Did I write something wrong?


Now I have decided to take my writing onto a different tack and try to find something to say which isn’t just going over old ground and being generally miserable. (Therapy, you know!)
So I tried to rev up a Mining web page by posting this in the comments on a pro nuke article. Hell, the whole damn industry is pro destruction anyway. Just the place for a puff piece on the nuke industry. Just the place to serve it up.
The frogs seem to be all boiled to death and they don’t even know it.
“From the people who designed and built this nuclear nightmare in the first place…we bring you reassuring empty words and our grand vision of a new tomorrow where elevated radiation levels are nothing….I repeat, nothing to do with the incidence of cancers and medical disorders that were unknown before the dawn of the nuclear age.
There is absolutely every chance that all the detectable plutonium found in the natural environment around the globe is perfectly safe because it can only be made in a nuclear reactor. Which as we know are completely safe because there has been no deaths attributed to it by the authorities of those nuclear states that operate them.
It is safe to eat plutonium by the fuel rod. This has been proven by countless Americans who happily eat it everyday, as they do in Falluja (albeit a little more intensely!).
Nuclear scientists have given nothing but unstinting service in the hunt for the perfect mini-nuke….I mean clean nuclear energy, and apart from when it all goes wrong and we have multiple melt-downs, you have to say nuclear power is safe, clean, hygienic, smooth to the touch, and always ready for a good time.”
I could carry on but my shill money has run out and I, like all good shills, will do anything for money, but nothing else.

Now, can you believe it, they refused to publish!

So now I, along with countless millions of others publish what has been deemed unsuitable according to the gate-keepers by our own means.
It’s one aspect of the internet that makes it so popular with the masses. Obvious point, I know, but it’s worth thinking about afresh now and again because I’m sure there are many plans afoot to stop this ability to self publish.
At the moment it is confined to such things as the censorship from other sites such as which just happened to myself. Or the use of alleged copy-write infringement to shut people down who upload to youtube, etc.
Facebook is interesting in that they allow users to shut down other users without any checks and balances in place. Is this a way of getting people used to the idea of being sanctioned for no verifiable reason by suspending or deleting their presence on the web?
Once, a long, long, long, time ago……ahhhh, Let’s face it, never has the common person been able to communicate to so many their own perceptions and trials of modern living.
This is not a good outcome for the elite’s and their agenda to keep us all reading from the same play book. Theirs!
Thus I get to write that it just appalls me that there is a move by the miners in Australia to dig up more uranium, process it to a higher grade than yellow-cake, and build nuclear reactors here to generate electricity.
Meanwhile over 80% of Amerikas reactors are leaking and have been leaking radioactive materials for decades.
I think it is our modern equivalent of opening the gates of Hell and watching with bemusement at what comes out.
An interesting aside, I was listening to Leuren Moret earlier and she was saying that ALL the incidences of supposed alien abduction and cattle mutilation happen down wind from these nuclear reactor sites.
She goes on to postulate that these abductions and mutilations are actually the work of the American shadow government as they tried to quantify the effects of this type of ongoing contamination.
Now let me say this about what I read and hear on the net. I have come to recognize that every ones perceptions are their own. I don’t pretend that my perception is any more privileged than the next persons, but I will say that I wouldn’t swap it for another as it would make me an alien to my own history.
So I entertain many ideas about the larger conspiracies that are enunciated throughout the web but will only act on what touches me in a tangible way. The claims made by others I have no way of verifying so I interrogate them with my own logic and then decide whether or not they sound plausible. I try not to promote them as I cannot attest to their validity.
However I can do things like listening to a young woman who was told point-blank that she couldn’t work at a mineral sands mine if she was pregnant due to the effects of the radiation levels from the product.
Red flag for me, but there are many money bubbles out there in which perceptions are differently constructed and the view from their back yard is rather limited. Just the way some like it.
What can I do? I was hoping that the threat of alien abduction may have been enough to keep the elite on the straight and narrow but that too would seem to be nothing more than another black-op perpetrated by the shadow government against the American people!

I may have met an ‘alien’ once but he never did anything that I could notice that helped me in this world. There was no showing me some super technology, or some kind of mind-melding that gave me intellectual and mental powers beyond my wildest imaginings. …Nope. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Just got me to talk into his phone to some other guy for directions because he was lost,….. I realized when he had gone, and I mean disappeared when I turned my back for a second, that he had gotten my voice print and could probably triangulate my brain wave patterns from it and turn me into some kind of freaky haired, crazy-paved assassin, at the press of a button, (or the intention to do harm as apprehended in the mind of the controlling alien super technology. Sounds all morphed-up and it probably is!).
Oh the irony of realizing that I was shown a piece of alien super technology after all but I stupidly let it become my master as I became it’s slave.
What a shame. I was so looking forward to being given some kind of ADVANTAGE over everyone else on the planet……But instead I’m starting to feel a little sleepy and distracted….
…and now somethings turned on in my head….
It doesn’t feel very good, it actually feels very hostile to me… 
I feel as if I’m about to loose control over my personality and ability to express my will……ingness to do what I should have been doing all along….. I do not subscribe…will not… to the views expressed above…… I am here to serve the master…..I cannot question what I have been programmed to do….Programmed to do….Programmed to do….