Uncle-Daddy exposes the Haters (Pt Something)


We are being kept in a state of anxiety to try and stop us from seeing through the bull-dust that allows the elite to keep us killing each other and robbing us blind through their systems of financial control.

Uncle -Daddy wants to screw-up their money-scamming schemes that all look like Murder Inc. from the words on the paper they are written, but quite rightly realizes that the few need to turn into the many if there is to be some degree of success.

Uncle-Daddy looks at the state of the world and stands aghast at the sheer size and complexity of our modern civilizations connections with the concept and implementation of evil intent.

Who are it’s agents and why do they wish to condemn the remnant of humanity to be slammed into a system of absolute control?

How will they do it.

This is what Uncle-Daddy (and he’s sure a lot of other people are too) is driven to find out. He knows that he is a product of the times and probably wouldn’t exist if the current state of world affairs wasn’t as it is.

In some ways we are all here as products of the time. Our mindsets are influenced (mostly) by what is in the here and now. We have been deluded into reacting to events rather than thinking about them first.




There are some vids on youtube that show vile, soul-less, murdering (through the use of the State’s military wing) politicians and various pious wind-bags (MSM pundits) repetitively vomit out those words in a, mostly successful, attempt to program the masses into jumping to conclusions when presented with media driven false-flag events in the future.

The elite who are in positions to change all this but choose not to are probably lost inside the delusions created by their immense wealth and power. It has blinded them to the world that really exists around them.

They will live on their yachts and holiday at their mansions until their job is done to control everything so they never have to worry about their own survival. They will have to have it all. Which, of course, is a contradiction in terms as how can anyone of ‘them’ have it all when they have to share and cooperate to achieve the control throughout society that they think they need?

Which brings me to a thought that even though they say they are ‘illuminated’ they will still end up having to give it all up to the ONE who eventually wins this conceptual battle that the elite have no real idea about. If they did then they would realize that as the pool of identifiable victims is expended the empowered thugs of the elite will start looking elsewhere for transgressions, and transgressors, against the system that protects them.

IMO everybody in this system will be eventually ‘Zeroed’ out.

If we could cooperate instead of compete then we could achieve what no amount of religious, or financial, fanaticism has in all of recorded history. If we could stop looking for someone to come and save us maybe we could save ourselves. Peace cannot be imposed. It must come from within the individual and spread from person to person. Not from an edict presented by a council of the elite. Never worked. Never will. Keep people stupid, angry, insecure, and ignorant they will do stupid, and dangerous, things no matter how many edicts are passed down from the polished desks of the ‘shiny bums’ who write them.

All based on the fallacious idea that we must be ruled by distant authority to be successful as a civilization.

“What a load of crap!”, is what Uncle-Daddy would say.

uncle-daddy pt 4 haters 005

uncle-daddy pt 4 haters 007


All the worlds conflicts, from every age, have required a push from a self-interested, self appointed elite to get them started. This is true for the conflicts in the Ukraine, and Syria, which have been instigated and fueled by outside elements in pursuit of a wider set of objectives.

Horserotovator has a set of objectives and they tend to clash with those set by TPTB…

Stay tuned to find out what they are when UncleDaddy does!!! (he’s just as mystified as the rest of us!)

Piss-Off with your Nuclear Power Crap!


Please don’t bring the nightmare of Nuke-Power generation to our shores, Jay Weatherill.

Please don’t make the terms of reference favor the MoneyPowers on this one!

History will not treat you kindly if you allow the Nukeretards to destroy this part of the world as well!!!!!

I present you the future where man is born anew in his illuminated form……,


If you want to write directly to the South Australian government on this issue, you can by going to http://yoursay.sa.gov.au/blogs/royal-commission-our-role-in-nuclear-energy

register and have your say. I have and I intend to say a lot more. Both here, and there!

Horserotovator over and not here for a while. Evidence must be manufactured,……..er,….I mean gathered.

To be continued……

Uncle-Daddy can’t be stopped. He has a mandate!


uncle-daddy blog of the century 011Tunnel-vision

Are we all blinded by the eternal lightness of our being while our ‘World Mis-leaders’ use rhetorical devices to constipate our thoughts?

Are they selling shit to toilet paper?

Or are they just playing,


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uncle-daddy blog of the century 034

As long as we have a debt based money system without proper oversight and common sense in applying it’s Usury Principle we will be forever DEBT-SLAVES.

It’s abstraction of real wealth concepts into the practical application of the fiat-money supply system leaves us at the mercy of the people who constantly game the system to increase profit for themselves and their sponsors.

Meanwhile the State of Western Australia has announced that it is shutting down 150 remote Aboriginal Communities (mainly in the Kimberley Region where the Korporations want to go Fracking EVERYWHERE for the benefit of humanity themselves) because the Commonwealth government is cost shifting to the States. This will mean internally displaced refugees created by our own government in our own country.

I find it all rather shameful, hypocritical, and mean spirited of the Australian Government (State and Federal) and corporations.



If you have managed to read all the way through to here and not found it all too boring then I hope you have a happy day. If, on the other hand, you have found this blog to be inferior in some way then let that be it’s own punishment!

Sometimes you can only find happiness in the little things as the big things are being fucked up the ass by the corporations out at Bohemian Grove.

They’re all reading from the same Shill Sheet.


think chart sparky 005

(Scroll to end of rave if only concerned with seeing an Uncle-Daddy episode. I do understand!)

If you can think for your self but can stomach listening to the news as it is being reported by the Australian MSM then you would have to see that we are being fed a complete tissue of lies, wiped against baseless assumptions, upon Russia’s intentions in it’s own back-yard.

I am forced to make that comment because there has been no credible evidence shown by the Christian-Zionist controlled Western-alliance nations that the Russians or the pro-Russian separatists shot the MH17 down. On the contrary there is mounting evidence that links the regime in Kiev to the destruction of that plane.


The latest disaster, one that has scrubbed Israel’s bizarre onslaught into Gaza off newspaper front pages, 298 dead, can be nothing but more than yet another cover up operation. Every news asset, every politico known to be a creature of the Israeli/organized crime nexus, has weighed in. Their every lie tells one story; “Israel did it.”

The facts tell another story, one of false flag terrorism. If only McCain and Tony Abbot, if only Fox and CNN, the Huffington Post and, worst of all, accused Israeli spy, Jane Harmon’s Daily Beast:

“Why would Putin want to shoot down a commercial airliner? And if it was an accident, why would Putin allow the separatists to have a weapon this powerful without having full control over how it was used?”

You couldn’t scream “Israel did it” any louder. It is almost embarrassing. There is nothing innocent about these utterly fabricated stories, particularly when the truth, a very different truth, is out there as well, substantiated, validated and verified.”


MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

You can read the entire article and many other interesting articles analyzing world events at veteranstoday.com

Interesting to see that our PM Tony Abbott has managed to insert himself into the debate on the side of the Christian-Zionists to the point that he is lumped in with neo-cons like McCain.

A word or two is appropriate at this time concerning the dangers of Christian-Zionism to the peace and prosperity of the human race.


“The Christian Zionist movement is also dangerous for another reason: not only does it involve one’s understanding of a large percentage of the scriptures, but it also affects a large percentage of American Christianity. This is not a fringe movement, even in its more extreme varieties, but is embraced by a wide selection of Christians from various denominations within Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism. Nor is it just in vogue among the unlearned and uninfluential masses, but it also has a voice among the religiously and politically powerful. Christian Zionists not only have a great capacity to influence the thinking of the Church, they also have a significant pull in Washington D.C. And if the decisions for which they are lobbying are supported by a faulty premise, there may well be unwise and uninformed choices made in politics on an international level, and with disastrous results. There is a tragic possibility that many of the war prophecies which the Christian Zionists are awaiting may prove to be self-fulfilling, as the contingency which predicts them obstinately opposes any Middle East peace treaties which involve any compromise, with a voice powerful enough to be heard in Washington and Jerusalem.”

From, “The Threat of Christian Zionism” by Nathan Pitchford

You can read the article at monergism.com

These words speak a truth to me about why we are pushed into wars that most ordinary people don’t want that cannot be countered by all the pro-war philosophizing justified under the erroneous excuse of “self defense” as in Gaza against an ostensibly unarmed populace that is tightly packed into an area that is essentially blockaded on all sides. These are conditions that will promote extreme behavior amongst some of the population, hence the advent of Hamas, before them, the PLO.

Now we have the Islamic State to contend with as another force of chaos in the ME. However, it has always struck my simple mind that if it not for the Military Industrial Complex and their weapons manufacturers we wouldn’t be in this state in the first place. Now that war can be fought from remote locations from the actual battle there is no sense of horror, or the notion that you should feel any empathy for those that have been killed. Mind you, I have to say they’re just a variation on the mind-set like the set that enables those triggers to be pulled at close range as well. It’s just that now killing can be done from a padded arm-chair in an office as well as battlefield. Talk about equal opportunity for employment in the military!

How do they get away with it?

The elite have managed to convince most of us that everything should be compartmentalized to the point that the worlds military institutions and covert spy agencies are spiraling out of control as they pursue our own projects without regard to consequence to others. Or the planet as a whole. Short sighted self preservation becomes the only motive. It’s almost impossible to see the bigger picture in all this but there is one to see. Because we’ve managed to separate certain functions of government and industry from the consequences of what they do unspeakable horrors of a kind we have never seen before will be visited upon us.

Unless we establish or re-establish these direct connections from these individuals who control these corporations to the consequences of their activities we are dooming ourselves to be destroyed by their wanton wickedness brought about by their overweening egos.

The Nuclear industry MUST be made accountable for the waste they produce and the damage they cause through normal operation (venting,etc), accidents, uncontrolled critical events, and catastrophic melt-downs.

A word about nuclear waste. Don’t be fooled by the line from the pro-nukeheads that it can just be put BACK in the ground because that’s where it came from. It is a specious argument because it gives the WRONG impression that the waste is the same as the original uranium which it is NOT! These reactors produce waste which is made up of 1,946 different types of novel, man-made, radio-nucleotides which are highly radio-active. These man-made isotopes have never been seen on this planet before and they all have unique ways of damaging the DNA of plants, animals, and us! They do not dilute and become harmless in the environment. They actually accumulate in the tissue of all living things concentrating as they go up the food-chain. These radio-active isotopes do not stop being radio-active for thousands (some for millions) of years at a time. They will just keep on accumulating and damaging everything until we are just a sterile rock hurtling through space, uninhabitable by any living organism. Some might point to the fact that we do find cellular live surviving in the coolant water of reactors but again what sort of evidence is that in regards to making us feel comfortable with what nuclear power has brought upon our civilization. I look around the world that I can see and read about now and I have to wonder if we are not all caught up in some kind of Death Cult.

(If you want to know the cold, hard, horrifying truth about the state of the Nuclear Industry and the Fukushima triple melt-downs please go to enenews.com)

Well, I have come to the certainty that we are and I think it is a Christian-Zionist Death Cult and I believe people like Tony Abbott are fully paid-up members. Spilling out false accusation after false accusation about so many things both domestic and international. All designed to keep us confused and accepting of lower living standards, lack of employment prospects, loss of civil liberties, harsh and draconian drug laws aimed at punishment for the victims not rehabilitation, burgeoning house prices, homelessness, reductions in all government services provided to the poor and disabled, mental health, warmongering, scandalous and corrupted behavior by our politicians, no-bid contracts to the tune of Billions of $’s awarded to private military contractors by the government, etc, etc, etc!

I have looked into the financial structures of the western nations only to find that democracy has been highjacked and has managed to render irrelevant our personal sovereignty in the eyes of the state through the Corporations Laws and Acts that give unequal rights to wealthy groups of conspirators operating as corporate entities.

Good reasons why I think Abbott, Hockey, and Barnett are Christian-Zionists,


Abbott; Supports Israels ‘right’ to do anything it likes in regards to military action against it’s neighbors and occupied territories.

Supports the Fascist ‘Right Sector’ regime in Kiev and is demonizing Russia’s president Putin for all the wrong reasons.

Supports all aspects of the Nuclear Industry.


Joe Hockey; For thinking that it’s OK to be talking about the working poor as leaches on the State that must be thrown off any government assistance in the way of economic stimulation to the country aimed at increasing the amount of wealth we can create and not have stolen from us through the international Bankster Cartel that operates the most criminal of all ponzi schemes the world has ever had to endure.


Colin Barnett; For threatening to cut our ties to federation and integrating in with the Asian economies to our north when all I read about of the majorities working conditions in those countries is the ubiquitous amount of exploitation, sweat shop conditions, and various forms of Martial Law. Meanwhile Barnett gets to be feted and umbrellas held over him when he goes to China.

Supports the destruction of ancient Aboriginal song-lines and sacred sites for mining and resource development without any care for what the consequences are for the people affected. Excuse; For the greater good (of the 1%, chuckle, chuckle!).

Supports Fracking and all things Nuclear.

Any wonder I feel the way I do about these people, I ask?

Conclusion: We’re all being confused, weakened, and given cancer to shut us up so we die quietly, without making a fuss. And if you do you will be jailed by the State unable to hold crazy Christian-Zionists like Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, and Colin Barnett to account for all the money and power given to the 1% because they wrap themselves so tightly in the national flag (that they probably deride behind closed doors) so that most people become overcome with patriotic loyalty and just forget all the above talking points.

No wonder Uncle-Daddy exists. We allow him to.

u-d reinfection 002


u-d reinfection 006

u-d blog x-2 virus 009 Horserotovator hopes that you have read and approved of this last publication. As usual all of this is copyright controlled and the cartoons are not intended to depict anyone either living or dead and any inference made thereof is purely baseless speculation!

Next week: Uncle-Daddy goes looking for a sub from the yellow brick road.





Mad Children at Manus Asylum Want More Choice in Medication!


I’m going to wade into the warm waters of the Manus Lagoon of doom. Drop my anchor into the thick oozing black mud of treachery and deceit where it will never pull out. When it’s time to leave I’ll just cut the chain and let the inky black mud have it to swallow. It will be a small price to pay to be able to extract myself and my precious cargo of wretched children that I gathered from the wreckage of a broken civilization. That’s our civilization, not theirs. Look how we drool over the misery and suffering of other people who have been successfully demonized by TPTB and are now considered to be of a lower caste than cattle. Just look at the ethics at play. There are none!

I have noticed that Australians are exhibiting cowardly and aggressive attitudes towards anyone or anything that they consider a threat to their continued prosperity. A prosperity that is patchy at best and only hangs on to it’s continuation through the exploitation of a powerless but mostly silent (through fear of further persecution) underclass that is the majority in any country that I can think of. Grinding poverty has been foisted upon our own as the inevitable shape of the Bell curve distorts to the demands of a rigged economy.

Does anyone really think that the majority of Australians could care any less about ‘boat people’ when they are so unsympathetic to their less fortunate neighbors at home?

Australians have been taught to love watching women and children that are not their own suffer. Why do you think that our society allows so much sexual and physical abuse of our own vulnerable children? My sister-in-law has had her children taken from her a couple of times with the 8 yr old girl being molested by another 15 yr old child that was in the last foster home. The 7 yr old deaf boy was allegedly beaten and locked in a room for acting up.

My wife got them back to their mother as quickly as the courts could convene and the travesty of the situation could be elucidated (The mother is deaf and has some behavioral problems but she is a loving and caring to her children and certainly doesn’t allow them to be abused by anyone). She is divorced and had a neighbor murdered next door while she was at home. She couldn’t hear the screams but the daughter could. But the daughter didn’t understand the gravity of the situation so didn’t alert the mother. The mother has felt guilt over this sequence of events but has never received counseling from the government. But they will try to take her kids away at any opportunity. Kind of makes me feel a little bit sick when I go over all this but I think this testimony is important to show my personal experience of the way the systems of protection have been corrupted. The authorities were informed but all that’s happened is the 15 yr old is receiving counseling but the 8 yr old victim gets NOTHING! And the other allegation wont be investigated further because the foster parent has denied it ever happened. The impression I was left with was that foster carers are a protected species when it comes to this sort of allegation.

Back to my rave.

Australians have been taught by the Murdoch press and the usual suspects to love the psychotic feelings of superiority engendered by being indirectly responsible for the abuses meted out by the institutions of church and state.

And when thinking as a glob of connected slobs to Rupert they can’t help but LOVE doing it. Don’t be thinking Australia is anything except a Lucifer’s paradise. If you like being evil to people then come to Australia where you can become a nurse and join a ‘Death Squad’ on one of the wards where the psychopaths torture and kill the frail and elderly while no one is looking. Good cover from the Doctors who know who writes their pay cheques, the hospital system. Just so long as they are never implicated in their deaths. You see this country is owned by the International Banksters, just like most of the others. In the end it all comes down to money and the control and issuance of it. Whosoever controls a countries money supply can care nothing for the laws they make. The banksters just threaten to cut off a countries money supply and they will do anything for you to stop them carrying out the threat. Except here we well and truly in the pockets of the banksters so we positively salivate at the prospect of rushing into a war on other peoples territory so the financiers of these acts of treason and evil can make their squillions and we can sacrifice a few souls to the Great Beast.

It’s just a win, win, win, situation for us in the lucky country. You see, we can be the biggest pack of viscous, violent, vindictive thugs that ever roamed this earth causing any amount of pain and suffering for everyone that is not on their knees with their mouths open waiting for the rulers to fuck them in the face and make them swallow their vile, stinking, issue. Just like on any fine, sunny day, in the land of deserts, dust, flies, bath-tub beers, and assholes.

Yes refugees, the financial heavyweights who fund the powerful and the useful to that dynamic power dependency of the nation-state are fucking you and me with the rest of the 1% looking on with undisguised glee at the slow and painful demise of the underclass. Let’s just face it, we have been rendered worthless inside and outside the offices of the corporation and have no rights in the plutocracy’s vision and practice of the NWO. You would be better off just being persecuted, tortured, and then murdered in your own country because the majority of Australians have been successfully brainwashed into not caring that much if you all get persecuted, tortured, and then murdered. Just look at what happened to that Iranian chap on Manus Island. Sorry, you can’t look. You have been deemed to be in the ‘not needed to know group’.

Don’t go looking for no sympathy from anyone in Australia. We live on a kick-ass island so that nobody that we don’t want here can get here. We are protected by the overwhelming might and power of the American Military Industrial Complex. Those fuckers don’t mess around when it comes to messing around other countries that aren’t bending over and taking a large Imperial dick up their asses. We just love watching the American MIC turning beauty into wasted and atrophied debris in countries like Iraq and Libya. Timor was a forgotten issue between the Australian and Indonesian governments until we decided we wanted all the oil and gas sitting under the Timor sea. Dealing with the Indonesians would have been too hard. Much better if we play a little game of ‘we’ll grant you nation status’ to make us look good in the International community giving us the cover we needed to rape the Timor people of their only profitable natural resources. Fuck we’re good at this raping and stealing from the weak and vulnerable! No wonder we are so good at driving our own to self-harm and suicide.

There are too many Aussie males exhibiting cowardly behavior as evidenced by the use of the cowards punch and the broken glass in the face when they reach a crisis point in their psychopathology. Too many Aussie woman love to see the blood pouring from victims of crime. An example would be the case of two couples in Fremantle who murdered a man in cold blood and tried to cover up the crime for no other reason than it felt good at the time. No remorse except the contrived type for the benefit of the Judge who they probably thought wanted to give them good behavior bonds considering the bloke they killed was supposedly a drug dealer.


As we all know, drug-dealers who are supplying drugs to other people are to be decommissioned because we know that to leave them active in the community would put temptation in the way of the perfect sons and daughters of the elite. Of course, that argument is a bit hollow because as we all know the illegal drug trade is controlled by people who are above the law. If that be true that would suggest they have back door connections to all the so called respectable institutions of government and the private industries that are protected by the intelligence services. But how can this be? That the international banksters launder money for the big drug cartels and get to carry on as usual without barely a ripple in the media or government? They must just be lucky (or cash is king) not to have any real sanctions placed against them.

The corporations allow drug dealing networks to operate through their international connections and movements of goods and equipment across borders with little or no real customs inspections. Gotta love the way they create the problem and then exacerbate it by providing the international conduits for the transportation of the drugs from one world region to another. You need to understand that there is a historical connection between drugs of addiction and corporations that extends back to the East-India company that brought Opium and then Heroin to the wider world and laid in wait for the affluent west to arise. They knew most of us would never outrun the addictions that they were peddling. These corporations grew up at the same time as John Dee’s Intelligence services that are the direct progenitors of our modern Intelligence services.

By the way, IMO Snowden and Assange come across the internet as dickheads and fools. They actually think that people like me are going to believe anything they say when they both ignore or disparage the 9/11 Truthers as chasing shadows. They are just paid controlled opposition because 9/11 is the ‘big one’. The evil ones know that while useful idiots like Assange and Snowden keep the lid on the truth about 9/11 the enormity of what is being done to us is lost in the noise of the division in the truth movement over it. They’re a psy-op. Pure and simple.

Back to the children. I was isolated and twisted by dysfunctional parents when I was young and I almost took that madness to an extreme that would have been truly demonic in it’s expression. But I didn’t because when I was younger a friend, who is a friend no more, had his parents Ouija board out one day and four of us proceeded to seek communication with the spirit world. We were contacted by something that called itself ‘Set’.

A word about this ‘Set’. I was aware that I had encountered this name before when I was 15 yrs old and hanging with a friend at a friend of a friends home with another person who I knew but wasn’t well acquainted with. The friend suggested we construct a rudimentary Ouija board out of paper and set it up on the kitchen table. It was daylight hours and we attempted contact. I was a little apprehensive but was ready to engage as I had been brought up to disregard spiritualism as trickery and was trying to fit in to the whims of the friends I had only recently acquired because I was being dragged around the world by my dysfunctional parents until I was 14. So finding friends was important to me (I wasn’t always anti-social. I’m anti-social now so I don’t get set-up and humiliated, or worse, any more. Sounds sooky? Not really, I’m just better left alone. My mind is too dark to be around most people for any length of time these days).

Anyway, a character called Set made contact through the board and when we asked if it had any messages for any of us it answered ‘Yes, for ….(me)’

‘What was the message?’ we asked.

It spelt out ‘Come over.’

I stopped playing at that point and so the whole moment was lost to that time and I put it out of my mind after a short while. That was until my friend (who I saw less frequently by that stage) told me that the other person who had been present that day had gone mad and had been confined to Graylands Psychiatric Hospital. I don’t know whether she ever recovered.

So this name Set had presented itself once again some four of five years later on the only other occasion I participated in such a ritual.

We asked it where it came from and it said that it lived in the sun.

We asked if it had any messages for any of us.

This time it wanted all but one of us participants to leave the town house so that it could give a message to ….. privately. Everyone was in agreement to do this except me. I was the only one who wasn’t giggling like a school girl and rushing to the front door. The others then tried to get me to just go up-stairs with them instead. But I couldn’t get the memory of that last encounter with the name Set out of my mind so I effectively shut-down the session by refusing to leave the room where the board was.

The others tried to get ‘Set’ back but it had gone.

Whether or not they tried again at other times without me, I don’t know, but I suspect they did.

These giggling teenagers have moved on to become a scientist, an officer in the military, and the third in government somewhere.

So where am I going with all this? I’ve already joined the dots regarding the historical and ongoing nexus between the genesis and ongoing activities of the necessarily evil twins of corporations and clandestine secret services. As evidenced from the time of John Dee and the Honorable East India Company (signed his name 007, would you believe?). So I’m going to postulate that it would not be out of the question for their instructions could be coming from a Ouija board considering the story I have just recounted. Think about the level of security from surveillance that getting instructions from a Ouija board would provide!

If this all sounds stupid and fanciful then you must have taken the blue pill. (Actually some of it is stupid and fanciful but that’s because I’m not much of an author. I can’t write a well constructed story because I don’t see a well constructed society. And I suppose I’m trying to give you my impressions of that society from an outsiders point-of-view. So it’s messy)

Last time I looked there were about 50 million people in the employ of all the corporations world wide. That seems to be a nice figure with regards to the 500 million mentioned on the Georgia guide stones. Ten slaves to meet the needs of each corporation employee. Sounds like a good ratio. Ten you can keep track of and call by number without having to refer to a facial recognition program available through your Google glasses to find it.

Some would say the math works out at nine slaves for each corporation employee but I don’t think they counted the ruling class in that number. 6000 is too low because they would be too obvious and become targets. They will need the cover of a ruling class that they can hide in. Much like it is now. We don’t know who our immediate enemies are except maybe everybody, just to be safe. Most people are remotely controlled by the remote controller of the TV that teaches you every night how to appreciate our debt driven, consumerist existence as if it will earn you virile immortality. Or Vril immorality in this life, as the other one has been sold off to relieve a bankster’s debt hemorrhoid. These people cannot be trusted except to spend money from our future into the present through the ability of the banksters to provide a form of time travel that enables the crime to be placed out side the grasp of the feeble minds that conspire to keep us ignorant of the truth that they are SkunkWorks of civilization.

Of course, we will never get to see what these devices look like or where they reside. But we will feel their effects as we loose all self determination and become drones of corporations.

‘All this has already happened,

And we are poised over the void,

We all have this inside of us,

Ready to swallow us whole,

Into a purgatory all our own,

Like a lonely turd roaming the hills,

Looking for the asshole it came from.

Passage from ‘Ode to a Rich Fuckers turd from another turd of low and rude breeding’. Believed to be the only one of its kind known to have been performed in a bio-medical waste facility with full orchestra, buffoons, windmills, motorcycles, whips and chains, nitrous oxide, guns, crossbows, piano (for the Honky-Tonk part where one of the lonely turds finds out he’s just a piece of shit like every other lonely turd he’s ever come across. Sick Fuck!), and an electrical conductor.

Are we all sick fucks for reading this far and I for writing this?

If this is my therapy then it’s not working very good!

If I close my eyes and lie still for a while, remote viewing becomes available as a downloadable app from the ‘Droningon.org’ people over at the ‘Cube’. They were helping me look at some investment opportunities with human trafficking at the core of their business model (all on the hush, hush, of course. Don’t want unwanted people nosing around wanting a piece of this very lucrative industry that can evade detection because of having access to high level intelligence that can only be provided by people from within the clandestine intelligence services).

So let’s get down to brass tacks. You know, the sharp end of what I’m trying to get at. The corporations and the intelligence services of the world are joined at the hip for the very good reason that without one the other cannot function effectively. One hand washes the other, so to speak. People are stupid if they think that the real spying is done by college dropouts. People like Snowden and Manning are just filing clerks to be used and jerked and are not in on the real action. They are the camouflage to hide the fact that the real spies are recruited from the military with massive logistical back-up provided by the corporations whose legitimate reach extends to the far corners of the globe and everywhere in between. I have worked for a few corporations in my time and they encourage everybody to spy on one another. The ones that show ability to gain peoples trust and then relay the information that was forthcoming from that trust to their superiors gets promoted up the chain. It becomes pretty obvious that corporations are just as much gigantic intelligence gathering organizations as they are firms that provide goods and services to the world. I hope that it also shows how the whole corporate structure is built on spying, intrigue, deception, and betrayal. Just like the intelligence services that are intertwined with them.

I hope that you can see from this that the fight to make corporations more equitable and less Messianic involves taming the intelligence services and making them accountable to us, not the corporations. Simultaneously corporations need to be reigned in by being broken up and forbidden from forming such Grand Alliances ever again. Then places like Manus Island would no longer have asylum seekers seeking refuge from there own countries. This can only be done if we take back our governments from the clutches of people with evil intent. Otherwise we will all become the monsters I described earlier in this piece.

Horserotovator has finished for the day.

Disclaimer:- The views expressed here are my own (I think,…..possibly,…..sometimes,……maybe never), and do not necessarily reflect the views of my demonic handlers. (Yeah, sure!)

Are West Australian politicians the ultimate form of rent seeking (low)-life? (Up-dated August 2014)


I bought the Saturday edition of the West Australian today and looked at the number of positions vacant for people with my kind of skills and qualifications (7 when there used to be over 40. Boom state?!? Always was a lie). I have a technical trade background and run and operate a micro-business in the housing sector. I have not had to read the sits. vacant for a number of years since I started my own business (and have managed to keep running) even though work has at least halved since the GFC hit in 2008/9. Unfortunately, the local economy is fading to almost nothing and I do NOT work in or for the resources sector in Western Australia, nor do I wish to after having worked on and off in that sector in the years before I started my own business. Hence my reckoning with the downside of the global financial crisis at about the same time as most other people in the West.


People such as small business owners, like myself, know the reality behind the head-lies that come out of this state. We have just seen over 1000 workers sacked without notice from one of the states biggest resources employers (Fortesque Metals Group) which has now gone into a trading halt till next Tuesday because it lost 14% of it’s stock-market capitalization in one day. Due in no small part to the fact that they ONLY mine iron ore (with a slightly lower grade than their competitors, Rio, and BHP, rip out of the ground further north in the state), and that the price for that ore has dropped well below the $120 per tonne floor price that had been predicted not two months earlier. Coupled with the $10 Billion debt the company has to service means that unless the price of iron ore suddenly gets up near that $120 floor price again then we will be in even greater economic contraction than we already are as more and more projects are shelved with the money either going elsewhere or staying in the banksters mind, as yet, uncreated credit (debt to us).

Then we’ve got the Gina Rhineheart (of stone) Roy Hill Iron Ore mine that will be created, they say, with a workforce that will number up to 8000 at the height of the construction phase, of which, around 2000 will be imported from overseas in a special deal ratified by the state and federal governments (of which there are said to be up to a dozen similar agreements with other International Corporations in the country ready for activation). Rhineheart’s company has sold this agreement to the public in a fashion that obscures the fact that the max employment of the construction phase of 8000 may only be a short period with the crew dropping back to the near 2000 range for most of the construction. Meaning, of course, that most of the construction work could be done by overseas labor. There are many way to rort agreements in the IR sector here as it is a classic case of capture of the (weakened) government regulators by the so-called regulated (cashed-up corporations, hedge funds, etc.)

The government lies here that we have around 4% unemployed but this figure is hogwash when you consider that the government defines being employed, and thus do not turn up on the statistics, as engaging in 1 hour (or more) of paid work per fortnight! If the gutless cowards in this government had the strength of character to face this stark reality of massive underemployment then maybe we could start working towards a solution. But when the PTB wont even allow the situation to be acknowledged then we are forced to blunder on as blind fools at the mercy of these people and their agenda.

What’s that agenda, I hear you ask?

Having lived in WA for most of my adult life I have experienced all sorts of discriminating behaviors and to say the elite here are a callous bunch, typical of the conscienceless, would about as accurate as saying that the average Joe here is encouraged to be enraged over things that don’t really impact on them that much. Asylum seekers being one such issue. By that I mean that most people, even the rich and powerful, aren’t taught to be aware of the negative consequences of officially sanctioned activities in the economy and environment that they may be engaged in either financially, morally, or socially. In fact we are encouraged to be ‘exceptional’ with our own conduct in the market-place, yet to demand conformity from our competitors.

Of course, these cause and effect factors are telescoped away from each other in this sophisticated market economy so that the effect is that the miners of Uranium don’t have to be responsible for the disposal of the transuranic waste that it is turned into, is a perfect example.

Meanwhile, the real nasty economic levers are being pulled by these rent seeker political elite, and the fact we’re being crunched in the gears seems to go unnoticed. It’s certainly never portrayed as such in our media. In fact I find that any blog-sites that deal with West Australian politics are run by people with whom I find little or no common ground. In frustration I have started this blog to try and give a voice to how I see the economic/political/social situation unfolding in Western Australia.

I see Western Australia as being a case study in the application of the control methods of the Internationalists when given a free reign in a society that has been made placid and submissive to authority and indifferent to the suffering of others by being set up as a penal colony and decimating any native resistance over 200 years ago.

This has translated into a permanent underclass of mainly Aboriginal people and those others who live at the margins of the main economy. A main economy that is utterly dependent on the vagaries of the boom/bust cycles of the mining, oil, and gas super giant international corporations who care not a jot for the individual concerns of the communities they operate in. Sure, they make a big deal about all the money they throw at the locals while they’re there but once the resource has been depleted, and all that’s left are holes and badly rehabilitated tailing dumps and damns, the money that may still be accruing (if it hasn’t been embezzled or stolen because the oversight to these agreements was always to foment division and personal greed at the expense of traditional values and customs) to the local Aboriginals is not enough to rehabilitate their communities and mined land with any great success.

This is sadly reflected in the size of the Aboriginal prison population in comparison to the general prison population in that whereas they comprise about 4% of the overall population of the state, they represent about 20% of the total WA prison population. However, I hasten to add that with the West Australian economy tanking so alarmingly it shouldn’t be too long before a lot more of us are in prison on conviction for stealing to eat, or some similarly poverty induced crime. Unemployment benefit is so inadequate in this country it’s a cruel fucking joke. So for anyone to think that our ‘safety net’ is something to depend on for economic survival is either living on anothers largesse or they are one of the statistically small but significant portion of the population that are wired into the resources sector (about 5% of the states workforce are employed directly or indirectly by this sector). The rest of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have to fight for the crumbs that fall from the butchers table in the Premier’s office where the state is being carved up and exported to other countries. Where, of course, most of the value adding into the final salable/consumable product to be sold back to us is performed. Even the modules used in the states resource sector are made overseas and only given to us for final assembly. Often the workmanship has been found to be inadequate and/or unsafe and has had to be rebuilt at extra expense once delivered here for assembly. But that doesn’t seem to factor into the equations that these great International agreements are based upon.

These forces are draining the Western Australian state of it’s ability to grow and develop independently of the Internationalist corporations who are both figuratively and in actuality hollowing out this state for the disproportionate advantage of only a few. These are people who do not deserve what they have while the society they operate in is allowed to suffer due to inadequate funding of the essential services they need to have for a dignified and successful life.

So in concluding this, I will say that I have started the case for the affirmative that the politicians of this state are just rent seeking off of our hard earned and highly taxed incomes without improving our social and economic mobility one bit. In fact the reverse seems to be happening. This all occurring while the politicians suck off the tax-payer funded government teat and sell us down the river to International conglomerates (who usually pay very little or no tax on their profits because of ‘free trade’ deals made by these traitorous rent seekers). All the while bribing the government workers with job security when times are good (for them) and frightening them with forced redundancy when times are not. Compliance is expected and failure to submit is career death. Forever.

These are my personal impressions from Perth, Western Australia on this Saturday the 15th of September 2012.



It’s  August 2014 and I’ve just reread what I wrote then and can say that I still stand by all that I said and the sentiments expressed in it (although I did rewrite a little bit because it was confusingly written. Proof readings a bitch, eh!). Unemployment is now over 5% in the State and Barnett is doing things like allowing Chevron to house their workers on site rather than in Onslow where they would have contributed to the local economy much, much, more than will be the case now. The other side of this equation is that Chevron gets to control and monitor its employees 24/7. This sort of deprivation of personal freedom outside of working hours is too much for people like me to bare so I will never willingly take a job in this sector any more. Because these companies have effectively locked people like me out of their workplaces I have absolutely no qualms in saying they should pay a lot more for what they take out of our land and economy. I don’t see these multinationals as great innovators and growth generators. I see them as crushing the life out of the planet and turning it into paper money for themselves and waste, dislocation, and death for the rest of us.


You think that’s hard? I have clients that work in the mining industry and they are now working 14-16 hr shifts with terrible rosters so that the companies can get their product out at reduced cost. Being on a salaried contract their wage remains the same. Plus the plethora of overseas worker on 457 visas do even more for less and don’t complain. (no wonder that these companies want to hide their workforce from unwelcome, prying eyes and ears)

The cost to us so far this last twelve months; 9 deaths by suicide (official so the real number is probably much higher). That’s at least 9 extended families that will have been shattered by these deaths but we are taught to just treat them as another statistic that can be safely ignored because an ‘official’ has measured it. We can all rest easy now that we have a parliamentary committee looking into it. Good luck to them. I’m sure they’re really going to get to the nub of the problem with trying to turn your entire working population into compliant, unquestioning ROBOTS so the multinationals can extract their price from us all without even a whimper of protest!

I notice that we have the ex PM of Japan here in Australia giving talks decrying the use of nuclear reactors and uranium mining because of his experience of being in charge of the country on that fateful day , March the 11th 1011, when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Daiichi nuclear power plant causing three total melt-downs and melt-throughs which are still actively contaminating the whole of our planet.


However, the article goes into NO detail of the present condition of the plants.

It also doesn’t detail AT ALL how these substances don’t dilute and become harmless. They SPREAD and remain LETHAL if exposed to them by ingestion through the food supply or environment for up to millions of years! Plus the fact that radiation of this type bio-accumulates as it is concentrated up the food-chain. Think about the implications for future life on this planet. I do and I am damned if I’m going to throw all my knowledge down the drain for a few fucking dollars and accept that cancer is a inevitable outcome of living in the modern world.

So that’s why I put this link below so you can get some up to date information on the crisis at Fukushima.


Of course, to these pimps for nuclear power it’s a hell of a lot more than a few measly dollars! And I do mean ‘hell’! It’s what I believe should happen even if I have no way of verifying my theory!

We must shut down all Uranium Mining.

We must close all nuclear reactors and decommission them before they all end up melting-down because of poor maintenance, natural disasters, sabotage, or war. Fukushima is not contained and poses a present threat and ongoing danger to civilization.

Horserotovator doesn’t want the transuranic waste back from these mines so he doesn’t want the mines.