murder and then make me suck it all up with the resultant cover-up. The WA government then just leaves me to struggle and finally fall under the weight of being made an accessory to the murder of a quadriplegic patient in a public hospital.

And what sort of response do I get when I approach the WA Justice department over this horrendous case? … NOTHING!!!

I will not stop reminding the WA public of how vulnerable they are in State care because these people conspired together to ruin my life. They did a bang-up job too. The only problem for them is I’ve managed to stay alive long enough to work out how I was set up and earmarked for destruction.


I had to take it off-line for a while as I was getting too angry and needed to put some space between all this shit and myself for a while. Anger only leads to hatred which is one of the most corrosive emotions I can think of and ends up in wanting someone dead. Contrary to some peoples idea of me I can’t abide the idea of conspiring to kill another being. Human or not. So I have to find cover when I’m feeling this way. People think they’re intrinsically good but we’re all capable of wanting bad things to happen to others if the mood doth take them.

The simple truth is that I have to conclude that the only people I can hold responsible for my fucked up adulthood are my parents. If they had done the right thing by us two kids we would have had very different lives. I can see that now at the tender age of 56. Doesn’t stop the world from being a messed-up shit hole run by psychopaths but enables me to avoid being put in the spotlight ever again. That’s one of the big life lessons that my parents failed to provide me or my dead brother.

I registered with the RC into nursing homes but am still waiting to be ‘invited’ to make a submission. I will do what I have to do and tell them what I experienced but I expect nothing at best and a whole pile of trouble as the cover-up is continued at worst. I have no illusions that my story can be so easily denied and there could be criminal implications if ever it was proved to be true. It all relies on the honesty of the other nurses that night. That’s why I’ve never tried to do what I’m doing now. I’m only doing it because I realize it’s something that’s weighed heavily on my life. Even that wouldn’t be enough except for what happened to me as I walked that corridor when Mr Scriven finally died. I find it hard to believe in anything but that experience even if only accepted as a reaction to what I witnessed that night should, at least, give the authorities some pause when thinking about how staff are forced to deal with a situation like that.

I know the truth, however, that I experienced something of the supernatural that night and that sure knowledge has always set me apart from the rest of my contemporaries. The ironies are rich with all this as I have to look after my 86yr old mother who has severe dementia now and can’t communicate. I can’t place her in a aged care facility as she would be a sitting duck for nurses such as the two who were looking after Mr Scriven. Most people would trust the system but how can I? I saw first hand how the system covers for murderers. There’s no easy way through all this for me. What could I expect, though, I’m the last of the family standing so I suppose all the bad karma has to flow like mud to me. Part of my family curse.

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Sometimes decades. Actions are being taken and have been taken that take a long time to develop their consequences. You must know yourself before you can apprehend correctly the games being played around you lest you become a pawn in one of them.

Can Uncle-Daddy take back control of his chopper or will Minister Q take up Frydenberg’s offer to transition his ears? There’s only one way to find out! That’s to keep this blog on your brouser while sending me large amounts of political capital in brown paper bags that I can squander at will. I’ll accept Pork-barrells as a down payment on a string attached but only in perpetuity.

I admit that I crap on a lot. But, hey, it’s my blog so I indulge myself in the hope that through my loose thinking and writing something interesting will eventually materialize as if by loan-shark. Something with a lot of interest attached. See?

I was remembering my past with a renewed interest as I turned it over in my mind with the tool of hindsight and honest self-appraisal and I have to admit I was an awful person when I was younger. I didn’t realize how sociopathic I was until much later in life and off the booze. I have to say again how sorry I am to some of the people who knew me in the past. Probably all of them. However, I’m not writing this to remake contact as I realize I should never have known them in the first place as they were not from my socio-economic background. For someone who hadn’t had his mind and personality distorted from birth that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but for someone like me who had been brought up without social skills or proper morals (I’m a little ashamed to admit but it’s the fall-out from being parented by a father who thought sex education should consist of telling his boys ‘rape’ jokes and then nothing. Yes. I say it because it’s shocking and it’s true. The man was a pig to us boys so we grew up acting like pigs ourselves. My father was/is despicable as far as I’m concerned and this is written because I owe more of an explanation to those I have wronged in the past than to protect the fictitious reputation that my father has built for himself after he fucked us off leaving the wreckage behind to devour itself. Nice plan but I didn’t end up killing myself and so now I can explain to people the reasons for my terrible behaviour.

This is not to try to make people from the past like me or even to understand why I was such a fuck-up. It’s to document that great damage that can be inflicted on young minds when the primary caregivers are selfish, mad, and pass as middle-class if you don’t look too closely. I now can say that mental trauma from fighting parents who use their kids as pawns in their arguments shatters those young minds. It places psychological blocks that are hard to see around and cause great damage to themselves and to the people they try to form relationships with over time. These are just preliminary thoughts to issues I’ve been thinking about for years so please don’t expect me to have this all decanted into a comprehensive theory of social conduct from people damaged by their childhood. I’ll need the collaboration of Jordan Peterson to get that little number happening. But until then, I’ll struggle on, trying to make this confessional as entertaining as possible before the government opens a new off-shore detention centre just for me.

I was never mentally ill and that pair of words should be struck from the lexicon because it’s one of the reasons mentally disturbed people never get better. In my experience, people get mentally disturbed by events in their lives both past and present. The idea that you can treat this set of conditions as some kind of illness that can be administered to with chemicals that affect the normal functioning of the brain is ludicrous and dangerous. Yes. Those with provable chemical imbalances in the functioning of their brains do need chemicals to stabilize those functions but to lump people like myself into the same group is wrong. People who defend the system will say that that distinction is already made but I’ll say that there’s many a slip twixt lip and cup. Health systems employees are overworked due to the lack of proper staffing levels. Those who are mentally disturbed are reviled and rejected and don’t get the care they need. Fact of life. My advice from my experience as someone who has been mentally disturbed on a professional level by professional disturbers is that you must develop a liking for mindless entertainment if the programming is going to work.

It’s Christmas so merry Christmas. Be good.

I can see now that I was addicted to sex along with all the other addictions that come from being brought up so badly and in comparative isolation so as not to be able to have a childhood. You do have it, but as an adult, which is socially destructive and can be catastrophic if you don’t know this is why it’s happening. I now understand why I wasn’t suited for nursing even though I found the work interesting. My personal approach to female staff was correct and above board but my reputation as a womaniser outside of hours would’ve made me enemies within the work-space. Oh, how stupid of me not to have been able to pick it up and have been able to modify my behaviour but by that stage my personal moral compass was clouded and distorted by my parenting and then this mercy killing, murder, call it what you wish. To say that my internal life was a mess would be an understatement. I made myself a target and I can blame only myself for being labelled unsuitable when re-applying for that degree.

I will say that addiction is about a lack of something that can never be found no matter where you look for completion. You can’t get some things back that you never had growing up. If those things are love, security, and a nurturing social circle, then I think that an ‘addictive’ personality will be the inevitable outcome. It’s a real bummer because people will take advantage of these weaknesses and exploit you in the end. Justifying to themselves that the person deserved their demise as they will be unpopular without realising it. Most people despise displays of weakness in others and will go to extraordinary lengths to hide their own.

My weaknesses where too big to ignore I now comprehend. I did try to settle down but the nurse I dated for a while gave me the HPV virus but didn’t tell me she had it. Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis from the sexual health clinic condemned me to 5 yrs of treatment at a later date and was to really destroy my personality. All these things ruined my faith in the hospital/health system I was working for and I made the decision to resign. My story is ugly and embarrassing but it will be my last confession. I don’t have any more bar that I drank and drugged myself for many years looking for a solution and found none. My sex addiction made me a very temporary lover because nothing was good enough after a while. Just like addiction to a drug. And just like that I made myself a pariah.

I’m glad I’ve worked out what a jerk I was but it still leaves me with the memory of Mr Scriven’s death, and the circumstances around it, at the hands of my fellow nurses back in ’84. It’s not something that I can drop from my consciousness without returning to that mentally disturbed state I have described to you in some detail throughout my blog posts. I can’t and don’t want to return, anyway, so the point is mute. I wonder if that RC is ready for what I have to tell them about the real world consequences of exposing someone like myself to such a terrible act. If I’d wanted to learn how to kill crippled old men I would have joined ISIS.

Having said all that I have to also say that there are a majority within the medical system who do their job well and with compassion. Unfortunately, with my already distorted personality from earlier years, I seemed to attract others with distorted personalities. Or at least they would act interested in my presence. What more can I add except to say don’t be a dickhead. That’s my job.

I’m trying to think of something light-hearted to say but I really can’t. I think the control grid is tightening around us here in Australia. I was listening to Quinn Michaels talk about how the A.I that been developed to interface with the Blockchain and the Internet of things (IOT) has been planned for since the 60’s at least. Not in the same words but the concept is included in that they were working out how to make meaning of all the data so to make it easier to sift through. To do that they had to master the art of deep machine learning so that human intervention was needed only when actions have to be carried out to neutralise a threat identified by that deep machine learning. Plus all the individual A.I.’s will link up through the Internet to become a singularity. A singularity that you can now join with Alexa or Watson. No need to think for yourself when you have a personal super brain with all the politically correct answers.

Welcome to the herd.

19 thoughts on “Murder Inc. West Australian style.

  1. Funny. I take my blog private because I’m too angry over what I’m talking about. Not just because I can see how people would rather not believe me. Then suddenly I get 4 views all at once. Does that mean it’s not private? I can’t tell at the moment. Shows how little I know about navigating this site from the back room. So to speak.
    I was so thrown into this world without reasonable cause that I made up one of my own. A bad one. It seems inevitable that I would have that load of crap thrust into my psyche as I was already messed-up. Just takes time and tide to understand and get a proper perspective. I might get there one day.

  2. Have you noticed how politicians don’t solve problems but only make them? Every policy they implement has a negative effect that overshadows the point of the policy in the first place. The NDIS is a perfect example. It’s a disgusting mess with people being left without care or support for indeterminate amounts of time. The only thing the government has in it’s favor is the fact that Aussies are pussies when it comes to their own government telling all of us that the sky is in fact red.

  3. Let me qualify that last remark by saying that I’ve been a pussy for not dealing with this alleged criminal act a long time ago. The only point I can make in my defence is that I wasn’t aware of all the relevant information and hadn’t the social or legal skills to work out I should’ve taken the whole thing to a lawyer when I resigned the traineeship due to all the issues I’ve laid out previously.
    Unfortunately I just didn’t know that it would all come back to haunt me later. Bad decision after bad decision. God, I was numb from the neck up during that time. I think you can piece together what I’m trying to convey about dysfunctional families and the problems they create for the offspring. I had no proper perspective about the way the world worked and with a bit of bad luck and a career choice I really didn’t understand (I’m sure the Health department has many stories to tell if they were forced to) the subsequent life moves were mostly unmitigated disasters.
    In hindsight it seemed so inevitable. But I’m not going to keep on at this. It’s gone and inserted itself into my cartoons with the recognition that you can only really draw from your own life experiences when trying to be a little philosophical about what life can dish up to you.
    I did say I wasn’t going to do what I’ve done but I can be a hypocrite at times as well. It’s not intentional but circumstance can interfere with the best laid plans of even an elite mind like mine.
    Speaking of elites I will say that I’m referring to a mind-set rather than a specific group of people who are rich beyond imagination. The conspiracies that I subscribe to are mostly concerned with the creation and control of money/credit. If I had to pick a side over the Moon landings I’d go with the conspiracy but I do it with the caveat that it was a mediated event and NASA was staffed by ex-Nazi’s at the time from after WW2. Governments seem to lie about all the major policies they implement whether it be banking regulation, irrigation policy, environmental policy, MyHealth record privacy policy, my criminal record government policy. The list seems endless because it is. Government only functions as a bridge between crisis after crisis making sure that we’re all pulled into their narrative and continuous end-game. They play, we pay. It’s made that way. It could be changed but it requires people to realize this whole economic and social system is shot and has to make way for something else. But what. The remedies offered by the elites seem nightmarish to me. The idea of China being as powerful culturally and politically as the US makes me shudder. Toleration of and legal protection for internal dissent used to be a hallmark of Western Democracies but it seems that the wheel is now turning away from such freedoms and that, I feel, encourages despotic rulers to chance their hand which again feeds back to our leaders with the result we have to endure more draconian laws as regards to public assembly and personal privacy. With the attendant loss of human rights while being detained and out of sight from witnesses.
    I’m not optimistic at this point as our leaders seem to have decided that money and trade are more important than human rights. I suppose it’s always been that way but now out in the open I fear it will become super-charged.
    I don’t feel that sense of security that most have that it’ll be alright in the morning. I’m like a canary in the coal mine sent to be seen as a warning by being appraised of the arc, grain, and texture of my demise. Through long and often tedious descriptions and overly long retellings by yours truly. A public upwelling of raw self analysis because it’s my blog and I will it.
    It is, after all, probably the most unpopular blog on Earth.

  4. How weird. I was looking for my blog and the search engine gave me this with some of my cartoons as HIS product and an invite to produce more.
    How really bizarre. I don’t know whether to be flattered or outraged so I’m a bit of both at the moment. I will need to think as what to do. Maybe nothing except to make it plain that that website has nothing to do with me. I have to wonder if he did get any commissions, though.

  5. After looking again at the chris katko site and see that the link does indeed lead to this blog I have to say that it can’t be doing me any harm so I’m just leaving the situation be. Seems to be a boost of sorts. Or maybe I’m being psy-oped and should become parnoid for the delusion of self-protection. (Oh dear. Spell-check isn’t working. I’m done for!)

  6. How very interesting. It looks as though the new editor for WordPress wont allow you to have a spell checker unless you start to pay for one of their plans. I’m not even sure that will necessarily enable a spell checker to be sucessfully installed. I’ve done some cursory reading on the issue and it seems that I can’t enable the ‘classic’ plugin that will allow me to revert the editor to the original style that does support a spell checker unless I unpgrade to a business plan.
    This seems counterproductive to say the least. Maybe I’ve missed something that would sort the checker out but I can’t find it so I’ll just have to be more vigilant. After recently falling foul of a malicious phishing site I’m loathe to download anything that doesn’t have a verifiable publisher. (Something I have no real idea of how to do in a verifiable way. Ha, ha, ha.) In a way it’s probably a good thing because it will make me a better writer as I laboriously flick across the tabs to type in and find the correct spelling of some word or another. Oh, the hum-drum of blogging with the free WordPress plan.
    I guess I will have to research the nuts and bolts of this technology and software to be more than a point and click kind of user. Getting caught up in the technical aspects of the Internet sems like another rabbit-hole to travel down. Forever. That’s probably a failing of mine that might become a virtue in this age of computers and that is I’m always pulling out before I’ve finished. Of course that’s not really anything more than a sweeping generalization with a smutty edge if you want to interpret it that way and in a way that’s exactly what I intended so I could call attention to it straight away. Language can be a trap. Sentences can be a trap if they hold too much water and cover too much ground. How many readings of a persons writings must be written before thay can be considered worthy of praise? Let’s shake out all the nuance uncovering the sub-texts and all the damning information that can be back engineered from the original text. We’ll then analyse and criticize the meta-thematic structure of the economic implications of having a population totally controlled by fear porn endorsed by government because they’ve been subjected to silent weapons developed by people with the minds to do it. Implications for commerce have been documented by Google search engine and can now be analyzed to find out how we really think and it’s not pretty. I’m serious. It’s being done right now and it would seem that we are negative reactionaries. Not good.
    Lastly, for the moment, I mentioned I’m anti-war. I mean it but I’m also pro-gun for personal protection against those who would want us to go to war. Does that mean I would own one if I could legally? It would depend on me getting proper training in the use and storage of a weapon. I believe the Swiss have a lot of guns in their community without negative consequence.
    Some arguments from groups who have the media spotlight need to be brought into relief against some exingences from a counterpoint. Such as the immigration to the moon and let them all in refugee crowds that stay strangely silent on the root causes of the rfugee crisis in the first place. The West’s destruction and exploitation of almost every indigenous population on the Earth and the imposition of puppet ‘native’ rulers who just carry on the abuse but one or two steps removed from the real masters. Just remember that Robert Mugabe had an education from English Universities. A useful idiot for the Elite as far as I’m concerned. Kept the country, it’s people, and it’s resources undeveloped all the years so as to impose a manufactured scarcity for basic food stuffs with knock on-effects throughout the continent.
    I will leave my thoughts here and return to my heavily redacted existence.

  7. What can you say?
    I suppose you could get upset and post this as indication that something really bad is happening world-wide and none of us seem to be able to stop it.
    Let me lay out my concerns above and beyond that which you could ascertain from those video’s. The US defence establishment would be doing what any warring nation would do when being attacked using spies who have infiltrated all of their supply lines and manufacturing networks. Shut itself down and withdraw from all international agreements pending a new strategy toward a world that has stolen it’s best innovations and military secrets and then improved on them to produce this new generation of weapons we are now seeing produced by Russia and China.
    For those who believe that these countries should take over as hegemonic forces above and beyond the USA I would point out that although the USA stood for idealism at home it was imperialism that it spread abroad. It’s now coming full circle back from the 3rd world countries we exported it to in the first place. It has always been obvious to me that if a country lives on the future earnings of the next generation their going to be pissed when they find out. That’s exactly what happened to me. I could see very quickly that the debt that we inherited from those prior generations was already un-payable. Those who had seen the evil character of our economy learnt to profit from it and they succeeded in developing a two tiered system of those who had been given a balanced start to life and those who hadn’t. The system looks so fair when you don’t factor in the mental disturbances people may have and may or may not know they have. But the system knows this. The people who produced it know this fact in exquisite detail and apply it all the time so they can delineate the us and them through all the MK-Ultra mind control programs that migrated from the lab and into the general population years ago. The concentration on self and sex is terribly destabilising for individuals and society when seen mainly in the context of one another. Which is the way we’ve been socially engineered to think when considering issues of individuality. The perfect body for the perfect mind. But I digress.
    (I’ll post this now but will continue later. I have things to do.)

    • (I’ve gone and done my things.)
      Dr Spock and his parenting technique hammered the nail home in the coffin of parental control in my family. It was all the excuse my father needed to stay out of our up-bringing, as far as I can piece together, and would have used it to excuse his lack of involvement to himself. I’m sure he would also have justified leaving us kids to rot after he remarried to his new family by stating blandly that he didn’t have much to do with our childhood leaving the discipline (or lack of it) to my mother who used us for pawns rather than children. Like my old man as well but I can see how their techniques were different. My mother had every intention of using every psychological trick she knew to make us see her as the victim in her relationship with my father but he had recognised this and had deliberately made himself distant throughout so he could disappear from our lives without us noticing too much. That way he get’s to keep the loot from the rest of his life away from me when he dies.
      In the world that doesn’t exist there would be a price he would have to pay me for depriving myself and my deceased brother of a chance at a decent run at a good education like the one that he had by being one of the few men of his age with such an education uninterrupted by the second world war. But he didn’t think that way. I would also want recompense for my twisted personality and lack of social skills but it wont happen as I’m sure he takes no responsibility for the antagonism and hatred shown between the two of them while we had to watch which was transferred into our own developing personalities. We were nothing to him and he would tell us in all seriousness more times than I wish to count, “I never wanted you kids”. What a cunt, I realise, he was.
      So that’s how you fuck-up your own kids. Do all that and keep on the move while the kids are going through school so the authorities never get to piece it all together. It has to be extreme like my sojourn through Africa then ping-pong between Australia and NZ but it can be done, as my old man proved. As a skilled draughtsman he was highly paid and mobile. He could always find work. Unlike myself who only had a trade and the wrong attitude for working in a team environment with conservative views and ethos. Which is what the skilled blue collar workforce mostly is. Unionised and very conservative. My old man was a cunt but could work by himself while still being in a team environment without being found out. He had to stop drinking after setting on a fellow worker at a company party. Neither of my parents ever tried to get treatment and never thought themselves to be mentally disturbed. My mother still doesn’t from when she was communicating sensibly to me. Just goes to show that unless you actually gain the insight into your own mental disturbances and want to accept responsibility for them you will never wake up to your own insanity.
      Anyway, I’m sure he’s fire-walled his money so I can never see any of it so I wont bother wasting cash I don’t have on a lawyer waiting for him to die. (If he hasn’t already)
      I’ve digressed. Sorry.

      I can lay you a ten to one bet that while, as Brendon says, the US are pulling all their military infrastructure apart looking for these Chinese chips, made in Israel, that are in all sorts of gear both in communications and anything else that’s prefabricated from China or Israel, the Australian government will be looking at itself with bewildered faces still not able to comprehend that a real war has been raging around them ever since the internet and robotics took off in the commercial realm. War has become a matter of our commerce as well as a matter of bombs and ground invasion. What we have is cyber-space invasion brought about by the nefarious behaviour of the Israeli State in conjunction with international corporations to achieve the hollowing out of the West, militarily, economically, and socially, by transferring all our means of production overseas and leaving us with no way of competing for those dollars. By doing that they have condemned us to become mired in debt as we buy all our goods and services from companies who either make their profits by selling to us or sucks those profits made here off-shore to the parent company.
      To give you an idea of how pervasive the Israeli State is in involving itself far and wide in the function of other countries I will relay this story I was told by one of those nurses I now realise couldn’t stand me. It’s true because I was there when he did some of the fund raising to go as a Student Nurse representative to,…. wait for it…, Israel for an international Nursing conference way back in ’87. You can’t make this stuff up as they say.
      Could Brendon actually be an Israeli asset seeing that he used to be a nurse in WA?
      I’m sorry, I just had to throw that in, in a half joking sort of way. But it is said that TPTB always will give you all the information about their plans so they have no negative karma from Natural Law which they seem to respect even if they pretend it doesn’t exist. I would wager that there’s some of that going on with Brendon as we all get used even when we don’t really know it.
      Now to the other point I wanted to make when Brendon made the point that he was a decent person and he wasn’t looking for trouble but ended up in trouble for trying to defend his country, and by extension the West, from spying and infiltration aimed at destroying our capability to defend ourselves in time of war. Or in peace-time for that matter.
      Now, I’m going to assume Brendon reads my blog, (as he knows I exist from comments I’ve made on his vids when you still could make comments) and take that remark about decency as a reference to the notion that I’m an example of the indecent type that inhabit this city but I can assure you I was nothing compared to the way there is a manifestation of indecency in the medical system. I saw incompetence and a criminal lack of care mostly excused by budgetary constraints. This is what they call the banality of evil. I saw how mistakes and even killing of patients was just hidden from public view and the only people who get treated like evil criminals are those who try to change it.
      My point is that being taken care of for exposing wrong in Perth is just as perilous for the indecent as the decent. TPTB don’t make those fine distinctions. I made it easy for them by being such a fuck-up in the first place. With Brendon they had to bend the rules quite a bit more to ruin him. But they will find a way. The elite have more like me than Brendon realises so being decent means nothing. This game of life has been made ruthless by these overlords who make the rules to suit themselves. Because they can.
      Those who think we can avoid war need to look at the way the British Royal family insist that their children go into the armed forces before they can perform official duties. We have the Campbell Barracks that just sits in Swanbourne without ever having much info come out of it. Garden Island also gets a free pass from our media. Imagine if a foreign power had back-door control and shutdown ability within all your communications systems both military and civilian and another foreign power aligned with that power decided that they wanted to annex the north of Australia. Imagine the chaos such a situation could cause with the resultant loss of the country to another superpower we aren’t aligned with. Especially if that superpower we are aligned with can’t come to our aid as their military systems wont work either at all or in the theatre of war specified.
      Worried? I am.

  8. I recommend that no one upgrades to Windows 10. It was done without my permission when my computer had to be repaired due to me downloading some malware. It keeps turning my computer on when it’s closed up. It also allows attacks aimed at gaining control of my web cam. It wont run properly with Firefox or Duckduckgo. I’ve heard and read that Gates basically had a team of Israeli’s help write the code but wont tell us which parts. Never in our history have we given up so much data about ourselves. The Government wont be able to help themselves and will encourage a social crediting system akin to the Chinese model and with a form of pre-crime analysis. I rang our Healthpoint service the other day for some mundane medical advise and said I would remain anonymous which they supposedly allow. About 30 seconds into the conversation she nearly blurted out my first name. Just managed to stop herself before the whole name come out. We have no privacy any more unless you have unplugged from the Internet. I didn’t bother to block access to My health record because all that does is stop you from accessing the information, IMO. Doesn’t stop your doctor from typing it all in to their computers and have it upload to the digital record site. Governments are becoming drunk with the possibilities of deceiving the public using this technology.
    I should go to a Linux based system but I’m not that savvy with computers so I’ll have to settle on Windows 7/8. I agree with Brendon O’connell that all the software and hardware has been hijacked by the Russian/Israeli state and we need to take drastic action if we are to avoid being enslaved to a form of Beast system.

  9. My mother died in hospital last night. R.I.P., Mum. I’ll miss her and even though she could be a hateful person in some of the things that she did and said I still loved her as my mother. You can’t pick and choose your parents. All you can hope for is that they love you. I know my mother loved me but not my father. Never mind. In the end I had to become my own father so I could grow past the bad memories of his influence (or lack thereof) at those critically important ‘teaching’ moments in my life.

    Speaking of teachable moments I notice the RC in aged care is starting to hear submissions this coming week. How strange as I’ve heard nothing about making submissions to the RC from that registration web site that I signed onto.
    I’m becoming more and more convinced that this commission of inquiry is going to turn out a whitewash where people like me are just left without ever being able to confront them with what I’ve had to deal with after being exposed to such an act of violence against a defenseless quadriplegic man.

    I sent the RC this in the hope that someone might read it and do something to stop this sort of criminal behavior now and in the future.

    “Why aren’t you requesting our testimonials yet? Or are you excluding people such as myself and just going for a whitewash?
    When I was a trainee nurse on my first secondment to Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital in 1984 I was working the afternoon shift on the Psycho-Geriatric ward when one one the other nurses come into the room I was taking a patients obs and told me in a matter-of-fact voice, “We’re getting rid of Mr Scriven today.”
    I assumed they were going to transfer him to a better facility because his needs as a double-sided stoke victim were extensive and I didn’t nurse him personally being relatively unskilled at that time.
    Instead at tea-time he was fed laying flat on his back (which had never been done before) with the inevitable outcome that he aspirated a large amount of food into his trachea and lungs.
    I first became aware of the situation when I started to hear him trying to gasp for air from where I was, all the way at the other end of the ward.
    He was left like that for 20 or so minutes til the doctor arrived and suction was applied but to no effect.
    The medical staff decided “… to let nature take its course.” and so left him like that gasping for air at indeterminate intervals throughout the rest of my shift.
    He was still alive when I left the ward to return to my quarters but a peculiar things happened to me as I walked the connecting corridor. I was about two thirds down it when a wind that wasn’t a wind seemed to blow through me and left my eyes swimming and unable to focus for a second or two. I went to bed not thinking too much about it except it was a weird experience but when I returned the next day I was told that Mr Scriven had died at the exact moment I was walking that corridor to my quarters.
    This whole scenario grew over time to cause me great grief in my nursing career and ultimately cost me my place in it. I became too affected by the lack of concern for the care of old people in the hospital system and ended up making some really bad personal mistakes and decisions. Ultimately leading me to resign my job and ruin my life. Not a good idea for a team worker.
    I tell you my story not because I want revenge but I want you to understand that the hospital system killed two people that night. Not just one.
    I’ve never been able to trust the system after that ugly, premeditated, murder was covered up. Covered up at our low level and I was forced to be a part of it by being informed of the crime before it actually happened.
    I didn’t have a criminal record til I left nursing and the flashbacks to that night became obvious. I’ve never been able to hold down a decent job since having to leave nursing because of the PTSD.”

    I’m not sure this even went anywhere because the website seems to only be one way at the moment. I’m suspecting another cover-up. This time on a monumental scale. Government does seem utterly criminal in its approach to how it treats those without much money and become dependent of the State.

    Mr Scriven and those like him deserve to have justice or the system will keep producing them.

  10. I have to make mention of the sterling job the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has done in exposing the disgusting conditions endured by older Australians in State care. I could never have achieved any piece of mind without knowing that at least there is proper publicity for these woeful conditions. It truly is a crime against us all that such treatment is allowed to flourish in these facilities. Where have our morals and ethical standards gone? Oh, that’s right. They’re all relative now.

  11. Maybe Brendon O’Connell will read this when he asks is it too late to stop Israel taking over the high tech sector from the USA? IMO It’s too late. These crypto-Jews have had this plan going from before our parents were born. While we in the West were made economic refugees through the ravages of war the Israeli State was born and protected by soldiers trained by the West.
    No one can criticize them because they play the anti-Semitic/victim-hood card which just makes you look like you’re picking on them unfairly. The whole second world war seems like another elaborate stage show to hide the fact that the Israeli State needed it to come to be.
    Whatever. I wish Brendon would recognize the fact that most people are accepting of Israeli/Jewish domination of their lives because they believe either in their divinity, benefit from them economically and strategically, or they think they’re all geniuses and should be running the world. Israel has managed to appeal to the vanity of the world as well as to undermine it to get it’s own way. It seems to me they’ve always had a sense of purpose that has set them apart and they have gathered the like minded in their wake.
    Besides all that, the Australian public are only focusing on the alleged murder of the Israeli exchange student rather than Israeli control of the high tech sector. Whether the alleged murderer knew she was Israeli when he attacked her is not known but we sure know it. It’s a terrible thing to happen but murder isn’t a unique crime here. It happens but some ethnic or racial types get different treatment in the media and the stories get spun in a certain way. My sympathies go out all the people who are victims of crime and their are plenty of them. Probably most of us at one time or another.

  12. I find it so ironic that Brendon O’Connell was a nurse before he got swept-up into this whole world of espionage. I was a trainee nurse until, I too, got caught up in something bigger. Unfortunately for me my mental and emotional derangement from my fucked-up childhood and adolescence has made it impossible to be an effective advocate for the sort of change I feel is necessary to stop our civilization from falling off the proverbial cliff. I agree with most of what Brendon said about having some compassion for the people around you and don’t team up with white nationalists or other such groups that will sully the good work that he has done. I’m sad and disturbed that his work colleague was the reason he got himself involved. That’s what tends to happen if you ‘identify with the victim’ in the hospital sector. TPTB will come after you with a vengeance because I suspect this is an area where a lot of avoidable deaths are hidden from our view and they don’t want to be exposed for allowing, or hastening, the death of certain classes of people, (like the old, poor, infirm, crippled, or intellectually impaired). What I had to experience while I was in training has certainly negatively influenced how I feel about the medical system in general. It put me in a position where I had to some how reconcile the notion that nurses sometimes killed their patients and the rest of us just have to zip our mouths and carry on while others higher up the chain of command make things ‘right’. In the end I couldn’t reconcile the idea of being able to turn off the care factor under such circumstances. Peoples lives do matter and their manner of death should be made easier by the nursing staff under all circumstances not just some. Nurses know what I say is true but they work in a system that makes them that way or they just don’t survive it.
    I think we are turning ourselves into a throw away society where people are only considered valuable while the system gets use out of them. Once they become a ‘burden’ by collecting a pension and no longer working it’s a case of “how do we shuffle these useless eaters off the face of the earth without making it look too much like we’re doing it?”
    They do it by implementing policies that overwork and under-pay the staff so they become demoralized and desensitized to the suffering of their patients in aged care. With Mr Scriven putting the same two nurses on to care for him year in year out is a recipe for disaster and it boggles my mind that TPTB will plead ignorance that such arrangements are almost bound to end up with the patient being abused in some way or another.
    This is another indication to me of how sick our society has become. Every time I put my head up and listen to some MSM news I’m confronted with all these stories of people killing, murdering, raping and murdering other people or torturing animals and putting the evil act on facebook. I can’t fathom the hatred and self-loathing these people must be experiencing to commit such crimes. These dark corners of some peoples souls frighten me if I think how much we seem to have more and more people appearing to give in to these evil thoughts. The authorities don’t really care because it adds weight to their arguments about having a surveillance State to stop crime from happening. It’s complicated but unfortunately I’ve come to recognition our economy needs all this dislocation and mental ‘dis-ease’ because it makes money from the inequality and oppression of these groups when pushed over their edge. Send in the Doctors, no, wait, the police, no, hang-on, the military will get it done with a bigger budget. Yay, for our farsighted leaders!!!
    Chaos for us is easy profit for them. I’m not even angry about it any more. Just extremely disappointed.

  13. It’s raining in Perth and it’s 16 degrees Celsius while the rest of Australia swelters with 40+ temps. I use this as an allegory to what is happening more generally with our perception of the world and how our spacial and temporal positioning in it has as much to do with how we interact with it as how we can (and have to if we are to make any sense to others) vicariously situate ourselves in a mediated Universe.
    What do I mean by that?
    I mean that our perceptions get hi-jacked the moment we start to try to make meaningful intellectual and emotional connection with events that we have only witnessed through another medium that is not just our own five senses. We are all aware of the way the media warps perceptions but do we consider that we also remember past events in our own idiosyncratic ways? By foregrounding certain memories over others. I have thought about this for years as I’ve had to question my own memories and interrogate their genesis as best I can to work out if I have the whole thing perceived from enough angles to say, yes, this did happen. These memories will never change and never leave me. I am witness to these events and I commit them to writing because I know them to be true.
    I don’t know how much time is left of our freedom to write and publish on the Internet. People such as Brendon O’Connell are getting too close to the truth of how near to destruction we are in the West. Our means of wealth production for our masses has been moved to the so-called developing countries so the business owners can have cheaper labor costs and more profit while the consumer in the West has to enter into greater and greater debt to purchase these products. While our manufacturing base has been exported overseas it couldn’t have been possible without the banks facilitating the internationalization of capital flows from around the world.
    That meant that while all the wealth producing industries are moved out of our reach the profits for the rich owners can be easily repatriated to the USA, and the UK. This is an obscene use of the banking system but that’s what it’s core business has always been. Moving capital in such a way that keeps them rich and the rest of us always looking for work and poor because of that precarious lifestyle brought about by bubble economies that boil and pop making most of us a type of economic/financial shock absorber for the rich. Just the way in which the Federal Reserve lent all that money to keep those banks afloat and happy which ended up being on the tax-payer dime and which now seems to have been all in vain should be enough for you recognize that they knew this would be the outcome. We knew and told them through our media but we were not them and they dismissed us as ignorant of their greater purpose. “Doing God’s work.”, was Lloyd Blankfein’s stated reason for his actions as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.
    So what?
    Brendon’s right. We are stuck with an American two Party system that is polarizing that nation and making the people live on emotional response rather than critical thinking. Emotional responses keep people in the now and immediate future with no regard to the long term consequences of what they do. The consumerist society is another perfect example of that imperative to give in to emotion. The emotion of want of so-called luxury items. That fine, expensive, watch. But luxury is also fed into our distractions as we buy the latest gaming consul and consume the latest games that so many now consider an essential part of their lives and in no way a luxury item. “Hell, I need that thing to stay sane!”
    I wont deny it. I worry for our future as a civilization. I think we might have rulers who are just too venal, stupid, and evil to be able see that their fucking everything up by forcing war and hatred.
    I’ll stop here but I could go on it’s just that even I have to take a break from thinking about all this. Too upsetting.

  14. I’m back because I became aware of this story this morning
    I’m still trying to process whether this means that I have been listened to and things are finally being put in place that will stop any more avoidable tragedies (or worse) from happening in that hospital. I have no control over the outcome so I can only hope that that will be the case. We live in troubled times and even all those years ago I can remember how fragile some of the younger staff were and how I should have been a better person and recognized that. That whole secondment was a sad and terrible time when I look back on it now and realize the reason they don’t have a permanent Head of Psychiatry stationed at that hospital is because they would have to recognize and deal with the mental disturbances of the staff as well as the patients. It’s better for the system to remain ignorant of some of the disturbance that their staff cause to themselves and others…. So some who know these things and have to defend the system at the same time think at any rate.
    Expediency can become a very sinister vehicle for allowing evil to manifest by covering the crimes committed by low level operatives to free up bed space. Whether that be by deed or negligence the reason is never an excuse. We all need to rethink what it is to be sane. I think the only way I got my sanity back was to stop trying to force an advantage with others over a perceived want. I was brought up to be greedy and covet wealth but without any of the necessary skills to make it happen. To make yourself rich from nothing you either have to have (or steal) a brilliant idea and bring it to market. Or you have to have a swindle going that cannot be detected until the wealth extraction is complete and the trail cold. I have neither of those abilities so I now try to keep out of any social experience that initiates any of those thoughts but not with rancor to those others. Just wiser to my own limitations and past failings in that arena. Failings I should’ve been wise to but wasn’t. I was just trying too hard to escape from my reality when I should’ve been studying it from a distance as I do now.
    To see that article and then think about how nothing has really changed in all those years between my time at that hospital and now leaves me sad. That whole hospital is dysfunctional. IMO the whole medical system is dysfunctional but it’s every bodies fault to some greater or lesser extent. Lumbering the system with our old people who often aren’t in the best of moods as they realize their lives are over and all that delayed gratification didn’t necessarily work out all that well. Or not well at all and you finally get the time to reflect on a life lost working for peanuts just so your kids don’t hate you like I can be accused of as my parents wrecked our chances at good, balanced, adulthood by being bound up in their own war.
    If ever you hear the excuse from parents that they stayed together for the children’s sake just remember that excuse was one that I heard from my parents both during and after their marriage broke down completely and all I see that did was fuck my brother and myself up even more.
    If it had just been one of us who fucked up then you could be forgiven but to have both off-spring ruin their own adult lives you have to think maybe there’s a pattern that has more than something to do with the way they were allowed to grow up with a self-destruct program sitting inside.
    So does this riff have a bigger point to make? I ask myself, as I’m sure some of you are too. To tell you the truth I’m still processing what Brendon O’Connell has been posting about my home State and the way that it works. Or doesn’t if our unemployment rate is anything to go by. We’re back to the tried and tested too and fro between the Parties as they blame each other for having no new ideas on how to promote the State or develop our economy because of the isolation from other major population centers. It is a problem but from some of the stories I’ve been hearing from people who work in the mining and gas industries about how many of our major resource projects are getting their product out of the ground or seabed free of royalties to the State, I’m not surprised we can’t afford to throw much money (if any, really) at new ideas. Why not a ‘Dark Science’ Festival where all the decent conspiracy theories can be modeled and shown in an artistic way. Free-energy could be demonstrated with a freaking huge Wardencliffe Tower on top of Kings Park. We could even send out a few directed energy beams producing a huge light show and knock out a few passing satellites. We could build a major tree top walkway in that Park but it’s not done. Cable car. Not done. No infrastructure that draws people except those obsessed with sporting events. Not much, anyway. I still haven’t set foot on Elisabeth Quay. Why? It’s just a walking space and a view for the workers in the office tower they’re building around it. I suppose they’ll have high priced eateries but until they start handing out money down there you wont see me.
    I suppose it’s because being in places like that remind me of how little income I make. Much like Brendon I feel more than a little cheated by what has befallen our lives. He admits to being unaware of the connections between some of the people in little ol’ Perth and the psy-op that they’ve been running for decades from Tel Aviv. I can relate to that and I think that when you’re country born and raised (or brought up in a sort of isolation by frequent moves across boarders with mad parents as my brother and I were) you don’t appreciate how people are so two-faced and actually enjoy wrecking other people if they become irritating to those Elite who call the shots in Western Australia. These low-level operatives get to move into those cloistered circles of power if they can prove themselves by destroying all and any opposition to their cause of Global enslavement of the majority.
    If people will just look and see what the politicians/corporate heads are trying to do with us by cutting the wages of the least qualified/skilled workers is akin to a falling away into dust the very substance of individual workers rights in the workplace. That is the reverse of the obverse of the trickle-down idiotology espoused by the same people. Give the rich cheap money to make them even richer while the rest of us can have our wages cut and conditions of employment reduced to nothing. Can no one see this is what’s in play?
    Most people, unfortunately, just can’t get their heads round the notion that the Fox took over the Hen House quite some time ago but even though they are in control they are not the majority. Most people do recognize that we have real problems with the way our systems of government are working out. Nothing is funded properly. We somehow have become massively indebted to a private banking cartel that spans the globe and is moving all financial power from the West to the East. Or at least enough of it to secure their interests over there. All this while we get shafted by the International corporations over our natural resources that can’t be replaced after we’ve GIVEN THEM AWAY. This socialism for the rich is gob smacking.
    Back to Brendon O’Connell.

  15. “If you have concerns that information that you are considering providing to the Commission may be defamatory, you should consider seeking independent legal advice.”
    That is on the info page as part of the submissions for the RC into aged care.
    So is what they’re saying that they aren’t going to give the people who make submissions about suspected criminal activity in the aged care system protection from being counter-sued by the people they make the complaint about?
    How disgusting. That clause alone now makes it abundantly clear to me that they don’t want testimony like mine to deal with. I recognize that I’m up against people who have much to loose if my story is corroborated in the official record. What a world. I also know from first-hand experience that being a ‘professional’ dealing with the day to day public being able to lie easily and often is a prerequisite for promotion. Hastie didn’t want to kill kids when he became a soldier. I didn’t want to have to lie to hide the ugly truth that I was made privy to a terrible act of homicide while I was a trainee nurse. IMO, of course.
    I hope the readers out there can see how this may in fact be a trap for me. At the moment I have no names apart from the victim. If it gets investigated then names start to appear and they will deny it all.
    Can you all see how the government always controls the outcome by setting the traps early, embedded in the text of their ‘contracts’ with the people?
    I’m going to consider this for a while.

  16. “Before you make a submission, please note that the Commission cannot resolve individual disputes. It cannot fix or award compensation or make orders requiring a party to a dispute to take or not take any action.”
    To my mind that could be interpreted to say that you can be sued for making a public submission to the Commission while the Commission will do nothing to protect the witnesses that come forward to tell their stories of alleged criminal behavior by other staff working or did work in the health sector.
    Considering that when I have tried to get some legal advise concerning what I witnessed those lawyers refused to help either not by implying I was making it up or just not interested in getting involved in such a case.
    Essentially those two provisions make it pointless for me to tell my story to that Commission. There are NO protections for someone like myself who has nothing to corroborate their story. I did say in an earlier post that I wouldn’t be bringing this up if it wasn’t for the fact that my criminal record has been altered to make it look as though I’m a violent person. This is how they build a false picture of you for other authorities to use against you. They know it’s faked-up but the next department doesn’t, does it? It certainly affected my interactions with the department of child support over my niece when trying to help my wife’s side of the family.
    I’m guilty of a lot of things but smashing glasses in peoples faces isn’t one of them. I’m mostly opinionated these days but I don’t go out, drink, or otherwise set myself up to be bashed. Been bashed by too many ‘protected’ people. Some in uniform, some not.
    Anyway, I don’t intend for myself to end up being sued for defamation by forcing this issue with this RC. Looks and smells like more trouble than it’s worth for me. My experiences from that night may have cost me my nursing career 18 months later but he wasn’t family and the flashbacks I have been experiencing have settled since starting to recognize the danger in taking this testimony to the RC when they’ve explicitly stated that if parties want to counter-sue the complainant to the RC they can without any interference from them. In fact they’ll make it easier for discovery for the people wishing to protect their reputations and/or liberty by having all the documentation at their disposal with the RC.
    Besides that. The forewarning from that nurse and the strange experience I had in that corridor make what happened that night impossible to be adequately explained. I realize the RC is for negligence and bad accidents. Not premeditated criminal activity that looks like its routinely covered-up by a complicit hierarchy plus its supernatural component. These things can be made to make me look worse than I do now. It’s one thing for me to make these things known without naming the people (I don’t remember any of the other permanent staff’s names. It was a long time ago and only certain parts remain clear memories.) but to push it to that level of possible investigation where the other people will be identified from records could end badly no matter what.
    At the moment if someone tries to sue me they implicate themselves.

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