A nod to power.


Titles are labels with ties that bind us to lies.

How long do we have?

My computer has decided to do things differently and by golly it’s making me up upset. I have to say that it’s all very well for the world to be put on-line but unless we’re all well trained in computer use these alterations can be daunting and frustrating for older people such as myself.

Now that the government is pushing people out of it’s offices and onto their phones or laptops (so they can save money and throw more people onto the employment scrapheap) the onus should be on them to enable us to access on-line tutoring at no cost to us so we can navigate through this new computerized landscape.

But I can’t see that happening because then they’d be shown to have no clothes as they’re naked so often when it comes to looking after the people that this fast changing world have left behind. I suppose they want us to shrivel up and blow away just like BiBi said would happen to the USA once they’d milked it for all it’s wealth and power.

We are sleep walking into a catastrophe because most of us are just being overwhelmed by the complexity of the computer systems we now have to use and try to understand. We’ll end up in a situation where all most of us will be able to do is point and click on the options offered by the Tech Giants. Which means we’ll only be able to choose from the options they want to show us.

Do our governments want us to become so completely dumbed-down, not only from all the heavy metals injected into us through the onerous vaccine schedules that are now being pushed onto us and our children, but also from being in a constant state of frustrated bewilderment from not knowing how to take control of the computers we are being forced onto more and more?

Of course they do! That way they can sit in their plush offices sipping the finest wines as they contemplate where to take their next holiday without having to deal with people who can’t even access the appropriate format for making a complaint. Most wont because they’ll feel too embarrassed thinking that they must be stupid by not having that knowledge at their fingertips.

I’ll tell you a little secret, though. These cretins who waste money we haven’t even earned to pay taxes on yet have as little idea about computers as we do. Probably less but they have an IT department to do it all for them.

In the meantime we suffer and starve while they get their staff to book their next holiday in some country with 3rd world working conditions for the catering staff …….. Hang-on, that’s here in Australia.

This was a long time coming but it’s here.

I think by the way the coalition are acting like a ZOG indicates that the Israeli leadership have got Australia lined up as the next homeland for themselves. Good God! How did we end up being so involved with Jewish interests? I don’t recognize this country as Australia anymore. Every politician in our present parliament seems to be an Israel Firster. As someone who is now pretty well convinced I’ve got a Jewish heritage through my mother’s side of the family (what a joke that term is to me) I have a very different view than the Knesset has about what Jewish identity is all about. I wonder how many of you readers have bothered to listen to David Irving and what he has to say about the WW2 German documents that he was allowed to investigate before he was banned by complicit (to Israel) governments around the world from their archives.

David Irving was one of the few who investigated WW2 and the documentation surrounding the Concentration Camps who could actually read and understand the Cyrillic script that a lot of the Nazi officers used in their wartime documentation. According to his investigations about 100 000 Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz not 6 million. He does a very good job of explaining that the gas chambers didn’t exist until the Polish built the one used for the tourists after the end of the war. Yes. And there’s more. Of those 100 000 about 25 000 were actually executed with the rest dying from diseases like Typhoid.

The Jewish version of the Jewish experience during the war years is an utter tissue of distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies designed to make all the Western powers feel a collective guilt that has enabled Israel to milk the rest of us financially ever since the end of WW2.

I feel this way not only because of what David Irving has to say but also my experience as a child of a North London Jewess who obviously hid her Jewish heritage for many reasons and my brother and I paid the price for that. Jewish history appears to me to be very complicated partly because they know what shocking people they can be to others who aren’t directly helping them become rich and successful.

I’ll finish on saying that David Irving was asked in the 90’s during an interview with an Australian radio station his estimation of how many Jews were killed during the Nazi era of the 3rd Reich. He answered that in his estimation (from all the research he had done into the archives and personal interviews over a long period of time with personal staff of Hitler and various other functionaries of that time) about 4 million were killed or died between 1933 and 1945. A starkly different figure than the one given just for Auschwitz by the Holocaust industry Jews. Still a terrible death toll but not as clear cut in the way it all came about. I want history about all this to be revised so we can deal with it as it is.

I found lying came too easily to my mother and it caused so much trouble for the family that her lies completely wrecked it in my opinion. It also took my brother and I down a path to personal wrack and ruin in our adult lives that cost him his and has left me struggling to survive.

All I can add is beware the poor Jew (financially) as they wont ever look to themselves as partly responsible for their predicament but rather consider everyone they can influence as fodder for their acts of revenge for being poor. She also showed me how easy she was with her curses to others if they got in her way even to the point of cursing my wife a week after we were married. That’s right. Even though she’d been at the wedding and been given plenty of attention the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in my life anymore drove her to a vindictive, vengeful, anger that came out in her throwing curses at my wife from our doorway only a week after the event.

No wonder the Jews have a bad reputation.

So is everyone looking forward to spending an hour going to and from the ballot box on the 18th of May? I thought so. You have to admit, though, it’s a snap to get it done if you just vote for one of the major parties. Those Polly’s know how to get Australians to take the easy road, don’t they? Or do they? Or do they and don’t they? Don’t delay. It’s so easy when you get a pencil but no rubber. They must keep all the rubbers back behind the counter. Who can say?

Now they wouldn’t change your vote after the final bell. Would they? What if you take a pen and have your say? Would that mean a spoiled ballot that they cannot relay their own thoughts to the official counter with the rubber in play?

I can’t wait for the 18th day. I might even see Mrs May. Does she have any children not craven and anointed who wont play the same old game that got us this way?

My contributions to this blog will probably have to go on hold for quite a while as of the 10th of next month. This is the date set by my phone provider for switching off the landline connection to the house and the demand that I change over to the dreaded NBN. I just don’t have the money saved or projected income to be able to afford to have the new service connected. This is simply because I’ve had to mothball my business as an electrical contractor as there’s just been no work. Or so little that there was no point in doing it anymore as the customers I had left ringing were just trying to get something for nothing. It gets to the point that I can’t play the game of fighting my customers for reasonable recompense. Having to negotiate from such a weakened position just does my head in and ‘price sensitive’ customers can smell the blood in the water, so to speak, and just push too hard. Let them go to someone else who is either better at negotiating or to a bigger company where they can’t hassle the worker over payment who comes to do the job.

I’ve learned a lot about the personality types who uses a sole trader for work in the domestic housing sector in a contracting economy. They fall into two broad categories. One being they’re old and wise enough to know that I’m an honest and diligent worker who is asking a reasonable price for the work to be done that covers my costs and gives me a fair profit. Then there’s the second type who are out and out predators who know that you don’t have that many options in a small market and haggle with you over everything, before, during, and after you’ve done the job. Unfortunately the people who used to be like the former either have no spare money for the sort of service I provide (self funded retirees who have had their income severely reduced for one reason or another) and others who are happier using the bigger firms because of brand recognition and who are now taking that sort of work on again because the work load has reduced for them as well. I suppose I’ve described three groups but I can’t be sure about the last lot’s circumstances as I don’t know if they’ve moved on or have no money left either. This being Western Australia the economy doesn’t work like the Eastern States which I will attempt to explain.

Western Australia has a small local economy that mostly services the resource extraction industry which is huge but mostly imports it’s needs from overseas. So even though there’s hundreds of mines (405 operating mines in Australia as of 2012 so the figure is probably more by now) and God only knows how many oil and gas platforms off the coast we really only supply transport and workers. As far as how many workers, as a proportion of the entire workforce, are from WA or from overseas on 457 visas I have no real idea. I can speculate but I would only be guessing. My own personal experience of trying to get work on one of those sites has drawn a blank so far but I think my age of 57 might be something to do with that. Another possibility is that I have a pretty patchy record as an employee and that may be well documented out there in the multinational company records departments. (It was one of the reasons I went into business for myself.) The last possibility is that they don’t hire many people from WA anymore. I just don’t know and it’s impossible to find out as that information on a company by company breakdown isn’t publicly available. I do know that the number of 457 visa holders in the entire country numbers at roughly 1.6 million but that’s all I really know. I don’t want to whinge about this so I’ll move on.

I’m writing a fair bit with this last revision because this may be the last time I have time on my blog for a long while so I want to cover some ground before my access is lost. It’ll be way past the next Federal election by the time I get back on so let me give you my thoughts about the up coming election and my feelings toward the characters involved. I’ll try to keep it interesting as I know people hate politics. So do I but they do have effects on society that can’t be ignored. Effects like lasers shooting out of Bill’s eyes that sear through Penny Wong’s girlfriend creating a panic inside the Rainbow community frantically cross-dressing and trying to avoid the cross-fire. Or ScoMo talking in the tongue that he’s pulled from Clive’s mouth (along with his lips) while his company lays pipes into the federal governments Treasury credit facility looking for some hard currency to use on his next entrepreneurial fiasco. Meanwhile Pauline backs away from the last conspiracy that she’s managed to turn into a theory with her inimical style of whining that it was only a thin blue book which she didn’t really believe existed in the first place. Oh, the joy of seeing federal politicians parading about the country expounding on their skilled orating style they learned justifying their need to spend tax money on the staff they need to swindle voters into the voting booth.

I’ll stop here as I’m making myself sick. I’ll probably keep it up in the comments sometime between now and the 10th but I think this will be the end of my blogging above the line for a while.

Til next time ……….

An Update to the 38 BILLION DOLLAR ‘Hedgehog’ and the Judas Sheep from the Illuminati.


Progress has been been accelerating at a notch as there has been a lot of helpful chatter driving up peoples anxiety levels via all the various media outlets.

Congratulations on that.

With the Internet at our disposal and the MSM in on the act of disseminating our truth to the world that obedient slaves do well, we are well on the way to making it a total reality. The Internet has enabled thousands, if not millions, of our victims to publish their testimonials on-line which has just reinforced to the rest to KEEP QUIET and you wont get financially and/or physically destroyed.

We are everywhere because we are in you Judas Sheep. You want to be with us and you are all working hard to achieve it by enslaving your fellow human beings into the chains of perpetual debt brought about by your emotional enslavement to debt driven consumerism.

I will just remind you all that even though we make great public display that we are a rational, scientific, empirically based people and society, in fact we are not. That has been proven by us again and again but we have never been called out because we control the peoples emotions. They, unlike reason and observation can be used to convert the memories of past events into emotional torrents of despair, joy, awe, sorrow, hate, anger, and revenge dressed up as justice. We wish, for example ANZAC day to be remembered as a recognition that all the suffering, pain, and senseless death was all worth it. We have used those emotional flood-waters to obscure the reality of the past and produce a completely fabricated legend that it was all somehow for the betterment of civilization.

War NEVER betters the common-man but we’ve got them thinking it does. We have to be careful not to let peace take a hold anywhere as it is well known, for us at least, that if we do not keep the throttle of subjugation pressed hard against the people’s throats they will tend to want to share and help each other rather than kill each other and destroy their homelands with toxic substances like Depleted Uranium in their weapons, in their mine slag-heaps, and nuclear power plants that litter the world. Just waiting to come completely apart at the seems and load our planet with more genocidal, malignant, tumorous man made, never before the nuclear age seen, unique energetic particles that deform and destroy anything healthy that they encounter.

Congratulations on all those points.

Ice has been marketed well and is giving our pet politicians great theatrical mileage to get the population frightened about the young being totally out of control. The removal of funding for treatment services while spending $20 million on an advertizing campaign is as good an indicator as there is to show how pliant the minds of the masses have become. The narrative that if ‘at risk’ youth are not injecting Ice then they are becoming radicalized on the Internet by a Mad Muslim Mullah has been enormously successful.  Along with our various false flag terrorist acting/coaching courses going live from time to time we have been able to pump through legislation that will soon all come together and tie a nice little bow round peoples individual rights and drop them down a hole so deep that not even Lucifer (all High one to us) would find it still falling.

Again, congratulations on that.

And congratulations to Colin ‘The Hedgehog’ Barnett for managing to put the once wealthy state of Western Australia into over $38 BILLION dollars of debt to the international private banking cartel from a $3.5 Billion debt from all previous governments. Now the population of WA is shackled irreversibly to the yoke of a debt that will have to be paid off by increasing just about all the taxes and charges that we pay, one way or another, to the State.

Debt brought about by us in this fashion has been our silent weapon from the start of our latest war against the human race and it’s fascination with the ‘Christ Consciousness’. Caring and sharing is, of course, anathema to us and our cause. We cannot allow the masses to start thinking it would be productive to share, each according to their needs and capacity, as it would obviously fall upon us, the ones with the most, to share. That’s why we set-up Communism to fail and be so oppressive so that people would be taught that sharing is just giving it all up to a corrupt State. It has worked a wonder and the Judas Sheep should be proud.

This type of consciousness must never be allowed to fester amongst the masses as it is our only weak spot. For those of you who may entertain thoughts and feelings along those lines from time to time let me remind you that like the cattle in the slaughter house, people may appear frightened, confused, angry even, but they are all just learned responses from their leaders (us) and shouldn’t be interpreted as real intelligence.

In fact the slaughter house mentality is the very crucible from which we forge their collective identity/mentality so we should never forget to use the atmos-fear from where those people come.

In summery.

We have them buying their own incubators that they call home but seldom see. They happily enslave themselves with a lifetime of debt with the thought that an asset bubble will set them free.

They make us sacrificial units of a certain monetary value and call them their children. They then willingly give them up as infants for indoctrination by the system of child care and state education. Made ready to abandon you to the state so you can spend your frail last days in an old age concentration (death) camp.

They are taught to think it’s your reward for being obedient slaves.

Horserotovator will publish this as he is one of our pawns. Just like all those who oppose us are destined to become. Just like all the masses are. He cannot win a war without organization and that is something that we excel in but encourage others to ditch in favor of short term gain for medium term chaos. Ending in our preferred, and engineered outcome of complete dictatorial control over every man, woman, and child, on the planet or anywhere else we send them.  That’s what our silent weapon of war is doing. It cannot be stopped now. This is not the Illuminati taking over it’s just the application of new and more effective forms of restraint and control from an already ascendent controlling elite.

The average person’s freedom is an illusion that we have fostered so we could harvest the fall of man all over again.

Time to remind the cattle what their really here for.

Let another web site provide a more technical overview…. http://www.whale.to/b/silentweapon.html

Uncle-Daddy’s got a brand new bike. And he’s gonna ride! ride! ride!


bloggy but electric 7914 045The odd, angry, shot that comes out from the void between thought and action are but transitory steps toward a greater clarity.

Uncle-Daddy has trotted out this excuse a number of times after being found in possession of enough plutonium to build himself a pretty decent sized thermo-nuclear device that he was planning to detonate. Where, he wouldn’t say, but we can speculate it would have been at a place, and in a certain way, that would have implicated others. At least for long enough for Uncle-Daddy to set his next trap for humanity.

$$$                               $$$                            $$$                       $$$

So enters Tony Abbott with his Christian-Zionist ideology wrapped up as the “Abbott doctrine” to reshape the Australian cultural landscape more to the liking of a sociopath like himself. What has the Abbott doctrine brought us so far? We may as well start with the “stopping the boats” policy that has worked through the application of policies of isolation. Policies which produce fear in a closed community are one of the major ingredients for intimidation and violent confrontation. To carry out this policy we have made a conscious decision to not only deny these people access to our country but to deny them a lot of the basic human protections that we take for granted.

I have to say that I see the dilemma on this issue as I cannot help but put myself in their place and know that they have the right to a better life (in principle, but Australia cannot be it’s practical solution in most cases) but at the same time I understand that there are millions of others who are patiently waiting to come through the proper channels and should not be pushed further back in the cue for emigration due to irregular arrivals.

But how do you tell people that they have no rights because of there desperation? I guess by treating them as animals instead of humans. Which we are doing by placing them in hostile environments where there are people around them who have been shown to want to harm them. Just like the abattoir environment. We don’t like to think too hard about how we deal with our need for meat until a allegory like this can be made. Then the monstrous violent nature of our being is exposed for all to see. For a while, anyways, until our attention is snatched away from uncomfortable truths by the incessant march of the 24 hour news/culture cycle. All deliberately done to habituate us to only taking the superficial reality served up to us by the MSM rather than being given the time to scratch beneath the surface of that filtered reality. Because if you do take that time then the reality starts to look more like a nightmare of traitorous behavior carried out by our political leaders no matter what stripe their tie, so to speak.

Why do we always oscillate between being too easy a target for the people smuggling traders to meeting out inhuman treatment of detainees that seem to go well beyond the realm of deterrence and into territory that terrorizes instead? What does that make us in the eyes of the people we are persecuting at the moment and the majority of the people whose countries they came from? With our two Party system we are doing things in such a way that gives false hope to these people to come here by irregular means only then to dash it every time we change government. Each side handles the problem with an extreme response with the inevitable counter response that is just as extreme and by the time they start to attenuate their policy to a more reasoned response we change government just in time for a rerun of the previous extreme.

This is a well worn tactic of the political classes to keep us plebs, who are still stupid enough to believe that the political process may actually count for something, fighting amongst ourselves over divisions we probably don’t really have anyway. I think that most people, on reflection, would agree that you have to have control over the boarders of your country if you want to maintain yourself as a nation state. But at the same time people who try to get here without following proper protocol should be given proper protection and fair treatment by us while their fate is decided. Even if some turn out to be terrorists on a mission to kill I still think we should not become barbaric in our response. I don’t think it is correct to think about some parts of the world as being ‘Terrorist Havens’. We would be better equipped mentally and emotionally to keep in mind these places are war-torn countries whose inhabitants have known nothing but suffering, death, disease, poverty, sexual subjugation, torture, and sectarianism, uninterrupted for generations. How much of this has been formulated and fomented by foreign forces meddling in the internal affairs of those countries and how much they have contributed to the rise of Islamic State is up for debate. But it would be fair to say that the West is not viewed all that well by the people in those areas.

Which brings me back to Tony Abbott’s conservative government and their alignment with the rhetoric of inflammation of division that instills fear and mistrust in a community. This is political theater that is straying into territory where morals are forgotten and ethics are betrayed without a second glance. If the world is to be deemed such a dangerous place that we must align ourselves to an International Cabal of Banksters, Industrialists, and Resource Managers who have shown themselves quite capable of sacrificing their own people in the pursuit of some kind of twisted delusional day-dream of one world governance, then I must quietly resist in whatever manner I feel will not reduce my Candy Crush score.

Such is the force of the Candy Crush. It has taken many that I have known already. I fear that one day I shall be the only living entity that has not fallen into the tender thrall of the Candy Crush. See how just the mere mention of the ‘Crush’ throws all other thoughts to the dry, cool, wind of indifference as your entire intellect is overwhelmed by an uncontrollable desire to grab the nearest tablet, android, or quantum computer and start PLAYING!

To cut this story down to size it is sufficient for me to say that we are being shepherded by our political and establishment elite into a corner where we come out swinging stereotypes around like clubs with nails sticking out the end of them. Not caring if we hook a few of our own while we’re swinging away. Not realizing that we are becoming a stereotype as well as we define ourselves through the forced exclusion of so many others.

Tony wants us to be part of ‘Team Australia’ which for me is just a return of the “either you’re with us. Or you’re with the terrorists.” rhetoric of the George W. Bush war years. So I’m not favorably impressed to joining forces with such an idiotic ideology that has probably had a good deal to do with the rise of the Islamic State that is now sending the ME into another blood-bath. Not that they have had any real respite from the violence anyway. But we like to portray it as such for our own need to feel good about fucking up other peoples shit. Why? Oh, I think we mostly know the answer to that question now but are too powerless, or too payed-off, or too compromised to make a fuss. The ones that can do just that; make a fuss but little else.

Snowden is a good case in point. By the time anything that he has disclosed can be brought to bear in some legalistic way that will have force of implementation against the monolithic powers that are arrayed against the common person, the caravan of carnage has moved on sufficiently to render all previous legal arguments won irrelevant. An example that comes to mind are the War Crimes allegations against the members of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ that will now be further supplanted from most punters minds by the viscous crimes of the soldiers of the Islamic State. It works and, to the uninitiated, this sort of psy-op passes through them and makes perfect sense. “I mean, our side had no choice but to be brutal in some circumstances because THIS is what we have always had to deal with!”, says the man with a patriot missile shoved squarely up his ass and a flag vibrating in his hand. (I should try to draw a picture of that, maybe…….)

I want nothing to do with such psychological games that have the effect of telescoping our interests into places we know little or nothing about.

###                                ###                                    ###                                         ###                 ###

Finally some,

West Australian Political Opinion, from

The Institute of Internal Processes,

Exert from Memo, No 322/666.

“Politicians have been front-end loaded with a plethora of mental illnesses that can be diagnosed by any nearby lawyer or Party donor at the first sign of impending criminal liability and/or negligence, to whit, that they are clear of having to bear any legal or moral responsibility for any decisions or actions they make, or take, while in elected positions. About anything, public or private.” It goes on to state that ” …as managing agents for Weddings, Parties, and anything diabolical, all further inquiries should be redirected to the Dpt. of Lameness, c/o West Australian LNP.

The Institute considers this matter now closed and any further discussion of it will be met with one of those awkward, long and silent, glaring looks, that Tony has been so proud of showing off to his parents whenever he can.”


Horserotovator has made his report and will now retreat into another dimension to consider the future as one might consider the eating of a bowl of string.

The Giant is Awake and Pissed-Off! Uncle-Daddy’s World MANGA is HERE!!!


They thought they could stop it! They thought it would go away! But you can’t stop the Manga Man, UNCLE-DADDY!!!

electrical blod 19 8 14 012

You can’t stop Uncle-Daddy as his Deep Black covert project ‘Yellow Cake’ Submarine makes its first appearance!

electrical blod 19 8 14 017Lockheed want it, but Uncle-Daddy wont let it go until he’s got something better (He’s working on it).

electrical blod 19 8 14 018

# 300x normal levels of airborne radiation detected above decks.

electrical blod 19 8 14 021

They stayed in that plume for days and floated around the ocean unwanted for months.

Now they suffer the consequences of their ‘service’ for the rest of their lives.

electrical blod 19 8 14 023To be continued…..

Horserotovator knows this has not turned out funny. This sort of production is very different from anything I have come across before. These are transmissions of a sort and for how long I will be able to keep channeling from my deeper consciousness, only time will tell.

Contact will cease in, 5,….4,….3,….2,….1—————————————-



Copyright control extends to all of this blog.

The Brotherhood of Death just sold me a dodgy set of coupon books. How dare they!


According to what I have been reading, and in response to what has been reported specifically on the various flash points around the ME and Ukraine, I will venture my opinion as to what is going on in a more abstract fashion;

.brotherhood 2 003


The odds (and sods) are stacked against the truth.

brotherhood 2 007

The depopulation/domination of the world kicks up a pace


I left out Palestine and Crimea but I think the picture pretty well sums it up for that part of the world specifically and the rest of us more generally. You know, if they can’t nuke you with their bombs, they’ll nuke you with their power industry. There is now definitely a major PR offensive underway in West Australia for the expansion of our Uranium mining sector. To top it all off the industry lobby is sending out its shills to advocate nuke electricity generation for this state.

With the type of leaders we have here I wont be surprised if they do it. One of the government minister was on the government radio advocating for just that the other day. They don’t seem to care that the evidence is incontrovertible and totally discredits the ‘nuke is safe’ brigade. They’re more interested in denial other river systems;

gaza and roys brain 016

Look, I don’t get paid for this gig, so don’t start complaining if you think it’s crap! Writing about how twisted the world has become unsatisfying but drawing about it hasn’t, yet. So I will keep publishing my work as I make it and the fact that these characters drawn here are totally fictitious and bear no resemblance to anyone/thing living and/or dead makes me very happy to state that I have copyright control so any reproducing elsewhere needs to attribute to this blog. Thanks.

Horserotovator is checking out for a while……other things to do.

No one protests about the real, killer, issues…..


because we all know there’s a high probability they would get their heads bashed in, get charged, get jailed, get fined, get black-listed, get bankrupted, get homeless, get despised, get depressed, get lonely, get to kill themselves!

Yeah! I think we all know what protest against corporate interests does for the individuals engaged in it. Protest at the street level is only counter-productive now.

Everything to do with public discourse is tightly controlled and manipulated by TPTB.

Except for the Net. Yet.

I have no direct physical relationship to the ME but after casting my minds eye over there I have drawn this picture;

gaza roy's brain 2 002

As with many other people, I am appalled at how the slaughter is allowed to continue and escalate in Gaza and more generally throughout the ME. I’m not surprised, though.

Copyright control. Can be reproduced elsewhere as long as attribution to this blog is given.

Horserotovator is taking the rest of the night off to work on Uncle-Daddy’s next adventure.

I think Tony Abbott is Illuminati pond scum!


updates illuminati pond scum 002

I also think Bill Shorten is a puppet of the Illuminati (related to the ex G.G.) as well so I wont be voting for either of them. Abbott has always struck me as arrogant and inherently nasty in his dealings with anyone who isn’t important in his eyes.

On the other hand the Labor Party destroyed themselves in a deliberate act of hubris for the past four years and then expect us to just forget what a pack of back-stabbing assholes they all were to each other and vote them in as a protest to what Abbott’s done so far.

No. No. No. That’s what get’s us the shit we have to deal with every three years or so. The lesser of two evils is still like living in Hell!

These politicians have been acting as our enemies. They have shown with every action on forming government they would rather give all our jobs and wealth to people and organizations from other countries than protect us from the unfair advantage that the slave labor of countries like China and India, etc have over us with our much better (but dropping rapidly) standard of living. This is their plan. I have heard it from their own lips. So has anyone who bothers to listen but no one seems to notice, or even seems to care until it’s been done. Then there is great mutterings and calls of dissent from the wounded asleeple.

But there will be no revolt. There will be no revolution. That kind of response has been well and truly been smothered. People have been convinced that as long as they keep their heads down then they will survive the chop. I have to admit it’s a pretty good strategy while the economic disturbances are relatively minor and cyclic but I was never concerned for those.

They want us dead from the neck up so we can’t work out the scam! They want us all just autistic enough so that we don’t get bored by the increasingly shittier jobs we are left to fight for after they off-shore all our technical jobs at a quarter of the pay.  It’s the same MO as when they dispossessed the Aborigines of their land which destroyed them as a nation. We are now being dispossessed of our capacity to earn a descent living which is destroying us. Just like anyone who dares to imagine a world not controlled by a few megalomaniacs who indoctrinate the rest to accept this artificial construct of scarcity and unfair competition. From people flown in from poor countries who work for slave wages and put Australians out of work to the International Oligarchs who co-ordinate all this rape and mayhem, we all play our parts, willingly or not.

Labor were no better. Possibly getting worse! They just kept going to the Banksters with their hands out for more debt. Just as unsustainable as leaving us without work. But they are now the opposition so I will not focus on them at this time.

The whole world system is being pulled into a black hole of debt slavery.

That’s the truth and no amount of spin will change that FACT!

I think that any vote will be wasted unless the people who do the voting start to smack these pricks DOWN!


Update: Nothing has changed in my assessment of this pretender. In fact, I just say to Tony Abbott; this is not personal. This is about history and the recognition that you and the rest of you politicians are fallible human beings pretending that high office somehow imbues you with powers of gravitas you never before possessed.

You get elected and then the banksters (and other behind the scenes movers and shakers) really start to fluff-up your monumental ego’s. Then you’re off and away on a foreign policy misadventure promoting the Geo-political interests of people whom we should be keeping well clear of. Leveraging us into a war-zone instead by attempting to place Australian Federal Police at the MH17 plane crash site with a contingent of ARMED Australian Defense Force personnel for protection.

Protection against what exactly?

Protection against the Ukrainian Right Sector forces coming in disguised as pro-Russian separatists and attacking our AFP and ADF in a false-flag that engulfs the entire region in a war contrived at the connivance of foreign interests?

Or protection against a mini-nuke/chemical/biological weapon being set off in the midst of the crash investigation site?

I want to be wrong, but c’mon people, no good is going to come from this. IMO we are being pulled into a confrontation that has its roots deep in a history far removed from our own. Much like Iraq and Afghanistan and we have seen how that is panning out.

The Illuminati has its plans and there are those who fully support them but I cannot. To those people it is only a matter of time before their ‘Great Work’ will be complete and they can sit in splendorous victory on the billions of cadavers that it took to produce their perfect society.

This gives you an idea of what they did for Australia in the recent past.

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Horserotovator ends bounced transmission from sub-space 6. For now….