The Giant is Awake and Pissed-Off! Uncle-Daddy’s World MANGA is HERE!!!


They thought they could stop it! They thought it would go away! But you can’t stop the Manga Man, UNCLE-DADDY!!!

electrical blod 19 8 14 012

You can’t stop Uncle-Daddy as his Deep Black covert project ‘Yellow Cake’ Submarine makes its first appearance!

electrical blod 19 8 14 017Lockheed want it, but Uncle-Daddy wont let it go until he’s got something better (He’s working on it).

electrical blod 19 8 14 018

# 300x normal levels of airborne radiation detected above decks.

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They stayed in that plume for days and floated around the ocean unwanted for months.

Now they suffer the consequences of their ‘service’ for the rest of their lives.

electrical blod 19 8 14 023To be continued…..

Horserotovator knows this has not turned out funny. This sort of production is very different from anything I have come across before. These are transmissions of a sort and for how long I will be able to keep channeling from my deeper consciousness, only time will tell.

Contact will cease in, 5,….4,….3,….2,….1—————————————-

Copyright control extends to all of this blog.


Uncle-Daddy’s Journalism


should be considered high caliber. But it’s not. The sophisticated truths that would dazzle when compared to any competitors work are just missed when the public are wearing ‘standard issue’ welding goggles.  That’s when they aren’t wearing their beer goggles. When they have neither of those on, they will have their Google goggles on. Trying to Google for a set of goggles with the latest, killer, app.


Ah, Ha! Badly executed metaphor! Just what we need on this piss-ant shoe-string publication.

Little wonder, I suppose, that I’m routinely ignored and/or ridiculed by TPTB in a conspiracy that stretches back to before the dawn of time or the drawing of space. Two oxymoron’s that will live forever, together, in infamy.





As everyone should know these cartoons do not depict anyone in real-life (living or dead) and any inference made thereof is purely a coincidence and not intended by the author/artist. Copyright control and all that stuff I claim for this as well. Sounds greedy, I know. But greed is now the worlds number one MOTIVATOR.  All adherents to the MOTIVATOR hear the call to follow its greedy God who want to take the whole world for themselves.


I have to assume my mind has these sort of images running around in there just waiting to be expressed to the wider world. They are rude and crude but I feel that they give a robust version of a reality that must be acknowledged in the metaphorical if not the literal. In fact it is fundamental to the whole cartooning project that this is the correct way to read these things.

Don’t assume that these are conscious actions, though. They appear in my mind only as I draw them out. Literally.

I have realized that because of my lack of stable, consistent schooling, and being a member of a dysfunctional family, I ended up with an education, of sorts, but not the underlying ‘training’ to obey authority without question. Now for most, this rebellion from the school’s ‘training’ regimen will be present in some form at some level of intent and/or action at some stage in their lives as the ‘training’ is never perfectly administered. That is just a function of the constant failing of the education system due to lack of funds and the low moral that it engenders in the faculty and disinterest or worse from a large proportion of the students

Always to the silent rhythm of the Money-Man’s gravy train running its tracks over your life.

It’s like they give us a sort of perverted chance at surviving this system of indoctrination but at the price of a properly funded and resourced education system. Which, when I think about it, seems to work to TPTB’s advantage anyway. The rebels without a cause (like me) get into trouble and burn-up so that they become examples of what happens to those who dare to snub the power of authority. I have seen so many people become statistics that way. I was pretty close to burning-up myself until I realized that I was being naive and immature. I stopped trying to make friends with strangers I met and they stopped playing me for the fool that I was. Can’t deny it now that I’ve relinquished the booze.

I was a likable person until I hit the bottle and then became a monster as my inner conflicts were blasted into innocent peoples faces. I was a binge-drinker and I felt despicable after every bad night (and there were lots of them). I have to say it now to shatter any illusions that any may have formulated about me.  I can see now how I was tolerated by the elite for a brief while until I provided them with a kind of grotesque and unique entertainment of self destruction as my swan song.

My life experiences have taught me we are all products of circumstances that we don’t have control over. That truth is denied by TPTB and they try their hardest to brainwash us to believing our lives should be dedicated to proving that we have that control, not circumstance. Which proves the original premise as far as I’m concerned. It’s alright for those who have the means or money to ejaculate such nonsense but for the vast majority the course was set some generations back. In my case, I had no choice but to let the bad programming run its course while trying to see and understand what had been coded into me. Luckily I have managed to isolate the bad programming and programmers. I am now in the arduous and ongoing process of uninstalling those programs. Using my higher self which is not posited in these course material dimensions of Cartesian space and lineal time.

I asked Rolf to dig up Jimmy Savile to see what the inside of his head was thinking and this is what I uncovered:


I’m sure Jimmy enjoys his sweet potato!

Now that he’s dead some dark energy has probably been released and is roaming the astral plains looking for some other host to infect. Some poor, stupid, soul without any thought to protect themselves against such a threat will stand out to a force like this as a lighted beacon. The souls take-down is as hard and brutal as you can get. All done in a silence that wraps you like a cloak to muffle the souls last gasps as you allow it to be taken from you and consumed by malevolent forces that then work through you and out into the temporal world.

Getting Biblical at the moment and that’s not because I have become a religious zealot, but rather I have no other way of giving the readers effective description to what I feel is the level and intensity of the EVIL being perpetrated world-wide.

Disappearing boat loads of asylum seekers at sea is just another indicator of how hardened our attitudes to the ‘other’ have become. Is it an act of evil? IMO it is if those people are consequently exposed to abuse and/or worse from our governments actions. I also understand that Australia is going to become even more attractive to people in the Northern Hemisphere and we are in danger of being overwhelmed if we don’t protect our boarders.

Very troubling times. It seems that all the choices available have very negative consequences.

I’ve always been amazed at how some people who are willing predators seem utterly impervious to the logic of compassion. I only see degrees of separation but not that much difference between the Culture of Celebrity and a sick pervert like Savile. How anyone could even work with him makes me realize how perversely powerful fame can be. I’m glad I rejected it all those years ago. Fame, as well, rejected me. It was a sort of mutual thing. There is a ‘vibe’ in the entertainment scene and it could be interpreted exactly as the Illuminati conspiracy theorists write about. If you’re not in the club, the system they control wont help you and will turn on you and destroy you if it can. It doesn’t take prisoners. There is no room in the system for dissenters who actually want to fundamentally change the system. There never was.

Our genius as individuals has been exploited by TPTB in a unique way since the Industrial Revolution. Before the IR the masses were required to provide the labor to build their palaces and wage their wars. Now, with so many labor saving devices in use or being developed, many of us are now superfluous to their society’s requirements. Idle hands make for awkward questions so we are being systematically removed through wars, destruction of fresh water supplies, wrecking our food bowls with Fracking and like technologies,  oil spills, Corexit, and man-made disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima. Nuclear power plants releasing their unimaginably long-lived gene destroying radioactive isotopes into our biosphere to kill or weaken those who cannot avoid it’s deadly reach. It’s hard to be optimistic in such an environment. FB news feed or not.

There is unpredictability in the storm that is gathering;

warrengarra bloggo 009

This is my last blog.


I will not be posting again in any media as I have come to the realization that the truth has been forever buried under an avalanche of mis/dis-information.

When you have talking heads on the ABC’s Drum advocating for nuclear power in Australia and not one other panelist makes any counter-factual argument against such a notion you know it’s all over for truth and balance in media. I know why there is no counter-argument. It’s because according to the governments of the ‘nuclear club’ nuclear power is safe. Japan for instance officially state that ‘no one has died as a result of the meltdowns at Fukushima’. This blanket denial is then used as the benchmark of truth about the matter and all contrary arguments are shut-down.

Media like the ABC just tow the government line when it comes to extinction events.

The lies just pour out of the mouths of just about everybody who is part of the weapon of mass distraction industry these days pushing any truth to the margins of the media landscape.

Or it’s just empty, vacuous rubbish made to diminish your mind.

Nothing is getting any better for the majority. Only the minority. The gap get’s wider every day.

Bucky gets his grain port. Polly’s get to squawk, “Legitimate Expenses! Leave Polly alone!” James Price Point still gets flattened. The Aborigines are still left exposed.

So I’m sick of trying to write about all the conspiracies that exist. There all in plain view now yet they can be ignored on a whim by their participants. Exploitation of a developing underclass is what it’s all about now and the march is breaking into a jog that will then become a sprint to a form of economic and psychic slavery most people just have no comprehension of.

But I do and that is why I’m not going to blog anymore.

Just try to enjoy what’s left of the planet before it fucks-up completely.

Before we all end up in shackles working in the great pyramid, at the bottom near the toilets.

Or maybe in the toilet with the assholes.

It’s all a matter of semantics really. Your name could be put on the wrong list by mistake and lo, you find yourself in a cattle car with a rifle butt up your ass or in a shot-gun shack sitting right next to a professional and highly successful freak. And what’s the difference? Some may unkindly say, ‘Same shit different bucket.’ Yes, one bucket being highly successful and highly paid and the other just being a bucket for shit.

It’s all been said better by people with greater knowledge but still no answers. So why would I think I could have the answers? It’s a foolhardy proposition coming from someone who has responded to the call of life with every wrong answer so far imagined. There’s still time, however, for even more bizarre answers to be developed into something deformed and demented as my final blog tortures itself to a conclusion of sorts…..

People are sheeple and like frogs being slowly brought to the boil, have no idea of what is happening to their freedoms. They’re gone through our own devices. These devices in fact. Now, when the latest outrage is reported or witnessed, a large number of us are almost as one to the keyboard in condemnation of it. But then what happens? Not much. We are a spent force having poured all our outrage into cyberspace where it is lost amongst all the other outrages big, small, and inseconsequential.

TPTB have the game rigged up to the end. I guess that’s why they let as have our moment of interconnectedness. Just so they could slice and dice us even more effectively with their silent weapons.

Robots, spiders, Al Gores Rhythm. We all like, friend, share. Like, friend, share.

They win. We loose.

P.S. I also realize that my early life experience has been so traumatizing for me that my personality is flawed and thus my thoughts will always betray a darkness that renders me anti-social. Hardly the sort of person to be giving out any kind of advice. Hardly the sort of person most anyone would like to be around. Especially a sheeple. Or maybe that should be sheepson. No matter, as long as I’ve managed to offend someone reading this, I’m going to be happy for a moment. Then I’ll get miserable again and feel even more persecuted by those fucking space aliens that keep on abducting me and carrying out the most invasive anal surgery I’ve ever had to witness being performed on some poor sod I got drunk at the pub and gave to them as a joke. At first.

Then I got really serious and formed a committee from my multiple personalities that would investigate the possibility of getting some anal surgery for Tony Abbott but then realized that he probably already had an anal surgeon on 24hr call anyway. Just in case the Indonesians get a bit rough in the diplomatic boudoir over a sheeple shuffler. Rustling the worlds desperate hopefuls to the possibility of a better outcome.

Forget it, mother, you just but human cattle to be herded into filthy, unsanitary, and unsafe holding facilities until you are insane and ready to be released into a community somewhere else other than Australia. It’s just what happens when you take a risk in this incalculably cruel world. Dead at sea. Dead in cells. Dead inside. But it’s not going to change by my hand. I’m not prepared to give up my place for a foreigner because that’s how it feels. More of you, less for me. Is this the creed of greed or is it the crimes of governments and corporations that make us feel so vulnerable to those who are even more vulnerable to having their lives utterly destroyed?

Or is it just the truth?

Just shows how fucked-up everything is. No one has a chance unless they’re on the right list. Born into the right place and right family is another. Damn those happy, well adjusted people. They make so angry because of my pathetic jealousy of their apparently perfect lives. I realize this is an extreme generalization as rich people get sick or are born with disabilities as well, and I’m not always angry but ……… Ah, bullshit, yes I am. Permanently angry, pissed off and generally bitter about everything, but hey, I get generalizations hurled at me from the politicians and experts, etc all the time, so they can have it back in spades for a change.

Now that’s out in the open it might be the right time to negotiate the terms of Mr Bostick’s surrender from the parliamentary play pen and the amount of time he be placed in the naughty corner. Till nap time? Obviously all his money should be sent directly to me via Julian Assange’s offshore banking facility. In the Cayman’s, I think. Any other assets can be signed over to my charitable foundation that has tax exempt status but doesn’t actually do any charity work, except for me. No one else, right. Sheeple without assets will be herded (Shoved with cattle prods or Tazers depending on what species you have been allotted to) onto live sheeple carriers for a sea voyage (another one) and into the holding pens with the illegal immigrants and our bewildered (Terrified?) sheep. Who would know in the dusty back streets of a shanty town outside of Caligula’s home? Or Naru, or Manus?

Oh, what a beautiful world we live in. Beautiful people everywhere, looking for victims.

My words are final and what I forget to write now shall forever hold it’s piece. (Didn’t say I wouldn’t update it though, did I?) It will, of course, by the very nature of being forgotten until after the blog has been finalized, be of such wisdom and clarity that tears of sublime indifference to the worlds suffering will well-up and form fountains of acid rain that will eat my face back to infancy. You got all that?

Then Bosticks surrender to his basic instincts is complete. He’s a card, that guy. Ain’t he? He must be such fun to be with at a Yacht Rock Party (Newest name for a Young Liberals fund raiser, no doubt). Where he and The Emperor can elicit laughter from the crowd as they explains how the extra $20 Billion of state debt the Liberals/Nationals have added since being in power ended up in corporations pockets, super schemes and trust (me, I’m a politician) funds for their parents.

Look, you can have it all. The money, the fun, the drinking and whatever. I tried briefly but sometimes you can’t always get what you want. But don’t think this is just sour grapes. I’m just not that interested anymore. Enjoy your fun. Eat, drink, fuck. All at once, if you like.

My puerile attempts at humor only make parting from this format all that easier. Everything I write seems hollow to me. Without any meaning beyond the words. There doesn’t seem to be any traction to the world and what I am thinking at any particular time. It’s a madness I guess from all the kool-aid I’ve had to watch other people quaff down in such quantities that I had to throw up for them.


The talking heads on live to air broadcasts have got the jump on a population with an attention span so short it could only be attributed to 21st century human. The major news and current affairs have given themselves ‘street cred’ by invading the blogosphere with shills and paid lackeys to push their agenda on climate change, the destruction of our environment in pursuit of short term profit. Globalization. The rape of the environment for profit. The wars that have destroyed large parts of the Middle East and destabilized the rest. Depleted Uranium munitions. Animal cruelty disguised as commerce in the live cattle export industry. The poisoning of the whole Pacific ocean by the continued and unabated run-off of radio-nucleotides from the destroyed reactors at Fukushima. The frightening increase in children around the area of the reactors fall-out zone developing thyroid conditions that are leading to cancer. Among many other problems that the authorities are refusing to admit to concerning the reactors ongoing fall-out, down, up, through, and away.

Yes, I know that we get a lot of reasoned op-ed pieces in the mass media about some of these problems but the mis/dis reporting is criminal.

Didn’t the TEPCO manager at Fukushima recently die of throat cancer? Oh, that’s right, it was totally unrelated to his exposure to the core meltdowns at Fuku. And what of the 1st responders? Just like the 1st responders at the twin towers they are hidden and then forgotten. Wont happen here, right?

The banks who have watched over this entire train wreck are to blame for it. Make no mistake here. It is their commodity of money and credit creation schemes developed within the monopoly framework of an international financial cartel that has taken over the world’s financial systems (almost) and have enabled a certain few elites to game this system so effectively that most of us only catch glimpses of how deep the deception goes.

Libor is THE elephant in any financial space yet it has barely caused a ripple in the wider world.

I owe, I owe, So it’s off to work I go. Is about as deep as most people are prepared to go in admitting there is a conspiracy deeply ingrained and all persuasive throughout society that makes it OK to believe that some should have all the advantages of family wealth and privilege while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves as we act as the batteries in their Matrix.

That’s it. It’s all over for me and blogging. I wont be missed. I never published much anyway. Too depressing.

Are West Australian politicians the ultimate form of rent seeking (low)-life? (Up-dated August 2014)


I bought the Saturday edition of the West Australian today and looked at the number of positions vacant for people with my kind of skills and qualifications (7 when there used to be over 40. Boom state?!? Always was a lie). I have a technical trade background and run and operate a micro-business in the housing sector. I have not had to read the sits. vacant for a number of years since I started my own business (and have managed to keep running) even though work has at least halved since the GFC hit in 2008/9. Unfortunately, the local economy is fading to almost nothing and I do NOT work in or for the resources sector in Western Australia, nor do I wish to after having worked on and off in that sector in the years before I started my own business. Hence my reckoning with the downside of the global financial crisis at about the same time as most other people in the West.


People such as small business owners, like myself, know the reality behind the head-lies that come out of this state. We have just seen over 1000 workers sacked without notice from one of the states biggest resources employers (Fortesque Metals Group) which has now gone into a trading halt till next Tuesday because it lost 14% of it’s stock-market capitalization in one day. Due in no small part to the fact that they ONLY mine iron ore (with a slightly lower grade than their competitors, Rio, and BHP, rip out of the ground further north in the state), and that the price for that ore has dropped well below the $120 per tonne floor price that had been predicted not two months earlier. Coupled with the $10 Billion debt the company has to service means that unless the price of iron ore suddenly gets up near that $120 floor price again then we will be in even greater economic contraction than we already are as more and more projects are shelved with the money either going elsewhere or staying in the banksters mind, as yet, uncreated credit (debt to us).

Then we’ve got the Gina Rhineheart (of stone) Roy Hill Iron Ore mine that will be created, they say, with a workforce that will number up to 8000 at the height of the construction phase, of which, around 2000 will be imported from overseas in a special deal ratified by the state and federal governments (of which there are said to be up to a dozen similar agreements with other International Corporations in the country ready for activation). Rhineheart’s company has sold this agreement to the public in a fashion that obscures the fact that the max employment of the construction phase of 8000 may only be a short period with the crew dropping back to the near 2000 range for most of the construction. Meaning, of course, that most of the construction work could be done by overseas labor. There are many way to rort agreements in the IR sector here as it is a classic case of capture of the (weakened) government regulators by the so-called regulated (cashed-up corporations, hedge funds, etc.)

The government lies here that we have around 4% unemployed but this figure is hogwash when you consider that the government defines being employed, and thus do not turn up on the statistics, as engaging in 1 hour (or more) of paid work per fortnight! If the gutless cowards in this government had the strength of character to face this stark reality of massive underemployment then maybe we could start working towards a solution. But when the PTB wont even allow the situation to be acknowledged then we are forced to blunder on as blind fools at the mercy of these people and their agenda.

What’s that agenda, I hear you ask?

Having lived in WA for most of my adult life I have experienced all sorts of discriminating behaviors and to say the elite here are a callous bunch, typical of the conscienceless, would about as accurate as saying that the average Joe here is encouraged to be enraged over things that don’t really impact on them that much. Asylum seekers being one such issue. By that I mean that most people, even the rich and powerful, aren’t taught to be aware of the negative consequences of officially sanctioned activities in the economy and environment that they may be engaged in either financially, morally, or socially. In fact we are encouraged to be ‘exceptional’ with our own conduct in the market-place, yet to demand conformity from our competitors.

Of course, these cause and effect factors are telescoped away from each other in this sophisticated market economy so that the effect is that the miners of Uranium don’t have to be responsible for the disposal of the transuranic waste that it is turned into, is a perfect example.

Meanwhile, the real nasty economic levers are being pulled by these rent seeker political elite, and the fact we’re being crunched in the gears seems to go unnoticed. It’s certainly never portrayed as such in our media. In fact I find that any blog-sites that deal with West Australian politics are run by people with whom I find little or no common ground. In frustration I have started this blog to try and give a voice to how I see the economic/political/social situation unfolding in Western Australia.

I see Western Australia as being a case study in the application of the control methods of the Internationalists when given a free reign in a society that has been made placid and submissive to authority and indifferent to the suffering of others by being set up as a penal colony and decimating any native resistance over 200 years ago.

This has translated into a permanent underclass of mainly Aboriginal people and those others who live at the margins of the main economy. A main economy that is utterly dependent on the vagaries of the boom/bust cycles of the mining, oil, and gas super giant international corporations who care not a jot for the individual concerns of the communities they operate in. Sure, they make a big deal about all the money they throw at the locals while they’re there but once the resource has been depleted, and all that’s left are holes and badly rehabilitated tailing dumps and damns, the money that may still be accruing (if it hasn’t been embezzled or stolen because the oversight to these agreements was always to foment division and personal greed at the expense of traditional values and customs) to the local Aboriginals is not enough to rehabilitate their communities and mined land with any great success.

This is sadly reflected in the size of the Aboriginal prison population in comparison to the general prison population in that whereas they comprise about 4% of the overall population of the state, they represent about 20% of the total WA prison population. However, I hasten to add that with the West Australian economy tanking so alarmingly it shouldn’t be too long before a lot more of us are in prison on conviction for stealing to eat, or some similarly poverty induced crime. Unemployment benefit is so inadequate in this country it’s a cruel fucking joke. So for anyone to think that our ‘safety net’ is something to depend on for economic survival is either living on anothers largesse or they are one of the statistically small but significant portion of the population that are wired into the resources sector (about 5% of the states workforce are employed directly or indirectly by this sector). The rest of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have to fight for the crumbs that fall from the butchers table in the Premier’s office where the state is being carved up and exported to other countries. Where, of course, most of the value adding into the final salable/consumable product to be sold back to us is performed. Even the modules used in the states resource sector are made overseas and only given to us for final assembly. Often the workmanship has been found to be inadequate and/or unsafe and has had to be rebuilt at extra expense once delivered here for assembly. But that doesn’t seem to factor into the equations that these great International agreements are based upon.

These forces are draining the Western Australian state of it’s ability to grow and develop independently of the Internationalist corporations who are both figuratively and in actuality hollowing out this state for the disproportionate advantage of only a few. These are people who do not deserve what they have while the society they operate in is allowed to suffer due to inadequate funding of the essential services they need to have for a dignified and successful life.

So in concluding this, I will say that I have started the case for the affirmative that the politicians of this state are just rent seeking off of our hard earned and highly taxed incomes without improving our social and economic mobility one bit. In fact the reverse seems to be happening. This all occurring while the politicians suck off the tax-payer funded government teat and sell us down the river to International conglomerates (who usually pay very little or no tax on their profits because of ‘free trade’ deals made by these traitorous rent seekers). All the while bribing the government workers with job security when times are good (for them) and frightening them with forced redundancy when times are not. Compliance is expected and failure to submit is career death. Forever.

These are my personal impressions from Perth, Western Australia on this Saturday the 15th of September 2012.



It’s  August 2014 and I’ve just reread what I wrote then and can say that I still stand by all that I said and the sentiments expressed in it (although I did rewrite a little bit because it was confusingly written. Proof readings a bitch, eh!). Unemployment is now over 5% in the State and Barnett is doing things like allowing Chevron to house their workers on site rather than in Onslow where they would have contributed to the local economy much, much, more than will be the case now. The other side of this equation is that Chevron gets to control and monitor its employees 24/7. This sort of deprivation of personal freedom outside of working hours is too much for people like me to bare so I will never willingly take a job in this sector any more. Because these companies have effectively locked people like me out of their workplaces I have absolutely no qualms in saying they should pay a lot more for what they take out of our land and economy. I don’t see these multinationals as great innovators and growth generators. I see them as crushing the life out of the planet and turning it into paper money for themselves and waste, dislocation, and death for the rest of us.

You think that’s hard? I have clients that work in the mining industry and they are now working 14-16 hr shifts with terrible rosters so that the companies can get their product out at reduced cost. Being on a salaried contract their wage remains the same. Plus the plethora of overseas worker on 457 visas do even more for less and don’t complain. (no wonder that these companies want to hide their workforce from unwelcome, prying eyes and ears)

The cost to us so far this last twelve months; 9 deaths by suicide (official so the real number is probably much higher). That’s at least 9 extended families that will have been shattered by these deaths but we are taught to just treat them as another statistic that can be safely ignored because an ‘official’ has measured it. We can all rest easy now that we have a parliamentary committee looking into it. Good luck to them. I’m sure they’re really going to get to the nub of the problem with trying to turn your entire working population into compliant, unquestioning ROBOTS so the multinationals can extract their price from us all without even a whimper of protest!

I notice that we have the ex PM of Japan here in Australia giving talks decrying the use of nuclear reactors and uranium mining because of his experience of being in charge of the country on that fateful day , March the 11th 1011, when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Daiichi nuclear power plant causing three total melt-downs and melt-throughs which are still actively contaminating the whole of our planet.

However, the article goes into NO detail of the present condition of the plants.

It also doesn’t detail AT ALL how these substances don’t dilute and become harmless. They SPREAD and remain LETHAL if exposed to them by ingestion through the food supply or environment for up to millions of years! Plus the fact that radiation of this type bio-accumulates as it is concentrated up the food-chain. Think about the implications for future life on this planet. I do and I am damned if I’m going to throw all my knowledge down the drain for a few fucking dollars and accept that cancer is a inevitable outcome of living in the modern world.

So that’s why I put this link below so you can get some up to date information on the crisis at Fukushima.

Of course, to these pimps for nuclear power it’s a hell of a lot more than a few measly dollars! And I do mean ‘hell’! It’s what I believe should happen even if I have no way of verifying my theory!

We must shut down all Uranium Mining.

We must close all nuclear reactors and decommission them before they all end up melting-down because of poor maintenance, natural disasters, sabotage, or war. Fukushima is not contained and poses a present threat and ongoing danger to civilization.

Horserotovator doesn’t want the transuranic waste back from these mines so he doesn’t want the mines.