Is the West Australian government ILLUMINATI controlled and Insider Trading on speculative shares on the Stock Market?


In an earlier post I stated that I consider myself a citizen of the world but hold no allegiance to any type of government that presently exists. I need to go a little further and state categorically that I do not support the idea or practice of any sort of overarching government or control mechanism that is not purely organic in the way that it develops into a functioning society.

Communities that spring up from groups of co-operating individuals are the only sort of societal organisation I am prepared to condone. This form of community is defined and delineated by the notion that everybody in that group can have access to any and/or all the other individuals if they so wish.

Monty Python nailed it quite well when they were questing for the Holy Grail and came across a group of peasants that described themselves as a syndicated autonomous collective. Here is the sketch for those who could use a laugh

On a serious level, when we have to engage in strategies for growth, I believe the charters that limited the early corporations of the USA are the only way we can achieve a higher level of organisation when needed to accomplish more complex or international economic tasks. Just like in the days of yore, if a corporation cannot justify its continued existence through a provable and continued benefit to the communities that it operates across then it gets SHUT DOWN and the asset base is then re-distributed throughout those same communities for the benefit of all. Which could all be done through blind trusts, etc.

Which brings me back to opposing the tenure of Colin Barnett and his snivelling Liberal/National government. This horrid man has showed himself to be a habitual and dangerous central planner who has a penchant for trying to centralise power around himself. He has indicated to any and all who bother to look how closely he is aligned with his Chinese Communist counterparts in Beijing. He has stated that he wants to re-amalgamate our energy generators, retailers, and line maintenance businesses back into one behemoth. He has travelled to the Chinese Communist State and encouraged its leaders to buy as much of the West Australian economy as they want. Now he wants to reduce our local councils from 30 to 12. Here is the report according to the ABC.

I am gob smacked by the shear arrogance of this unhealthy looking man who has used the machinery of government to cripple the economic well being of the people of this state to advantage just a small band of his cronies in the mining/oil/gas sector. In fact, I am gob smacked by all the governments of this country who seem blind to the fact that they have utterly destroyed all the local economies in the various jurisdictions that they operate. Look at the horrifying mess the Federal Labor government has produced for our fiscal bottom line with the MRRT that has produced NOT A CENT in revenue for the government. Even when just two days ago it was claiming it would provide at least $2 BILLION to fund government services this year.

Useless lying bastards!

People have been utterly duped by all the talk of efficiencies in the workplace in the name of competition. Can’t people see that in the harsh uncompromising world of commercial success that NO ONE is worth what they are being paid or that they even are needed to provide a service if it is decided that the cost/benefit curve doesn’t fit the figures that are pumped into the equations?

People just don’t seem to understand that all these cost/benefit analysis equations are MADE UP in the twisted imaginations of maniacs (academics) who have never held down a real job in their LIVES!!! They are just perverted products of the ivory towers at the worthless Australian Universities that have been draining the economy of its tax dollars for decades…..and for what, I ask? Are we world class innovators in any area of human endeavour? Oh, yes! some people cry out. We are fantastic SPORTS-PEOPLE who have benefited so much from University courses that are centred around analysing body movement and performance except that once their sporting careers have ended due to age, injury, or drug abuse suddenly have all sorts of chronic health problems to deal with.

No matter, because its always about winning at any and all costs. The trophy is so much more important than the person, eh! You disgusting, perverted, and soulless politicians/oligarchs/plutocrats/commentators/trolls.

The end of career sports people can be so easily discarded into the dustbin of history. Just like Lance Armstrong who has been made the convenient scapegoat to cover for ALL the other drug cheats that professional sport has produced and are now being protected by the self-obsessed same organisations.

Six months ban, smack on the hand, and then “Welcome back, SNITCH!”

We have been mind-fucked into thinking only about the young and beautiful while they’re being worshipped on the transient alter of physical ability. It runs like the sacrifice scene in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and indicates to me that Australia is in the Illuminati’s thrall and has become a blueprint for the rest of Western world. A hybrid of all the worst aspects of the worlds economic systems. Capitalist Communism.

They really do worship the BLACK SUN.