Western Australia needs a punch in the head to wake it up to the fact it’s being used.

I have talked to the RC by phone and they’ll make sure the memory of my experience of that time as trainee nurse has been noted. I decided to carry through with the RC because it has made such an impact upon my thinking about how this world works. I don’t think my experiences from that time or the retelling of them to the RC will do anything much except provide ample copy for a measured amount of debate that will restate the obvious without having any real solutions. Like body cams for all medical staff who deal with life and death a lot more than the police or military. Think about it. What’s the difference between cops and nurse in the respect to protecting life and limb? I’ll tell you. Nothing. But you wont see body cams on medical staff. Ever. Just get used to the fact that once you are old and/or have no use in society you will be encouraged to die as quickly as possible. If that means withholding medical intervention then so be it. Checks and balances you can forget about as the staff know how to hide the neglect and abuse. Most don’t even see it that way. They see themselves as cleaning up the trash so society can move on with its socio-pathic mantra of the greater good. Greater good for who, I ask? Again let me answer my own question. For the greater good of a concept of society rather than society itself. When you’re only using concepts it’s easy to disregard individuals in the quest for an abstracted template that can describe everything but only in terms of it’s own conceptual framework. Which, if placed within another conceptual framework, will explain absolutely nothing.

So it’s only those who can posit themselves outside of the framework of this societies controls and influences that wont be affected by this conceptual weapon that just anneals us to the desires of the ruling Elite. Let’s kill each other for the ‘greater good’ of society, shall we?

Looking around the Net and MSM for the news of the day and isn’t there heaps of it. It doesn’t matter what your personality type is there will be a distraction ready made for you to get lost in. From candy crush to the Banking RC. Take your pick. They’re all distractions because they’re all situated in a greater context of our overall interactions with day to day living. That day to day living is influenced by a million and one things so to find a path of cause and effect is pointless because in cyber-space cause and effect no longer have any correlation. The algorithms impose their own effect on the causes that trigger them. The world in our heads has been tampered with by these influences and now with the targeted and located nature of our connection with the Internet that influence can be tailored and targeted to the individual in real time. Just like having Josh Frydenberg come out just now and stone wall questions and plant his seed of rationalization for the pundits to take a position either for or against what has been done. No longer a case of right and wrong but rather what can be achieved under the circumstances of the interested parties and how to placate those with the deepest pockets. This will bifurcate again and again until we are doing as I am now. Talking about it and giving it my interpretation that I would hope everyone reading will agree with. You can see how it goes and how we end up arguing over things which we will never have any control over while missing what’s more important in our lives. ……….. That’s not even the method I described earlier. I use that example of how the very structure of how the Internet allows us to interact at a granular level but without necessarily having real influence on the politicians that we are talking about. For an example of the earlier method I point you to the trials and punishments of Brendon O’Connell as a perfect example of how a targeted individual will be tampered with.

For myself that means letting you all know that after talking to the RC I recognize that their commission will never be able to answer the one question that I have over that night. What the fuck happened to me in that corridor? Was I possessed that night by being told he was to be gotten rid of or wouldn’t that matter or was it something else completely? I will never know because how can I? This is stuff that normal people don’t experience and I will go to my grave always wondering if I’ve been home to more than one soul. Or am I possessed by a spirit born of tortured murder (because choking someone to death over a four hour period cannot be described as anything else to me other than murder) that’s watching and waiting to act? These have all become very real reasons why I don’t drink or take heavy drugs any more. I live in a head-space that can’t be appreciated unless you’re in it, I’m afraid.

I can't even begin to explain all this. Uncle-Daddy is on a mission of truth in a world of lies. Hence why he's in front of the West Australian District court. Looking for some answers.

I hope everyone has been having a good time. Even those who aren’t. Just for one paragraph I wont be negative about anything. This is going to be a tough paragraph. But I’m positive that I can do it. I think that our spiritual sides need to be acknowledged in a world that devalues such ideas to ‘magical thinking’. This isn’t a good debunk as it offers no evidence to back up it’s claim. It’s just another label and labels reduce people to things in other peoples eyes when applied unwittingly. I only see people as people with issues. All of them. The poor through to the Elite all have issues. Don’t let the issue define (for you) the person that it engulfs.

There! That’s as good as I can get. See you all soon.

Did you miss that last bit? I did. Something about a Chinese pastoral lease in WA with an air strip ready for troop transport planes to land. Something about how they’ll bring the troops in on smaller planes to start with but once they come from that property in the dead of night and first take Pierce military airport as they sweep further down with Campbell barracks next to go and then onto the prize for the Communist regime; Garden Island and its submarine base. By the time the rest of Australia’s military machine has woken up it’ll be too late for us and Western Australia will become part of China. But I missed it. Just a load of fear-mongering as our partners, the US of A, wont let them across state lines and interfere with Pine Gap. A place that I’ve been told by Teddy Roosevelt is run like Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. He got a Golden Ticket. That’s how he knows. (You didn’t realize how Willy liked to harvest the organs of his ‘tourists’ once they’d been separated from the rest of their group?!? (Lol. But in a low, growling, sort of way))

I thought it would be impossible as the Chinese are so friendly but then I started to read and hear about how the Chinese government likes to execute people it doesn’t like and then harvests their organs for experimentation and transplant into paying customers who come from all around the world. I even heard the punters on the ABC talking about it today so as just to assure my readers that these stories are not just from ‘conspiracy’ sites.

Here’s one from way back in 2015. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/religionandethicsreport/hard-to-believe-forced-organ-harvesting-in-china-falun-gong/6889082

Would I even have enough time to throw my principles away and grab a gun before we were overrun? Probably not. Are we really able to even consider that we could push back 100 000 Chinese troops that had previously infiltrated the country on student study visas? I joke but I’m afraid to say that others do not. Those others are the ones that tend to end up in charge of standing armies or in military think tanks that war-game these scenarios every day of the week. Just in case a time arrives that makes a preemptive move feasible. I would like to say that what I write will never come to pass but I want people to be reminded it’s happening in many places across the globe.

It’s not enough that we form coalitions for military invasion yet somehow end up arming and training insurgents who destabilize the regions we invade even more as we pull out after destroying most of the invaded country’s infrastructure. It has always felt to me that our enemies are picked by us and weaponized by us just so we can go in later and make a big deal about stopping the bad guys from taking over the world. Not saying that if we stopped doing it no one else would not try to do the same but the logic points towards trying to reduce the burden of defense/military/security spending not increase it as it is at present. That’s just waving the red flag for other players to dig even deeper looking for that nano tech to weaponize.

There. That’ll change their minds at the Pentagram but not at the Knesset. You’ll need to steal all their tech back that they stole from the USA first for that to happen. But we not allowed to talk about that. Only what the Chinese are up to pinching bots to test hand-pieces. Everyone’s dirty in this game. This is definitely a right old dribble-on from me. Fair bit of contradiction as I try to consider what could actually happen in the next couple of years.

Catch you later.


19 thoughts on “Western Australia needs a punch in the head to wake it up to the fact it’s being used.

  1. My phone and internet provider had a problem with its service since last Thursday and has only been recently restored. The phone conversations my wife and I had with the phone company’s customer care services during this time were very interesting. I’ll explain as best I can but the upshot is that we all need to be concerned about our ability to exert any kind of control over the technologies that have become an intrinsic part of our lives.
    On the first phone call, after having to give up a load of personal info, we were told that it must be a problem at our end and started going through the procedure for resetting our modem. About half way through this the woman (with a distinctly Indian accent but will explain that statement by saying that although at other phone calls to the same center denying it on this call the woman admitted that the call center was in India. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to many but it forms part of my whole argument against the globalization and automation of so many of the services we rely on to engage in commercial activities.) stops because a message had come up on her screen stating that their whole system was down in three states across Australia. At this point it was agreed that the problem was with them and not our end so left it with the understanding that it would all reset when they’d fixed the problem at their end. This was last Thursday. During the entire weekend the Internet was unavailable to us. We checked via our mobile phone (on a different provider) their website which informed us right up until we phoned again on Monday that their system was down across three States.
    During this second phone call the care center operator they went through the reset procedure once again and this time it finally rebooted. When asked about the outage and what caused it the man (with an Indian accent) on the other end started to deny that their had been an outage and it must have been a problem with us. After we explained to him that we’d been checking their website over the weekend and it still said that there was no service in three states he eventually back tracked and admitted their had been a problem but they had no indication from the technicians what it was.
    We finished the phone call by thanking the operator and making it known that we weren’t upset by the response this time.
    We only got an honest answer because we had another way of checking the facts by having multiple providers. Will this situation get better or worse for the way information is mishandled in a system like this where the customer service is in another country? As we scale up our population control systems we will also be scaling up any problems that haven’t already been identified and addressed within them.
    I’m fast coming to the conclusion that these issues are deliberately ignored because it gives the communications companies the wriggle room necessary to remain remote and unaccountable for poor or non-existent service provision.
    So far these outages have been at a minimum but as has been shown by the lack of a service for me over the weekend this situation could easily change for the worse and I would have no way of knowing if anything is being done to rectify it. This seems to be accepted by most people and I accept it inasmuch that I would have no way of understanding the processes just that it would be better if the companies would try to give an explanation rather than just a statement of the obvious.
    I know I can’t stop the globalization of everything but if enough of us keep on the pressure over the big and little issues we face we might be able to get a system that has some checks and balances. At the moment people seem to be silent in the face of such separation partly because they don’t have an antidote to the arguments of globalization. That’s because TPTB have always controlled the narrative over these things and has constructed entire supporting structures that will always favor globalization in the place of decentralization of power and control.
    Some would say that my example is contradicting my thinking in that they have moved their call center overseas so isn’t that decentralizing the structure? It is but the power and control leaves with them and ends up in another country which is what globalism makes possible. They can camouflage themselves with many coats of different colors but it’s still the same Beast underneath.
    Government regulation wont work. Those laws have been shown to have been written by the very people and organizations the Government was supposed to be controlling. You only have to read the evidence of the Banking Royal Commission to become convinced of that. Talk about puppet masters pulling the strings of our elected representatives. Makes a mockery of our democracy. All we have is the right to complain. Forget about being compensated for being involved in a sick social experiment that spans generations and across wars of destruction to produce us. I see the different streams into which we are born and how they will impact our development and later statue in society. I see how those who are lucky enough to be privileged with a stable and loving upbringing have not a clue as to what people such as myself have had to go through to become sane after knowing nothing but insanity. Being moved through six countries and fourteen schools enabled the isolation from positive role models that made it possible for me to grow up with false assumptions that build an ego filled with blind spots about other people. Both men and women. Boy, didn’t I find out how fucked-up my personality was; the hard way.
    Why do I write all this? It has to be said. I’m speaking not only for myself but for so many who have been born behind the eight ball and never were allowed to recognize that there’s a reason why their lives were so worthless in so many peoples lives. If you can discover the origins of the mental disturbance then you will move beyond it. That knowledge wont change the past but it will enable you to understand it and prevent bad shit from continuing to happen.
    A word to the Elite of Perth (and by extension all Elite’s world wide) by how I came here and what I did I was presented to you as a gift to ether help or destroy. You chose to try and destroy me. You almost managed to do it but I twigged to your gang-stalking methods and refused to walk into any more of your traps sprung by frenemies. You people are not square with Natural Law and you will have to deal with the consequences. I’m calling you all out. The trouble that’s coming will be all of your own making. I’m no longer part of your equations. I’m reading The Principles of Mathematics by Bertrand Russell. Now he, being an Illuminated one, has some very interesting things to say about what we call common sense by showing that it ain’t so common when you start to really pick apart what we tend to take for granted. Part of what I’m writing now has been inspired by what I’m reading in that my treatment was planned and premeditated by these people with a specific purpose in mind; To make me an example to other less strident supporters of said Elite and their manipulation of society that this is what is to be made of those who would oppose their plans for a brave new world. Society as a formulated enterprise that can be predicted and controlled down to the minutest behavioral detail. All monitored in real time by 5G. That’s the dream of the Elite. They want the control but without any of the responsibility that comes with such an enterprise of the god of this world.

  2. I’m just catching up on Brendon O’Connell’s latest video and it would seem by the police’s actions in that video Western Australia must have enacted the Noahide Laws that outlaw criticism of anyone or anything connected to or associated with the Israeli State. The West Australian Government needs to come clean about who we can and can’t criticize according to their laws. People are offended every day but the police aren’t interested but upset one of the Elite and suddenly the whole of government is out for your head. All of it over Israel and Israeli’s. Be of lower socio-economic stata in Australia and see how often you are defamed, vilified and beaten for no reason except that you’re poor and in a situation where you can be singled out for rough treatment. No one in power seems too concerned over those peoples plight but upset an Israeli citizen and then all Hell breaks loose. And for what, exactly? For a comment that few will see and, of whom, even less will be affected by it? Oh, it all makes so much sense, now, for a secular country we’re certainly on the religious bandwagon with the chosen Jews and their right to remain undisputed leaders of the world. God’s chosen. Unlike the rest of us Goyim.
    What is wrong with that picture? Please, tell me. I want to know.

  3. I have a message for all the single men on Manus Island and Naru. The arguments against you ever coming to Australia have more sway in the community than the arguments for you to come. Governments might be able to sneak some of you in but the vast majority will have to live in hope that the mental disturbances caused by being you and paying thousands of dollars to people smugglers get disturbing enough for the authorities to come to Australia for treatment. By that stage you will be badly damaged from all the trauma and will be deemed a basket case and sent back to the islands with a fist full of prescriptions that will be hard to fill with any consistency due to lack of supplies from time to time. You will just have to ask the locals how to get medicines from the roots and berries that grow in the wild up there. I have heard that there are many psychoactive substances that can be derived from the plant life in that area of the world. It may take a bit of experimentation to get the compounds and doses right but once you’ve gotten that far it wont be long before paradise emerges in your mind.
    At that point the Australian Boarder Force will raid you with helicopters and heavily armed swat teams who will detain you on the ground while they assay the compound that has provided you with pain and/or emotional relief. Send the results via satellite to the Australian Parliament where they will have legislation already to go that will immediately schedule the drug for parliamentarian use only leaving you alone without adequate medication, ….Again! At which point the swat team leader will come up to you, spit in your face, and laugh from the crooked slash of a mouth that his superior officer had made him wear that day.
    “Til next time. Fool!” The swat team leader sneers at you while ordering his men to climb back up the ropes to the helicopters that had been hovering above them all this time.
    “Up you go, men.” Yells the swat team leader as he tries to relight his cigar with a phosphorus grenade mistakenly taken from his Zippo pocket …….

  4. I want to discuss Totalitarianism and how it’s coming here. I’ve already outlined the mechanisms of how this system of control will be implemented via the IoT and 5G. I would hazard the guess that quantum computers are already in service throughout the Internet so maybe our data is being crunched in a parallel Universe as Geordie Rose has suggested in one of his talks. Here is a link to an overview of their work if you are so inclined…
    That is a benign introduction to quantum computing. If you want to hear a different slant you can listen to this.

    Optimization sounds a very sinister product of quantum computing. Sounds very much like being able to predict our behaviors by being able to parallel process so many of our personal data points (From bio-metrics to when you last used your phone to make a purchase, of anything). If cash money is dropped from our financial system then our economy and society become totally transparent to these giant tech companies that trade in our data. Even now while using this computer it’s obvious that it’s listening to what is said within it’s hearing because the ads that pop up in Youtube are repetitious and directly correlated to my conversations around this machine.
    It’s also obvious that governments around the world are coming to arrangements with these companies that suit both the governments and the tech companies. These companies are doing deals with despotic regimes such as China and are super-charging their surveillance state in the process.
    Social crediting becomes Totalitarian control with nothing more than a change in punishment regimes. No one is going to try to stop it. At least no one who has the power to do so. That’s because the very people who are delivering this Totalitarian control are the ones our entire financial/economic system has been turned over to benefit from all this. We don’t have economic programs for the poor and struggling. We have Space exploration programs which the rich and the Elite leverage the government with to pry more money from our taxes and borrowings. The people who are protesting are marginalized and assassinated on many levels. These attacks are hard to counter when you don’t have an organization that can wield power on your behalf. Look at the way Cabinet Ministers can get away with telling the rest of us a pack of lies without being called out. That’s the power of being able to vet who gets to be near you and who asks the questions when being interviewed for public consumption.
    This is how we will get Totalitarian control in this country. More and more people will give in to their venal side when it comes to maintaining or improving their individual living standards. Those celebrity journalists don’t dare ask a question out of a certain line otherwise they know they will be forced from the prestigious positions they hold and their career will necessarily die as a consequence.
    But it’s not just in the relationship between the politicians and the journos as an interface between them and the general public. It’s between government institutions like the Health department using medical staff as the interface but giving them inadequate budgets to achieve the level of care needed to keep the population healthy. Where does this tension end up playing out? Bad outcomes for the general public is where.
    We are being manipulated at every level to buy into the dreams of the Elite. This has always been the case but before the advent of mass communications and the mediated nature of its structural elements people used to get their information at town hall meetings where the people had a chance to question a and discuss policy at a grass roots level. Not now. Now we get pre-packaged arguments served up to us through the mediated mediums of the TV, radio, and Internet with no analysis except that which is offered up by the interested parties. Then we get back to my point about some voices having powerful organizations in the background making sure their narrative is carried above those without those organizations to back them.
    The state of our public hospitals are pretty appalling and part of how they cope is to become like prisons where everything is rationed. The staff tend to adapt. Those who can’t (like yours truly) are just left to resign in the face of such indifference to the unnecessary suffering that budget constraints inevitably bring to an institution where people can remain unaccountable for their actions. I suppose this Royal Commission into aged care is already giving ample example of how this indifference has been shown to end up with tortured deaths of patients due to indifference.
    That’s how you get Totalitarianism to take hold and become normalized.
    Too many people in this country already think that ‘taking out the trash’ can be applied to anyone they feel hasn’t been contributing enough to justify being kept alive with government assistance.
    That’s how I believe it will come. Through us accepting a harsh interpretation to our own rights as individuals. Meaning we don’t really have any personal rights.

  5. All Satanists are elitists but not all the Elite are Satanists. I think that’s true. I can’t be sure though as I’ve never had the opportunity to question each and every one of them. That will change when we have 5G and the IoT fully operational. We will, at last, be able to find the answers to such questions with a degree of accuracy near perfect and with judicious use of an algorithm or two could make that score to over unity. Yes! We can ask questions like who can I harass without upsetting the wrong authority? We are already seeing, and thus learning, how to profile the people we read and watch on the Internet. Who is in who is out. What views to hold if we want career advancement. Who we can ignore when told by our ‘trusted’ social media group influencer’s. I feel the disconnect becoming wider as we pour more and more of our personalities into this machine. I sense it’s goals are hostile to mine. Worries me a lot.

  6. I’m not much of a platform for getting the word out but I just came across this site Gumshoenews run by an Australian woman who seems to be sincere in what they’re pursuing so I recommend at least you go visit and have a listen/watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_H96gSuplM
    I want to hear voices other than those with an American accent. Especially when it comes to how the banks are destroying our futures.

  7. I watch or listen to the ABC as I think they are the ones primarily responsible for informing us about the political agenda of the major Parties and it would be remiss of me to just listen to views that coincide with my own. I’ve never leaned anything properly by having it spoon fed in nice, easy to swallow lumps. I have to put my own open sourced information up against theirs and see if they have any answers that are more cogent than my own.
    They don’t. Not so far and I’ve been listening for a long time.
    Let me use this mornings episode of the soapy in-crowd of politics reporters called ‘Insiders’ with the soft peddle salesman Barry Cassidy as it’s arbiter-in-chief. The man who you don’t disagree with as he starts to raise his voice and insert an indignant tone that threatens, “if you don’t back down with that thought train you will never be spoken of on this program ever again.” The reporters invariably back down and the dominant narrative as defined by Barry Cassidy, continues as he trots out his Government Minister Christian Porter in a lop-sided interview where Cassidy didn’t call Porter out for continuing a scare campaign aimed at the Australian electorate to make them think that this new law will start the boats coming again. He did this by making misleading claims by conflating this law with the prospect of a future Labor government relaxing the laws even more if they get into office.
    At no time did Cassidy try to argue that there’s an element of individual right to proper medical treatment no matter what the circumstance of that person.
    These arguments, both the ones for strong boarder protection and the idividual’s right to proper medical care when being detained, are powerful emotional arguments that need to championed by people of equal standing in the scope of this programs format. Insiders doesn’t do that. Instead of having a shadow Minister come on and either debate the Minister or be able to make a case for their decisions after the Minister has spoken (or before. To be fair) Cassidy throws it over to his coddled groupie reporters where they give their own interpretation and spin which, of course, doesn’t have the same impact as the one on one conversation had by Cassidy and Porter. In this case Cassidy gave Porter the Insiders news platform to grandstand Porter’s own Party’s policy rather than governing in the best interests of the country. At least Cassidy should have had another guest to articulate this side of the argument.
    (If I ever met any of those reporters in person and they actually wanted to listen to me I would say to them that I don’t have personal animosity towards any of you but I will call out what I believe is a betrayal of ethical standards in the way your shows are conducted by weighting the information using interviewing styles and techniques. These nuances may be lost on a lot of people or that they don’t think it makes any difference to the way they think about certain issues. What they do is keep you in the fold of identity politics where you identify more with the branding power of one name than the actual policies of the Party as enacted while in power.
    Our living standards are dropping and have been for a long while. The government of the day will always trot out GDP figure to back their contrary claim but those figures don’t really have any connection with our local economies that provide the glue that sticks our communities together. I’m a self employed electrician and do local work. It doesn’t pay when the economy is as it has been for some years but if I was in a corporation or Government that money keeps rolling in from somewhere.
    If I had a job in either one.
    This is the disconnect that has been built in over the years. A certain part of the community is preserved by these governmental/corporate safety nets while those who are deemed not suitable will be left to fend for themselves in an unforgiving financial environment. I’m one of those people and that’s one of the reasons why I can see that those refugees over in Manus and Naru shouldn’t be written off and left without voices to make a case for them.
    I think that if we keep down this path of being without empathy for these people we will fall into the trap of blaming people who are essentially the same as us for the ills of their homelands. I will tell you right now that this is a psychological system to make you end up loathing yourselves as those you blame for crimes not their own reflect us at a subconscious level. Your mind is a pattern recognizer and it maps itself onto everything else to see what fits. This is a quantum level process and can’t be consciously apprehended at it’s granular level but I imagine it happening by the way we map our perceptions onto other stimuli, look for patterns we recognize as information, work out if that information is helpful, harmful, or has no effect at all, then increase our own mapping through that interaction. Higher level mental functioning is not possible without this process. You can’t out think your hand placed mistakenly on a hot stove. Just think about it afterwards.
    Now, Barry! Why couldn’t you have brought this exact line of argument up to that ignoramus Porter and then we could’ve watched him squirm so much that he would be able to evolve his DNA!?!
    Why, Barry? Why?

  8. ) In case there are those who worry about such grammatical accuracy. You can fit it anywhere you deem appropriate. In the previous text, that is 😉
    I think envy is a good macro example of that mapping procedure. You look at your neighbors booty and you think to yourself, ” Gee. I wish I could be having that. That would look good on my …. (insert dirty little secret wish of possession you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world for so long). I really don’t think that person is as deserving of that ( ….)as me!
    It’s at this point something may finally snap inside your brain an you’ll arm yourself with a bunch of fake documents and a 3D printed hand grenade and decide your going to take that sucker down. Marching next door while trying not to loose control of your emotions (Too late. The pitiful snobbing starts as you realize you’re a complete potato head) you take a minute to get the breathing under control. Then you strike. The door knocker with an authoritative hand motion that doesn’t quite make connection with the wooden fascia. It’s from this point on that time stands still but the door telescopes away and you realize it’s happening again. Your documents drop from your numb hands as your arms flop down past the floor and disappear into the future. Which looks like the past, just one you don’t recognize.
    “Damn it!” You think as your eyes register the marking of time, ” I’ll never get to lob that grenade.” Recognizing that he had the grenade in one hand and it’s pin in the other. His arms were back from the future but his mind was stuck in the past! Something he saw made him race to try to catch up with his arms but by then it was too late. He’d imagined the explosion before it never came and entertained himself for the next twelve hours picking his body parts up.
    Ah, yes! Immersive entertainment, as delivered by the saturating radiated fields of electromagnetism that will be completed by the rollout of 5G and the IoT. Of course, this sort of immersive experience will not be something that you will be controlling on an ap. you have downloaded in the near future. This will be something that will be dialed in from a remote location by a technician working from a set of instructions that will have no indication in them of what they’re about to do to you. Just a set of numbers typed into a touch screen or keyboard. “Software interrupt. Code insertion. sub-routine installed. Software patch. Activate program.” Suddenly a noise appears in your head and it just wont go away, ….

  9. I think this probably got shadow banned so I’ll stick it here.

    The USA is supposed to be a republic not a democracy. Because you Americans allowed that transition to take place through the judiciary mainly and even though you could see it happening there was nothing you could do to stop it. The politicians can say whatever lie that comes into their heads but it’s the lawyers and judges who shape how the laws are actually implemented. The courts are less and less willing to uphold the American Constitution when making their decisions. Mainly by avoiding having to even mention that they exist when pontificating over some issue to do with personal rights and the overreach of government. The majority of Americans (like Australians, I’m afraid to say) don’t have the intellectual capacity to work out the economic and fiscal power has been drained from the Constitution and placed in the hands of the CFR and Trilateral commission. The selling into private hands of public assets has taken all our power to raise money for the common weal from the Government into private corporations that offshore their profits. All you have left is the power to tax and that is such a dirty word (for the reason that so much has been squandered on the corporations through subsidies ) that you actually are cutting them without recognizing the consequences to service provision. You Americans are not the only ones to be caught like this. Australia has gone down a very similar path and our debt levels are also among some of the worst in the developed world. The Australian MSM makes sure to justify all this and encourages us to pile in for more of the same. If you’re a first home buyer in Australia you can have a new house and land package for NO DEPOSIT. That’s how desperate they are. All you need is to have had the same job for a year. I can’t go into the detailed explanation to get right into the motivational psychology behind what they do except to say TPTB run multiple scams through everything from the MSM to Government policy regarding end of life treatment so that if one or two fail to produce the correct result the others will make up for it. To go any deeper would have me writing a book. They recruit the best and the brightest to carry out their schemes. From Biblical times when the Synagogue of Satan got the Romans to do their dirty work right up to now where they have Trump doing the dirty. These people always place a ‘cut out’ between themselves and the plans they produce. Any book I might write will be using logic, not bullshit, to define the problem of fiat based, black magic money and how it’s been the most effective mind control device ever devised. I think they made us forget we once were Tartarians who had a culture of inclusion and cooperation. Not as it is now. The complete opposite.

    I’m finished for the now.

  10. Just like the memory of that murder carried out on that evening shift back in 1984 9/11 just wont go away. Both are seared into my memory because of the monumental injustice that those crimes have produced. My memory may be of only one needless murder and 9/11had over three thousand. The lies and obfuscation is the same for both. Both authorities need to cover up the incidents because to not do so would open up a whole can of worms as to how these situations could be allowed to arise in the first place.
    To admit the complicity of our own authorities and then commit to find answers is just too disruptive for the status quo and all the lazy arsed people who would rather it all just faded into the mists of the past.

    These crimes cannot go without investigation otherwise we will have the inevitable out come that these crimes will compound over time. As they obviously have. Russia and Israel have been working hard together to see the USA made to look like dogs in the eyes of so many throughout the world as they fight wars in the ME who only end up benefiting Israel. Just like Soviet Russia had to be taken down so the Russian Federation could be born and the old guard reorganized to be more amenable to the Belt and Road initiative from the Chinese.
    Obviously I am conjecturing as to what is going on behind the scenes as I don’t remote view all this. But let me just give you an example of what we are dealing with. I watched Fraser’s last interview the other day and he was promoting his auto-biography. Fraser talked about how he had researched the attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli’s in May 1968 for his auto-biography. What that had to do with his life I’m not sure but it exemplifies what I’m leading to. Once again an ex-politician has chosen to mix truth and lies together in an attempt to suck people into thinking their might be something new in his book about his time in the Lodge. But, no, he runs on an old conspiracy that was proven true many years ago but now is so old an incident that any insight is lost on the wider population who are thinking about more contemporary issues. It’s obviously a ploy to make the book seem like it’s exposing secrets when really it’s not. When the interviewer asked if he’d heard about building seven in connection to 9/11 Fraser said no without hesitation.
    Politicians are professional liars. You can see how the MSM works the situation for those politicians by being the filter for the ‘news’ by refusing to carry certain stories. John Fay the Melbourne talk-back DJ still thinks it was all an accident. Don’t you John? Good little goy that you are.
    The political scene and all the players are without clothes now. But not many people are paying attention so the charade will continue. Those that do pay attention like Brendon O’Connell get attacked and the full force of the corrupted police is used to ruin his life while the perpetrators who own their allegiance to the foreign power of Israel get to carry on undermining our democracy without any hindrance at all.
    I know that we are goy to be used and abused. Most of our politicians are spies for Israel as they relay all they know to them. Mainly because they’re scared shitless of what the Israeli lobby will do to their careers if they don’t.
    No one can stop them now. You only see them when they want to be seen.

  11. If you’re reading this, Brendon O’Connell, please keep in mind that I would like to help you but I’m a person without power or standing in the Perth political community. I have made a sort of representation about you while corresponding with the dpt of Justice over my own matter but they would hardly even acknowledge that I was ever in contact with them. Let alone actually say or write something about it.
    Like you, Brendon, I’m at a bit of a loss as what to do. Governments can just ignore an individuals plight as we have no power in the system. I know what happens when you, as an individual, try to take on a system of governmental power. Everyone in that system is your enemy because they all have something to hide which the system protects from discovery. From my time in nursing I realized that you an commit crimes against patients because their’s no one who’s going to blow the whistle. They have examples like us to remind them what happens to you and your career if you don’t provide cover for the crimes of the system they work for. Governments are a criminal activity. Once you weigh up all the transgressions and botched efforts from these organizations there is only one conclusion to arrive at.
    We tend towards criminality and we like it. We like watching the suffering of others because it makes us feel more in control of our own lives and gives us a sense of arbitrary power over life and death.
    But that’s a we and not an I. I wont do such things but all those around me did while I was a nurse. Neglect and arrogant disregard for human life is what I saw while I was nursing.
    You probably don’t want or need someone like me on your team, Brendon. This government would like me to die anyway so I don’t want to give them reason to kill me. This isn’t Australia any more. It’s an outpost of the Israeli State and they have had decades to prove what efficient killers of people that get in their way they are.
    This fight has to fought by people who refuse to come out of the shadows and I’m damned if I’m going to be someone else’s ‘cut-out’. Again. Like you Brendon. It’s funny that we should both have been nurses in WA and for that to wreck our lives. Funny,

    We’ll see, Brendon, if God has something different in mind.

  12. I made a formal submission to the RC into aged care today. I did it because the more I’m forced to think about what happened that night and the consequences of it for me the angrier and more frustrated I become. I have flash-backs to that night all the time, now, and it is a heavy burden to deal with on a day to day basis. Here it is because I can’t be sure anything will ever be done to replace the lives that were snuffed out that night. I’m sure they would rather I was dead from self abuse rather than me still being around. That’s how I think about authority now. Ruthless.

    “I was a trainee nurse in the class 3/83 back in 1983. On my first secondment, which was at the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital, I was placed in the Psycho-Geriactric ward (That’s how it was referred to by the staff at any rate.) and on a particular afternoon shift I was doing my observation round when one of the other nurses poked their head round the doorway to where I was and informed me in a matter of fact voice that, “We’re getting rid of Mr Scriven today.” I thought, good. He must be getting moved to a facility that could better cater for his needs. Mr Scriven was a double sided stroke patient and couldn’t communicate. He would make noises from time to time but what they indicated no one knew. He had two nurses specially assigned to him for day and evening shift. The same nurses. That may give you a hint as to what is coming. That’s not what happened. There was no patient transport that day but instead at tea time I was shocked to hear this horrible gasping sound coming from the other end of the ward where Mr Scriven’s room was. He started choking to death and was left without medical intervention from a doctor for at least 20mins. I was there so these things I know. He tried some suction but the food had been forced so far down into his lungs that there was no saving this man. He told the Ward Sister that it would be best best just to let nature take its course.

    For the rest of my shift I could hear him trying to breathe. I had to shut it out as best I could and carry on doing my job. I know now that it had a great effect on me and does to this day. It cost me my job later when I tried to stick up for patients on another ward almost a year later from the negligence of staff. I ended up resigning although I tried to reapply a little later. They had great pleasure in rejecting my application (I wish I had confronted them with this information at the time but I had submerged it into my consciousness not realizing its import) after which I hit the drink and drugs managing to get myself a criminal record for drunk and disorderly which has completely ruined any possible future in government service. The system takes great pleasure in destroying peoples lives while giving themselves plausible deniability. That’s what it’s done to my thinking. I went into nursing partly because I wanted a moral direction to my life and thought I might find it there. Bad idea.

    I suffer flash-backs to that night all the time and in the last couple of years they’ve been getting more and more intense. There’s more to that night that I need to write now. Mr Scriven was still alive when I finished my shift that night and as I was walking down the connecting corridor to the nurses quarters when out of nowhere this wind seemed to appear and sweep right through my body while my eyes swam for a couple of seconds. Then it was gone. The next morning when I arrived on shift I was told that Mr Scriven had died at the same moment I was walking down that corridor.

    I don’t know what happened to me in that corridor because none of us was offered any kind of counseling. I’m not overly religious or a rabid spiritualist but have had to ameliorate my thoughts about the supernatural and it’s not been helpful. I don’t think I was touched by God that night. The best I can come up with is that I felt his tortured soul as it passed by and he let me know because I was the only staff member on the ward that afternoon that wasn’t in on the murder.

    I wish I could sue the Health dpt for what was done to me but, of course, the whole crime was covered up by the attending staff and I was ignored. Just required to carry on.

    Well, I tried as best I could but the memory wont leave me. It stayed in the back of my mind and effected the way I thought about the whole profession. I now suffer the flash-backs constantly and my preoccupation with this time is upsetting my wife as she isn’t used to dealing with this sort of crime or the consequences of covering it up.

    I’m very upset by all this and it’s made me unemployable because of it. The flash-backs interfere with my ability to concentrate. But that doesn’t matter according to this governments RC. No chance of getting some compensation for the life they took from me.

    I want acknowledgement that I’ve made this submission. I’m getting very angry thinking about all this.

    Thank you

    John Adrian Edwards.

  13. I should’ve left the name off, maybe, but what for? It’s on the Bio page for this Blog anyway. But it is a reminder to me that I have to stand behind what I assert and why I’m asserting it.
    I share it with the rest of the world who can be bothered to read it not because I’m looking for sympathy but because I’m trying to work out what has transpired in my life that’s brought me to this impasse.
    I think I’ve managed to give credible thought to the process of how I entered adulthood (legally not necessarily emotionally or whatever label you think fits) with a case of PTSD.
    Add to that a memory of events on a night so long ago that are my constant companion. One which I tried to ignore by drinking and drugging myself which only worked by making my life even more wretched so I couldn’t spend to much time dwelling on the past. However when I finally got some perspective to my life and manged to understand that I was damaging other people with my self destructive behaviors. Plus it was just so damn stupid of me to act in such ways, I stopped. But that was when that memory of that night became a feature in my conscious thoughts at a more pressing level. (I’m sitting here at the moment shaking my head thinking about what a fantastic story this would sound to someone with a mind to question my memories and motives.) I can honestly tell you I’d rather just not have the memory. A memory that I now realize is what would be classified as a flash back. I always thought a flashback would be like you were convinced you were actually back in that situation but it’s not like that. I believe that would constitute a form of psychosis. How it goes is that your thinking will be triggered by something, like every time I have to see or deal with a hospital or medical personnel (I try to avoid them for that reason) and I would be forced to remember that night back in 1984. But even in idle moments when I try to relax my mind I find that memory will have to run through my head at least a couple of times before I can get to sleep. Sleep is disjointed and I rarely dream. I probably can’t get to REM sleep. It should come of no surprise that all this has an impact on my thinking and powers of concentration. I am prone to use addiction as a crutch.
    How do I finish this? By saying that childhood trauma has to be treated before the child reaches puberty otherwise the ego solidifies around sexual identity and becomes very difficult to tease apart. At which point it’s only through the school of hard knocks that you’ll either enlighten yourself or end up dead and/or hated by yourself mostly.
    The Hospital system needs to wake up to the fact that they need to give ‘pastoral’ care to their staff when an incident such as the killing I had to witness.
    There needs to be more CCTV in hospitals and possibly body cams for some situations in hospital/nursing home environments.
    Security that helps safety in those public/private situations and relationships.
    Culture change.

  14. I’ve got to make mention of the fact that it hasn’t been lost on me that after years of avoiding having to deal with all this my surname is being associated in the media in WA with a particularly unsavory set of crimes allegedly committed by someone with the same last name.
    So typical a negative coincident for me. It’s at times like these that I do get a little more amenable to the concept of dark forces manipulating events that us mere mortals can only wonder after.

  15. I want to microwave the whole wide world with a genocide that everyone can enjoy. They will. 5G means faster downloads for the latest ap that aligns your bowel function with your work schedule. The notion that your bowel motion need to be synchronized with anything apart from the length of the cue leading to the only toilet that has paper and a door is a little disturbing. But only a little so I will think harder of things to say that are even worse. How about peeling the skin back over your own face while you splash petrol onto the exposed flesh while frenziedly forking your own eyes out and mashing them up so you can suck them back up a straw. Not forgetting to use a naked flame to light up the cigarette you put in your bloodied mouth to cover the petrol fumes. Is that worse? Or better?

    I’m listening to it all and sucking everything in and I think people over fifty need to realize that we will be the enemy soon as we can’t defend ourselves so well and the young ones will come after us. The Hunger games will be complimentary to the nightmare. Satan’s vision of this world is getting closer and closer to fruition. People without wealth will be left to die. At the moment they’re just tightening up the loop-holes so that trying to get assistance takes so much time that you become homeless.
    On the streets you experience what you’ve learned while loosing everything that life is cheap to the point of being worthless. I actually think that we are being murdered silently by our governments by the way they let the rich get so much richer from government contracts but smash our wages and conditions with a combination of migrant workers who, it turns out get to stay permanently after a certain amount of time, and a lack of overall economic activity that restricts growth in local employment. Lets face facts. The 457 visa holders are being brought in to fill all the well paid positions in the larger firms so older Australian workers are left unemployed and destitute. But our politicians want us to love them!
    I don’t think I’m exaggerating as they are playing the identity politics card as if Hollywood were their second (or first) home. They act as if to play to a fan base and talk as if everyone else has turned off their critical faculties.
    It occurred to me this morning that this RC could be metaphor for a part enactment of the Revelations in the Bible. What the government has done by opening this inquiry has resurrected the dead by allowing them to speak through us. Those of us who had to witness these things first hand need to be aware of that. I am wondering if I’m starting to feel something connecting Mr Scriven and me is starting to stir. It’s as if he has activated and is up to something. I feel something odd. As if his presence is coming and going as if on errands. Strange feeling.

  16. I want you to be listening to this while you read on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrVwH9lOvek
    Something is going down beyond this mortal plane and it is the weighing of our worth as individuals in the face of God and our society in the face of the Devil. We are going to be torn apart in the ensuing war between Gog and Magog and now maybe you might be getting the understanding that it wont just be nations against nation but right down to your own street when we split on irreversible personality grounds. It’s already happening. Just look at the family massacres that have been occurring. Look at the way we’ve been abusing the elderly and will keep doing while there’s no money to do better. Or mercy.
    The government can shovel some money in but it’s just a drop in the ocean compared to what is really needed to change the culture of negligence and restricted care that is caused by being in the care of people who are being underpaid to look after you with limited skills and often limited IQ.
    This is what I think is the ‘knock on effect’
    Our society has been rotting from the head down for all time as our leaders are of a different bloodline from the rest of us. The real racism starts there because they all defer to the chosen people who just happen to be Jewish. Fuck off with the anti-semetic label because I suspect I’m Jewish on my mothers side. Hidden from me for all my life and only recognized when it turned out my cousins both went and lived and worked on a kibbutz. My heritage has been hidden from me. (whatever it is as all my links with my family are now permanently severed.)
    They teach us how being a corrupted son/daughter of a bitch and an asshole is what all the Elite have to aspire to if they’re going to become another big shot in the commercial/sexual conquest world. So when we get the chance (like participating in the murder of a paralyzed patient) to be part of the crime and corruption syndicate at that governmental level we mostly jump at the chance to be completely lawless. Within the confines of that institution, of course. Until we’ve learned how to ride it’s controls and can maneuver it’s tentacles it has into other institutions. This how you need to think if your going to see what I’ve seen. I was being ‘bloodied’ that night. The dark angels had picked me as someone who was like them. Without compassion when hard economic factors are considered in an environment where that economic factor can be removed from the equation that is proving to be such a headache to the smooth running of a hospital ward.
    I was being groomed to become one of their killers. The police and army don’t have as many sadists in them as the medical profession. It’s jsust the impression I got from while I was working there. If the murder hadn’t been botched so badly I probably may have decided that this is the way the world has to be and if called upon I would have to contemplate doing the same thing when required by an insistent and inspired voice that was initiated when you first decided to go along so you could get along. Once you step over that line there’s no coming back. Did I step over that line. Did I get pushed over that line when they told me before the murder that they were getting rid of him that day. Did I become an accessory to murder by letting the cover-up proceed? Yes. But they had trapped me into it but I say you want trouble. Murder so easy because for the police to do something means only trouble. Then I’m going to be it. I was brought up in an insane asylum and have been metamorphosed by my experiences and can find patterns in the chaos that even the best A.I. on the planet couldn’t follow. Yes. I’m putting up the challenge for authorities to realize that we are now becoming independent players in the matrix as the wall between this world and all the other dimensional realities starts to disintegrate because of the conceptual physics being done in places like CERN. Quantum computers may work in other dimensions but we can’t use them to understand them. That will only happen when we can apprehend what’s in those dimensions when they become manifestations in this physical world.

    I used to know some of the registered nurses who regularly stole pethadine from the drug cabinet by jamming a big syringe into the bottom of a pack, sucking out all the juice, and then dropping the empty pack and claiming all the vials smashed when dropped. You can never stop this unless you put cameras everywhere in hospitals.
    Or being let off breath/drug testing when pulled over by road side police.
    Don’t you like to wonder after those doctors in Guantanamo bay prison who revive the prisoners when they’ve been drowned over and over again? Trained doctors mind you. I didn’t want to end up like one of those who’d truly lost their soul. Even though I’ve been a terrible person in many ways I never have found any pleasure in someone else’s suffering and terror
    One law for one and one for the rest of us. In fact we get lies made up by arresting police to try to make us kill ourselves. They will never admit to it and their victims have larger issues that to single out the authorities when slashing their wrist and watching their life blood spill out of themselves and sluice away through the gates of Satan’s slaughterhouse he sets up in our minds with the help of our Government.
    Psychological help in the real world works like this you have a constant churn of psychologists so your treatment never progresses beyond the clinician making excuses on screen about having limited time to get to know the clients situation. Then they move on. It’s a huge, fucking monumental, JOKE! Except it’s just the government that’s laughing as they marvel at how much shit we’re willing to take when we have a goon squad for a police force and killers waiting in the hospitals.
    Have a nice day.

  17. I can’t help but notice Brendon O’Connell has put another video up and in it he says he’s sick and tired of the fact that no one is on the streets doing flyers about the mountain of evidence that contradicts the official narrative as pushed out by the government and the MSM.

    I don’t know whether to approach this on first person basis or not. I’ll assume he doesn’t bother reading a whack job like me. (I did drop him a line on his Proton account about a week ago but had no reply) I can understand how he feels. You get a very distorted picture about what other people are thinking and doing when they themselves are in another country with hardly any contact in Australia. Brendon needs to recognize that the Australians who feel aggrieved by the Israeli infiltration of everything are mostly people who have their own personal problems and it’s those personal problems that have made them sensitive to the subtleties of Geo-politics. To go out on the streets in Perth will just get you laughed at as you’re arrested by the cops on trumped up charges. Happens here all the time. Brendon can’t ask people to do things that will get them in trouble with the law. He should know that after all he’s been through. Maybe Brendon feels that he’s the only one who’s been on the streets but I can inform him that I was out their during the protests over the Iraq invasion. I don’t think Brendon was in it because if he had been he would realize that placards on streets mean nothing to the MSM who just spin it. Or to the government who just ignore any entreaties over policy that clashes with their own bi-partisan agenda. Lock step is the game. Just look at the lack of coverage over the Yellow vest movement in France. It sucks but that’s the power of the media.
    Brendon needs to focus on trying to get his life back in the USA or some such place. He is hardly a pin up poster boy for sticking it to the man because the man stuck it to him instead.
    Brendon would be wise to realize that the people want to be enslaved because they think it’ll be just the same as it was before. Only better yet they can’t lay out a credible plan they just keep on reiterating that you need to stick to the plan. Excuse me. What plan? What’s in it?
    There are no plans to break the deep state.
    We gave ourselves up to it a long time ago so there’s no one to fight for Brendon.
    Fuck Israel and the Zionist pigs who run it and everything else on the planet.
    The best thing you can do Brendon is just concentrate on your own situation and leave the rest of us to our own devices. Let Israel win and have it ALL. Our leaders are all disgusting, sniveling, cowards, when it comes to Israeli power. They know what they’ve allowed to happen. The likes of Rodger Cook, John Quigley, and so many others are just the actions of cowards who have already sold us all out to the Israeli intelligence services/lobby and thus the Israeli State. But we must focus on the Muslim threat because you got to watch individuals for signs of radicalism, however, if you’re a lobby group that represent Israel then your actions will NEVER be considered subversive by this State.
    Just watched Brendon’s latest video and I can see his frustration.
    Here’s what I think. People are dumb sheep. They just are. They take the easy road and will accept all sorts of restrictions as long as their own personal lifestyle isn’t going to be affected (they are told this and they will believe because up until now those people are the ones who will set the future. They’ve done well out of life so why would they do anything to change that).
    Your video’s are good but not for asking questions about because you answer them for us.
    We’re just all chicken little’s to them. I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for the collapse to get to me and it has but I’m the only one that seems to have been affected. Or nobody else wants to come out and admit their not doing well. That wont happen because we have the Englishman’s disease of envy real bad. There’s no way that any of those people struggling are going to admit it. Not when they reflect on the viscous denunciations they themselves have heaped on people in the past for admitting their failures. No one wants to be called a looser.
    Good luck to you, Brendon You deserve to get a hosting gig in the media where ever you go. But first you need to forget about saving the world. It’s already lost to the Zionists and their gentile friends. They make better friends than us, Brendon. What can we offer? Exile and PTSD.
    I think they prefer the free and easy money for loyalty. It’s so easy to buy us.
    Most think they’ve never had to suffer consequences of a Geo-political nature. We just look like idiots to them.

    • So the Zionists will use a proxy to turn this country into a poverty state like all the others. I already see that our income gap and work gap is widening even further so that we will end up like the rest of the world where there’s a small cadre of super rich and powerful, oligarchic, rulers. Who will be despots. The 3rd world is coming to us. We, unfortunately, have nowhere else to go.

      • Brendon’s said we’re totally fucked. And we are. I agree. We’re completely fucked. We just haven’t felt the consequences beyond the usual. We will. Because we lost sight of God we have no strength to stop the psychopaths from taking over. My father was a medium functioning psychopath and no co-worker or immediate superior would deal with him when he got nasty. A high level psychopath will make sure no one sees his dark side until there’s nothing you can do to stop them from using the power and authority of their position to cause havoc. Somewhere. Somehow. That’s what has happened. Now the psychopaths have no one to challenge their grip on power. I think Israel is in that psychopathic state. Israel controls all the world powers because of their infiltration of the high tech sector and the critical infrastructure of government/business in all countries they wish to control. Which only needs to be a few as the pyramidal structure of the hierarchy will do the rest via the ‘trickle down method’. Those Israeli/Russians know their stuff. Got to give the dog a bone or two.

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