Shocking Uncle-Daddy!


Fuck! I actually just heard a recording of Colin Barnett saying something that I agree with! (I must be getting mind controlled!) Do you want to know what that is? I can hear some of you saying, “Yes!” and some saying “Fuck off, Idiot! I only read this blog to laugh at your stupid attempts to justify your attitude to life and your actions in it!”

Harsh criticism I know and 100% correct. I see the flaw of my being and there is naught that I can change about the past. I see similar conditions in much of the underlying angst for justification in so many around me and much in the bloggo-sphere. But we, for the most part, are blind to our own ego’s limitations, being of solid boundaries that clash rather than blend. The world view that we articulate is focused through the prism of our ego’s and thus we have a restricted point-of-view.

We can be standing side by side and looking in the same direction but what we would choose to see will be different. That’s because we’re different from each other. We don’t think the same way. Have you ever tried to point something out to someone either figuratively or physically? They have to be directed to your point of interest or conclusion.

I may include some back-up links for what I’m saying but do you really want to wade through psychology journals with me? Nah! Didn’t think so. I prefer to base my arguments in logic rather than research because these days research has become debased to a large degree by the funding sources. It’s not cheap to do ‘authentic’ research so it’s the multinationals and their profit at all costs agenda that fills and directs the funding void.

I’ll try to stick to logic. It’s verifiable according to a set of criteria that was set down by the classical thinkers all those centuries ago. Of course, I will have to add my own logical devices to give me cover for making some outrageous claims that could never be backed up in a month of Sundays,… but hey, trust me! I’m sure I can think of a reason!

First, I will need to try and bring you into a state of receptive attention. For this I have constructed a device for you to rest your eyes on and think.

toojay uncle-daddy 037

What does it all mean? I’m not exactly sure myself but I will make an attempt.

I would like you to consider that we have done this before. You know, wrecked the planet with man-made technologies. We gone and done this because we are fascinated by, and drawn to, power. Whether it’s the power of the charismatic leader or the power released from splitting the atom we feel the same sense of awe. It is only after we set the filter of knowledge and experience can we turn down that sensation that so occludes our critical thinking. By this time you are either too old or too imbedded in a toxic industry to choose a different path.

An example of occluded thinking is this notion that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This philosophical(?) underpinning argument is used by the pro-Nukers to justify the alarming rates of cancer that they wont admit to down-wind/river/sea of nuclear facilities/test sites/waste dumps/reactors. All they will admit to is an increased level of radioactive discharge into the environment but no increases in overall rates of cancer. They can argue that because they collate and control all the facts and figures on cancer cases and manipulate them every way they like by omission and/or substitution.

Please watch this video to give you some reasons as to why I’m arguing this


At this point it might be advisable to look upon this

toojay uncle-daddy 009

It might be worth your while to go back to the first picture as well. Now scroll between the two getting as fast as you can before you start thinking, “How is this helping?”

toojay uncle-daddy 029

Well, this being the Uncle-Daddy part of the show it might be advisable to get the children out of the room and off to bed so they can’t hear you cry out for Uncle-Daddy to stop telling you “That’s how it is, man!”

All wars are Bankster’s wars and all civil society is a thin veneer of decency to cover the true intent of the ruling elites. We have freedom to choose one of the alternatives supplied for us by the elite. We can choose to life in a militaristic society where war is the overt agenda or we can choose the civil society where war is the covert agenda. Believe me, competition in the marketplace can be just as deadly as hand to hand combat. In fact the two are inextricably linked precisely because I can relate the two together like maps of the same coastline from different eras. Some things don’t change; Shore on one side, sea on the other. Winners on one side of the economic divide, losers on the other. There is some mixing at the interface of the economic divide but only enough to perpetuate and protect the status-qua for the majority.

Here’s my impression of the majority

toojay uncle-daddy 023Weird bunch, mostly bald and different sizes. Now we know why we don’t want to frighten them too much. You could be easily trampled underfoot by one of the bigger ones! It’s best to let them just carry on not realizing that their lack of cohesive direction is a function of their existence. Individualism sent to the knackers yard of puerile entertainment bought to us by every brand and corporation that ever crept up to, and then blundered about on, the world stage. Knackered through our televisions, through our schools, through our government corporations, and through our work places until all you can see or know is what has been fed to you by these institutions born of the wealthy for the wealthy.

You wont need blinkers when your blind to what’s in front of your face.

You see, capitalism, in the sense that I have seen it operating in my part of the world lends me to the belief that it works only because it makes the Banksters rich and powerful. They’re the ones that finance it all. Without their signature on the contracts the money wont happen to get the business ventures going. Modern capitalism is controlled by the financial giants on Wall street who are in turn given their orders from the Banksters in the City of London. Business is now done in bubbles manufactured by these financial wizards housed in their glass and steel towers. They all think they have an unencumbered point of view when in point of fact theirs is just as restricted by ego as everybody else.

But now that time is almost past as you may have been realizing. Uncle-Daddy has been setting up for the coup of a life-time;

toojay uncle-daddy 016

Uncle-Daddy is the embodiment of all that’s cute and cuddly about having a psycho in charge. He loves the notion of the ‘needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ when it’s he who gets to decide who are the many and who are the few.

Of course in the real world it is done in a more complex fashion and it certainly takes more than one decision from one person to inflict such collective punishment on the many with the explanation, ” Well, you brought all this financial ruin upon yourselves and your country because you wouldn’t stop borrowing money from us. Which we let you do until we decided we weren’t going to any more. Which then caused the entire financial system to cease to function and then we got the tax-payer funded bail-out for us too big to fail, too powerful to jail, financial institutions. We hope you stupid, poor, people take note that you are all owned by our machine in more ways than you will care to admit to yourselves!”

That’s why we hurtle toward wars and listen to the propaganda of the ruling elite that need our willing sacrifice so they can keep the wheels of their financial Juggernaut well oiled with blood spilled by the people of the Middle East. As far as I can make out there will be no peace there until they have slaughtered most of the people in it. They are in a meat grinder operated by American and Israeli forces using a complex web of insurgency groups attacking their own in a sectarian blood-bath. All orchestrated by the American/Israeli’s/British over many years.

toojay uncle-daddy 038

Uncle-Daddy wants it all to stop so he can have more fun. How about it, Hamas and Israel?

Horserotovator bowing out for a while to find out if the 15% guaranteed from our gas fields for local supply is true and is happening as envisioned by the enabling legislation and intoned by Colon Barnett as a good thing that should have been done by all the country thus making me have to agree with him… get the picture.


How do you get $100 million of Fderal/State tax money for free?


If I have this straight, and I think I do. Then all you had to do was register as a builder of some kind or another, get onto the preferred contractors list with the Governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’. Get a nice, fat, juicy contract awarded to your building company. Then falsify a statutory declaration, or two, saying that you, the builder, have paid out monies to sub-contractors that never were paid, then use the money paid out by the state governments Building Management Authority to feather some other nest, then go into bankruptcy. Thus liquidating all responsibility to those sub-contractors to be paid what they are owed. Then you get the bonus of the Premier, Colin Barnett, to run interference for you by stating under Parliamentary privilege that it is purely a commercial matter with no responsibility sheeting back to the Governments BMA who literally gave the money away in the first place without any proper due diligence.

Now, when I drill down into these statements I find I have a few questions myself that I would like answered. Such as how did these these characters of dubious pedigree get to be on this list of builders to be awarded these contracts in the first place? Were there any public notices placed on line or in the local and national papers stating that these contracts were being let? I certainly never, ever heard a thing. All I saw were the buildings being constructed.

At the time I thought that it was the usual cartel behaviour at work with only the selected few being allowed into the inner sanctum of government largess. It would seem that I was right except that some of the people/companies that actually did the work were placed there as window dressing to make the process look fair……until the wholesale rip-off of those people/companies gave the lie to the fact that it was another cartel taking out some of the opposition by using the cover of legitimate government work to lure the naive into the scam… Hmmmmmm……

Watching Barnett making the case that tradespeople aren’t worth paying for the work they do makes me think that the government itself is the biggest cartel of all. Certainly I have been told that tradespeople are ‘ten a penny’ by a client or two in the seven years I have been an independent contractor in this state. With people with the apparent authority of Barnett making the meaning of worthlessness applicable to the trades, I guess we can all expect to be devalued to the point where it will become pointless to have any trade qualifications in this state/country. You’ll get a better wage collecting trolleys at a shopping centre. Probably more respect as well.

The second point I would like to drill down to, is what was the criteria for considering these recipients of government tax dollars as builders? Did they in actuality have to have a builders licence? Or was it just that they could make a statutory declaration (another one) claiming that they were. I know that it took a fair bit of money, time and training for me to become an electrical contractor and it is a licence that I have pride in possessing and am mindful of the responsibilities that come with that licence. To have it tarnished in such circumstances as bankruptcy would seem to me to be the end of my business! People/companies who would look to using my services would be repelled by having that knowledge as there could be no trust that I would complete any job awarded to me.

I was always under the impression that trust is of paramount importance to being able to carry out business in a fair and equitable fashion.

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I go bankrupt. It certainly didn’t seem to matter to the likes of Colin Barnett, the Premier of WA and now ‘Minister for Getting Away with It’. He seemed quite comfortable with the way things have turned out for the state now that he has effectively declared open season on WA’s tradespeople.