A nod to power.


Titles are labels with ties that bind us to lies.

How long do we have?

My computer has decided to do things differently and by golly it’s making me up upset. I have to say that it’s all very well for the world to be put on-line but unless we’re all well trained in computer use these alterations can be daunting and frustrating for older people such as myself.

Now that the government is pushing people out of it’s offices and onto their phones or laptops (so they can save money and throw more people onto the employment scrapheap) the onus should be on them to enable us to access on-line tutoring at no cost to us so we can navigate through this new computerized landscape.

But I can’t see that happening because then they’d be shown to have no clothes as they’re naked so often when it comes to looking after the people that this fast changing world have left behind. I suppose they want us to shrivel up and blow away just like BiBi said would happen to the USA once they’d milked it for all it’s wealth and power.

We are sleep walking into a catastrophe because most of us are just being overwhelmed by the complexity of the computer systems we now have to use and try to understand. We’ll end up in a situation where all most of us will be able to do is point and click on the options offered by the Tech Giants. Which means we’ll only be able to choose from the options they want to show us.

Do our governments want us to become so completely dumbed-down, not only from all the heavy metals injected into us through the onerous vaccine schedules that are now being pushed onto us and our children, but also from being in a constant state of frustrated bewilderment from not knowing how to take control of the computers we are being forced onto more and more?

Of course they do! That way they can sit in their plush offices sipping the finest wines as they contemplate where to take their next holiday without having to deal with people who can’t even access the appropriate format for making a complaint. Most wont because they’ll feel too embarrassed thinking that they must be stupid by not having that knowledge at their fingertips.

I’ll tell you a little secret, though. These cretins who waste money we haven’t even earned to pay taxes on yet have as little idea about computers as we do. Probably less but they have an IT department to do it all for them.

In the meantime we suffer and starve while they get their staff to book their next holiday in some country with 3rd world working conditions for the catering staff …….. Hang-on, that’s here in Australia.

This was a long time coming but it’s here.

I think by the way the coalition are acting like a ZOG indicates that the Israeli leadership have got Australia lined up as the next homeland for themselves. Good God! How did we end up being so involved with Jewish interests? I don’t recognize this country as Australia anymore. Every politician in our present parliament seems to be an Israel Firster. As someone who is now pretty well convinced I’ve got a Jewish heritage through my mother’s side of the family (what a joke that term is to me) I have a very different view than the Knesset has about what Jewish identity is all about. I wonder how many of you readers have bothered to listen to David Irving and what he has to say about the WW2 German documents that he was allowed to investigate before he was banned by complicit (to Israel) governments around the world from their archives.

David Irving was one of the few who investigated WW2 and the documentation surrounding the Concentration Camps who could actually read and understand the Cyrillic script that a lot of the Nazi officers used in their wartime documentation. According to his investigations about 100 000 Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz not 6 million. He does a very good job of explaining that the gas chambers didn’t exist until the Polish built the one used for the tourists after the end of the war. Yes. And there’s more. Of those 100 000 about 25 000 were actually executed with the rest dying from diseases like Typhoid.

The Jewish version of the Jewish experience during the war years is an utter tissue of distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies designed to make all the Western powers feel a collective guilt that has enabled Israel to milk the rest of us financially ever since the end of WW2.

I feel this way not only because of what David Irving has to say but also my experience as a child of a North London Jewess who obviously hid her Jewish heritage for many reasons and my brother and I paid the price for that. Jewish history appears to me to be very complicated partly because they know what shocking people they can be to others who aren’t directly helping them become rich and successful.

I’ll finish on saying that David Irving was asked in the 90’s during an interview with an Australian radio station his estimation of how many Jews were killed during the Nazi era of the 3rd Reich. He answered that in his estimation (from all the research he had done into the archives and personal interviews over a long period of time with personal staff of Hitler and various other functionaries of that time) about 4 million were killed or died between 1933 and 1945. A starkly different figure than the one given just for Auschwitz by the Holocaust industry Jews. Still a terrible death toll but not as clear cut in the way it all came about. I want history about all this to be revised so we can deal with it as it is.

I found lying came too easily to my mother and it caused so much trouble for the family that her lies completely wrecked it in my opinion. It also took my brother and I down a path to personal wrack and ruin in our adult lives that cost him his and has left me struggling to survive.

All I can add is beware the poor Jew (financially) as they wont ever look to themselves as partly responsible for their predicament but rather consider everyone they can influence as fodder for their acts of revenge for being poor. She also showed me how easy she was with her curses to others if they got in her way even to the point of cursing my wife a week after we were married. That’s right. Even though she’d been at the wedding and been given plenty of attention the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in my life anymore drove her to a vindictive, vengeful, anger that came out in her throwing curses at my wife from our doorway only a week after the event.

No wonder the Jews have a bad reputation.

So is everyone looking forward to spending an hour going to and from the ballot box on the 18th of May? I thought so. You have to admit, though, it’s a snap to get it done if you just vote for one of the major parties. Those Polly’s know how to get Australians to take the easy road, don’t they? Or do they? Or do they and don’t they? Don’t delay. It’s so easy when you get a pencil but no rubber. They must keep all the rubbers back behind the counter. Who can say?

Now they wouldn’t change your vote after the final bell. Would they? What if you take a pen and have your say? Would that mean a spoiled ballot that they cannot relay their own thoughts to the official counter with the rubber in play?

I can’t wait for the 18th day. I might even see Mrs May. Does she have any children not craven and anointed who wont play the same old game that got us this way?

My contributions to this blog will probably have to go on hold for quite a while as of the 10th of next month. This is the date set by my phone provider for switching off the landline connection to the house and the demand that I change over to the dreaded NBN. I just don’t have the money saved or projected income to be able to afford to have the new service connected. This is simply because I’ve had to mothball my business as an electrical contractor as there’s just been no work. Or so little that there was no point in doing it anymore as the customers I had left ringing were just trying to get something for nothing. It gets to the point that I can’t play the game of fighting my customers for reasonable recompense. Having to negotiate from such a weakened position just does my head in and ‘price sensitive’ customers can smell the blood in the water, so to speak, and just push too hard. Let them go to someone else who is either better at negotiating or to a bigger company where they can’t hassle the worker over payment who comes to do the job.

I’ve learned a lot about the personality types who uses a sole trader for work in the domestic housing sector in a contracting economy. They fall into two broad categories. One being they’re old and wise enough to know that I’m an honest and diligent worker who is asking a reasonable price for the work to be done that covers my costs and gives me a fair profit. Then there’s the second type who are out and out predators who know that you don’t have that many options in a small market and haggle with you over everything, before, during, and after you’ve done the job. Unfortunately the people who used to be like the former either have no spare money for the sort of service I provide (self funded retirees who have had their income severely reduced for one reason or another) and others who are happier using the bigger firms because of brand recognition and who are now taking that sort of work on again because the work load has reduced for them as well. I suppose I’ve described three groups but I can’t be sure about the last lot’s circumstances as I don’t know if they’ve moved on or have no money left either. This being Western Australia the economy doesn’t work like the Eastern States which I will attempt to explain.

Western Australia has a small local economy that mostly services the resource extraction industry which is huge but mostly imports it’s needs from overseas. So even though there’s hundreds of mines (405 operating mines in Australia as of 2012 so the figure is probably more by now) and God only knows how many oil and gas platforms off the coast we really only supply transport and workers. As far as how many workers, as a proportion of the entire workforce, are from WA or from overseas on 457 visas I have no real idea. I can speculate but I would only be guessing. My own personal experience of trying to get work on one of those sites has drawn a blank so far but I think my age of 57 might be something to do with that. Another possibility is that I have a pretty patchy record as an employee and that may be well documented out there in the multinational company records departments. (It was one of the reasons I went into business for myself.) The last possibility is that they don’t hire many people from WA anymore. I just don’t know and it’s impossible to find out as that information on a company by company breakdown isn’t publicly available. I do know that the number of 457 visa holders in the entire country numbers at roughly 1.6 million but that’s all I really know. I don’t want to whinge about this so I’ll move on.

I’m writing a fair bit with this last revision because this may be the last time I have time on my blog for a long while so I want to cover some ground before my access is lost. It’ll be way past the next Federal election by the time I get back on so let me give you my thoughts about the up coming election and my feelings toward the characters involved. I’ll try to keep it interesting as I know people hate politics. So do I but they do have effects on society that can’t be ignored. Effects like lasers shooting out of Bill’s eyes that sear through Penny Wong’s girlfriend creating a panic inside the Rainbow community frantically cross-dressing and trying to avoid the cross-fire. Or ScoMo talking in the tongue that he’s pulled from Clive’s mouth (along with his lips) while his company lays pipes into the federal governments Treasury credit facility looking for some hard currency to use on his next entrepreneurial fiasco. Meanwhile Pauline backs away from the last conspiracy that she’s managed to turn into a theory with her inimical style of whining that it was only a thin blue book which she didn’t really believe existed in the first place. Oh, the joy of seeing federal politicians parading about the country expounding on their skilled orating style they learned justifying their need to spend tax money on the staff they need to swindle voters into the voting booth.

I’ll stop here as I’m making myself sick. I’ll probably keep it up in the comments sometime between now and the 10th but I think this will be the end of my blogging above the line for a while.

Til next time ……….