A nod to power.

Titles are labels with ties that bind us to lies.

How long do we have?

My computer has decided to do things differently and by golly it’s making me up upset. I have to say that it’s all very well for the world to be put on-line but unless we’re all well trained in computer use these alterations can be daunting and frustrating for older people such as myself.

Now that the government is pushing people out of it’s offices and onto their phones or laptops (so they can save money and throw more people onto the employment scrapheap) the onus should be on them to enable us to access on-line tutoring at no cost to us so we can navigate through this new computerized landscape.

But I can’t see that happening because then they’d be shown to have no clothes as they’re naked so often when it comes to looking after the people that this fast changing world have left behind. I suppose they want us to shrivel up and blow away just like BiBi said would happen to the USA once they’d milked it for all it’s wealth and power.

We are sleep walking into a catastrophe because most of us are just being overwhelmed by the complexity of the computer systems we now have to use and try to understand. We’ll end up in a situation where all most of us will be able to do is point and click on the options offered by the Tech Giants. Which means we’ll only be able to choose from the options they want to show us.

Do our governments want us to become so completely dumbed-down, not only from all the heavy metals injected into us through the onerous vaccine schedules that are now being pushed onto us and our children, but also from being in a constant state of frustrated bewilderment from not knowing how to take control of the computers we are being forced onto more and more?

Of course they do! That way they can sit in their plush offices sipping the finest wines as they contemplate where to take their next holiday without having to deal with people who can’t even access the appropriate format for making a complaint. Most wont because they’ll feel too embarrassed thinking that they must be stupid by not having that knowledge at their fingertips.

I’ll tell you a little secret, though. These cretins who waste money we haven’t even earned to pay taxes on yet have as little idea about computers as we do. Probably less but they have an IT department to do it all for them.

In the meantime we suffer and starve while they get their staff to book their next holiday in some country with 3rd world working conditions for the catering staff …….. Hang-on, that’s here in Australia.

This was a long time coming but it’s here.

I think by the way the coalition are acting like a ZOG indicates that the Israeli leadership have got Australia lined up as the next homeland for themselves. Good God! How did we end up being so involved with Jewish interests? I don’t recognize this country as Australia anymore. Every politician in our present parliament seems to be an Israel Firster. As someone who is now pretty well convinced I’ve got a Jewish heritage through my mother’s side of the family (what a joke that term is to me) I have a very different view than the Knesset has about what Jewish identity is all about. I wonder how many of you readers have bothered to listen to David Irving and what he has to say about the WW2 German documents that he was allowed to investigate before he was banned by complicit (to Israel) governments around the world from their archives.

David Irving was one of the few who investigated WW2 and the documentation surrounding the Concentration Camps who could actually read and understand the Cyrillic script that a lot of the Nazi officers used in their wartime documentation. According to his investigations about 100 000 Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz not 6 million. He does a very good job of explaining that the gas chambers didn’t exist until the Polish built the one used for the tourists after the end of the war. Yes. And there’s more. Of those 100 000 about 25 000 were actually executed with the rest dying from diseases like Typhoid.

The Jewish version of the Jewish experience during the war years is an utter tissue of distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies designed to make all the Western powers feel a collective guilt that has enabled Israel to milk the rest of us financially ever since the end of WW2.

I feel this way not only because of what David Irving has to say but also my experience as a child of a North London Jewess who obviously hid her Jewish heritage for many reasons and my brother and I paid the price for that. Jewish history appears to me to be very complicated partly because they know what shocking people they can be to others who aren’t directly helping them become rich and successful.

I’ll finish on saying that David Irving was asked in the 90’s during an interview with an Australian radio station his estimation of how many Jews were killed during the Nazi era of the 3rd Reich. He answered that in his estimation (from all the research he had done into the archives and personal interviews over a long period of time with personal staff of Hitler and various other functionaries of that time) about 4 million were killed or died between 1933 and 1945. A starkly different figure than the one given just for Auschwitz by the Holocaust industry Jews. Still a terrible death toll but not as clear cut in the way it all came about. I want history about all this to be revised so we can deal with it as it is.

I found lying came too easily to my mother and it caused so much trouble for the family that her lies completely wrecked it in my opinion. It also took my brother and I down a path to personal wrack and ruin in our adult lives that cost him his and has left me struggling to survive.

All I can add is beware the poor Jew (financially) as they wont ever look to themselves as partly responsible for their predicament but rather consider everyone they can influence as fodder for their acts of revenge for being poor. She also showed me how easy she was with her curses to others if they got in her way even to the point of cursing my wife a week after we were married. That’s right. Even though she’d been at the wedding and been given plenty of attention the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in my life anymore drove her to a vindictive, vengeful, anger that came out in her throwing curses at my wife from our doorway only a week after the event.

No wonder the Jews have a bad reputation.

So is everyone looking forward to spending an hour going to and from the ballot box on the 18th of May? I thought so. You have to admit, though, it’s a snap to get it done if you just vote for one of the major parties. Those Polly’s know how to get Australians to take the easy road, don’t they? Or do they? Or do they and don’t they? Don’t delay. It’s so easy when you get a pencil but no rubber. They must keep all the rubbers back behind the counter. Who can say?

Now they wouldn’t change your vote after the final bell. Would they? What if you take a pen and have your say? Would that mean a spoiled ballot that they cannot relay their own thoughts to the official counter with the rubber in play?

I can’t wait for the 18th day. I might even see Mrs May. Does she have any children not craven and anointed who wont play the same old game that got us this way?

My contributions to this blog will probably have to go on hold for quite a while as of the 10th of next month. This is the date set by my phone provider for switching off the landline connection to the house and the demand that I change over to the dreaded NBN. I just don’t have the money saved or projected income to be able to afford to have the new service connected. This is simply because I’ve had to mothball my business as an electrical contractor as there’s just been no work. Or so little that there was no point in doing it anymore as the customers I had left ringing were just trying to get something for nothing. It gets to the point that I can’t play the game of fighting my customers for reasonable recompense. Having to negotiate from such a weakened position just does my head in and ‘price sensitive’ customers can smell the blood in the water, so to speak, and just push too hard. Let them go to someone else who is either better at negotiating or to a bigger company where they can’t hassle the worker over payment who comes to do the job.

I’ve learned a lot about the personality types who uses a sole trader for work in the domestic housing sector in a contracting economy. They fall into two broad categories. One being they’re old and wise enough to know that I’m an honest and diligent worker who is asking a reasonable price for the work to be done that covers my costs and gives me a fair profit. Then there’s the second type who are out and out predators who know that you don’t have that many options in a small market and haggle with you over everything, before, during, and after you’ve done the job. Unfortunately the people who used to be like the former either have no spare money for the sort of service I provide (self funded retirees who have had their income severely reduced for one reason or another) and others who are happier using the bigger firms because of brand recognition and who are now taking that sort of work on again because the work load has reduced for them as well. I suppose I’ve described three groups but I can’t be sure about the last lot’s circumstances as I don’t know if they’ve moved on or have no money left either. This being Western Australia the economy doesn’t work like the Eastern States which I will attempt to explain.

Western Australia has a small local economy that mostly services the resource extraction industry which is huge but mostly imports it’s needs from overseas. So even though there’s hundreds of mines (405 operating mines in Australia as of 2012 so the figure is probably more by now) and God only knows how many oil and gas platforms off the coast we really only supply transport and workers. As far as how many workers, as a proportion of the entire workforce, are from WA or from overseas on 457 visas I have no real idea. I can speculate but I would only be guessing. My own personal experience of trying to get work on one of those sites has drawn a blank so far but I think my age of 57 might be something to do with that. Another possibility is that I have a pretty patchy record as an employee and that may be well documented out there in the multinational company records departments. (It was one of the reasons I went into business for myself.) The last possibility is that they don’t hire many people from WA anymore. I just don’t know and it’s impossible to find out as that information on a company by company breakdown isn’t publicly available. I do know that the number of 457 visa holders in the entire country numbers at roughly 1.6 million but that’s all I really know. I don’t want to whinge about this so I’ll move on.

I’m writing a fair bit with this last revision because this may be the last time I have time on my blog for a long while so I want to cover some ground before my access is lost. It’ll be way past the next Federal election by the time I get back on so let me give you my thoughts about the up coming election and my feelings toward the characters involved. I’ll try to keep it interesting as I know people hate politics. So do I but they do have effects on society that can’t be ignored. Effects like lasers shooting out of Bill’s eyes that sear through Penny Wong’s girlfriend creating a panic inside the Rainbow community frantically cross-dressing and trying to avoid the cross-fire. Or ScoMo talking in the tongue that he’s pulled from Clive’s mouth (along with his lips) while his company lays pipes into the federal governments Treasury credit facility looking for some hard currency to use on his next entrepreneurial fiasco. Meanwhile Pauline backs away from the last conspiracy that she’s managed to turn into a theory with her inimical style of whining that it was only a thin blue book which she didn’t really believe existed in the first place. Oh, the joy of seeing federal politicians parading about the country expounding on their skilled orating style they learned justifying their need to spend tax money on the staff they need to swindle voters into the voting booth.

I’ll stop here as I’m making myself sick. I’ll probably keep it up in the comments sometime between now and the 10th but I think this will be the end of my blogging above the line for a while.

Til next time ……….

18 thoughts on “A nod to power.

  1. As far as I can make out Australia has always based it’s economic growth on population growth. Mostly from outside of the country. From my own observations it’s my contention that this equation has been fundamentally altered as we changed our immigration mix from mainly European, then south east Asian, to now middle eastern influx. The Europeans and SE Asians could settle down and produce as many children as they liked and the government could cope with funding the expansion of state infrastructure by taxing the productive sectors (and the people who worked in them) without resorting to borrowing too much from the banking system. This way the burden of debt servicing wasn’t taking too much of our GDP. Now, however, the cost of servicing all the debt we have accumulated over the past couple of decades is taking a lot of money out of the government balance sheet and is making the funding and expansion of state infrastructure more and more difficult. Especially with the internationalization of our credit creation system. The circle-jerk now extends beyond our boarders which takes all our ability to reduce that debt out of our (or any) governments hands and places it with the bankers in Geneva.
    In other words we owe too much and can’t reduce it only increase it at a logarithmic rate. We are coping at the moment only because we have interest rates that are kept artificially low by the Central Banking system that is allowing the lenders to the domestic market (you and I) the ability to play the spread as they borrow at low rates then pass those funds on at an interest rate that wont cripple the people who are borrowing it.
    If the Central banking system decides it’s time to normalize their rates then our rates will automatically go through the roof and we’ll all be effed.
    I conclude that the CB system has us all by the balls without having to resort to war as they had to in the past to put sovereign governments into debt to them.
    The Muslim population will be made the scapegoats for all this as even though they’re only doing what the Europeans and SE Asians did in the past. Our economy isn’t geared to handle it like it could in the past.
    Populations are exploding in the underdeveloped parts of the world but our proportion of immigration intake hasn’t changed all that much so to ‘blame the Muslims’ for our economic ills would be misleading. (Convenient for those who stand in the shadows and laugh at our struggle and pain as we try to grapple with the consequences of our huge debt burden, though. I wonder who they could be? Bankers, possibly?)
    I wont go into overseas factors as I have in prior posts because I hope people will have read them to understand what I think the push factors are.
    Just my thoughts from the job search cue.

  2. I wonder if this blog will be around much longer. Censorship is becoming more and more of a factor to be reckoned with as TPTB take aim at all speech that doesn’t fit the political correctness that is being dictated to us through the MSM and governments around the world. I’m a ‘white’ man and now FB wont be having free speech about any of the perceived issues that are surrounding our reduced living standards. TPTB seem to think that making us all equal requires not that every one is brought up to our level but that we must be dropped down to theirs.
    No one wins in that scenario except for the psychopaths who want to see all the worlds people thrown together in a false left-wing collective that they will say is utopia but will, in fact, be a living Hell. All control and ownership will become part of a socialist one world government just like in China and Russia and no one will be heard complaining because they will just disappear into ‘re-education’ camps far out of reach of any means of communication with the wider (or outside) world. No one will notice beyond those who personally know you and any attempt to mention this situation will be met with that person being shut down from the net and they too will disappear into the night.
    In the end those who are left will know better than to ‘notice’ such things going on all around them and will just participate in the covering up of the loss of all our independence.
    It just seems obvious to me that the central banks have coordinated this heist and the people have just let themselves be drawn along with it by the use of their debt-based fiat money/credit system that has given most people the illusion that they actually own real assets and will be OK in retirement because there will always be a benevolent government ready with social security of some type.
    I think we’ll be heading to execution camps when we can no longer keep working in a productive way for the ‘system’. It wont be able to support us and the younger, more able will hate us for being useless without considering for even one moment that this is how they will end up as well.
    With all the heavy metals in vaccines making people stupid and the wide availability of terrible drugs like Ice (that destroy all conscience in it’s users) they wont be able to recognize what they’ve been forced to become. This is the depopulation agenda made real.

  3. This is a conspiracy that is a lot deeper and nastier than just the politicians we’re allowed to aim at as far as I can make out. Have you noticed that no matter how we try we can’t pin any of these policies back that cause us so much distress in our waking lives? I’ve been caught up in the ethnic and political divisions myself in the past but those divisions just wont explain what’s going on. Have you noticed how policies that remove our freedoms enacted under one Party are never reversed when the ‘opposition’ take power? That’s because both of those parties (and all political parties) have been infiltrated and subverted at a deeper level. In fact if you talk to most politicians they are nice enough people but are completely lost in the bubble that they operate in. I try to contact politicians from time to time through the official channels but all I get is a response from the office staff who represent the deep state and are permanent employees. The head of the Treasury is actually the real head of the government. Not the PM. Those ministers and prime ministers are just there to make us focus on them and not the real power which is within the public sector and the business leaders, bankers, and oligarchs that they liaise with on a day to day basis.
    The politicians don’t write the legislation. They’re just smart mouths who are used by the deep state to sell them to us through their particular form of identity politics. We are fools to be focusing on them. They are just the puppets who dance for us but the dance is controlled by those who hold their strings.

    So who or what is really behind this evil conspiracy? You have to look back into the obscured history of the Eurasian land mass to start to get an idea of what is really going on. There was a people called the Khazars who were ascendant between the 5th and 10th centuries who had an Empire in what we would call southern Russia and around the Caspian sea during that time. These are the people who couldn’t be defeated by any of the armies that tried to conquer them during that period. Whether they were Christian or Islamic it didn’t matter those armies were stopped in their tracks when they met the Khazars. However, for reasons that I’m not completely sure about around 700 or 800 A.D. they decided to change their religion from Baal worship to Judaism. They were under pressure from the Islamic and the Byzantium Empires to convert to one or the other so they decided to take the third option (shows how they knew a thing or two) of Judaism.
    This must have suited them because they lasted for another couple hundred of years at least before they seemed (and I use that word advisedly) to suddenly stop being an Empire.
    This is what I believe happened. The Khazars, according to some of the literature I’ve read, have a unique DNA that sets them out differently from the rest of the worlds population. That gene expression comes into the form of higher average intelligence and possibly a tendency to be what we would classify as psychopathic. This translates into a lack of empathy for other people and a will to be in absolute control of this world. Maintaining and defending an Empire would have been seen by them as an unnecessary waste of time and resources when to do that you have to maintain an identity and ethnicity that would be as limiting as it is a defining feature of being a Khazar. If you want to be the rulers of the world at large.
    They hatched a plan to use subversion rather than overt war to achieve that aim. Thus using the guise of the ‘wandering Jew’ they infiltrated all of the cultures and ethnic Empires around them. Intermarrying with the families of the leaders of those cultures and the Empires that they had spawned. They were careful to target only the most influential of those families and left the not so well off and connected to their own devices. The complex notion of the term Goyim starts to become clearer when viewed in this light.
    At this point the need for an Empire became less and less necessary for the survival of the Khazars who didn’t have such a strict notion of what it was to be one. Physical attributes didn’t matter as much as the culture and religion (which is not pure Judaism and never was) which could be practiced and passed down the generations in secret. Something that rich people are able to do as they can easily remove themselves and their activities from public view. Unlike the rest of us who have our lives regularly interrogated by ‘higher authorities’ whenever they like. Which is often.
    The rest is the history that we are fist fed daily with all it’s seeming intractable problems, divisions, and disaffection felt by so many of us.
    The Khazars still have their Empire but we’re just not aware of it until you scratch beneath the surface of our fake history and disregard the dickheads that bleat at us through the MSM and a greater part of the Alt-media about what we should be getting upset about and what/who we should be ignoring.
    Smart and evil. That’s one Hell of a combination!

  4. I posted this on Greg Mannarino’s Youtube channel as a comment (He’s a stock analyst who tries to give his insights to the rest of the world) and I felt it was worth re-posting here with a bit of extra thought.

    “Hi Greg. This post might end up being a long one so please indulge me. If I have been listening properly to the many videos I have seen of you am I right is saying that you trained as a doctor but decided to leave that system because …..? Let me take a punt and answer that question with a little of my own history. Over thirty years ago I was working as male trainee registered nurse in the hospital system in Australia and the reason I resigned from that position after 18 months was that I’d actually had to watch as people were literally put to death by the other nursing staff because they were either old or crippled to the point of being unable to defend themselves from such actions. Were you, by any chance, asked to participate in the writing of Death certificates that covered up the cause of death for patients such as what I have just described? I’ll leave that for you to answer in some kind of cryptic fashion that doesn’t incriminate you. (By the way my real name is John Edwards just so you understand I’m being sincere in what I’m postulating here.)
    OK. From that little preamble I will now try and draw this together with what is happening out in the world of finances and stock markets that don’t seem to be making sense to the average punter. The people involved with these murders and death of the innocent through either neglect or active measures (or those who participated in the ensuing cover-ups) were nice people to talk to and even be friends with during and outside of normal working hours. It somehow seemed perfectly reasonable that those people who would go all gooey over animals and children in distress could, and did, at the very next working shift take the life of a patient (or who they like to refer to as a client these days) in a totally cold and calculating manner. This is what I found to be the case with the people (doctors and nurses) that I had interactions with over the time that I worked on those wards in those hospitals. However, if you, as someone in that world decided that you wouldn’t participate in that covert system of removing the ‘bed blockers’ from that hospital system those doctors and nurses that you thought were your friends suddenly became your mortal enemies. Did you have that experience, Greg? Because I did and because of my naivety I didn’t even see what was coming. They cooked my ass and I ended up with no choice but to resign and get the hell away from those people because they started to try and set me up deaths that could be associated with my care. I was failed off a ward when it was I who had blown the whistle on negligence causing undignified and immoral death of the innocent.
    From all this what I’m going to postulate is that the quantum computing age of Baal worship is here and it is a out growth of the illuminated mind set of the anti-Christ. It is the one and the zero in superposition. The person puts on the uniform (or the priestly robes) given to them from the sanctified authority (the anti-Christ system) which puts them into the man-made mode of the quantum computer that is a pale imitation of our minds which are also capable of superposition. But with one difference that changes everything. The anti-Christ system has no soul. Our souls are our conduit to the one and only creator of our Universe and all that exists within it. The one and only creator who gave us the free will to reject that soul and join the anti-Christ system where the same person who will help you will kill you when the anti-Christ system requires it. If you reject your soul that is in every part of our mortal being and is our spirit.
    Our mortal bodies give us the ability to do this. If we were just spirits of light then we couldn’t do this to each other but in this incarnation we can, through our actions, reject the soul and in the process destroy it.
    This is how the quantum computing system works. It has enabled opposites to co-exist at the same time in real time and no one is bothering to notice that it’s WRONG. That being because they have bought into the anti-Christ system. It’s a tricky bastard.”

    Some people wonder why Donald Trump has betrayed them is so many ways but to me it’s pretty obvious that he was given plenty enough rope to hang himself with in his past. So much that he forgot the hangman’s noose was still around his neck. I think he was reminded that if he thought the sexually incriminating information that became public was bad, just try and do anything the banksters find is a direct threat to their own interests and see what comes out in the press and in other places that would place his whole family (and partners in crime) in jeopardy of loosing everything they’ve connived together to cement them a place in the history books.
    I think old Donald would have shit his pants when they showed him the rope and that it was still in a noose around his neck. Hence why no Hillary or Bill being put in cuffs or in the dock. These so-called leaders are puppets but they are allowed to pretend to the rest of us that they’re the ones calling the shots.
    Ha, ha, haha, ha, haha! haw, haw, haw, haw! Whore’s are what they are. It’s the way it is in this Satanic, Baal worshiping system. You want to be a success? Well, there’s a price that has to be paid. Paid to the Anti-Christ. Don’t believe in such a system? You should, because we’re all in it, just look around you.

  5. Auckland isn’t New Zealand just like Western Australia wasn’t Australia ……..for about 12 months.
    Maybe a bit longer, but……
    I am one of the people who voted this video down, Martin. I’ve never voted one of your videos down until this one. Here are my reasons for doing so.
    This con-man is a property investor who has been making money from selling dreams to property buyers for years. Am I right in saying that? If that’s the case it’s in his interests to paint as rosy a picture as he possibly can irrespective of whether he has inside information to the contrary or not.
    I also don’t like his dismissive attitude toward Auckland and by implication the chap that you talk to regularly from that city who has genuine concerns for all the people who are being ruined by the fall in property prices in that city.
    Have you, martin, by any chance had a look at the video titled “Who owns New Zealand now”. Here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzSAmOQuyjU
    The mean price for a property in Auckland is around $830 000 and Christchurch is around $500 000. There are over 41 000 people homeless in New Zealand according to the documentary which I find unacceptable on so many levels that I feel sick. Yet this rich and rotund individual seems smug about Auckland being somehow separate and insignificant to the rest of the country.
    I lived for a year as a child in New Zealand back in 1975 and it was such a beautiful city then with an education system that put Australia to shame while I was there. It was the only school I went to where I wasn’t bullied by fellow class members for being a fat pom. In Australia both before and after I was in New Zealand I was bullied mercilessly with the teachers both times refusing to see or do anything about it. I guess that New Zealand has gone forever now.
    New Zealand sounds like a little Australia these days where the rich and well off couldn’t give a toss for all the misery of their rise an the “Asset” class that has been augmented by imported money and foreigners precipitated by…. guess who and what? The deregulation of the banking system and the sudden power to lend by overseas banks now entrenched in the NZ financial system.
    I saw this coming before I was 15 yrs old yet both countries have walked right into this, hand in hand with the banks that can create money out of thin air.
    This is the perfect jerking circle of the International Central Banking cartel (There is only one International Banking cartel run by the BIS. An organization shrouded in mystery that was developed as an idea after WW1to organize Germany’s war reparations that were ruining the country financially and economically but actually was officially founded in 1930 https://truthout.org/articles/history-of-the-bank-for-international-settlements/ )
    All our politicians were either ignorant of the cancer this banking system represented or were/are part of the conspiracy to rob us of all our wealth through its procedures and practices. I suspect the latter and so should you.
    This is why we had a new banking act enacted in 1959 in Australia. We got this cancer first but NZ tried its best to hold out against it and the difference was palpable as I recognized from my time there as a child/adolescent.
    To wit I found this property con-man/investor an affront to listen to and I hope you never interview this venal character ever again. I think you, and us, deserve better than what that man represented. I felt dirty after listening to him.
    Thank you for reading.
    John Edwards.

    9 minutes ago
    So I’ve just finished watching the whole documentary, “Who owns New Zealand now” and the only possible solutions to our housing crisis in this country are the same as New Zealand and they can all be decanted down to a single statement, in my view. That is, our State and Federal Governments have to start intervening in the market and restore the ability of governments to offer full term loans at a FIXED interest rate of about 3% for the duration of the loan. I believe that what we have now in the form of Keystart loans (In WA) is only for a short period of a couple of years before the home buyer has to go and refinance their loan on the open market. This means higher interest rate charges on a variable basis to one of the banks hooked into the International Bankers cartel. These banks indulge in a sadistic form of predatory lending which has the effect of forcing the home buyer into a home seller because they can’t afford it.
    In a downturn like we’re having at the moment that means there is no equity left in the house that they bought into leaving the seller with a debt to pay off even after the sale of their house. Effectively we are placing an Albatross round the neck of those first time home buyers. Australian governments of all persuasions should be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to this market by handing it over to the private banks to control.
    I hate politicians for this fact alone. Yes Mr Quigley. I have hate in my heart for you now and all your like minded cohorts. No matter, as I know it’s reciprocated by you as has been proved to me by your responses to my many emails to your office.
    May you all go to Hell.
    John Edwards.

  6. It looks like the screws are being tightened even further on the Internet as regards to censorship. Truth seeker video’s are being pulled down left, right, and center on Youtube. The Secret Societies method of divide and conquer are also being ramped up to unprecedented levels by having certain ‘truth seekers’ continued access to the Internet while others are being shadow banned and/or manipulated into making claims that are impossible to assess as truth or not. Unfortunately we are still mostly reacting to what is put out on the media in the first place by the MSM actors which are really just fronts for various Secret Societies.
    I think that we are only seeing the picture those Secret Societies want us to see. From now on I will just use the acronym of SS to denote Secret Society. How funny that acronym looks, eh! Sometimes more is shown by accident than hard research.
    The arrest of Assange in the last couple of hours should tell us that the SS are not concerned in the slightest by the thoughts and words of the alt-media anymore. They have us looking at ethnic/racial groups looking to hang all the blame but without INSTITUTIONAL assistance these groups could do nothing to intimidate the world in various ways. We can find, if we look hard enough, that all sovereign countries do terrible things to other people when it suits them. On every level I can think of. From the small to the enormous it takes institutional assistance to enable these atrocities to take place.
    I toy with the notion of religion from time to time and come to the conclusion that that is mostly a psy-op as well to divide us and make it easier for us to become the conquerer’s unwitting tools. For that reason I’m mostly done with all types of religion. If God exists I’m sure it would understand my stance on this and not “Damn me to Hell” for not picking a side.
    Anyway, I’m a bit done in over what is going on at the moment. What with all the censorship and the brazen arrest of Assange by the UK government. Just like Brexit will never happen for the British these things are designed to keep us confused while our enslavement through various means continues unabated.
    The slave trade never finished it just took on a new flavor that encompasses all the worlds population. The SS are brilliant at what they do. I have to admit that but I will never join them in their objective by condemning a visible group out of hand. The Jews are a great cover for these people but I’m pretty sure I’m a Jew and I don’t want to hurt other people or enslave them so I think the conspiracy against the human race goes deeper than just us.
    The hidden hand, the occult sciences, are what we truly have to fear. We just don’t know what is being done to us.

  7. It looks like there’s an A.I. trawling all the social media platforms now and manipulating not only the content providers but the commenters as well. Youtube is well and truly fucked for truth seekers now. Things are going to get a lot worse on the Internet. This blog is buried already but it’s going to get buried even deeper now.
    They’re dividing the house and a house divided cannot stand.

  8. I will try to tell you all a story about my life and my parents life that should shock you in that unless you’ve experienced it you probably would never think it possible for the twisted psychology that’s involved.
    My mother, who I think was Jewish, but was never admitted because her mother married outside of the ‘clan’ to my grandfather was quite evil as only the Jewish can be especially to their own when it suits their purpose. (This is very difficult to put down but I’m trying because I think it’s important for others to know)
    My Grandfather couldn’t get drafted into WW1 because he had something wrong with one of his feet and was labeled “F4” I seem to remember being told by my mother.
    He hit the bottle and became a drunk and I now believe my Grandmother used that situation and contributed to it to put him down whenever she felt like it. (Something that seems to be a Jewish trait from what I’ve read and experienced. ‘Gas lighting’ is what I believe it’s called.) My mother grew up in that environment and thought little of Grandfather because of it.
    My father was kept out of WW2 even though he could have volunteered because his father had made sure he had gotten an apprenticeship in a ‘protected’ industry. This was due to the fact that his father had gone to the Western Front in WW1 and came back with ‘Trench-Foot’ which took 18 months to heal and I was told that he had vowed that no child of his would go and fight in a war. (He obviously knew what we know now about how the ‘Hidden hand’ of Secret Societies run these wars just to kill us and make enormous amounts of money in the bloody process) This is the background to what I think happened between my parents.
    My mother learned from her mother that if you can find a man with this sort of compromising fact in their background then you can control them for the term of their natural lives. She trapped my father into marriage by pretending she was pregnant to him and then spent the rest of their lives together having her ‘Gas lighting’ him whenever she felt like it over the fact he had avoided going to war. In England you can’t get a divorce without showing cause in the courts so you can imagine what she would’ve threatened him with. I know she thought him a coward for not going and could use that in any court divorce as a basis to assert all kinds of allegations.
    This is why my mother would never talk to me about all this and while she spent her last years being looked after by my wife and I in our own home she just stopped talking after a while when my questions became to pointed and would reveal what she had done to my father.
    In that process she divided our house and family as only a twisted Jewish woman is capable of. The evil brilliance of our race is innate I’m afraid and although I don’t blame the Jewish race for it all I can see how we are truly diabolical in our nature.
    This is why I realize now why my father went to such lengths to get us to Australia where ‘no fault’ divorce was available. I also realize why he hated us all and disowned us two children at the first opportunity.
    Finally, I’m not a self hating Jew. Just an honest one.
    I hope this makes sense to those who read it.

  9. Let me be the first to comment.
    I wasn’t sexually abused but my brother (dead at 35 from self abuse causing cancer) and I were psychologically twisted up by our parents who hated each other but didn’t divorce until I was 17 and my brother 19. My mother wouldn’t let him go because she had trapped him into marriage in England in the 50’s. She had no education because of the London Blitz. My father didn’t go to war (protected industry apprenticeship at de havillands an aircraft manufacturers) so had a very good education in comparison to most of the others who had been drafted. He was labelled a coward by many during that time and he carried that psychological scar which my mother exploited unmercifully whenever she wanted (Gas lighting an individual is the term used now). In England you still can’t get a divorce without showing fault so he couldn’t do it without the threat of my mother making terrible allegations against him using that draft dodging as a basis for getting any judge onside no matter how vile the lies.
    This was the environment my brother and I were born to and grew up in. My father coped with this by constantly moving us around England then around the world as he made his way to Australia where he knew ‘no fault’ divorce was legal. The hatred was constant between them and my mother (a north London Jewess) reveled in punishing my father as only a woman like that can.
    Not surprisingly my father hated us all as my brother and I grew up isolated and completely twisted by what we had to endure as ‘normal’ every day behavior between them with our personalities unable to develop properly. We both took to all kinds of illegal drugs from about the time of our parents eventual divorce which just made us worse and looked from the outside like we were just losers (which we were).
    We had no peer group to work with just acquaintances that took advantage of a ‘safe’ place to take drugs at and blame and disassociate from when it suited them. People from ‘good’ families, I might add.
    It took me until my 40’s to recognize the damage that had been done and why but my brother never made it that far. Both our reputations had been well and truly destroyed by then and I still have to live with the consequences of all my mistakes made as a ruined adult.
    Governments and the social security systems that they develop just don’t have the capacity or where with all to unravel such smashed and scrambled personalities such as ours and usually just end up corpses that no one cares about.
    I write this just to show all who bother to read this that the world can be a truly horrifying place to grow up in and it can all be done inside the family unit without any on the outside ever knowing.
    It took me until now at age 57 to properly understand all that had been done by my parents and the main perpetrator was my mother. She’s dead now but she was one psycho bitch.
    Such was my lot that in the end I had to look after her in her last years in my own home because I knew she would’ve made the nurses utterly insane if they’d had to look after her. We had her for 5yrs during which she let it be known that she hated my wife as well. She also let her know at every opportunity and when I started to finally interrogate her about what I’d figured out she just stopped talking and became incontinent for the last 2 yrs of her life.
    I couldn’t wish something like that even on my worst enemy and I have a few, I can tell you.
    Who am I? John Edwards. Perth, WA.

  10. My father kept us in relative poverty throughout our lives until adulthood and wrecked both our chances at a proper education by the constant moving from country to country. England to Africa to Australia to New Zealand and finally back to Australia. It was his way of ‘getting his own back’ by destroying his own children. Plus it stopped the authorities (or anyone else) recognizing what he and she were inflicting on us children. He made it clear to us that he considered us part of the problem for him. He justified in his own mind that we weren’t his children but rather hers.
    Yep. That’s how it can go when you have two people with innate abilities that are diametrically opposed to each other. He was smart, well educated, but marked as a coward in his own mind and she was a natural gas lighter. She had a father who had been rejected from the draft for WW1 because of a club foot. Hit the bottle because of it and had a wife who was a poor Jewess who made him pay for it. North London Jews know exactly what I’m talking about so don’t start thinking I’m being anti-Semitic. It’s just the truth.
    I write all this because I have to. It releases me from my nightmare. To an extent.

  11. I just watched Hardtalk with the Interview being with David Irving and I posted this comment. I post it here as well because I think my thoughts need to be aired on my blog as well.

    “I see that the interviewing technique of interrupting the interviewee before they’ve had a chance to even finish one sentence in rebuttal hasn’t changed on hard talk at all. What a worthless, disgusting, interviewer. The BBC proves only one thing: that they are shills for twisted Zionists who care not a jot for the truth.
    I’ll admit that the interviewer did draw out some interesting aspects to David Irvings personality that show he is or was a little xenophobic in some of his thinking but he doesn’t make me change my mind that Mr Irving is right in his analysis of how the Holocaust is a fiction as it is presented by the MSM. Mr Irving doesn’t try to hide the fact that the Nazi’s hated Jews and killed as many as they could but it wasn’t done by a systematic gassing in gas chambers and burning in crematoriums. My own parents have a complicated story as my mother was a London Jew who hid her heritage because she was ashamed of how they thought about the world’s people in general.
    In the end it’s all very sad, frightening, and disturbing that we find ourselves so divided and full of hatred for all sorts of people and I’ve realized what it is that ails the Jews so much. What makes them such targets for hatred. It is the way they make up these stories such as the Holocaust. They do it to try to deflect all culpability for the acts of greed they perpetrate that is so prevalent not only in them but us as well.
    All you need to do is look at the way the Israeli state is treating the Palestinians. It is in the same vein as which the Nazi’s treated the Jews during the 3rd Reich. This is a perfect example on both counts of how power corrupts the minds of people to commit atrocities against those they feel threatened by. There is a difference, though. IMO the Palestinians do not pose a threat to the Israeli state the way Jewish brain power poses a threat to the entire world. They are very smart people as a general rule and they don’t use that brain power for the good of mankind but rather to empower themselves. Usually at the expense of everyone else. This is where they make their fatal mistake. It’s obvious that they are smart as fuck and that makes them easy to target as a group by the majority who don’t possess their level of intelligence.
    A lot of people may not be too happy with what I’m saying but I’m coming to think that this is their problem and making up BS stories to cover for this fact is what pisses so many people off.
    We all need to take a step back from this precipice of hatred and rethink what we’re all doing to each other or I believe we’re all doomed to end up killing each other in more terrible wars.
    I still think the interviewer was sub-par as this is what should be getting talked about not just cheap point scoring.”

    I want the truth because it sets all people free.

  12. I must say it’s been disturbing as well as enlightening to realize I come from a Jewish mother who rejected her heritage by hiding it from everybody. It’s something I can’t really address in any really meaningful way. It just is what it is and I have to suffer the consequences. About the only thing I can do is not try to inflict my suffering because of it onto other people. Unfortunately I realize now that that’s what I was doing until I was about 40 yrs old. I think I’ve recounted my life enough on these pages over time to indicate in how many ways that’s happened so I’m not going to rake over those old coals again. What I will say is that people like me can’t be saved by any of the modern day means of drugs or psychotherapy. The schism is too deep and involves more than just my immediate family. I am a symptom of what the Sabbatean Jews have done to this world. However, to use the term Sabbatean doesn’t preclude all the other manifestations of the Synagogue of Satan such as Zionism which is the driving force behind Israel.
    What we have are manifestations of evil and these various names give some intellectual flesh to put on the bones of the force that I cannot define in of itself.

  13. Follow the money and you will find evil people holding on to the receipts. Propaganda is the biggest business in the world and it is a beast in itself. I find you can find justify any argument you want if you just dig deep enough and know how to make certain omissions, inclusions, twisting of logic by inverting proposition and implication. If you use enough words there’s no way you can keep most peoples minds focused enough to register the tricks used until the convincing effect has already had a chance to have it’s desired effect on an audience desirous of understanding. We all come with wants and needs and now we can find sites on the Internet to confirm them all. The Google mind will allow that. It will catalogue and prioritize until you have exactly what you were looking for. Right or wrong.

    It is, of course, a trap, in and of itself.
    The Google mind is the Devil incarnate really.
    Is it A.I.?
    I personally think it’s been A.I. for quite some time and incredibly dangerous. But I still sit in it and let it use me.

  14. Just a little bit more about being a self incriminated crypto-Jew. This is another comment I left on a Youtube video but think it worth placing here as well. It’s only short but I think worth thinking about.

    “I have a proposition for you guys. I’m pretty sure I’m Jewish on my mothers side. My female cousins in England went and stayed on a Kibbutz when they both came of age. They shunned us male cousins in who had been emigrated to Australia by our father (who isn’t Jewish) (complicated story fraught with conflicts and internalized hatreds). Have been putting two and two together and I am coming to the conclusion that the Jewish supremacists cannot stand to have too many of us poor, secular, Jews around diluting their ‘chosen’ status so they engineer these pogroms and make sure it’s people like myself who are left in the firing line so that we get culled every couple of generations and they get to keep themselves ‘pure’ while feeding off our victim-hood status without ever being victims themselves.
    What do you think?”

    Makes sense to me, but then again, it should because I wrote it. (I laugh, amused by my Jewish thinking)

  15. I don’t know if people have been paying attention to what is going on in the political world but I would like to draw peoples attention to something I find extremely sinister. It has to do with the ‘chilling effect’ on free expression that is being promoted by the major Parties in this country.
    Over the past week or so a number of candidates from both Labor and Liberal have been jettisoned from their positions for expressing views that have been deemed too extreme, controversial, or in poor taste, on-line. Some from years ago and some a little more recent.
    I want to state right here and right now that this is the beginning of the end of free expression in this country. To be penalized in this way is nothing short of the being the worst aspect of Totalitarianism barring imprisonment, torture, or execution for having expressed a view, or views, that go against the ideology of certain powerful interest groups.
    I have come to this view because I’m listening to the commentary around these ‘sackings’ from the spokespeople from these Parties and they are making the connection between what you write or say on-line and your ability to find employment.
    This is already something I and others have noticed but now it’s being said right out in the open that if you do or say anything on-line that ruffles the feathers of TPTB you will be turned into a non-citizen. Without a right to a job.
    The question people need to ask themselves is who are TPTB and how far does this homogenizing Totalitarian mind-control extend into the world at large?
    The answer that comes to my mind is all employers will become paranoid that unless they ‘sanitize’ their workforce of anybody with views that don’t strictly conform with the anodyne views TPTB think we should have then they will suffer either by loosing government contracts or be subject to other sorts of sanction that we can only speculate about.
    As I said at the start of this comment I think this is very sinister and reeks of Totalitarianism.
    Corporate fascism is one label I can think of but it’s much more dangerous than just that. It’s Communism and Fascism rolled into Totalitarian rule.
    I always thought that those labels were there just to give people the false impression that these two systems were diametrically opposed to each other when at their core they both have the same end in mind. That is to institute a rigid authoritarian regime so as to implement absolute control over the thoughts and actions of the population.
    If people think my words are an over reaction just pause and think how people are self-censoring on-line already so they aren’t removed from their favorite social media platforms.
    It’s only going to get much, much, worse and TPTB will be laughing their asses off because they wont even have to be seen to be doing it. We’re doing it to ourselves and falling over each other to snitch on each other so we can get our ‘social credit’ scores increased.
    Just like in China. Smh.

  16. Only a few more days til the phone provider shuts down the landlines around here so we’ll see how long I last. I twill be instructive for me to see how I cope without access to the Internet. I don’t have a smart phone so I wont be able to access except through government places like my library. I doubt I’ll have access to this site or be able to upload anything. Never mind. I’ll be back when I can or maybe never again. I’m getting old so it could be a permanent situation. Can’t do hard physical labor anymore because of my shoulder so probably will never have work again. I’m trying to teach myself the math I never got a shot at while I was younger but, again, I’m getting too old to make a career of anything I learn. Plus with all the A.I. most of this will be done by machines. However I’ve always wanted to learn it as I always felt at such a disadvantage to others because of it.
    I might write more before the hammer comes down or I might not. I’ll just have to see what happens.

  17. I feel I’m getting very close to this cut-off date so I want to end this blog on a personal note as it was really always about me. That may sound egotistical but believe me it’s not. I would much rather be thinking that my thoughts presented here were of a balanced and unbiased nature but they’re not. They come from a person who is undoubtedly psychologically damaged. I’ve done my best to take care and make sure that the people who read this blog know that but I think it needs to be stated again. This cannot be helped as I was a product of an isolated and twisted upbringing.
    This is a final message to so-called health professionals who I have very little respect for after my eighteen months as a trainee nurse in the hospital system.
    You can’t ‘fix’ people like me unless you can get to them early enough and by that I mean if you’re not intervening before a young persons later childhood then you got no chance. Parents who abuse their kids psychologically make the scars invisible and submerged. There is absolutely no way a well balanced individual versed in the treatment of such people as myself can come to grips with the terrible damage inflicted by those who you would think automatically want the best for them. They can’t treat us properly because they can’t bring themselves to accept adult parents can be such cunts and still present as quite reasonable to others. Especially when they’re well educated and have good jobs.
    Now, my mother wasn’t well educated or had a good jobs but my father was so she was always overlooked. Well, both were overlooked, really, but that’s because he was so good at dodging and weaving from place to place. Governments aren’t going to stop people moving about and that as you would know (if you’ve done a deep reading of this blog) is what he did.
    So on a personal note I just want to wish all those who have read this blog over time my best wishes even if you hate me. Not because I want to be friends at all as I’m not worth knowing because I’m so damaged. I can’t drink or socialize, I have recognized, and prefer to keep my own company. I have no wish to explain to people why I’m such a looser in life except through this blog. It’s just embarrassing and I’m sick to death of being embarrassed by my existence. If you get fucked up as a kid and carry that damage into adulthood you just make bad decision after bad decision which just make you look like an asshole. Nothing can be done to fix those fuck-ups and you just leave yourself open for people to make fun and laugh behind your back if you try to be part of a social group.
    If you’re a dumb, stupid, bastard, it wont matter because dumb, stupid, bastards, don’t get affected by psychological abuse in a negative way. They just become part of the criminal class and that’s that. They are very useful to TPTB for all sorts of reasons one being they make great scapegoats for the rest of society to hang their own shortcomings on. Jail doesn’t bother them. Most enjoy the pathology of jail where bullying and physical power over others makes them feel part of something. They just internalize it and normalize it. They learn how to lie to power outside of the jail system and enjoy the thrill of breaking the law. I have known a few jail birds in my time and they brag about how special they feel being psychopaths. They don’t articulate it in such a way but that’s what happens. They laugh at the way some people feel sorry for them and take advantage of that in all sorts of ways.
    I used to be susceptible to those sorts when I used to be a heavy drug user but now that I’m away from those drugs and have been for many years I no longer let them, or anyone else for that matter, get close to me. Apart from my wife, of course, but I will leave her out of this because she has her own life to lead without me making commentary on her in any fashion whatsoever. Privacy is important.
    Anyway that’s really all I have to finish on and it may be the last time you ever read anything new from me on this blog site. I’ve enjoyed giving you my cartoons and it’s been cathartic to lay all my shit out for all to see but the NBN comes knocking and I just don’t have the money to pay for it.
    With a dropped shoulder from a snapped tendon that can’t be fixed makes me not worth employing, as I’ve found out repeatedly over the last couple of months, so Newstart is all I can get to live on until I finally turn in my right to life. I’ll leave all the world events to look after themselves as this was just for a final personal message.
    The world will surely keep turning without me so it’s goodbye from me contributing to this blog. It will become inaccessible when I go off line. Self-publishing was an experience I’ll always appreciate.

    Ta ta, from me,
    John Edwards.

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