How on earth do you drive this blog?!?


Thank you Berneice and Shu for your comments. I am not able to navigate them out from my spam cue at the moment as I am a novice running this type of forum, so please bare with me for a while until I learn more about how to operate my blog effectively. Always has been a fault of mine, trying to do more than I’m trained up for. Makes for interesting times, though…..

In this new electronically enabled territory I have no hesitation in stating that while I am a naturalised Australian citizen who was born in the UK, I consider myself a Citizen of Earth who holds his allegiance only to the people of the world, not to a particular country, government institution, corporate entity, or what have you. The reason for this is fairly straight forward in that I was the second born son of a selfish asshole of a man who decided at 44 years of age that he wanted to see the world and discard his family at the end of it. He convinced my mother, through threats of abandonment, that she had no alternative than to accompany him through 5 countries on 3 continents in a convoluted journey from the UK through Africa and Australia to New Zealand and then finally back to the most isolated city in the western world, Perth.

He was able to achieve this by working for the international resource companies who rape the world of it’s mineral wealth while impoverishing the indigenous people of the countries who’s minerals they nominally own but have no control over. I learned young that money talks and bullshit walks in the shape of the elites who control the corporations that shape the international capital ebbs and flows between countries and the resources that they ruthlessly exploit. They set up a country for ruin and control by plunging it into debt to build the infrastructure to service these bastard industries. They tell the hapless (and made stupid) citizens of any country that they will be able to service the debt because of the rosy economic picture they paint underpinned by bullish commodity prices that NEVER stay high long enough to complete the positive outcome promised. This way the debt is never extinguished and becomes a crippling millstone around the public purse compounding interest and driving all who are not of the elite controller genealogy into abject poverty.

This programme of enslavement I witnessed first hand as I was dragged around the world. Nothing will change this course of events unless and until people learn how to resist and eventually reject, out of hand, the power of these people as manifested through the corporations that they have conceived of and implanted throughout the world.

All coordinated by the international private banking cartel (Illuminati) who have intricate game plans set out across vast distances and generational time-lines that obscure there true intent to return us a dark age of bondage and self destruction. Meanwhile they attain wealth and immortality by using the shell game of fiat money that has the ability to drive human industry second to none because of it’s (empty) promise of wealth attainable for all. Just run to get that job over there and keep working that little bit harder, that little bit longer, and in the end it will all work out……..Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Har!…….

And now Australia is admitting to having over 2 million of us living below the poverty line…..Richest country in the world?…so we were being told for so many years. The joke is truly on us except it is cruel and unforgiving. I suffered through 14 schools that arrested my development to the point that I couldn’t make relationships last or career moves sensible and a brother lost through the worst kind of self destructive behaviour. All for the dream of a wealthy life-style for my hypocrite father who sacrificed his family on the altar of selfish whim without a second thought. A truly Resourceful Industry Man.

And now I see they have pioneered a new form of familial destruction for the resource man/woman; Distance, Drink, Drugs, and Dislocating Divorce.

Welcome to the West Australian Resource Industry. A Template for a World of Temptation/Damn-Nation.