The Voters Speak! Politicians Glisten! Covered In Bucket-Loads Of Self-Congratulatory Jism!


Now legislation gets a multiple hand-job in the Senate!


Just to give a contrast;


I’m just a little burned after putting that one together so I’ll save the inevitable interminable commentary of wild speculation for another time! (Probably tomorrow)……

The Emperor has his Palace but what will the people think of his new clothes?


Seen the pictures. Listened to the architect dribble on about how he (male, of course) tried to keep the interior as true to the original design as possible and have come to the conclusion that there is an awful lot of that $26 million in consultants pockets and not very much at all actually spend on the refurbishment of the structure.

I’m not surprised because that’s how you keep yourself in political power, by giving away enormous amounts of tax-payers money to managers, consultants and spin doctors (often interchangeable and therefore indistinguishable to the naked eye or a hare-lip) to hypno-con the public into believing that somehow this government has a thorough bred understanding of excellent managerial practices of our States finances.

All done with not even a slight tilt or nod of the head to indicate that the unsuitable for such high and occasional tea paid the taxes for this expensively built knob polished twirling room for those willing to pay the price for a meeting with the Emperor. No doubt the twirlers will be presenting him with his new clothes.

Government has become rather good at lining its ministers pockets and the pockets of their friends and family while the rest of us muddle on in spite of the parasitic sucking away at our hard earned. It is just the nature of the Beast, so let no one wonder at what sort of people got to work on the Premiers Palace at wet dream wages and conditions.

I foolishly used to think I would like to be involved with the West Australians organised industrial conspiracy many years ago until I realised I wasn’t ever going to be invited into this ‘purple circle’ of individuals who sit at the helm of the unions and employer groups that fester here. I would never have been a good candidate inasmuch that when ever I had the occasion to experience their Machiavellian antics I would ape them in a gross parody that flattered neither myself nor them. They are exponents of the art of dissembling. They can and do pretend that their actions that strip away the hope and dignity of others is all justified by involvement with the larger and vastly more sophisticated picture of how the world is when seen through the eyes of those who have it all at their finger tips. I could never put the blinkers on without being blinded in the process. It isn’t hard to conclude all organisations are corrupted at the top by the greedy and that they have no remorse when using the naive drawn to these organisations to protect and promote their own exclusive interests.

These groups have inevitably metastasised into the political class that is neatly divided in this country into the Labor/Greens and Liberal/National Parties. The minor Parties change names as fashions change but their function of duality is maintained. This duality is reflected both between and within the major Parties and is a simple yet effective rendering in real-politic of the Hegelian dialectic. As each takes the reigns of power synthesis is achieved in the Parliament as they cease to be ideological and instead become apparently pragmatic. I was a fool for a long time, believing that these Parties were divided by opposing ideas and were defined by them. Well, that was just for public consumption as they say, for these Parties are joined together at the Bank where the real control of our lives exists. The ideas are just for us fools to fight with each other over. Ideas about the working class as an opposing force to the employer class create divisions within communities from which these devils make money through conflict borne out of inequality in opportunity. People who can see through some of the charade are utterly bamboozled by some other aspect such as the cult of personality.

It is show business for ugly and nasty people and that without the backing of the international bankster cartel these Parties of parasites would cease to exist in very short order. In point of fact since in this distorted world of politics the betrayal of the rest of us to the international slave traders (mining resource corporations) happens while one hand washes the other (banksters and their Petit bourgeois politicians) it becomes apparent one would not be viable without the other. The compartmentalised pyramid of power and control shows how easy it now is to enforce the doctrines and philosophy of the Illuminati. Their talents are vastly different from the talents that you would assume are gifted to the actor or musician, although having some cross-over into those talents exponentially enhance the vicissitudes they so easily contrive for our consumption.

In the end it is all about the MONEY. Money is the black hole that draws all those who venture into these areas of human control to the point of no return. That is because, as I have come to realise, the concept of debt based money is negative. It exists only as an absence within all the documentation that surrounds it creating its intention (for those who spend most of their waking moments aspiring to its acquisition through manipulation of OPM) of drawing the unsuspecting into believing that it has some kind of intrinsic value. It has NONE! It is a slight of hand and a trick of the light. It is a medium of exchange and without the goods and/or services book-ending the transaction it is shown to be worthless. ie Bank creates the money/credit to lend to the Butcher to pay the meat wholesaler to sell to the Bakers wife or husband who pays money/credit back to the Butcher which cycles back to the bank. Without sufficient economic activity you are only left with the usury component (interest that will compound into a spiral of accumulating debt if not cycled within a certain time span) which is utterly COUNTER-productive.

You can’t eat money, you cant build things with money. You can’t drive a gold bar or a dollar bill around town. It is in essentially and only a medium that creates a utility that motivates economic activity. Greedy banksters have made the mistake of imposing an extrinsic value of interest that deceives people into thinking it has an intrinsic value. But it has no real value without the spin doctors (banksters) imposing a cost (interest) that in the long run has the effect of destroying it’s utility as a medium of exchange.

OK, you got that? Let’s move on a bit…..

This accumulating spiral of debt, I believe, underlays the motivation for the wholesale invasion and destruction of all indigenous cultures around the world including the Australian Aboriginal culture. It is because they had done without money as a medium of exchange for at least 30,000 years and achieved a stable and exceedingly healthy lifestyle before the European invasion. I think they understood that it is kinship that is the medium through which all exchanges must take place as the action of exchange is the essence of effecting economic activity, not money per se.

Our obsession with money for money’s sake has turned us into cultural and environmental rapists pursuing the mandated burden of the compounded interest on loans to the point of extinguishing all economic activity by smothering it with debt beyond its productive capacity to overcome during any business cycle timeline.

That is why I believe that the industrialisation of the Kimberley will be its cultural rape and environmental destruction and all for nothing as the debt/credit/debt cycle will just eat it whole.

Money, instead of being just a medium of exchange, has been made valuable in its own right through compounding interest on the principal because it has given the banksters a new power through the cost of providing money. This power is exemplified by the necessity to write loan contracts that control your activities over the life of that loan and beyond into the next loan to pay the interest generated on the loan before it. A never ending cycle that has fucked countries like Greece right up the ass.

That huge swinging dick is headed right for all our asses if we don’t stop it swinging soon.


Try to think about what would happen if everyone had access to the abundance around us without borrowing money to live. Well, it would mean the end of ownership of a peoples/government/nations physical/mental/emotional activities by another entity that we have no understanding or control over. No longer would the lenders be able to bend us to their will by manipulation of our personal and public economies. Under analysis it becomes glaringly obvious that the lending institution is just a medium through which the Illuminati work to control the unwitting and unfortunate to betray their friends, family, and eventually march off into war to give even more control by killing those implacably opposed to their form of compartmentalised pyramid control.

Most of what we see around ourselves and others is a product of a system of living that has torn us away from our humanity. How many of us can attest to the notion that the hours we work to make the necessary loan/mortgage repayments to maintain a lifestyle that we seldom get to see, let alone enjoy, is worth the effort and sacrifice?

Have you been raised to turn away from acts of violence and pretend you saw nothing is the right thing to do? Have you been taught to accept that there is no such thing as evil, just madness, and that it renders the crazed individual helpless until the Doctor arrives with his bag of needles and pharmaceuticals? Have you been taught that there is nothing beyond your own will to expediency? Then you are fully fledged lower level member of the Illuminati. It is a broad church and it only takes acquiescence to the authority of the dissolute to become a member

The government teach that the FIFO life is the way to secure a safe/secure/happy future. But all I will ask is does that future exist for you NOW or are you still waiting for it to happen? Still waiting for the kids to get married and settle down? Wondering if they might be different in some unacceptable way? Maybe getting too high on the synthetic drugs their huge pay packets can buy them? What a huge joke to semantics that is! Last time I looked all manufactured drugs were synthetic, psychedelic or any other . But we will never be able to have sensible discussions about drugs, synthetic or naturally growing like cannabis, cocoa leaves, the South American Yage vine, or psilocybin. We have the issues confused for the rest by talking in ignorant and misinformed terms like skunk-weed whose potency is affected (apparently) by adding man made chemicals (another load of rubbish put about by egomaniac politicians and their paid by the lie advisors to keep the sheeple at each others throats while they and their children carry out whatever lifestyle experiments they like involving rebellious but unconnected naive fools as cover for their activities).

But I digress from this notion that we have two political Parties, one running the show while the other in opposition with opposing ideologies that are given the reigns of power by the people through our ‘robust’ democratic system….Ha. What a huge fucking JOKE! Having a ‘Safe seat’ gives the lie to the idea that parliament is anything other that a gravy train for the political class and their various dynasties. Notice how their can only be a certain number of ‘safe seats’ in our pathetic representative democracy which automatically limits the number of those dynasties, and which of course, amplifies by codifying the power of those dynastic members who are anointed by their Party machine over the less protected members who risk dis-endorsement if they do not toe the party line.

Now let me have a word, or two, about the so called two Party system in the context of asylum seekers arriving by boat. When the Liberal/National Party were in power prior to 2007 and excised something like 300 islands from the Australian migration zone so that the boat arrivals could be shunted off to Naru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea with no guarantee of re-settlement in Australia once they were eventually processed. The Labor Party (in opposition) were just about apoplectic in their vitriolic opposition to the moves by the Liberal/National Party government of the time. Indeed they, in part, won themselves an election over their opposition to such a callous attitude to these asylum seekers who were, and still are, coming on leaky boats to Australia in the hope of a better life.

I was transported here through Cape Town on a leaky, Greek boat filled with Greek immigrants headed for Melbourne who were forever getting into knife fights while on board. (But you wont hear anything like that from the likes of Abbott and Gillard who only want to bash a minority (asylum seekers) who will never have any electoral power. If Tony Robot is the best that the Liberal opposition can come up with then Labor will win by default. What a hopeless joke our democracy is!)

While we were at sea in the middle of the Indian ocean the crew tried to have a life boat drill but gave up when most of the life boats turned out to be rusted to their runners and couldn’t be launched. I was too young to be alarmed about such a situation but when the ship docked in Melbourne the MUA came on board and, tapping the life boats with a small hammer, found most of them to be rusted out hulks that would have just sunk the moment they were put in the water. How things change but stay the same, eh?!?

After arriving in Perth, Australia but moving on to Melbourne I had become fat and was accorded the title, P.o.M.E.(Prisoner of Mother England) bastard and was unmercifully bullied during all of my schooling there. People who think they have known me have said I should be grateful to be living in their lucky country, and in many ways I am because I had my eyes opened in ways that I’m still only now coming to terms with. But it set me apart from everyone else and I will never be able to close that gap. I will always be an outsider and can never be truly at ease because I don’t belong anywhere. I do not have a connection to a country, or a connection to a culture. I am in spite of everything. I am defined by what I am not and who I can never be. I am a Diaspora with no home that I can identify with.

In conclusion I want to say again that the industrialisation of the Kimberley should be resisted by all. Not only for the sake of the Aboriginal people who will be displaced from their Homeland by the remorseless march of the resource companies who care not a jot for the people who they will turn into internal refugees. But because the Banksters debt cycle (Their tried and true preferred business model for the rest of the world where a credit created on their balance sheet automatically becomes a debit for us all when things get out of hand. Just keep in mind the GFC and the bailouts we all have to pay for through higher taxes and reduced economic activity!) that is fucking Europe will just come right on over the seas and fuck us too.

With the exception, of course, of those ministers of our West Australian parliament who have been investing on those speculative shares that we, the uninformed, have no inside information on.

How do you get $100 million of Fderal/State tax money for free?


If I have this straight, and I think I do. Then all you had to do was register as a builder of some kind or another, get onto the preferred contractors list with the Governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’. Get a nice, fat, juicy contract awarded to your building company. Then falsify a statutory declaration, or two, saying that you, the builder, have paid out monies to sub-contractors that never were paid, then use the money paid out by the state governments Building Management Authority to feather some other nest, then go into bankruptcy. Thus liquidating all responsibility to those sub-contractors to be paid what they are owed. Then you get the bonus of the Premier, Colin Barnett, to run interference for you by stating under Parliamentary privilege that it is purely a commercial matter with no responsibility sheeting back to the Governments BMA who literally gave the money away in the first place without any proper due diligence.

Now, when I drill down into these statements I find I have a few questions myself that I would like answered. Such as how did these these characters of dubious pedigree get to be on this list of builders to be awarded these contracts in the first place? Were there any public notices placed on line or in the local and national papers stating that these contracts were being let? I certainly never, ever heard a thing. All I saw were the buildings being constructed.

At the time I thought that it was the usual cartel behaviour at work with only the selected few being allowed into the inner sanctum of government largess. It would seem that I was right except that some of the people/companies that actually did the work were placed there as window dressing to make the process look fair……until the wholesale rip-off of those people/companies gave the lie to the fact that it was another cartel taking out some of the opposition by using the cover of legitimate government work to lure the naive into the scam… Hmmmmmm……

Watching Barnett making the case that tradespeople aren’t worth paying for the work they do makes me think that the government itself is the biggest cartel of all. Certainly I have been told that tradespeople are ‘ten a penny’ by a client or two in the seven years I have been an independent contractor in this state. With people with the apparent authority of Barnett making the meaning of worthlessness applicable to the trades, I guess we can all expect to be devalued to the point where it will become pointless to have any trade qualifications in this state/country. You’ll get a better wage collecting trolleys at a shopping centre. Probably more respect as well.

The second point I would like to drill down to, is what was the criteria for considering these recipients of government tax dollars as builders? Did they in actuality have to have a builders licence? Or was it just that they could make a statutory declaration (another one) claiming that they were. I know that it took a fair bit of money, time and training for me to become an electrical contractor and it is a licence that I have pride in possessing and am mindful of the responsibilities that come with that licence. To have it tarnished in such circumstances as bankruptcy would seem to me to be the end of my business! People/companies who would look to using my services would be repelled by having that knowledge as there could be no trust that I would complete any job awarded to me.

I was always under the impression that trust is of paramount importance to being able to carry out business in a fair and equitable fashion.

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I go bankrupt. It certainly didn’t seem to matter to the likes of Colin Barnett, the Premier of WA and now ‘Minister for Getting Away with It’. He seemed quite comfortable with the way things have turned out for the state now that he has effectively declared open season on WA’s tradespeople.

Live sheep, cattle, politicians and their cruelty.


Good for those animal rights activists who harnessed themselves, by thumb locking, onto the trucks bringing the live animals into Fremantle Port.

Good on them for getting onto one of the ships of death and being solid with animals that will be disgorged into a terrifying future of torture and death somewhere in the Middle East.

I applaud their actions under the trucks as they were entering the Port. It takes guts,  principle, and commitment to do that when they are regularly assaulted and threatened with death by the authorities that protect this vile and evil trade. What sort of principle drives the cocky or trucker that raise and then transport these animals in the first place? It would seem that to cause the sickening and disgusting problem of the live animal trade is easy when you are developed from birth with a moral/ethical compass that only has money as its lode stone.

Suffering and death is met with callous disregard by these people. Just listen to the spokespeople employed to spin for the companies and people involved. Compassion seems to be a meaningless concept when considering the animals welfare when set against the notion of easy money. They can pretend to exclude themselves from the barbarous end that these animals have to endure.

I have seen the reports that the culling has restarted in Pakistan for the thousands of sheep that have become unacceptable for reasons of political and personal hatred of this country.

Australia’s politicians lie to us that their are other reasons for this travesty of an inspection and rejection regime but their words are empty of meaning or integrity as they try to justify acts of wanton cruelty. Why don’t they just admit that they are cruel, nasty perverted people who get off on watching other creatures suffer while they die.

You may think that I am going too far in my condemnation of the people responsible for this trade. Indeed, I find that these words are shocking to me as well. But it is the logical outcome that as the viciousness of this crime against the animal kingdom becomes abundantly clear then the language used to describe it will reflect that viciousness.

How many people out there can listen to the sounds of lowering animals as they are transported to the abattoir, do nothing, and not be affected to the point of suffering the loss of their connection to humanity?

I can’t. I have been around when the truck that takes unwanted horses off to become pet food, and whatever else can be rendered from their bones, and I sent them away without the horses. That night I sent them away but they came back on another night I wasn’t there. I knew they were coming again and I knew that they would eventually get what they wanted, even from me. So I packed what little I had and left the countryside realising we are a doomed race. Doomed because we are killers born with the power of intellect to merchandise slaughter. We have made it another wholesale product with a meaning and consequence that is couched in language that sanitises killing by referring to it as a mechanical process.

I feel the pain of our dilemmas and I absorb the guilt for feeding my own pets on the meat drawn from these animal husbandry practices. I realise that we cannot escape the harsh realities that surround our food production chains but I will never condone the live animal trade to overseas. If we cannot kill them here (where the people I have described above can attach themselves to those cattle trucks and speak up for these creatures with such ferocity that we feel the power of their resistance to the cruelty) then we cannot be allowed to outsource the killing elsewhere where that resistance cannot be felt.

For that I humbly tip my hat to those activists who risk their lives to draw attention to the disgusting practices that rich Australians carry out in order to remain rolling in the filthy lucre that stains their souls and twists their minds into believing that what they do carries no consequence beyond there bankster account.

Horserotovator, Saturday, October 20th 2012

The live Sheep and Cattle trade must be stopped NOW!!!


It is a disgusting and sickening trade in the prolonged suffering and death of animals that perverts the minds of the people involved to the point that I cannot recognise them as human beings. You see, for me, compassion for the other inhabitants of this Earth is fundamental to our civilisation. Without it we are just robots who cannot love life and are therefore destined to destroy ourselves in a frenzy of orgiastic self interest. I get utterly contemptuous of the spokespeople who come out and defend this immoral, unethical, and downright evil activity on the grounds that it makes some people rich, keeps others employed, and provides taxes to the government.

They talk and walk in a fashion that makes me want to make them as the animals that they pay such scant regard for. I want them to feel the terror as the club, knife, or blade of a front end loader comes to slaughter them. Then I want them back to where they were before so they can explain to ME how they justify putting any creature to death that way.

There is no excuse for this type of treatment of livestock and even the designation ‘live-stock’ devalues the fact that these animals can feel pain and experience fear. To deny that there is a reality of pain and suffering for these animals is the same as me declaring that the human race has run its course and is now ready for destruction. Maybe it is but I’m not going to declare it. I’ll leave those sorts of dire predictions for your entrails to discern.

We do not need to eat much meat to live. I am what is called a demi-vegetarian in that I don’t eat red meat and haven’t since I was 17yrs old. I’m 50 now and in pretty good shape. Running my business involves a lot of physical labour. I probably do more physical labour in a week that most of the keyboard jockeys on the net would get in a year so the notion that we need meat to function properly is just a LOAD OF FUCKING GREAT LIES put about by the SCUM-SUCKING ELITE who want to see us all destroyed by our rabid meat-aholic attitudes that have been instilled in us to continue the perverted tradition of convincing us that we are nothing more than brutes who can only function by taking LIFE AWAY in increasingly barbaric ways.

FUCK YOU ASSHOLES in the cattle industry for being such vile hypocrites, pretending that you give a rats ass about the welfare of the animals you crush onto live animal carriers and send to be tortured and die by mutilation, suffocation, frenzied stabbing attacks, and dismemberment while still alive.

The cattle ranchers know full well that the people taking these animals consider them an avatar of the Australians that they HATE so much because of what and who we are. And who can deny their logic after all the death and destruction that we have inflicted on them and their lands all in the name of liberty. These are not sophisticated people, they are too poor. All they know is that they live in poverty while we look like we live in paradise. Of course this is not the reality of our existence but the conniving governments of the world love to promote this us and them approach to international relations so that they will always be allowed to negotiate on our behalf but only for their benefit.

Can’t stand to hear the truth of our existence? Too fucking bad, dudes!

Horserotovator has had a gut-full of the elite and has sent out the word to his brother and sisters on the range. Let’s see how smug you all are in the certainty of your own ascendency to GODHEAD when the horses start to bolt.

7th October, 2012.

Solid with the brothers and sisters down the Pit with Spade in hand.


Perth is wet and overcast today which makes me feel depressed. So let me tell you about how depressing it is to live in this city if you are not rich.

The mining investment boom is having no real positive effects on the local economy. Sure, the states balance sheet looks nice and healthy from all the royalty payments from the mining companies but the money is not ‘trickling down’ to the local economy. Businesses are closing or down-sizing. People are saving and paying down debt. Not spending into the economy. Electricity has almost doubled in cost over the past 18 months, followed not so far behind by a host of other government taxes and charges. But government services are, for all this, still hopelessly under-funded and understaffed while millions are spent coddling the mining sector with government infrastructure and various subsidies. All building a wall of obfuscation hiding the fact that the mining industry is marginal in this country and only serves the few.

Makes you feel kind of sick to see the disparity between the rich and the poor exacerbated as government capital expenditure (that we pay for in taxes) flies to unpopulated areas as dictated by the private mining companies. Leaves a lot of people seething here but opposition to the goon squad mining and gas lobby is a contest between unlimited wealth and power and people with little or no power trying to assert their independence from them. It is not helped when the government in Western Australia is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the policies and practices of the mining and gas companies that exploit our countryside with destructive and polluting forms of mineral extraction and waste disposal.

The environmental laws are a joke here and not enforced with any effect because that would interfere with the smooth running of the dirty miners and (to a large and odoriferous degree) the Liberal/National Party when it’s in power. Not that the Labor Party has been all that much better. It comes down to the corrupting system of Party donations. To assert that such payments do not exert control over the leadership of the government by the people and/or organisations who make those extraordinary payments is ridiculous. These are payments that have no other purpose than to buy the mind and conscience of the politicians that ply their trade in Western Australia. The accident at Veranus Island was covered-up and whitewashed by our government because there was a failure of the regulator to do their job way before the explosion that knocked out a third of the states gas supply for three months at least. See how handily the mining/gas corporations work together with conniving WA governments (past and present) to keep us uninformed and thus oblivious to the damage that is being wreaked upon this state?

Probably most don’t really care. As long as most peoples pay-cheque’s keeps appearing in their bank they will find every reason under the sun not to voice a contrary opinion. Smarter not be ethical in this modern Malthusian world ruled by the need for expediency in the face of such massive and powerful corporations. That’s if you want to be rich and successful….And who doesn’t? I would aspire to such if I were not wise to the fact that for most the chance of success is a numbers game that is heavily weighted against the average punter. But no one thinks of themselves as average. No, we are all taught that we can be anything we want to be but wishing for anything other than a highly paid career/scam in this state is tantamount to suicide. Hence, everyone is crawling all over each other trying to claw their way to the top of the money tree.

There are two money trees in Western Australia. One is hidden in the upper echelons of the government and the other one is hidden in the board rooms of the banks that create the funny money to fund these massively capital intensive projects.

At the moment they are both working for the consolidation of power over our economy by stripping it of it’s minerals and then exporting the profits to destinations outside the state as indeed the country. They are consolidating their power in the cities by depressing the local economy so that small businesses are becoming desperately short of the cash-flow necessary to survive, let alone prosper.

I’m not going to change this. I’m just one person who has no delusions about change. We get plenty of change but it’s not the kind of change that makes life for the majority in this state any easier. Mr Buswell, the state governments disinformation spokesman has been in the paper today suggesting that despite the fall in iron prices (and the lay-off of over a thousand workers in one week) we should be talking up the strength of the WA economy.

I don’t see any strength in the economy, Mr Buswell. I see a state economy built by a fraud against the citizens and then manipulated by the likes of you and the vested interests that own you. I don’t see anything at all except a bunch of over-weight, over-indulged politicians lying their way through every day knowing they will never be held accountable for the deeds that they commit while in office. When the true nature of the deception by various governments of the past have finally come to light the culprits are long gone from power, with their loot and superannuation. Just as I’m sure Buswell will do after bullying and blustering through his golden reign with his buddy, Barnett.

“Breakfasts’ just the beginning!”, chortle the boys to the boys after a long night on the turps and leather dealing away the states future.

Did I mention that I expect nothing to get better? Economies speed up and slow down all the time but most is a shallow cyclic process and opportunities once given are now taken before they can be transformed into a tangible permanent asset. Don’t make a fuss, though. Lest some will loose the ear of rich friends that politicians and their clones like to kiss-up to for comfort and opportunity. Aspiration is an indulgence only granted to the people that please their masters. 

Did I bleat that we are all debt slaves who will eventually be forced by the government and corporations to give up our identities to prioritise the collective needs of said same? To be like some kind of mindless product harvested from the environment. A human resource. People should be concerned that we are thought as dirt, like the ore they dig up from the ground. Humanity to these people is just another vein to be tapped for it’s uses then dumped with all the toxins they’ve ingested on the way!

Digressing, because it’s my blog! Did I mention that one of the advantages of the National Broadband Fibre Network is to increase the capacity for us to submit to on and off-site monitoring of our physiological condition? That it could include anything from what drugs (legal or not) are in your body as to whether you are having sex or engaging in a sporting activity. Not much privacy for those who break the many laws of our country and find themselves on home detention or a mandated curfew of some kind (and the drones will be hovering over your back-garden). We already have to submit to health surveillance if you want to work in many industries and companies. This is simply a sinister and cynical move as people are, for instance, prohibited from smoking a little cannabis during their time off due to the type of deeply intrusive and offensive drug testing, (to many, perverted in nature because you have to hold your genitals out in front of a same sex person you’ve probably never seen before (in a toilet) who keeps a keen eye on them while you eject some fluid out.)  while being forced to work while infected with a virulent and contagious flu due to the use of company supplied doctors that employees have to see instead of their own G.P.’s. Yes, This is the real Western Australia. As real as all the mining entrepreneurs/magnates with their mansions and privilege.
A great state to work and die in for the glory of the rich and affluent.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!, for the rich! Blog on!

“Troy!! Leave Gina’s chair alone! And no sniffing the wind, either!”

horserotovator from Perth slum.