What IS Uncle-Daddy Supposed to do?


Where has the future gone, except straight to the ‘Theater of the InSane’? To counter this obvious trend to be a homicidal maniac I offer up my own flag design with its own set of symbols that I made up earlier.

only one pic i want 003The symbols and design can be interpreted as asking a number of questions: What the fuck, IS, going on out there? Has everyone lost their minds? Have we developed into planet full of psychopaths?

Uncle-Daddy thinks so;

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sw bd daly st belmont u-d no x 013Finally

u-d war declaration 011Maybe the people of tomorrow (if there are any!) will look back on this time and wonder how we ever allowed ourselves to be driven to such a state of affairs. Maybe they will look back and say, “Why didn’t Uncle-Daddy sort them all out earlier?”

Horserotovator out and about for the day.

They’re all reading from the same Shill Sheet.


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If you can think for your self but can stomach listening to the news as it is being reported by the Australian MSM then you would have to see that we are being fed a complete tissue of lies, wiped against baseless assumptions, upon Russia’s intentions in it’s own back-yard.

I am forced to make that comment because there has been no credible evidence shown by the Christian-Zionist controlled Western-alliance nations that the Russians or the pro-Russian separatists shot the MH17 down. On the contrary there is mounting evidence that links the regime in Kiev to the destruction of that plane.


The latest disaster, one that has scrubbed Israel’s bizarre onslaught into Gaza off newspaper front pages, 298 dead, can be nothing but more than yet another cover up operation. Every news asset, every politico known to be a creature of the Israeli/organized crime nexus, has weighed in. Their every lie tells one story; “Israel did it.”

The facts tell another story, one of false flag terrorism. If only McCain and Tony Abbot, if only Fox and CNN, the Huffington Post and, worst of all, accused Israeli spy, Jane Harmon’s Daily Beast:

“Why would Putin want to shoot down a commercial airliner? And if it was an accident, why would Putin allow the separatists to have a weapon this powerful without having full control over how it was used?”

You couldn’t scream “Israel did it” any louder. It is almost embarrassing. There is nothing innocent about these utterly fabricated stories, particularly when the truth, a very different truth, is out there as well, substantiated, validated and verified.”


MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

You can read the entire article and many other interesting articles analyzing world events at veteranstoday.com

Interesting to see that our PM Tony Abbott has managed to insert himself into the debate on the side of the Christian-Zionists to the point that he is lumped in with neo-cons like McCain.

A word or two is appropriate at this time concerning the dangers of Christian-Zionism to the peace and prosperity of the human race.


“The Christian Zionist movement is also dangerous for another reason: not only does it involve one’s understanding of a large percentage of the scriptures, but it also affects a large percentage of American Christianity. This is not a fringe movement, even in its more extreme varieties, but is embraced by a wide selection of Christians from various denominations within Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism. Nor is it just in vogue among the unlearned and uninfluential masses, but it also has a voice among the religiously and politically powerful. Christian Zionists not only have a great capacity to influence the thinking of the Church, they also have a significant pull in Washington D.C. And if the decisions for which they are lobbying are supported by a faulty premise, there may well be unwise and uninformed choices made in politics on an international level, and with disastrous results. There is a tragic possibility that many of the war prophecies which the Christian Zionists are awaiting may prove to be self-fulfilling, as the contingency which predicts them obstinately opposes any Middle East peace treaties which involve any compromise, with a voice powerful enough to be heard in Washington and Jerusalem.”

From, “The Threat of Christian Zionism” by Nathan Pitchford

You can read the article at monergism.com

These words speak a truth to me about why we are pushed into wars that most ordinary people don’t want that cannot be countered by all the pro-war philosophizing justified under the erroneous excuse of “self defense” as in Gaza against an ostensibly unarmed populace that is tightly packed into an area that is essentially blockaded on all sides. These are conditions that will promote extreme behavior amongst some of the population, hence the advent of Hamas, before them, the PLO.

Now we have the Islamic State to contend with as another force of chaos in the ME. However, it has always struck my simple mind that if it not for the Military Industrial Complex and their weapons manufacturers we wouldn’t be in this state in the first place. Now that war can be fought from remote locations from the actual battle there is no sense of horror, or the notion that you should feel any empathy for those that have been killed. Mind you, I have to say they’re just a variation on the mind-set like the set that enables those triggers to be pulled at close range as well. It’s just that now killing can be done from a padded arm-chair in an office as well as battlefield. Talk about equal opportunity for employment in the military!

How do they get away with it?

The elite have managed to convince most of us that everything should be compartmentalized to the point that the worlds military institutions and covert spy agencies are spiraling out of control as they pursue our own projects without regard to consequence to others. Or the planet as a whole. Short sighted self preservation becomes the only motive. It’s almost impossible to see the bigger picture in all this but there is one to see. Because we’ve managed to separate certain functions of government and industry from the consequences of what they do unspeakable horrors of a kind we have never seen before will be visited upon us.

Unless we establish or re-establish these direct connections from these individuals who control these corporations to the consequences of their activities we are dooming ourselves to be destroyed by their wanton wickedness brought about by their overweening egos.

The Nuclear industry MUST be made accountable for the waste they produce and the damage they cause through normal operation (venting,etc), accidents, uncontrolled critical events, and catastrophic melt-downs.

A word about nuclear waste. Don’t be fooled by the line from the pro-nukeheads that it can just be put BACK in the ground because that’s where it came from. It is a specious argument because it gives the WRONG impression that the waste is the same as the original uranium which it is NOT! These reactors produce waste which is made up of 1,946 different types of novel, man-made, radio-nucleotides which are highly radio-active. These man-made isotopes have never been seen on this planet before and they all have unique ways of damaging the DNA of plants, animals, and us! They do not dilute and become harmless in the environment. They actually accumulate in the tissue of all living things concentrating as they go up the food-chain. These radio-active isotopes do not stop being radio-active for thousands (some for millions) of years at a time. They will just keep on accumulating and damaging everything until we are just a sterile rock hurtling through space, uninhabitable by any living organism. Some might point to the fact that we do find cellular live surviving in the coolant water of reactors but again what sort of evidence is that in regards to making us feel comfortable with what nuclear power has brought upon our civilization. I look around the world that I can see and read about now and I have to wonder if we are not all caught up in some kind of Death Cult.

(If you want to know the cold, hard, horrifying truth about the state of the Nuclear Industry and the Fukushima triple melt-downs please go to enenews.com)

Well, I have come to the certainty that we are and I think it is a Christian-Zionist Death Cult and I believe people like Tony Abbott are fully paid-up members. Spilling out false accusation after false accusation about so many things both domestic and international. All designed to keep us confused and accepting of lower living standards, lack of employment prospects, loss of civil liberties, harsh and draconian drug laws aimed at punishment for the victims not rehabilitation, burgeoning house prices, homelessness, reductions in all government services provided to the poor and disabled, mental health, warmongering, scandalous and corrupted behavior by our politicians, no-bid contracts to the tune of Billions of $’s awarded to private military contractors by the government, etc, etc, etc!

I have looked into the financial structures of the western nations only to find that democracy has been highjacked and has managed to render irrelevant our personal sovereignty in the eyes of the state through the Corporations Laws and Acts that give unequal rights to wealthy groups of conspirators operating as corporate entities.

Good reasons why I think Abbott, Hockey, and Barnett are Christian-Zionists,


Abbott; Supports Israels ‘right’ to do anything it likes in regards to military action against it’s neighbors and occupied territories.

Supports the Fascist ‘Right Sector’ regime in Kiev and is demonizing Russia’s president Putin for all the wrong reasons.

Supports all aspects of the Nuclear Industry.


Joe Hockey; For thinking that it’s OK to be talking about the working poor as leaches on the State that must be thrown off any government assistance in the way of economic stimulation to the country aimed at increasing the amount of wealth we can create and not have stolen from us through the international Bankster Cartel that operates the most criminal of all ponzi schemes the world has ever had to endure.


Colin Barnett; For threatening to cut our ties to federation and integrating in with the Asian economies to our north when all I read about of the majorities working conditions in those countries is the ubiquitous amount of exploitation, sweat shop conditions, and various forms of Martial Law. Meanwhile Barnett gets to be feted and umbrellas held over him when he goes to China.

Supports the destruction of ancient Aboriginal song-lines and sacred sites for mining and resource development without any care for what the consequences are for the people affected. Excuse; For the greater good (of the 1%, chuckle, chuckle!).

Supports Fracking and all things Nuclear.

Any wonder I feel the way I do about these people, I ask?

Conclusion: We’re all being confused, weakened, and given cancer to shut us up so we die quietly, without making a fuss. And if you do you will be jailed by the State unable to hold crazy Christian-Zionists like Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, and Colin Barnett to account for all the money and power given to the 1% because they wrap themselves so tightly in the national flag (that they probably deride behind closed doors) so that most people become overcome with patriotic loyalty and just forget all the above talking points.

No wonder Uncle-Daddy exists. We allow him to.

u-d reinfection 002


u-d reinfection 006

u-d blog x-2 virus 009 Horserotovator hopes that you have read and approved of this last publication. As usual all of this is copyright controlled and the cartoons are not intended to depict anyone either living or dead and any inference made thereof is purely baseless speculation!

Next week: Uncle-Daddy goes looking for a sub from the yellow brick road.





Lord Shiva was here. He left his bucket and spade behind.


At first glance it would appear bewildering, the amount of contradictory signals coming out of a country like China. On the one hand they are authoritarian to their people and ruthlessly disrupt and destroy any perceived threat to the Party. Which is also a mirror to the social order of China. Meaning any action they deem disruptive to the social order is also considered a threat to the Party. So the same ruthless penalties are likely to be imposed on those people as well.

It’s an Orwellian concept brought to reality by our Communist trading partners.
On the other hand they protect their military personnel by banning the use of GMO’s in their food supply with the promise that this ban will be extended to the rest of the population……well, soon…..ish.


Now, I have to say, that it has occurred to me that the Chinese govt might just be keeping the oppressive organs of the State apparatus fit and healthy so that they can carry out their duties unimpeded by physical disease. They attempt to legitimize this separate standard for the army with the promise of extending this ban to all of China’s population. But I say there is an even chance that promise will never be implemented because the real owners of China (not the Chinese govt) don’t care enough for their citizens. The same owners, I may add, who own all the countries that allow post-national corporations onto their shores. I think the elites would rather us dependent on the drugs and treatments from Big Pharma to treat the diseases contracted and ailments developed by the people who are exposed to this food and all the other toxins dumped, pumped, and thrown into the environment in the first place. TPTB say it is the price of progress but I say you bunch of fucking lairs! It is to exploit the masses so you can run off with all our hard earned money. Loot, to those bastards!
Anyhow, back to that promise from the Chinese govt to its long suffering people. Essentially it is to give the people the illusion that they are being cared for by their government but is really designed to keep them quiet and compliant. Meanwhile making sure that the troops needed to oppress the majority are fit, healthy, strong, feel superior to the general population, and are trained to use lethal force against their own citizens when ordered to do so. By people who you will never, ever know the names of. Or even clap eyes on in your entire lives.

Probably. Or maybe you will. How would I know? I’m just having an opinion because of what I read and either chose to believe or not. Whether you, the reader, chooses to believe what I’m writing is up to you. I don’t care. I’ve never been to China and have zero desire to do so. They would probably detain me at the airport and deport me back to Australia. Or they might treat me like a visiting dignitary from Vietnam demanding to be given a bunch of Islands in the South China sea. Or they might treat me like Justin Beiber and give me a wedgie while escorting me to a holding area.
Look to any nation state and you’ll see the same assault taking place on the safety of the food supply-chains and it’s farmers. As they are first being forced into unsustainable debt, and then being forced to use genetically modified crops that contaminate everything around it with their wind-blown seeds to try to increase yields to make more money to pay the fucking great debts they’ve incurred trying to keep up with the economics of scale. Scale that gives unfair advantage to those post-national companies (the ones that change a countries laws to suit their own business interests) that can dump produce into international markets at prices that the local, smaller producers can’t compete with.

I liken the wind-blown seed contamination of neighboring farms from GMO seeds to the aerosolized DU weapons that scatter 60 or more km’s from their initial impact site.

uncle-daddy take 2 017

I have come to some certainty that as John Lennon said “the maniacs are in charge and they are propelling us toward their maniacal ends”, (or something similar), and now the nations leaders are flowering into fully-blown psychosis and have done a pretty good job of turning a large chunk of the population into what are termed ‘secondary psychopaths’. These ‘primary psychopaths’ who run this world, (the ones who hold the control of our collective destinies in their aged, bony, arthritic grasp), do this by buying our critical functions, ethical orientation, silence, and loyalties with this thing called money.
Money, to me, is the culmination of what the Alchemists of all time strove for but could never attain until recently. That was to take a base material of insignificant value and turn it into gold. It took about about 4 centuries for the Illuminati banksters to refine the modern version of the idea but now the sleight of hand that accomplished this has people walking around with paper/plastic in their pockets, wallets, or purses and think that it has intrinsic value, like gold, when  it doesn’t.
Paper into gold. Sheer genius or just our stupidity to be fooled in this way?
What most don’t realize is that unlike gold, fiat currencies in use today can be crashed to near zero value like in post WW1 Germany in a very short time scale so that most don’t have the time to convert out of that currency to stem their loses. Even if you could find a dealer who would be willing to take such a volatile currency as exchange for, say, a bar of solid gold. Chances are you couldn’t keep up with the price inflation in the time it takes you to make the walk from your car to the dealers office.
That’s what these financial assassins have managed to do. Perform their alchemy in our minds rather than in their vials, tubes, and black mirrors. They have gained control of our reality and entrained it with the messages and camouflaged commands to obey from the all pervasive built environment and its sophisticated devices of control for which it supplies the infrastructure.
Algorithms woven into software programs to control the masses of tranquilized sheeple. Broadcast across an ever increasing bandwidth of frequencies that can be a carrier for even more esoteric instructions from satellites that circle the earth beaming into our brains both directly and indirectly through the cell towers that can harmonize together and play itunes by the Piped Piper of Hamlet.
I don’t trust the words or the motives of the Chinese government anymore than I trust any government. I will never throw my lot in with any organization ever again in my life. But I will co-operate with individuals who are well intentioned. Or maybe I wont.
That’s my level of resistance. Or maybe I’m just conforming to a force I can’t recognize.
Maybe it’s not resistance but a severe misunderstanding between aliens and cowboys that has strained relationships beyond a point that someone made quite some time ago and which I seem to have forgotten at the moment…….
It is, in point of fact, confusing to be this smart.


There are just too many holes in the nuclear industry dyke now for the likes of the NRC to keep stuffing fingers into. I believe we have meted out the final, fatal blow to the planet’s Eco-system. A complex and self-regulating system that has taken millions of years to establish and develop equilibrium with it’s host. (Third rock from the sun) This bio-sphere has been able to withstand climate fluctuations in the past but is now busted because we have intervened and loaded it up with exotic, man-made chemicals, compounds, and unknown levels and types of serial-killer-made radiation.
We have allowed a perfect storm to develop out of colliding megalomaniacs with disease inducing technology without adequate oversight.

I believe at this juncture these poisoned visionaries will be looking to take the rest of the world down with them because their dream has become a nightmare. Who knows how many of them developed cancer and became bitter and dangerous. Plotting revenge against the world that exposed them to such lethal substances. Remember, I think you are dealing with sociopaths and/or psychopaths, and they will always blame someone or something else for their problems or difficulties in controlling everything around them. If they can’t do that then they will not be able to control themselves. That’s when they become their most destructive. The pursuit, by the Elite, of a Demonic power system to hold the rest of humanity in its thrall has lead to them becoming corrupted both in the flesh and the mind.

All unresolved psychopaths pave their own road to destruction by building a mental and physical pathway around or over the obstacles that get in their way. They’re smart that way. Which is also being very evil. Satanists would say that genius is born of evil. There is some truth to that of course, but like everything these sort of people say, they twist meanings and assume things you can’t in proper dialogue with such philosophical debates. Nuclear weapons are an evil invention. But TPTB laud their inventors and researchers as demigods and parade them before the general public for our general education about what’s important. We in return are conditioned to heap them with unquestioning adoration as we absorb the wisdom they may wish to impart. Or they may not. But we will still be required to adore their fine intellects, pot bellies, and stooped postures.


The Earth, in conjunction with the Biosphere it supports, has always provided the abundance necessary for life to flourish. Until now it would offer up its elements through slow processes provided by the Eco-systems that have developed over the ages, with only a disruption here and there as the host plays up with earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters.
If Japan had been nuclear-free at the time of the earthquake and tsunami it would be exploding with optimism and energy now as they rebuilt it. The earthquake and tsunami, though a tragedy in itself, would now be a  fading memory. Not be constantly reminded that it is the cause of a ongoing source of horrifying headlines. That, I may add, the MSM ignores with alarming consistency.


That’s it from me today. Hope you like the pics.

Horserotovator signing off. P.S. All content is copyrighted to me. If you want to re-use any of it you can. But I will require attribution to this blog. Ta!