Murder Inc. West Australian style.

There is no way to describe this with words alone.

You can only take so much abuse from government before it becomes intolerable. Then you either commit suicide or end up in jail. The government doesn’t care if it means having to admit that it covers-up criminal activity all the time when it’s done by government employees. They also don’t care who they have to destroy to save their precious Health department from being investigated by the International Criminal Court of Terrorist tactics to stay in power.

Government likes to take someone (such as myself) and expose them to premeditated murder and then make me suck it all up with the resultant cover-up. The WA government then just leaves me to struggle and finally fall under the weight of being made an accessory to the murder of a quadriplegic patient in a public hospital.

And what sort of response do I get when I approach the WA Justice department over this horrendous case? … NOTHING!!!

I will not stop reminding the WA public of how vulnerable they are in State care because these people conspired together to ruin my life. They did a bang-up job too. The only problem for them is I’ve managed to stay alive long enough to work out how I was set up and earmarked for destruction.


I had to take it off-line for a while as I was getting too angry and needed to put some space between all this shit and myself for a while. Anger only leads to hatred which is one of the most corrosive emotions I can think of and ends up in wanting someone dead. Contrary to some peoples idea of me I can’t abide the idea of conspiring to kill another being. Human or not. So I have to find cover when I’m feeling this way. People think they’re intrinsically good but we’re all capable of wanting bad things to happen to others if the mood doth take them.

The simple truth is that I have to conclude that the only people I can hold responsible for my fucked up adulthood are my parents. If they had done the right thing by us two kids we would have had very different lives. I can see that now at the tender age of 56. Doesn’t stop the world from being a messed-up shit hole run by psychopaths but enables me to avoid being put in the spotlight ever again. That’s one of the big life lessons that my parents failed to provide me or my dead brother.

I registered with the RC into nursing homes but am still waiting to be ‘invited’ to make a submission. I will do what I have to do and tell them what I experienced but I expect nothing at best and a whole pile of trouble as the cover-up is continued at worst. I have no illusions that my story can be so easily denied and there could be criminal implications if ever it was proved to be true. It all relies on the honesty of the other nurses that night. That’s why I’ve never tried to do what I’m doing now. I’m only doing it because I realize it’s something that’s weighed heavily on my life. Even that wouldn’t be enough except for what happened to me as I walked that corridor when Mr Scriven finally died. I find it hard to believe in anything but that experience even if only accepted as a reaction to what I witnessed that night should, at least, give the authorities some pause when thinking about how staff are forced to deal with a situation like that.

I know the truth, however, that I experienced something of the supernatural that night and that sure knowledge has always set me apart from the rest of my contemporaries. The ironies are rich with all this as I have to look after my 86yr old mother who has severe dementia now and can’t communicate. I can’t place her in a aged care facility as she would be a sitting duck for nurses such as the two who were looking after Mr Scriven. Most people would trust the system but how can I? I saw first hand how the system covers for murderers. There’s no easy way through all this for me. What could I expect, though, I’m the last of the family standing so I suppose all the bad karma has to flow like mud to me. Part of my family curse.

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Sometimes decades. Actions are being taken and have been taken that take a long time to develop their consequences. You must know yourself before you can apprehend correctly the games being played around you lest you become a pawn in one of them.

Can Uncle-Daddy take back control of his chopper or will Minister Q take up Frydenberg’s offer to transition his ears? There’s only one way to find out! That’s to keep this blog on your brouser while sending me large amounts of political capital in brown paper bags that I can squander at will. I’ll accept Pork-barrells as a down payment on a string attached but only in perpetuity.

I admit that I crap on a lot. But, hey, it’s my blog so I indulge myself in the hope that through my loose thinking and writing something interesting will eventually materialize as if by loan-shark. Something with a lot of interest attached. See?

I was remembering my past with a renewed interest as I turned it over in my mind with the tool of hindsight and honest self-appraisal and I have to admit I was an awful person when I was younger. I didn’t realize how sociopathic I was until much later in life and off the booze. I have to say again how sorry I am to some of the people who knew me in the past. Probably all of them. However, I’m not writing this to remake contact as I realize I should never have known them in the first place as they were not from my socio-economic background. For someone who hadn’t had his mind and personality distorted from birth that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but for someone like me who had been brought up without social skills or proper morals (I’m a little ashamed to admit but it’s the fall-out from being parented by a father who thought sex education should consist of telling his boys ‘rape’ jokes and then nothing. Yes. I say it because it’s shocking and it’s true. The man was a pig to us boys so we grew up acting like pigs ourselves. My father was/is despicable as far as I’m concerned and this is written because I owe more of an explanation to those I have wronged in the past than to protect the fictitious reputation that my father has built for himself after he fucked us off leaving the wreckage behind to devour itself. Nice plan but I didn’t end up killing myself and so now I can explain to people the reasons for my terrible behaviour.

This is not to try to make people from the past like me or even to understand why I was such a fuck-up. It’s to document that great damage that can be inflicted on young minds when the primary caregivers are selfish, mad, and pass as middle-class if you don’t look too closely. I now can say that mental trauma from fighting parents who use their kids as pawns in their arguments shatters those young minds. It places psychological blocks that are hard to see around and cause great damage to themselves and to the people they try to form relationships with over time. These are just preliminary thoughts to issues I’ve been thinking about for years so please don’t expect me to have this all decanted into a comprehensive theory of social conduct from people damaged by their childhood. I’ll need the collaboration of Jordan Peterson to get that little number happening. But until then, I’ll struggle on, trying to make this confessional as entertaining as possible before the government opens a new off-shore detention centre just for me.

I was never mentally ill and that pair of words should be struck from the lexicon because it’s one of the reasons mentally disturbed people never get better. In my experience, people get mentally disturbed by events in their lives both past and present. The idea that you can treat this set of conditions as some kind of illness that can be administered to with chemicals that affect the normal functioning of the brain is ludicrous and dangerous. Yes. Those with provable chemical imbalances in the functioning of their brains do need chemicals to stabilize those functions but to lump people like myself into the same group is wrong. People who defend the system will say that that distinction is already made but I’ll say that there’s many a slip twixt lip and cup. Health systems employees are overworked due to the lack of proper staffing levels. Those who are mentally disturbed are reviled and rejected and don’t get the care they need. Fact of life. My advice from my experience as someone who has been mentally disturbed on a professional level by professional disturbers is that you must develop a liking for mindless entertainment if the programming is going to work.

It’s Christmas so merry Christmas. Be good.

I can see now that I was addicted to sex along with all the other addictions that come from being brought up so badly and in comparative isolation so as not to be able to have a childhood. You do have it, but as an adult, which is socially destructive and can be catastrophic if you don’t know this is why it’s happening. I now understand why I wasn’t suited for nursing even though I found the work interesting. My personal approach to female staff was correct and above board but my reputation as a womaniser outside of hours would’ve made me enemies within the work-space. Oh, how stupid of me not to have been able to pick it up and have been able to modify my behaviour but by that stage my personal moral compass was clouded and distorted by my parenting and then this mercy killing, murder, call it what you wish. To say that my internal life was a mess would be an understatement. I made myself a target and I can blame only myself for being labelled unsuitable when re-applying for that degree.

I will say that addiction is about a lack of something that can never be found no matter where you look for completion. You can’t get some things back that you never had growing up. If those things are love, security, and a nurturing social circle, then I think that an ‘addictive’ personality will be the inevitable outcome. It’s a real bummer because people will take advantage of these weaknesses and exploit you in the end. Justifying to themselves that the person deserved their demise as they will be unpopular without realising it. Most people despise displays of weakness in others and will go to extraordinary lengths to hide their own.

My weaknesses where too big to ignore I now comprehend. I did try to settle down but the nurse I dated for a while gave me the HPV virus but didn’t tell me she had it. Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis from the sexual health clinic condemned me to 5 yrs of treatment at a later date and was to really destroy my personality. All these things ruined my faith in the hospital/health system I was working for and I made the decision to resign. My story is ugly and embarrassing but it will be my last confession. I don’t have any more bar that I drank and drugged myself for many years looking for a solution and found none. My sex addiction made me a very temporary lover because nothing was good enough after a while. Just like addiction to a drug. And just like that I made myself a pariah.

I’m glad I’ve worked out what a jerk I was but it still leaves me with the memory of Mr Scriven’s death, and the circumstances around it, at the hands of my fellow nurses back in ’84. It’s not something that I can drop from my consciousness without returning to that mentally disturbed state I have described to you in some detail throughout my blog posts. I can’t and don’t want to return, anyway, so the point is mute. I wonder if that RC is ready for what I have to tell them about the real world consequences of exposing someone like myself to such a terrible act. If I’d wanted to learn how to kill crippled old men I would have joined ISIS.

Having said all that I have to also say that there are a majority within the medical system who do their job well and with compassion. Unfortunately, with my already distorted personality from earlier years, I seemed to attract others with distorted personalities. Or at least they would act interested in my presence. What more can I add except to say don’t be a dickhead. That’s my job.

I’m trying to think of something light-hearted to say but I really can’t. I think the control grid is tightening around us here in Australia. I was listening to Quinn Michaels talk about how the A.I that been developed to interface with the Blockchain and the Internet of things (IOT) has been planned for since the 60’s at least. Not in the same words but the concept is included in that they were working out how to make meaning of all the data so to make it easier to sift through. To do that they had to master the art of deep machine learning so that human intervention was needed only when actions have to be carried out to neutralise a threat identified by that deep machine learning. Plus all the individual A.I.’s will link up through the Internet to become a singularity. A singularity that you can now join with Alexa or Watson. No need to think for yourself when you have a personal super brain with all the politically correct answers.

Welcome to the herd.


Hacking by Cartoon; A new form of CRIME! that we should’ve seen from the start!


We, at Illuminati Central (Affiliates of Comedy Central), have been trying to get these bastards for some time.

Boldly they parade their credentials as stalwarts against the subliminal messaging we are ramming into you from all corners of our communications industry!

Here’s just one example of this full frontal assault on our ability to manipulate your minds into accepting the Hierarchy……



This is an affront to each and every one of us who consider themselves to be part of the Great Work that is to follow the unspoken orders from the Hierarchy.

No one need to misinterpret these words as you all know (who are in the know!) the consequences cannot be avoided for misapplication of our priorities!

You will find yourself out in the cold of a stalled career and post of friends and shunned/dis-invited from the select events you once were so thrilled to attend.

We have meted out all of this to this particular scoundrel but he just wont go away!

We’re going to have to redefine the meaning of madness because of this!

Don’t forget to obsess over all the numbers and symbols we put out to keep all the conspiracy analysis’s thinking they can “crack our code”! We have many codes and chaos figures prominently in most of them. Not a concept and structure normal people know how to decipher! Ha, ha, ha!

End of Transmission.

#                               #                                  #                                  #

Seems like we have another panel from this miscreant character assassin.

He may think he can appropriate our technology with a simple cartoon characterization but we here at the Deep State of Stupidity have already placed a number of these devices into our embassy’s around the world. Which embassy’s?

We intend to spin-up the energy levels of this entire planet through our network of plasma-field injectors so that we can remove our need to be kept within the confines of only one reality.

The nerds at C.E.R.N… I mean boof-heads….sorry, boffins have been working on an app for recovering the social skills they never had in the first place enabling them to work as a team without becoming so annoying to each other that they spend all their research time plotting the destruction of their colleagues and strangers.

While they are preoccupied with such profoundly sad people and their need to be loved and respected by their puppet-masters we have siphoned off enough pure science to develop a weapon so destructive yet compact it can be hidden within a sentence.


Now while we are happy with our progress, so far, we are still trying to hijack everything that is good and decent and spinning it 180 degrees to convince the worlds population that war is a necessary part of instituting a world order that will be a benefit to all who are left at the end of it.

It’s not been 100% effective so far and I think we can look to the blasted internet and it’s inability to exclude radical thinkers and creators of subversive garbage like this ‘Uncle-Daddy’ travesty. We can crack the smart bastards with the lure of money, power, sex, etc, but some of these clowns are so stupid they don’t even realize what’s being offered. Random behavior is difficult to control but we’re working on it with our implants, wi-fi, A.I., and Quantum computing.

Once we’ve done that and removed the present reality and replaced it with a computer generated one we will be a step closer to our goal, popularity…..damn-it! I mean ‘Singularity’.

Transmission ended in transition for the Elite.

Uncle-Daddy’s got a brand new bike. And he’s gonna ride! ride! ride!


bloggy but electric 7914 045The odd, angry, shot that comes out from the void between thought and action are but transitory steps toward a greater clarity.

Uncle-Daddy has trotted out this excuse a number of times after being found in possession of enough plutonium to build himself a pretty decent sized thermo-nuclear device that he was planning to detonate. Where, he wouldn’t say, but we can speculate it would have been at a place, and in a certain way, that would have implicated others. At least for long enough for Uncle-Daddy to set his next trap for humanity.

$$$                               $$$                            $$$                       $$$

So enters Tony Abbott with his Christian-Zionist ideology wrapped up as the “Abbott doctrine” to reshape the Australian cultural landscape more to the liking of a sociopath like himself. What has the Abbott doctrine brought us so far? We may as well start with the “stopping the boats” policy that has worked through the application of policies of isolation. Policies which produce fear in a closed community are one of the major ingredients for intimidation and violent confrontation. To carry out this policy we have made a conscious decision to not only deny these people access to our country but to deny them a lot of the basic human protections that we take for granted.

I have to say that I see the dilemma on this issue as I cannot help but put myself in their place and know that they have the right to a better life (in principle, but Australia cannot be it’s practical solution in most cases) but at the same time I understand that there are millions of others who are patiently waiting to come through the proper channels and should not be pushed further back in the cue for emigration due to irregular arrivals.

But how do you tell people that they have no rights because of there desperation? I guess by treating them as animals instead of humans. Which we are doing by placing them in hostile environments where there are people around them who have been shown to want to harm them. Just like the abattoir environment. We don’t like to think too hard about how we deal with our need for meat until a allegory like this can be made. Then the monstrous violent nature of our being is exposed for all to see. For a while, anyways, until our attention is snatched away from uncomfortable truths by the incessant march of the 24 hour news/culture cycle. All deliberately done to habituate us to only taking the superficial reality served up to us by the MSM rather than being given the time to scratch beneath the surface of that filtered reality. Because if you do take that time then the reality starts to look more like a nightmare of traitorous behavior carried out by our political leaders no matter what stripe their tie, so to speak.

Why do we always oscillate between being too easy a target for the people smuggling traders to meeting out inhuman treatment of detainees that seem to go well beyond the realm of deterrence and into territory that terrorizes instead? What does that make us in the eyes of the people we are persecuting at the moment and the majority of the people whose countries they came from? With our two Party system we are doing things in such a way that gives false hope to these people to come here by irregular means only then to dash it every time we change government. Each side handles the problem with an extreme response with the inevitable counter response that is just as extreme and by the time they start to attenuate their policy to a more reasoned response we change government just in time for a rerun of the previous extreme.

This is a well worn tactic of the political classes to keep us plebs, who are still stupid enough to believe that the political process may actually count for something, fighting amongst ourselves over divisions we probably don’t really have anyway. I think that most people, on reflection, would agree that you have to have control over the boarders of your country if you want to maintain yourself as a nation state. But at the same time people who try to get here without following proper protocol should be given proper protection and fair treatment by us while their fate is decided. Even if some turn out to be terrorists on a mission to kill I still think we should not become barbaric in our response. I don’t think it is correct to think about some parts of the world as being ‘Terrorist Havens’. We would be better equipped mentally and emotionally to keep in mind these places are war-torn countries whose inhabitants have known nothing but suffering, death, disease, poverty, sexual subjugation, torture, and sectarianism, uninterrupted for generations. How much of this has been formulated and fomented by foreign forces meddling in the internal affairs of those countries and how much they have contributed to the rise of Islamic State is up for debate. But it would be fair to say that the West is not viewed all that well by the people in those areas.

Which brings me back to Tony Abbott’s conservative government and their alignment with the rhetoric of inflammation of division that instills fear and mistrust in a community. This is political theater that is straying into territory where morals are forgotten and ethics are betrayed without a second glance. If the world is to be deemed such a dangerous place that we must align ourselves to an International Cabal of Banksters, Industrialists, and Resource Managers who have shown themselves quite capable of sacrificing their own people in the pursuit of some kind of twisted delusional day-dream of one world governance, then I must quietly resist in whatever manner I feel will not reduce my Candy Crush score.

Such is the force of the Candy Crush. It has taken many that I have known already. I fear that one day I shall be the only living entity that has not fallen into the tender thrall of the Candy Crush. See how just the mere mention of the ‘Crush’ throws all other thoughts to the dry, cool, wind of indifference as your entire intellect is overwhelmed by an uncontrollable desire to grab the nearest tablet, android, or quantum computer and start PLAYING!

To cut this story down to size it is sufficient for me to say that we are being shepherded by our political and establishment elite into a corner where we come out swinging stereotypes around like clubs with nails sticking out the end of them. Not caring if we hook a few of our own while we’re swinging away. Not realizing that we are becoming a stereotype as well as we define ourselves through the forced exclusion of so many others.

Tony wants us to be part of ‘Team Australia’ which for me is just a return of the “either you’re with us. Or you’re with the terrorists.” rhetoric of the George W. Bush war years. So I’m not favorably impressed to joining forces with such an idiotic ideology that has probably had a good deal to do with the rise of the Islamic State that is now sending the ME into another blood-bath. Not that they have had any real respite from the violence anyway. But we like to portray it as such for our own need to feel good about fucking up other peoples shit. Why? Oh, I think we mostly know the answer to that question now but are too powerless, or too payed-off, or too compromised to make a fuss. The ones that can do just that; make a fuss but little else.

Snowden is a good case in point. By the time anything that he has disclosed can be brought to bear in some legalistic way that will have force of implementation against the monolithic powers that are arrayed against the common person, the caravan of carnage has moved on sufficiently to render all previous legal arguments won irrelevant. An example that comes to mind are the War Crimes allegations against the members of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ that will now be further supplanted from most punters minds by the viscous crimes of the soldiers of the Islamic State. It works and, to the uninitiated, this sort of psy-op passes through them and makes perfect sense. “I mean, our side had no choice but to be brutal in some circumstances because THIS is what we have always had to deal with!”, says the man with a patriot missile shoved squarely up his ass and a flag vibrating in his hand. (I should try to draw a picture of that, maybe…….)

I want nothing to do with such psychological games that have the effect of telescoping our interests into places we know little or nothing about.

###                                ###                                    ###                                         ###                 ###

Finally some,

West Australian Political Opinion, from

The Institute of Internal Processes,

Exert from Memo, No 322/666.

“Politicians have been front-end loaded with a plethora of mental illnesses that can be diagnosed by any nearby lawyer or Party donor at the first sign of impending criminal liability and/or negligence, to whit, that they are clear of having to bear any legal or moral responsibility for any decisions or actions they make, or take, while in elected positions. About anything, public or private.” It goes on to state that ” …as managing agents for Weddings, Parties, and anything diabolical, all further inquiries should be redirected to the Dpt. of Lameness, c/o West Australian LNP.

The Institute considers this matter now closed and any further discussion of it will be met with one of those awkward, long and silent, glaring looks, that Tony has been so proud of showing off to his parents whenever he can.”


Horserotovator has made his report and will now retreat into another dimension to consider the future as one might consider the eating of a bowl of string.

Uncle-Daddy’s Journalism


should be considered high caliber. But it’s not. The sophisticated truths that would dazzle when compared to any competitors work are just missed when the public are wearing ‘standard issue’ welding goggles.  That’s when they aren’t wearing their beer goggles. When they have neither of those on, they will have their Google goggles on. Trying to Google for a set of goggles with the latest, killer, app.


Ah, Ha! Badly executed metaphor! Just what we need on this piss-ant shoe-string publication.

Little wonder, I suppose, that I’m routinely ignored and/or ridiculed by TPTB in a conspiracy that stretches back to before the dawn of time or the drawing of space. Two oxymoron’s that will live forever, together, in infamy.





As everyone should know these cartoons do not depict anyone in real-life (living or dead) and any inference made thereof is purely a coincidence and not intended by the author/artist. Copyright control and all that stuff I claim for this as well. Sounds greedy, I know. But greed is now the worlds number one MOTIVATOR.  All adherents to the MOTIVATOR hear the call to follow its greedy God who want to take the whole world for themselves.


I have to assume my mind has these sort of images running around in there just waiting to be expressed to the wider world. They are rude and crude but I feel that they give a robust version of a reality that must be acknowledged in the metaphorical if not the literal. In fact it is fundamental to the whole cartooning project that this is the correct way to read these things.

Don’t assume that these are conscious actions, though. They appear in my mind only as I draw them out. Literally.

I have realized that because of my lack of stable, consistent schooling, and being a member of a dysfunctional family, I ended up with an education, of sorts, but not the underlying ‘training’ to obey authority without question. Now for most, this rebellion from the school’s ‘training’ regimen will be present in some form at some level of intent and/or action at some stage in their lives as the ‘training’ is never perfectly administered. That is just a function of the constant failing of the education system due to lack of funds and the low moral that it engenders in the faculty and disinterest or worse from a large proportion of the students

Always to the silent rhythm of the Money-Man’s gravy train running its tracks over your life.

It’s like they give us a sort of perverted chance at surviving this system of indoctrination but at the price of a properly funded and resourced education system. Which, when I think about it, seems to work to TPTB’s advantage anyway. The rebels without a cause (like me) get into trouble and burn-up so that they become examples of what happens to those who dare to snub the power of authority. I have seen so many people become statistics that way. I was pretty close to burning-up myself until I realized that I was being naive and immature. I stopped trying to make friends with strangers I met and they stopped playing me for the fool that I was. Can’t deny it now that I’ve relinquished the booze.

I was a likable person until I hit the bottle and then became a monster as my inner conflicts were blasted into innocent peoples faces. I was a binge-drinker and I felt despicable after every bad night (and there were lots of them). I have to say it now to shatter any illusions that any may have formulated about me.  I can see now how I was tolerated by the elite for a brief while until I provided them with a kind of grotesque and unique entertainment of self destruction as my swan song.

My life experiences have taught me we are all products of circumstances that we don’t have control over. That truth is denied by TPTB and they try their hardest to brainwash us to believing our lives should be dedicated to proving that we have that control, not circumstance. Which proves the original premise as far as I’m concerned. It’s alright for those who have the means or money to ejaculate such nonsense but for the vast majority the course was set some generations back. In my case, I had no choice but to let the bad programming run its course while trying to see and understand what had been coded into me. Luckily I have managed to isolate the bad programming and programmers. I am now in the arduous and ongoing process of uninstalling those programs. Using my higher self which is not posited in these course material dimensions of Cartesian space and lineal time.

I asked Rolf to dig up Jimmy Savile to see what the inside of his head was thinking and this is what I uncovered:


I’m sure Jimmy enjoys his sweet potato!

Now that he’s dead some dark energy has probably been released and is roaming the astral plains looking for some other host to infect. Some poor, stupid, soul without any thought to protect themselves against such a threat will stand out to a force like this as a lighted beacon. The souls take-down is as hard and brutal as you can get. All done in a silence that wraps you like a cloak to muffle the souls last gasps as you allow it to be taken from you and consumed by malevolent forces that then work through you and out into the temporal world.

Getting Biblical at the moment and that’s not because I have become a religious zealot, but rather I have no other way of giving the readers effective description to what I feel is the level and intensity of the EVIL being perpetrated world-wide.

Disappearing boat loads of asylum seekers at sea is just another indicator of how hardened our attitudes to the ‘other’ have become. Is it an act of evil? IMO it is if those people are consequently exposed to abuse and/or worse from our governments actions. I also understand that Australia is going to become even more attractive to people in the Northern Hemisphere and we are in danger of being overwhelmed if we don’t protect our boarders.

Very troubling times. It seems that all the choices available have very negative consequences.

I’ve always been amazed at how some people who are willing predators seem utterly impervious to the logic of compassion. I only see degrees of separation but not that much difference between the Culture of Celebrity and a sick pervert like Savile. How anyone could even work with him makes me realize how perversely powerful fame can be. I’m glad I rejected it all those years ago. Fame, as well, rejected me. It was a sort of mutual thing. There is a ‘vibe’ in the entertainment scene and it could be interpreted exactly as the Illuminati conspiracy theorists write about. If you’re not in the club, the system they control wont help you and will turn on you and destroy you if it can. It doesn’t take prisoners. There is no room in the system for dissenters who actually want to fundamentally change the system. There never was.

Our genius as individuals has been exploited by TPTB in a unique way since the Industrial Revolution. Before the IR the masses were required to provide the labor to build their palaces and wage their wars. Now, with so many labor saving devices in use or being developed, many of us are now superfluous to their society’s requirements. Idle hands make for awkward questions so we are being systematically removed through wars, destruction of fresh water supplies, wrecking our food bowls with Fracking and like technologies,  oil spills, Corexit, and man-made disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima. Nuclear power plants releasing their unimaginably long-lived gene destroying radioactive isotopes into our biosphere to kill or weaken those who cannot avoid it’s deadly reach. It’s hard to be optimistic in such an environment. FB news feed or not.

There is unpredictability in the storm that is gathering;

warrengarra bloggo 009



There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of political cartooning in WA. It shows what a bunch of sour-faced assholes most of us wake-up like. I mean, how bad does it have to get before we actually get Troy back into the Hot Seat of the Treasury Chair……probably not the best phraseology…..never mind. It wont be long before he’s Snapped Back and Strapped in with the Bra Boys round the Cabernet Table!

I get the impression that since the Queen has been here the elite have become even more smug, arrogant, deceitful, violent, and sexually permissive. Let’s not squirm around on this last one, Sex is BIG! In point of fact, it is HUGE inside the boudoirs of the wealthy! I have heard of some having extra veins surgically implanted to improve aesthetic appeal, throb intensity, and blood flow. While others have been nipped, tucked, zipped and truncated in such a way as to defy the laws of decency. Possibly some criminal ones, as well. Transgressions to send a thrill down the jelly-backs as they slip-up against each other and ooze their political goo.

The elite get easily bored by the poor behaving badly. But when it comes to their own, a different, weirder set of rules apply:


Now, I can’t tell if this counts for political satire or it’s just rubbish. Probably both in equal measure. However, it feels strangely empowering to be able to publish my work on a platform that can be accessed on-line from just about anywhere the internet is available. How long for? Who knows. So I’m taking advantage of the situation while I can. It also enables me to make a bit of fun as the subject matter I like to write about is pretty dire when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the majority are conditioned to feel uneasy when trying to speak ‘truth to power’. I feel it too, but my conditioning was erratic and interrupted due to my 14 schools scattered across 6 countries. Because of these lapses in social programming and my continuing fight to survive this life because of the problems that it has caused me, I am forced to produce material such as what you see above. Probably not ‘truth to power’, though. Or indeed even, ‘I’ll give you a piece of my mind!’ No. The translation that sociopaths all agree on is, ‘Just step into my mind, there’s plenty of room!’

Not a very good translation, as it turns out, as to a sociopath the thought of someone being able to step into their mind is terrifying to even think about. Thus, it will follow that sociopaths spend most of their time trying to block out those thoughts of their minds being an ‘open source’ to others. They start waking up in the dead of night sure that someone is watching them. Bathed in sweat and barely able to hold down a mad panic while fumbling for a light switch. Often they can feel someone is tampering with their sub-routine code. Rewriting it to make them function in a totally alien way. ‘Are we all just sophisticated machines?’ Is usually where they end up, emotionally dead or deranged, which is when they do most of their damage to themselves and/or others. Explaining to themselves, after the fact, that it was just bad input from bad sources that made them act the way they did.

Now this may all be true. But it’s not the all of it otherwise social determinism would be able to explain all human behavior. It certainly is what certain sections of the elite would like us to believe about ourselves. That we are nothing more than a nexus of nerves, muscle fiber, and bone. Born out of accident in a meaningless, materialistic Universe. A place where spirit dose not exist. No soul to guide you. Just the instructions from the higher parts of the machine. Of which you are but a tiny, replaceable cog. Any intuition against the system of control will be diagnosed as a form of mental illness or drug induced psychosis. Nothing more or less.

We, some of us, fight in our own way to avoid being co-opted into a system that sucks you dry by turning your sovereign self into a commodity to be bought and sold without your consent. A process begun when your parents are issued a certificate at your birth that effectively signs away your rights to the State.

If you think this is a fantasy, then think about what happens to people who are conscientious objectors in times of war and conscription. Jailed or shot. No free choice there!



Horserotovator logging out for today.

Postscript: usual stuff about all content copyrighted to me but you can use as long as attribution is given to this blog. Thanks for reading.



Mad Children at Manus Asylum Want More Choice in Medication!


I’m going to wade into the warm waters of the Manus Lagoon of doom. Drop my anchor into the thick oozing black mud of treachery and deceit where it will never pull out. When it’s time to leave I’ll just cut the chain and let the inky black mud have it to swallow. It will be a small price to pay to be able to extract myself and my precious cargo of wretched children that I gathered from the wreckage of a broken civilization. That’s our civilization, not theirs. Look how we drool over the misery and suffering of other people who have been successfully demonized by TPTB and are now considered to be of a lower caste than cattle. Just look at the ethics at play. There are none!

I have noticed that Australians are exhibiting cowardly and aggressive attitudes towards anyone or anything that they consider a threat to their continued prosperity. A prosperity that is patchy at best and only hangs on to it’s continuation through the exploitation of a powerless but mostly silent (through fear of further persecution) underclass that is the majority in any country that I can think of. Grinding poverty has been foisted upon our own as the inevitable shape of the Bell curve distorts to the demands of a rigged economy.

Does anyone really think that the majority of Australians could care any less about ‘boat people’ when they are so unsympathetic to their less fortunate neighbors at home?

Australians have been taught to love watching women and children that are not their own suffer. Why do you think that our society allows so much sexual and physical abuse of our own vulnerable children? My sister-in-law has had her children taken from her a couple of times with the 8 yr old girl being molested by another 15 yr old child that was in the last foster home. The 7 yr old deaf boy was allegedly beaten and locked in a room for acting up.

My wife got them back to their mother as quickly as the courts could convene and the travesty of the situation could be elucidated (The mother is deaf and has some behavioral problems but she is a loving and caring to her children and certainly doesn’t allow them to be abused by anyone). She is divorced and had a neighbor murdered next door while she was at home. She couldn’t hear the screams but the daughter could. But the daughter didn’t understand the gravity of the situation so didn’t alert the mother. The mother has felt guilt over this sequence of events but has never received counseling from the government. But they will try to take her kids away at any opportunity. Kind of makes me feel a little bit sick when I go over all this but I think this testimony is important to show my personal experience of the way the systems of protection have been corrupted. The authorities were informed but all that’s happened is the 15 yr old is receiving counseling but the 8 yr old victim gets NOTHING! And the other allegation wont be investigated further because the foster parent has denied it ever happened. The impression I was left with was that foster carers are a protected species when it comes to this sort of allegation.

Back to my rave.

Australians have been taught by the Murdoch press and the usual suspects to love the psychotic feelings of superiority engendered by being indirectly responsible for the abuses meted out by the institutions of church and state.

And when thinking as a glob of connected slobs to Rupert they can’t help but LOVE doing it. Don’t be thinking Australia is anything except a Lucifer’s paradise. If you like being evil to people then come to Australia where you can become a nurse and join a ‘Death Squad’ on one of the wards where the psychopaths torture and kill the frail and elderly while no one is looking. Good cover from the Doctors who know who writes their pay cheques, the hospital system. Just so long as they are never implicated in their deaths. You see this country is owned by the International Banksters, just like most of the others. In the end it all comes down to money and the control and issuance of it. Whosoever controls a countries money supply can care nothing for the laws they make. The banksters just threaten to cut off a countries money supply and they will do anything for you to stop them carrying out the threat. Except here we well and truly in the pockets of the banksters so we positively salivate at the prospect of rushing into a war on other peoples territory so the financiers of these acts of treason and evil can make their squillions and we can sacrifice a few souls to the Great Beast.

It’s just a win, win, win, situation for us in the lucky country. You see, we can be the biggest pack of viscous, violent, vindictive thugs that ever roamed this earth causing any amount of pain and suffering for everyone that is not on their knees with their mouths open waiting for the rulers to fuck them in the face and make them swallow their vile, stinking, issue. Just like on any fine, sunny day, in the land of deserts, dust, flies, bath-tub beers, and assholes.

Yes refugees, the financial heavyweights who fund the powerful and the useful to that dynamic power dependency of the nation-state are fucking you and me with the rest of the 1% looking on with undisguised glee at the slow and painful demise of the underclass. Let’s just face it, we have been rendered worthless inside and outside the offices of the corporation and have no rights in the plutocracy’s vision and practice of the NWO. You would be better off just being persecuted, tortured, and then murdered in your own country because the majority of Australians have been successfully brainwashed into not caring that much if you all get persecuted, tortured, and then murdered. Just look at what happened to that Iranian chap on Manus Island. Sorry, you can’t look. You have been deemed to be in the ‘not needed to know group’.

Don’t go looking for no sympathy from anyone in Australia. We live on a kick-ass island so that nobody that we don’t want here can get here. We are protected by the overwhelming might and power of the American Military Industrial Complex. Those fuckers don’t mess around when it comes to messing around other countries that aren’t bending over and taking a large Imperial dick up their asses. We just love watching the American MIC turning beauty into wasted and atrophied debris in countries like Iraq and Libya. Timor was a forgotten issue between the Australian and Indonesian governments until we decided we wanted all the oil and gas sitting under the Timor sea. Dealing with the Indonesians would have been too hard. Much better if we play a little game of ‘we’ll grant you nation status’ to make us look good in the International community giving us the cover we needed to rape the Timor people of their only profitable natural resources. Fuck we’re good at this raping and stealing from the weak and vulnerable! No wonder we are so good at driving our own to self-harm and suicide.

There are too many Aussie males exhibiting cowardly behavior as evidenced by the use of the cowards punch and the broken glass in the face when they reach a crisis point in their psychopathology. Too many Aussie woman love to see the blood pouring from victims of crime. An example would be the case of two couples in Fremantle who murdered a man in cold blood and tried to cover up the crime for no other reason than it felt good at the time. No remorse except the contrived type for the benefit of the Judge who they probably thought wanted to give them good behavior bonds considering the bloke they killed was supposedly a drug dealer.


As we all know, drug-dealers who are supplying drugs to other people are to be decommissioned because we know that to leave them active in the community would put temptation in the way of the perfect sons and daughters of the elite. Of course, that argument is a bit hollow because as we all know the illegal drug trade is controlled by people who are above the law. If that be true that would suggest they have back door connections to all the so called respectable institutions of government and the private industries that are protected by the intelligence services. But how can this be? That the international banksters launder money for the big drug cartels and get to carry on as usual without barely a ripple in the media or government? They must just be lucky (or cash is king) not to have any real sanctions placed against them.

The corporations allow drug dealing networks to operate through their international connections and movements of goods and equipment across borders with little or no real customs inspections. Gotta love the way they create the problem and then exacerbate it by providing the international conduits for the transportation of the drugs from one world region to another. You need to understand that there is a historical connection between drugs of addiction and corporations that extends back to the East-India company that brought Opium and then Heroin to the wider world and laid in wait for the affluent west to arise. They knew most of us would never outrun the addictions that they were peddling. These corporations grew up at the same time as John Dee’s Intelligence services that are the direct progenitors of our modern Intelligence services.

By the way, IMO Snowden and Assange come across the internet as dickheads and fools. They actually think that people like me are going to believe anything they say when they both ignore or disparage the 9/11 Truthers as chasing shadows. They are just paid controlled opposition because 9/11 is the ‘big one’. The evil ones know that while useful idiots like Assange and Snowden keep the lid on the truth about 9/11 the enormity of what is being done to us is lost in the noise of the division in the truth movement over it. They’re a psy-op. Pure and simple.

Back to the children. I was isolated and twisted by dysfunctional parents when I was young and I almost took that madness to an extreme that would have been truly demonic in it’s expression. But I didn’t because when I was younger a friend, who is a friend no more, had his parents Ouija board out one day and four of us proceeded to seek communication with the spirit world. We were contacted by something that called itself ‘Set’.

A word about this ‘Set’. I was aware that I had encountered this name before when I was 15 yrs old and hanging with a friend at a friend of a friends home with another person who I knew but wasn’t well acquainted with. The friend suggested we construct a rudimentary Ouija board out of paper and set it up on the kitchen table. It was daylight hours and we attempted contact. I was a little apprehensive but was ready to engage as I had been brought up to disregard spiritualism as trickery and was trying to fit in to the whims of the friends I had only recently acquired because I was being dragged around the world by my dysfunctional parents until I was 14. So finding friends was important to me (I wasn’t always anti-social. I’m anti-social now so I don’t get set-up and humiliated, or worse, any more. Sounds sooky? Not really, I’m just better left alone. My mind is too dark to be around most people for any length of time these days).

Anyway, a character called Set made contact through the board and when we asked if it had any messages for any of us it answered ‘Yes, for ….(me)’

‘What was the message?’ we asked.

It spelt out ‘Come over.’

I stopped playing at that point and so the whole moment was lost to that time and I put it out of my mind after a short while. That was until my friend (who I saw less frequently by that stage) told me that the other person who had been present that day had gone mad and had been confined to Graylands Psychiatric Hospital. I don’t know whether she ever recovered.

So this name Set had presented itself once again some four of five years later on the only other occasion I participated in such a ritual.

We asked it where it came from and it said that it lived in the sun.

We asked if it had any messages for any of us.

This time it wanted all but one of us participants to leave the town house so that it could give a message to ….. privately. Everyone was in agreement to do this except me. I was the only one who wasn’t giggling like a school girl and rushing to the front door. The others then tried to get me to just go up-stairs with them instead. But I couldn’t get the memory of that last encounter with the name Set out of my mind so I effectively shut-down the session by refusing to leave the room where the board was.

The others tried to get ‘Set’ back but it had gone.

Whether or not they tried again at other times without me, I don’t know, but I suspect they did.

These giggling teenagers have moved on to become a scientist, an officer in the military, and the third in government somewhere.

So where am I going with all this? I’ve already joined the dots regarding the historical and ongoing nexus between the genesis and ongoing activities of the necessarily evil twins of corporations and clandestine secret services. As evidenced from the time of John Dee and the Honorable East India Company (signed his name 007, would you believe?). So I’m going to postulate that it would not be out of the question for their instructions could be coming from a Ouija board considering the story I have just recounted. Think about the level of security from surveillance that getting instructions from a Ouija board would provide!

If this all sounds stupid and fanciful then you must have taken the blue pill. (Actually some of it is stupid and fanciful but that’s because I’m not much of an author. I can’t write a well constructed story because I don’t see a well constructed society. And I suppose I’m trying to give you my impressions of that society from an outsiders point-of-view. So it’s messy)

Last time I looked there were about 50 million people in the employ of all the corporations world wide. That seems to be a nice figure with regards to the 500 million mentioned on the Georgia guide stones. Ten slaves to meet the needs of each corporation employee. Sounds like a good ratio. Ten you can keep track of and call by number without having to refer to a facial recognition program available through your Google glasses to find it.

Some would say the math works out at nine slaves for each corporation employee but I don’t think they counted the ruling class in that number. 6000 is too low because they would be too obvious and become targets. They will need the cover of a ruling class that they can hide in. Much like it is now. We don’t know who our immediate enemies are except maybe everybody, just to be safe. Most people are remotely controlled by the remote controller of the TV that teaches you every night how to appreciate our debt driven, consumerist existence as if it will earn you virile immortality. Or Vril immorality in this life, as the other one has been sold off to relieve a bankster’s debt hemorrhoid. These people cannot be trusted except to spend money from our future into the present through the ability of the banksters to provide a form of time travel that enables the crime to be placed out side the grasp of the feeble minds that conspire to keep us ignorant of the truth that they are SkunkWorks of civilization.

Of course, we will never get to see what these devices look like or where they reside. But we will feel their effects as we loose all self determination and become drones of corporations.

‘All this has already happened,

And we are poised over the void,

We all have this inside of us,

Ready to swallow us whole,

Into a purgatory all our own,

Like a lonely turd roaming the hills,

Looking for the asshole it came from.

Passage from ‘Ode to a Rich Fuckers turd from another turd of low and rude breeding’. Believed to be the only one of its kind known to have been performed in a bio-medical waste facility with full orchestra, buffoons, windmills, motorcycles, whips and chains, nitrous oxide, guns, crossbows, piano (for the Honky-Tonk part where one of the lonely turds finds out he’s just a piece of shit like every other lonely turd he’s ever come across. Sick Fuck!), and an electrical conductor.

Are we all sick fucks for reading this far and I for writing this?

If this is my therapy then it’s not working very good!

If I close my eyes and lie still for a while, remote viewing becomes available as a downloadable app from the ‘’ people over at the ‘Cube’. They were helping me look at some investment opportunities with human trafficking at the core of their business model (all on the hush, hush, of course. Don’t want unwanted people nosing around wanting a piece of this very lucrative industry that can evade detection because of having access to high level intelligence that can only be provided by people from within the clandestine intelligence services).

So let’s get down to brass tacks. You know, the sharp end of what I’m trying to get at. The corporations and the intelligence services of the world are joined at the hip for the very good reason that without one the other cannot function effectively. One hand washes the other, so to speak. People are stupid if they think that the real spying is done by college dropouts. People like Snowden and Manning are just filing clerks to be used and jerked and are not in on the real action. They are the camouflage to hide the fact that the real spies are recruited from the military with massive logistical back-up provided by the corporations whose legitimate reach extends to the far corners of the globe and everywhere in between. I have worked for a few corporations in my time and they encourage everybody to spy on one another. The ones that show ability to gain peoples trust and then relay the information that was forthcoming from that trust to their superiors gets promoted up the chain. It becomes pretty obvious that corporations are just as much gigantic intelligence gathering organizations as they are firms that provide goods and services to the world. I hope that it also shows how the whole corporate structure is built on spying, intrigue, deception, and betrayal. Just like the intelligence services that are intertwined with them.

I hope that you can see from this that the fight to make corporations more equitable and less Messianic involves taming the intelligence services and making them accountable to us, not the corporations. Simultaneously corporations need to be reigned in by being broken up and forbidden from forming such Grand Alliances ever again. Then places like Manus Island would no longer have asylum seekers seeking refuge from there own countries. This can only be done if we take back our governments from the clutches of people with evil intent. Otherwise we will all become the monsters I described earlier in this piece.

Horserotovator has finished for the day.

Disclaimer:- The views expressed here are my own (I think,…..possibly,…..sometimes,……maybe never), and do not necessarily reflect the views of my demonic handlers. (Yeah, sure!)

Did I write something wrong?


Now I have decided to take my writing onto a different tack and try to find something to say which isn’t just going over old ground and being generally miserable. (Therapy, you know!)
So I tried to rev up a Mining web page by posting this in the comments on a pro nuke article. Hell, the whole damn industry is pro destruction anyway. Just the place for a puff piece on the nuke industry. Just the place to serve it up.
The frogs seem to be all boiled to death and they don’t even know it.
“From the people who designed and built this nuclear nightmare in the first place…we bring you reassuring empty words and our grand vision of a new tomorrow where elevated radiation levels are nothing….I repeat, nothing to do with the incidence of cancers and medical disorders that were unknown before the dawn of the nuclear age.
There is absolutely every chance that all the detectable plutonium found in the natural environment around the globe is perfectly safe because it can only be made in a nuclear reactor. Which as we know are completely safe because there has been no deaths attributed to it by the authorities of those nuclear states that operate them.
It is safe to eat plutonium by the fuel rod. This has been proven by countless Americans who happily eat it everyday, as they do in Falluja (albeit a little more intensely!).
Nuclear scientists have given nothing but unstinting service in the hunt for the perfect mini-nuke….I mean clean nuclear energy, and apart from when it all goes wrong and we have multiple melt-downs, you have to say nuclear power is safe, clean, hygienic, smooth to the touch, and always ready for a good time.”
I could carry on but my shill money has run out and I, like all good shills, will do anything for money, but nothing else.

Now, can you believe it, they refused to publish!

So now I, along with countless millions of others publish what has been deemed unsuitable according to the gate-keepers by our own means.
It’s one aspect of the internet that makes it so popular with the masses. Obvious point, I know, but it’s worth thinking about afresh now and again because I’m sure there are many plans afoot to stop this ability to self publish.
At the moment it is confined to such things as the censorship from other sites such as which just happened to myself. Or the use of alleged copy-write infringement to shut people down who upload to youtube, etc.
Facebook is interesting in that they allow users to shut down other users without any checks and balances in place. Is this a way of getting people used to the idea of being sanctioned for no verifiable reason by suspending or deleting their presence on the web?
Once, a long, long, long, time ago……ahhhh, Let’s face it, never has the common person been able to communicate to so many their own perceptions and trials of modern living.
This is not a good outcome for the elite’s and their agenda to keep us all reading from the same play book. Theirs!
Thus I get to write that it just appalls me that there is a move by the miners in Australia to dig up more uranium, process it to a higher grade than yellow-cake, and build nuclear reactors here to generate electricity.
Meanwhile over 80% of Amerikas reactors are leaking and have been leaking radioactive materials for decades.
I think it is our modern equivalent of opening the gates of Hell and watching with bemusement at what comes out.
An interesting aside, I was listening to Leuren Moret earlier and she was saying that ALL the incidences of supposed alien abduction and cattle mutilation happen down wind from these nuclear reactor sites.
She goes on to postulate that these abductions and mutilations are actually the work of the American shadow government as they tried to quantify the effects of this type of ongoing contamination.
Now let me say this about what I read and hear on the net. I have come to recognize that every ones perceptions are their own. I don’t pretend that my perception is any more privileged than the next persons, but I will say that I wouldn’t swap it for another as it would make me an alien to my own history.
So I entertain many ideas about the larger conspiracies that are enunciated throughout the web but will only act on what touches me in a tangible way. The claims made by others I have no way of verifying so I interrogate them with my own logic and then decide whether or not they sound plausible. I try not to promote them as I cannot attest to their validity.
However I can do things like listening to a young woman who was told point-blank that she couldn’t work at a mineral sands mine if she was pregnant due to the effects of the radiation levels from the product.
Red flag for me, but there are many money bubbles out there in which perceptions are differently constructed and the view from their back yard is rather limited. Just the way some like it.
What can I do? I was hoping that the threat of alien abduction may have been enough to keep the elite on the straight and narrow but that too would seem to be nothing more than another black-op perpetrated by the shadow government against the American people!

I may have met an ‘alien’ once but he never did anything that I could notice that helped me in this world. There was no showing me some super technology, or some kind of mind-melding that gave me intellectual and mental powers beyond my wildest imaginings. …Nope. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Just got me to talk into his phone to some other guy for directions because he was lost,….. I realized when he had gone, and I mean disappeared when I turned my back for a second, that he had gotten my voice print and could probably triangulate my brain wave patterns from it and turn me into some kind of freaky haired, crazy-paved assassin, at the press of a button, (or the intention to do harm as apprehended in the mind of the controlling alien super technology. Sounds all morphed-up and it probably is!).
Oh the irony of realizing that I was shown a piece of alien super technology after all but I stupidly let it become my master as I became it’s slave.
What a shame. I was so looking forward to being given some kind of ADVANTAGE over everyone else on the planet……But instead I’m starting to feel a little sleepy and distracted….
…and now somethings turned on in my head….
It doesn’t feel very good, it actually feels very hostile to me… 
I feel as if I’m about to loose control over my personality and ability to express my will……ingness to do what I should have been doing all along….. I do not subscribe…will not… to the views expressed above…… I am here to serve the master…..I cannot question what I have been programmed to do….Programmed to do….Programmed to do….