Western Australia needs a punch in the head to wake it up to the fact it’s being used.


I have talked to the RC by phone and they’ll make sure the memory of my experience of that time as trainee nurse has been noted. I decided to carry through with the RC because it has made such an impact upon my thinking about how this world works. I don’t think my experiences from that time or the retelling of them to the RC will do anything much except provide ample copy for a measured amount of debate that will restate the obvious without having any real solutions. Like body cams for all medical staff who deal with life and death a lot more than the police or military. Think about it. What’s the difference between cops and nurse in the respect to protecting life and limb? I’ll tell you. Nothing. But you wont see body cams on medical staff. Ever. Just get used to the fact that once you are old and/or have no use in society you will be encouraged to die as quickly as possible. If that means withholding medical intervention then so be it. Checks and balances you can forget about as the staff know how to hide the neglect and abuse. Most don’t even see it that way. They see themselves as cleaning up the trash so society can move on with its socio-pathic mantra of the greater good. Greater good for who, I ask? Again let me answer my own question. For the greater good of a concept of society rather than society itself. When you’re only using concepts it’s easy to disregard individuals in the quest for an abstracted template that can describe everything but only in terms of it’s own conceptual framework. Which, if placed within another conceptual framework, will explain absolutely nothing.

So it’s only those who can posit themselves outside of the framework of this societies controls and influences that wont be affected by this conceptual weapon that just anneals us to the desires of the ruling Elite. Let’s kill each other for the ‘greater good’ of society, shall we?

Looking around the Net and MSM for the news of the day and isn’t there heaps of it. It doesn’t matter what your personality type is there will be a distraction ready made for you to get lost in. From candy crush to the Banking RC. Take your pick. They’re all distractions because they’re all situated in a greater context of our overall interactions with day to day living. That day to day living is influenced by a million and one things so to find a path of cause and effect is pointless because in cyber-space cause and effect no longer have any correlation. The algorithms impose their own effect on the causes that trigger them. The world in our heads has been tampered with by these influences and now with the targeted and located nature of our connection with the Internet that influence can be tailored and targeted to the individual in real time. Just like having Josh Frydenberg come out just now and stone wall questions and plant his seed of rationalization for the pundits to take a position either for or against what has been done. No longer a case of right and wrong but rather what can be achieved under the circumstances of the interested parties and how to placate those with the deepest pockets. This will bifurcate again and again until we are doing as I am now. Talking about it and giving it my interpretation that I would hope everyone reading will agree with. You can see how it goes and how we end up arguing over things which we will never have any control over while missing what’s more important in our lives. ……….. That’s not even the method I described earlier. I use that example of how the very structure of how the Internet allows us to interact at a granular level but without necessarily having real influence on the politicians that we are talking about. For an example of the earlier method I point you to the trials and punishments of Brendon O’Connell as a perfect example of how a targeted individual will be tampered with.

For myself that means letting you all know that after talking to the RC I recognize that their commission will never be able to answer the one question that I have over that night. What the fuck happened to me in that corridor? Was I possessed that night by being told he was to be gotten rid of or wouldn’t that matter or was it something else completely? I will never know because how can I? This is stuff that normal people don’t experience and I will go to my grave always wondering if I’ve been home to more than one soul. Or am I possessed by a spirit born of tortured murder (because choking someone to death over a four hour period cannot be described as anything else to me other than murder) that’s watching and waiting to act? These have all become very real reasons why I don’t drink or take heavy drugs any more. I live in a head-space that can’t be appreciated unless you’re in it, I’m afraid.

I can't even begin to explain all this. Uncle-Daddy is on a mission of truth in a world of lies. Hence why he's in front of the West Australian District court. Looking for some answers.

I hope everyone has been having a good time. Even those who aren’t. Just for one paragraph I wont be negative about anything. This is going to be a tough paragraph. But I’m positive that I can do it. I think that our spiritual sides need to be acknowledged in a world that devalues such ideas to ‘magical thinking’. This isn’t a good debunk as it offers no evidence to back up it’s claim. It’s just another label and labels reduce people to things in other peoples eyes when applied unwittingly. I only see people as people with issues. All of them. The poor through to the Elite all have issues. Don’t let the issue define (for you) the person that it engulfs.

There! That’s as good as I can get. See you all soon.

Did you miss that last bit? I did. Something about a Chinese pastoral lease in WA with an air strip ready for troop transport planes to land. Something about how they’ll bring the troops in on smaller planes to start with but once they come from that property in the dead of night and first take Pierce military airport as they sweep further down with Campbell barracks next to go and then onto the prize for the Communist regime; Garden Island and its submarine base. By the time the rest of Australia’s military machine has woken up it’ll be too late for us and Western Australia will become part of China. But I missed it. Just a load of fear-mongering as our partners, the US of A, wont let them across state lines and interfere with Pine Gap. A place that I’ve been told by Teddy Roosevelt is run like Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. He got a Golden Ticket. That’s how he knows. (You didn’t realize how Willy liked to harvest the organs of his ‘tourists’ once they’d been separated from the rest of their group?!? (Lol. But in a low, growling, sort of way))

I thought it would be impossible as the Chinese are so friendly but then I started to read and hear about how the Chinese government likes to execute people it doesn’t like and then harvests their organs for experimentation and transplant into paying customers who come from all around the world. I even heard the punters on the ABC talking about it today so as just to assure my readers that these stories are not just from ‘conspiracy’ sites.

Here’s one from way back in 2015. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/religionandethicsreport/hard-to-believe-forced-organ-harvesting-in-china-falun-gong/6889082

Would I even have enough time to throw my principles away and grab a gun before we were overrun? Probably not. Are we really able to even consider that we could push back 100 000 Chinese troops that had previously infiltrated the country on student study visas? I joke but I’m afraid to say that others do not. Those others are the ones that tend to end up in charge of standing armies or in military think tanks that war-game these scenarios every day of the week. Just in case a time arrives that makes a preemptive move feasible. I would like to say that what I write will never come to pass but I want people to be reminded it’s happening in many places across the globe.

It’s not enough that we form coalitions for military invasion yet somehow end up arming and training insurgents who destabilize the regions we invade even more as we pull out after destroying most of the invaded country’s infrastructure. It has always felt to me that our enemies are picked by us and weaponized by us just so we can go in later and make a big deal about stopping the bad guys from taking over the world. Not saying that if we stopped doing it no one else would not try to do the same but the logic points towards trying to reduce the burden of defense/military/security spending not increase it as it is at present. That’s just waving the red flag for other players to dig even deeper looking for that nano tech to weaponize.

There. That’ll change their minds at the Pentagram but not at the Knesset. You’ll need to steal all their tech back that they stole from the USA first for that to happen. But we not allowed to talk about that. Only what the Chinese are up to pinching bots to test hand-pieces. Everyone’s dirty in this game. This is definitely a right old dribble-on from me. Fair bit of contradiction as I try to consider what could actually happen in the next couple of years.

Catch you later.


Did you ….? Repeat it quickly over and over and you have the beginnings of a musical introduction for Uncle-Daddy.


Hi, Internet Web Victims.

You have to resort to these sort of practices when you run a cheap-ass blog that doesn’t support any kind of audio or video. This production house is so low-rent that I haven’t even decided on a name yet. Probably because what I produce is under dispute as to whether it is actually a product, service, asset, or liability.

While TPTB debate among themselves as to whether I should be allowed to own anything at all I’m trying to bring about a new category of licensing that has a bitcoin embedded to give the blasted currency some tangible value.  But the High priests at Bitcoin Ponzi think that the cost of the electricity is enough when it’s only a mining cost. You can spend lots of money mining air if you want to but it wont give it an intrinsic value. But there’s only 21 million bitcoins. But there’s only one atmosphere. Both need to be structured through multiple financial instruments to give them value.

But enough of this dry economic gobbledygook that I make up as I try to decant what I read and listen to. Can it stand up to the scrutiny of Parliamentary privilege as sound government policy? Of course not. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Governments aren’t here to work properly. There here to keep us confused as to why we sell all our mineral wealth to private companies but are living in a local economy that, ….well, quite frankly, sucks.

Can Uncle-Daddy and Cunt-of-a-chip change the equations of a few fundamental laws of physics to achieve peace and prosperity in our time? I wanted to ask Chamberlain but he’s dead so instead we will just have to see for ourselves.

IMG_1827 (3)

Now we can know our future by remembering the past as something only the MSM know how to.

More to be birthed into a fractured and fractal reality. Soon.

Soon is here.

IMG_1833 (2)

Plot suggestions considered and then discarded. No refunds and no discretion given as to the order in which they will be rejected. All criticism will be met with petulant stares and a total unwillingness to engage in any sort of dialogue. Only total ass-kissing questions will be answered. All others will be ridiculed or ignored. I reserve the right to carry on like a hysterical child if I can’t get my way.

Back when the coast is clear.



Hi! I’m back. Should I spend more time building a related narrative alongside my cartoons?


IMG_1839 (2)

There’s no point in trying to build a narrative around politics because it’s all going to be a load of bollocks. Government becomes a self serving system pretty quickly as the elected find out that its function is to enable the Elite to make money. Lot’s of it and without possible criminal sanction for fraud, etc. (The new children’s Hospital comes to mind)

After watching it from a distance it is obvious that in the ‘growth’ paradigm it is the act of exploiting the moment that wins the day. All other considerations become secondary to that goal when you have a predatory capitalist society. The networks that people form or become part of give the false impression of security and hides the true nature of our economic system.

The McGowan Govt. took a smashing on the weekend because people are asking, “What happened to all the money from the mining boom? The answer is never easy to give. But I will anyway. All that money was created out of debt mostly to the private sector banks and financial institutions. The mining companies spent that money on themselves and each other and then left us to pay the debt back. Not all of it but a sizable chunk that has crippled the State financially. What we could have done instead was not only sell them the rights to mine but bring in their own workers while the government took all the money that we may have earned working on the mines and use it to curry favor and make new international friends,……. No!… no… That little thought experiment has turned rather ugly, hasn’t it? And the government had only just got their hands on the cash.

Maybe we could just leave the minerals in the ground and concentrate on dry land farming with Artificial Intelligence managing the crop rotation in a virtual environment that has extrapolated the yield curve out to infinity in search of a yield,…..Hmmmm… Thought experiments need a framework of sanity to work. That means I have no way of developing the correct etymology to describe my perceptions to oncoming traffic.

Alternately I could;

Get on with the story:






The level of Uncle-Daddy’s counter-intuitive, counter-intelligence, is so sophisticated that even the Pentagon can’t figure out how he keeps on getting into the staff canteen without proper clearance.

We don’t know what’s really going on. I met the bloke who did but he didn’t like me so I spent the rest of my time near him being snide and difficult. I learned nothing.

Horserotovator has high hopes happy half-hosed house hunter hustlers hurtle home hugely.

The State election looms, Vote for Uncle-Daddy and his sort of crap!



They all still have to play footsie with their bankers who talk to their bankers, who then, finally, talk to the Banksters.

Am I repeating myself?

This is why I prefer the untrammeled mental pastures of Uncle-Daddy!





As Uncle-Daddy tries to find parking….


Uncle-daddy, realizing that the election could be stolen and sold on the international black-market as a table ornament, rushes to the aid of democracy and takes a call from Alannah at the same time!

What a hero!


I’m sure we’re all looking forward to being let down all over again.

But this time we can blame Uncle-Daddy. He likes the heat!

Horserotovator has glued himself to a fine piece of time.

….and today being the day after the election we now know the outcome……

I wish them all the good luck and good will I can muster while I wrestle with my own horses….!

Horserotovator has done the numbers and can say they all add up to the last six digits of pi.

The Voters Speak! Politicians Glisten! Covered In Bucket-Loads Of Self-Congratulatory Jism!


Now legislation gets a multiple hand-job in the Senate!


Just to give a contrast;


I’m just a little burned after putting that one together so I’ll save the inevitable interminable commentary of wild speculation for another time! (Probably tomorrow)……

Colin rearranges his deck! (Ends up Butthurt!)


You got to know when to throw in the towel.

colins tennis partner 002


colin's security hub! 004


suck the political capital! 006


insider trader rock 002


emperor barnett has new clothes after a tumble! 002



Back out front of house….








Is it some thing that I said over such a long period of time that has led me to this place? As I said I’m being as consistent like, even though it would be more ‘expedient’ of me to throw all my hard thought ideology into the waste-paper basket of debt-based, and fear induced, fiat currency. Even though it has the full faith and military hardware to prove it, currency only wants to be seen as one of the boys, doing the rounds and collecting the goods!

Someone wants me to write something sensible on State politics but it aint going to be me! How can you when the population is mired in the impossibility of being anything to anyone and still unable to grasp the fundamentals of living in a fiscally inverted sand-bike velodrome. As explained to us in unfathomable detail by our political elders as they alternately spend and slash on the State’s dime.

You want to know what I really think about politics? Well, you’ll have to scroll down to the comments to see where I pick-up. I need to update this now and the comments will have to wait for a bit……

Oh brother! I’ve got the radio on at the moment and I’m sitting typing and flabbergasting at the immensity of the malfeasance, the obfuscation, the arrogant disregard, the stinking hubris born of a rabid and totally blown out of proportion sense of entitlement, the greed of those who are entrusted to not do such naughty stuff as to make B.B. shine in comparison to E.B.! Shine like a rusty nail jammed bloody and immensely dissatisfied that they have been used as some kind of extended metaphor in an scene not of their literary agents liking! Torn from their original meaning and cast like a worthless harlot into a harbor of as yet untested fluids. They lay there, jerking out sniggering tunes of labors lost and other electoral defeats.

Time will not be used to testify against any type of political promise by Col’s LNP. Time has been stripped of all it’s lateral movement and will now be known as a scalar quantity only divisible by the square root of 0.

If we can’t have that then,

Everyone needs to be brainwashed so that there is no more dissent and the poor and sick just accept their lot and go quietly into the night. Like they say in those books that the elite write about the poor, sick, and disabled. Knowing some of those sort of people it would seem that most are broken by the government systems they have to beg to in order to survive anyway, so it wont be hard to herd them into gas chambers. (quietly into the night means in a quick and orderly fashion you wil be transported to the occupied territories of Palestine where you will be given full Palestinian freedom to be shot, bombed, imprisoned, and summarily executed just like the rest of them because….well, because YOU’RE ALL TERRORISTS…Sieg-Heil!)

We have to face facts! We can’t afford the poor to be sick and disabled. It’s good that they remain poor and desperate not to upset the tiny island of stability they may have developed for themselves and their loved ones. (so no one will be getting any angry emails from any of those sort of people any time soon!)  But we can’t be spending a load of money and well, rich, peoples time on poor peoples health when we have wars to prosecute and places to bomb and collateral damage to make excuses for and banks to prop-up and subsidies to large corporations to give and favors to repay after being elected on a platform that is just a thin sheet of empty promises that turn out to be a deep, thick, and oozy covering of full-on Turn-Bull-Shit!

Remember! An uppity poor person is probably a terrorist who has recently received training from a number of disreputable I.S.I.S. service providers who have not gained the proper CIA accreditation and guidance ‘fact sheets’.

None of them will give you a valid provider number so you can get a government sponsored cover story!

Horserotovator has work to do so will bid you all adieu! He also hopes you understand the concepts of satire and irony because if you don’t, well, he has no idea himself so we’re all scratching our heads!

The hidden Paradise in Cockburn Sound.


sub under water scene 004

Pams and uncle-daddy 011

Disembarcation 002

Can you ‘sense’ Col marching up and down the street with the leaders of Daesh demanding the heads of his opponents?….. I can. I have my reasons….They would love to have me live my meager life in fear… They can go fuck themselves!

uncle-daddy transparency 007

Horserotovator has driven himself off-planet in an inarticulate expulsion of badly thought-out parallels with political events that, although not actually logically correct, will eventually be as real in the imaginations of the people as the yearning for a Big Mac and fries!

I, as an extension of God’s imagination, will now spend an extremely uncomfortable time attempting re-entry while trying not to spill the complementary sponge cake and piping hot ‘slopping’ syrup that they gave me at the check-out…..


It’s a One Horserotovator Town! (Up-dated for your inconvenience!)


Uncle-Daddy is back and he’s even more deranged and unmanageable than he was previously!

This is the story of what happens when the finest minds of the known Universe can get together and decide to build and operate their very own heavy element particle collider. Or in the parlance of those people who can visualize these processes; deconstructing the fundamental forces that hold our universe together under a set of physical rules that are only as relative as the active particles and associated energy fields that occupy its space/time configuration.

Uncle-Daddy has been noticing that the time-line that he was supposed to be on has been fused with another precipitating serious consequences for the entire universe.

This tampering of time lines is a direct consequence of the weapon research being carried out at C.E.R.N. and other institutions dedicated to the wanton destruction of human life and habitat.

Uncle-Daddy, once again, has been thrust into the spotlight as the only man capable of stopping these forces from being unleashed onto an unsuspecting population rendering them all sexually obsessed with lady GaGa’s political views. (Her implants have other plans!)

West Australia’s Emperor, Colin ‘the Hedgehog’ Barnett, takes center stage once again as he has been slated for another FOUR to EIGHT YEARS in power as the ruler and deity of the Asian Western Australia. (The secret Treaties have already been negotiated and ratified between the Elites and Kim Jung Un for the Gulags to begin construction.)

Laugh all you like while they let you get raped repeatedly on Manus Island as you are treated worse than a North Korean man who has been decreed a woman for the purposes of anal rectification by the armed forces.

Speaking of armed forces,

The evidence has been assembled to question the mental veracity of Vax Vet’s decision to go all medical when he’s only previous experience was taking the fingers from dead people and threading them onto necklaces worn by all the Special Oops! personnel as talisman for the Taliban.

Asset sales boom as the prices go bust. $38 Billion becomes $70 Billion within 5 years. Hold on to your hats! It’s time to get lucky.






C.E.R.N.’s experiments are smashing apart the forces that hold reality to a certain sort of conformity. But now with the unleashing of the collected mind of closeted, pampered, ego-centric, driven beyond sanity in pursuit of unlimited knowledge (which is power to a particle/nuclear physicist), sub-atomic particle deconstruction and reassembly technicians, we are about to find out what happens when you start playing with matches near a tank of leaking gas.

Time for a song.


Music turns to noise then turns on it’s producer by wresting control of the creative process and sending it to itself in a return addressed envelope.

Suddenly, over a period of years, the entire vista is revealed via Google Earth.







Meanwhile, ………



Changing gears, finding no 4th and instead slipping time-lines, we pick up the plot-line that closely follows all the other plot-lines in a Terminator/M.I. movie…..






Uncle-Daddy has placed himself within the Pantheon of the best at any rate.

(Up-date) It has and can I collect my prize? No! Wait. I don’t want a prize. That means that whoever authorized it probably thinks that I will panic and explode on impact. Don’t even bother thinking about it as I have already put that little notion into a duffel bag and dropped it off outside some public building to cause more trouble than it will ever be worth.

Horserotovator has bolted from the barn and is shutting himself outside the Bill Gates of Hell as we celebrate his humor!?!